It's slowly getting there!

7 Feb 2016

(70% done)

And now Jenny's joined in to help with the filling of the lines :)

Now I'm gonna smoke and compose some proper musick runes to go on these new OMNIA Stage Banners

Chalk, a stick and a piece of string...

6 Feb 2016

More Answers: all OMNIA designs are made as free-hand pencil drawings
(Nothing beats the real thing!)

Large designs are sketched on things like "stage banners" by simply using a piece of chalk, a long stick and a short length of string.

Physical Art and Musical Art are basically the same:
-you just need a brain, a pair of hands ,some very simple tools and a true soul to Create!

Stay Real (really!)
Shaman Steve Sic

Welcome to the new improved OMNIA newsletter!

5 Feb 2016

Now we can talk to YOU directly!!

We've decided to breathe life back into our OMNIA Newsletter, so we can share information with you, which would sometimes be difficult via our standard Social Media.
Because of the way in which the modern internet works (So called “decency” control and various nasty “Big Brother” information sharing between government agencies and corporations) we find it much easier to share our Bohemian Art and Free thinking lifestyle with you through these news letters. (it's more intimate this way)

OMNIA is made by hand

3 Feb 2016

NOT by machine...part 2

Side banners (almost done)
Now I'm gonna paint the big central banner! 
(And OMFG it's big... )

Ps , answers:
1:high pigment acrylic paint (talens universal) 

2:Omnia Chaos est. ;-)

Greenz, musick, creative Chaos and Paint paint paint!


Banner Painting update :)

3 Feb 2016

OMNIA is made by hand
NOT by machine

I hope to have the new stage banners finished for the upcoming theatre tour in februari and march!

Greenz, musick and Paint paint paint!


Imbolc is Stenny's Wedding anniversary!!

2 Feb 2016

After all these years
Still joined, these two hearts
Spend our days all together
Never sleeping apart

The sound our life makes
Is the musick you hear
Together we're strong
With nothing to fear

We are Stenny
Still as ugly as the first day we met!

Greenz and true love!


1 Feb 2016

The original OMNIA hurdy gurdy (Jenny's one and only "Boarii")
... the instrument that inspired hundreds of new gurdy players all over the world will FINALLY make it's return to the OMNIA STAGE!

After many years of wrist troubles Jenny has healed and adapted her technique so she can bring this amazing sound back onto the OMNIA stage!

The HurdyGurdy will make her triumphant return during the OMNIA "Celtic World" theatre tour, for which we are practicing now...
(See our agenda for details)

Quoth The Raven ... "Nevermore?"

30 Jan 2016

But YES! We will be playing the ultimate dramatic Omnia song "the Raven" which has been brought back from the dead for our upcoming "Celtic World"theatre tour in februari and march...
(See online agenda for details)

You asked for it! So you will get it!

Come and join us in the theatres (not just for Edgar Alan Poe's words on omnia musick... But for a veritable feast of extra-special OMNIA theatrical drama!)
Come dream the dreamz of ancient Art and timeless Poetry together with us...