16 Jul 2016


MPS Bückeburg with the Golden Microphone ;)

Picture by Kees


15 Jul 2016

NEW CD OMNIA "PRAYER" is available NOW!!! Get it HERE!

Or you can come to MPS Buckeburg, MPS Karlsruhe, MPS Köln, Castlefest etc. where you can buy it LIVE at our Merchandise Stand!! OMNIA-"PRAYER"

Greenthingz and ENJOY! OMNIA

ps: Yes it is also available digitally from I-tunes etc. check the link in our webshop

Pagan skull Tattoos!

13 Jul 2016

Dear diary...
Today I got some more Pagan weirdness spiked into my skull...
Check these pics of Me getting stabbed a few thousand times by Rik from Dutch Harbour (
who is fucking great btw! Very steady hand!)

Buy OMNIA "Prayer"?

12 Jul 2016

For our hard-core fans we will start selling the New CD OMNIA "Prayer"
In our own webshop and at ALL our Live-shows starting THIS WEEKEND!!
(check our agenda for details)

I-tunes and shop sales will follow shortly!
(I know this is the wrong way to do marketing shizzle according to "the music business"...but hey... Fuck the "music business" we're OMNIA! ;-)

Greenthingz PaganFolkthingz and Newthingz!

True Celtic Hospitality and friendship!

5 Jul 2016

Stenny staying at the house/restaurant of our old friends Markus and Verena

The finest restaurant in all Germany!

(Which looks like it was taken straight from the Lord of the Rings!)

They always have the best of the best for our tummies and get a full 5 stars on the "stenny food scale"! 

(Eco, local, handmade with love, beautifully presented and Fucking Delicious!!)

Greenthingz and the "Art of Life"!

Pagan Shirt Art

27 Jun 2016

Given to me by:

Handmade! And yes...
I wear it every day! 

Coolthingz and thanx!
Shaman SteveSic

Magical Nights! ,Crazy Freaks!, Thank you Yggdrasil Festival!

20 Jun 2016

Under the Italian summer Moon we gathered to share the Joy of Life , brought together by sweet Silvia and Davide (the organisers).
Friends united with one heart of Nature.
We danced ,we played ,we screamed ,we laughed , we cried with smiles on our faces ...
we were Free TOGETHER!

Respect, Love and Thankx!!
pic by Ilona vd Jagt

Pagan Nature Magick!

15 Jun 2016

Something weird and wicked this way comes...
are you ready for it?
because a Cthonic, Occult item of Nature Force was sent off to a printing press in Holland today!
... can you guess what it is?

Yes! I finally finished the Artwork last night!! (at 04.00 am)
(which is pretty fucking good timing because today we're packing to drive to Italy to play at the "Yggdrasil" festival in Treviso coming saturday (close to Venice).

Cool Chicks ;-)

11 Jun 2016


Jenny holding one of our friend Achim's "children"

Pic by sic

"OMNIA-Prayer" Art Preview

9 Jun 2016

New OMNIA CD coming soon! possibly, maybe, hopefully one day in 2016...
Here's some more Art work for one of the songs that's being made now ...
yep...  I'm still kinda taking my time ;-)


pic by Sic