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CD 6 - 'PaganFolk' (Digipack)


Digipack 'shiny and matte curlywhurly' cover.


This is the sixth Omnia CD - released March 2006.

This CD is available at live gigs. You can also directly order it here.



  1. Tine Bealtaine
  2. The Well
  3. Pagan Polska
  4. En Avant Blonde
  5. Etrezomp-ni Kelted
  6. Teutates
  7. Twa Corbiez
  8. An Dro
  9. Lughnasadh
  10. Dil Gaya
  11. Live bonus track: Sidhenearlahi Set

Full length MP3 versions of "Tine Bealtaine" and "The Well " can be downloaded here:

Music and lyrics 'Tine Bealtaine'; S. & J. Evans v/d Harten, Omnia
Music and lyrics 'The Well'; Irish trad. Arranged by Omnia.