Dressed up, messed up , ready to go!

14 May 2016

Getting ready to PaganFolkRock the festival stage at the MPS Hohenwested!

Jenny is going on stage naked if it's nice and warm and sunny ;-)



13 May 2016

And the world smiles with you!

Didgeridoo workshops in Eindhoven!!

10 May 2016

Yes it's Didge time again! 
I've got a LOT of requests about if there was going to be another didgeridoo workshop again. YES I am planning one right now ;)

This time it will be an "intermediate" workshop. Basically a follow up of the beginners workshop I gave earlier this year**. We will be focussing on the basics you need to know to use Rhythm and Voice techniques. Also we start working on the Circulair breathing technique.

Fresh NEW OMNIA Merchandise!

9 May 2016

We have beautifull new cast-bronze OMNIA logo necklaces in our webshop
suitable for ALL OMNIA FANS!!

-they are elegant and beautifull!
-They are 100% vegan
-They are cheaper than the hand-cut ones we had last year
(only €20,- each instead of €75,- each)
-They are made in Europe
-they are 5cm across and come with a sturdy (woven cotton) chord

Greenthingz and warm bronze on naked skin in the sunshine!
the OMNIA merchandise team