the Last OMNIA-logo Amulets!! Get them before they're gone!

18 Jan 2017

There are only a few of these limited edition OMNIA logo-Amulets left in the shop!
They are collectors items and they will NOT be made again,
so if you want to have one for yourself or as a gift,
get one HERE

We have a special offer for you:

Get the OMNIA logo-Amulet
the OMNIA- "Prayer" CD
for only €30,- (instead of €38,-)

DarkArt Introspection...

4 Jan 2017

Steve and Jenny are in the Lava studio working together with Christopher Juul (the man behind ValravnEuzen and Heilung
building a new OMNIA ReMix CD!!!

We are Combining all the best bits of all the OMNIA albums we have made since our scene and genre-defining album PaganFolk"

OMNIA counter-Terrorist Squad!

29 Dec 2016

(Just Spreading happiness :-)

We, the nature-lovin' "MUSICK makers" strive to fill the hearts of good people like YOU with bravery, mind-peace and humor!

While the international "fear-makers" want everyone to be paranoid, angry and scared during these dark winterdays.

Which makes OMNIA sort of 
"anti-terrorists" :-)

What's the opposite of Terrorist?
Maybe relaxist?

Fan Art!

28 Dec 2016

This gorgeous drawing was made and given to Jenny by the wonderful Katta…