Nature Moments...

8 Jun 2016

Walking in the summer sun, Looking at flowers and bugz an thingz of beauty while picking up garbage in the forest... what a lovely way to spend a day :-)
XXX and Greenthingz!
pic by Sic

A merger from hell

6 Jun 2016

Please sign this...before our whole world is being run by one big corporation and everything we love will be destroyed...

Bayer wants to buy Monsanto to create a mega corporation. Once the deal goes ahead it could spell disaster for our bees and farmers and usher in a new era of sterile crops soaked in cancer-causing pesticides.

There is still time to stop it, but we need to act fast.

Thank you! Greenthings OMNIA


6 Jun 2016

Breakfast is most important meal of day
(Also if you eat it when its already afternoon)

Greenz lotsa fresh fruit and organic coconut ice-coffee!

What a wonderfull day for ART!

3 Jun 2016

Today I'm taking pictures of making pictures of Art for the "OMNIA- Prayer"CD!
As the squirrels squirrel and the peeps cheep around me ... Today is a good day!

Steve Sic

Rain, Storm… and Rainbows

31 May 2016

We had a great weekend at the MPS Berlin and somehow managed to miss all the weather/ rain horror that struck our part of europe…

The weather was lovely at the shows! Sunny summery happy hippiefestival weather BUT The forecasts were warning of heavy rains, storms and lightning…

so we were a little worried about the audience and our gear on this open-air festival

Goodmorning Berlin!

29 May 2016

Chilling in the sun, 
Waking up and getting ready for another festival show at the MPS in Berlin! Yeaahaa!

Greenzzz OMNIA

"Ich bin ein Berliner" OMNIA FINALLY BACK IN BERLIN!!!

26 May 2016

Crazy people go to crazy cities… Berlin has always been crazy.
I lived in your houses, I walked your streets, I drank your booze, I smoked your grass, I made art with your people, I made love to your people, I got in trouble with your police… but This was a loooong ago when it still had a big fecking nasty wall and too many gunz and landmines … but you know? I STILL love Berlin!!!
So I'm coming back!!! 

Tough guys love flowers :-)

25 May 2016

Last smell of peace and it's back to work!
We're sailing back to the mainland today to prepare for the upcoming OMNIA shows...
This weekend we go to BERLIN for TWO shows!!! (Saturday and sunday!)

Check out out agenda for details