Cooking breakfast on a fire... What is FREEDOM?

21 Jan 2023

When you think about "freedom" you might think of many different things.

To many there is simply the concept of "Slavery"...
which is:
 "I am a slave, being locked up in chains and beaten with whips an' sticks, I have no autonomy over my body and I am being raped physically and /or mentally and forced to do hard work an' stuff which is killing me ... and all of this against my will"   ...  

and when all that horror stops, and you are liberated because of some external factor,
then THAT is called "FREEDOM"

Happy New Day!!!

1 Jan 2023

Today is a brand new day!!

Like every other day is a bright and grand new day...

A day to start (or continue) living your life the way YOU really want to!

As a large part of the world celebrates yet another fictional "new year", just as they celebrate and worship so many very silly, made-up things in this confusing prison world of disinformation and dictatorial propaganda that we have all been born into, we rest easy and in peace here on our mountain.

Have a very Happy Midwinter! (Veseli zimski solsticij!)

20 Dec 2022

I hope you have the chance to enjoy the awesome beauty of Nature, wherever you are,
just as we are drinking in the stunning scenery and the daily indescribable joy of our home above the clouds.
We feel blessed everyday to have ended up here... surrounded by so much LIFE and pure peace ...

The valleys around us are drowned in a thick freezing mist right now, pooped by many many chemical spraying airplanes, but we have cleared the air somewhat with some good old fashioned love and magic!

Top of the world…

2 Dec 2022

I’m on the top of the world
looking down on creation
and the only explanation I can find
is the weird facts we found
ever since we looked around
that’s why we’re living at the top of the world! ;-)

Greenthingz, white thingz, Alive thingz!

pic by Daphyd Carpenter

ps: Nothing is Sacred… Only Nature!   
She is our food, our home, our medicine and our teacher

Only the mountains remain...

22 Nov 2022

In a world of Chaos and disbalance, not everyone wants to change

Nature remains pure, the mountains kiss the sky while the wind sings lovesongs to ghosts of Giant Trees ...

This War on all that is True will also come to pass, as long as we remain True to our NATURE

Greenthingz and High Hugsz

Jenny, Daphyd and Steve

Oh fuck…OMNIA is Jamming again!

20 Nov 2022

Oh by the Gods of feline horror!… my monkeys are making music again!,
Save me!!! It’s horrible!

They are writing new material and jamming like crazy with their friend Daphyd…

This makes them very happy… but …that…sound!!

That awfull roaring noise with a big burbely Didge and that most-hated and very alarming Flute!   Aaargh!!   

I have to hide under the fucking table every time they start!… the bastards…

How can YOU people like that sound!!??

It makes YOU happy?… Flutes!?… Really!?

It ain't real untill it hits the internet...

18 Oct 2022

I don't exist unless I take pictures of myself using a smart phone*** and plastering it online for the world to see.

I stop existing in the public mind  if I do not appear on the interNET

Just "being" is not important anymore, you have to "appear to be" on the web o' lies...

So here I am, on caught on the web...  I exist... or at least I appear to. (maybe I'm dead)

sadly for you, I cannot photoshop my pictures anymore, because I cannot be arsed... so you just see my ugly mug, just as I am.

"Rock and Roll-Over" (It's funny , because it's TRUE!!)

13 Oct 2022

I had to share this hilarious cartoon by Bob with you!


because the whole commercial "Metal/Pagan/hard-Rock" scene which was pretending to be "anti establishment" and "alternative" turned out to be MEGA-MainStream (duh..)

just like "Just a Barbie"Justin Bieber! ...

Lot's of noise. lots of fake attitude, lots of plastic costume and fake electronic enhancements...

No Guts, No BALLS, No Backbone... 

Roasting chestnuts on the fire...

9 Oct 2022

You reap what you sow, ***

It's Harvest time again!
on TERRA OMNIA we harvest peace , health and Mother Nature's fruits!

despite the escalating war on Nature
Enjoy the season and feel the joy of Life :-)
(fuck the NWO)

Happy Autumn thoughts and Greenthingz!


*** ok, so we didn't sow our chestnut trees... Nature did ;-) ... they are over a hundred years old!

OMNIA - Bran (2022)

17 Sep 2022

BRAN means "RAVEN" in the ancient Cymraeg language.

This piece of classic PaganFolk symbolizes the majestic flight of the Raven. The video was made entirely on location at TERRA OMNIA where the heart of OMNIA has found a home! This 40 acre Homestead, where the wild Ravens live in freedom together with OMNIA, was made possible for 100% by the PaganFolk musick of OMNIA and YOUR support through the years... (thank you!)