Think Peace...

23 Dec 2016

It's winter, slow down :-)

Greenz and nature's rythm

Merry Midwinterrrrr!!!

21 Dec 2016

Not just the seasons but The world itself is changing now , so what do we do?
we simply change with it! Nature (and us) will find a way to cope with the other monkeys! :-)

And for all you young people out there ,here is an picture of Stenny in the "Snow" (which is water that used to fall out of the sky in little frozen bits ;-)

Blessingz, Peace and Good Humor!
Stenny et OMNIA

pic by Rudolf

Chocolate Chaos Cake!!!

19 Dec 2016

We got cake and backstage eco-food made by Beatrice and Maja!

And Bea will be joining us on stage tonight for the final show of the Prayer tour here in Berlin!

pic by Daphyd


Thankyou Hamburg, Hello Berlin!

19 Dec 2016

Last night we Prayed with the great crowd in Hamburg
Tonight we PaganRock the Bi-Nuu club in Berlin
Last OMNIA show of 2016!

Pic by Marielle'sMan

Building up the stage

18 Dec 2016

Building up the stage in the Gruenspan club in Hamburg...
(This is Yorick aka "Cu chullain's head")

who's been with OMNIA since 1996
We gonna rock it together with the ancestral bones tonight!

Yo Hamburg (folk)friends!

18 Dec 2016

Were in Hamburg now , so ofcourse we met up with Nicolai from Folkfriends OHG who lives here and brought us some nice shiny new instruments to play with!

Xx and see you tonight at the Gruenspan!


Executive Pagan

16 Dec 2016
Executive Pagan

I have one day of rest between OMNIA shows...
so finally I get to relax and wear my normal clothes!  ;-)

Heyoka Greenz!
Shaman SteveSic

Goodbye Prague and Cheers!

12 Dec 2016

Last night we partied with our new Czech friends in the most excellent Midgard Bar in Praha!
Today we take the looooong motorway drive back home :-)

Greenz and PaganCheers!

OMNIA in Prague!

11 Dec 2016

Bloody Hell!! That was AWESOME!!
Thankyou soooo much for this Amazing welcome and for Your Amazing love!

Tonight we PaganFolkRocked all together! 

share the life ... share the energy!

(Tomorrow we will hang around and check out your city as Pagan tourists!)

Dekuji Praha!

Pic by that tall lovable dude from Twente ;-)

The Crow Flies!!??

10 Dec 2016

OMNIA are working on their levitation skills :-)
Thank you MUNCHEN for a great time last night
Today we ride to PRAGUE!! Where we're PaganFolkRock the (Sold out) Meetfactory club!

Ps: tickets still available for Bochum,Hamburg, and Berlin next week :-)