7 Oct 2016

New picture gallery of OMNIA at one of our favouite festivals!...
 the amazing Festival Mediaval 2016!
Special show together with our old friend and OMNIA band member Joe Hennon!


pic by Kees Stravers

Nature provides...

5 Oct 2016

Free Food!
Nothing is quite as satisfying as collecting fresh chestnuts and then taking them home and turning them into a delicious all-natural  autumn forest meal!

I like good food

What you eat is very important

"You are what you eat"

ie: Every tiny "bit"of your body was made from bits of the food you have eaten

Think about it...

If you eat strong , wild, Free food...
Your body grows stronger by absorbing bits of these wholesome pieces of nature 

ThunderCrow Hybrid World Beats

4 Oct 2016

Rob Thunder and Daphyd Crow are working on their very first Studio Album with their own musical project, ThunderCrow.

ThunderCrow will make hybrid world beats. (Drums and Didgeridoo) 
They will play modern beats with ancient instruments...

The Indiegogo campaign to fund their first CD started last week. The very first backers already secured their copy of the new CD. To secure your copy of their first cd and support ThunderCrow, go HERE

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Thank YOU!! (I needed that!)

2 Oct 2016

I really have to thank you guys for all the messages of  support that have been posted in reaction to my last blogs... I was kind of in the dumps, but reading all those beautifull comments has made me feel a LOT better!
(and yes... Even though some of you seemed sceptical about it, I actually read them ALL ;-)
great shared stories, great advice and a LOT of positive stuff to think and smile about!
I am proud to be connected to all of you through this strange electronic mode of communication and I feel that we are one big worldwide family in Nature!

Apparently I have a Heart!

29 Sep 2016

Last week I had a long talk with my physician about health, stress , burnout and some annoying heartproblems...

But please don't worry about me!
I'm not dead yet! (And don't intend on dying in the near future!) 

But still my doctor insists that I take COMPLETE REST for the moment and that I do a whole lot of weird tests and bloodchecks etc ,because she's afraid that I might become the lucky participant in a cardio-vascular event! (Sounds exiting eh?... I've played on many events, but never a cardio-vascular one... I wonder what kind of stage they have?)

Anyway , Jenny and me ran to the beautifull Eifel hills for a few days of trees and peace... To think and calm down....
Now I'm back in holland for more tests to see if it's my heart's gonna blow (impending heart attack)
or if my mind is fucking with it (that would be a burnout) 


27 Sep 2016

"A terrible poet named Sic

attempted to write lymerics

After penning some lines...

He thought : " This is just Fine!!"

But it wasn't because he completely fucked up the last sentence..."



Ps: this blog is only funny if you read the one I posted yesterday :-)

Wine is red

26 Sep 2016

Vodka is clear
If it's yellow and fizzy
It's probably a Beer!



Pic and bad limerick by sic

Real Life. Real People... keep smiling! OMNIA is CANCELLING TWO MPS SHOWS

24 Sep 2016

Yep, it's true... we are not machines... there are some things we cannot do... we need a break... right NOW!
Stenny has decided to cancel two shows and go off into nature and do some fun things instead! :-)

So sorry, but OMNIA will NOT be playing
MPS Hohenlockstedt 1 octobre 2016
MPS Remeringshausen 8 octobre  2016

Old man Tree and me

20 Sep 2016

I met a man who was a Tree
Did I see him or he see me?

Standing there majestically
Tree and me...

The smell of sun on autumn leaves said:
"Take good care of all you see,
Praise the Earth down on your knees"

That's what the old man said to me

He Sang: Heya Heya hey


19 Sep 2016

Together, Forever

I can't rightfully describe the warm and glowing feeling I got inside my heart when I read all YOUR comments on my last "DEATH..." Blog... Thank YOU!

It's good to to realise amid all the death , ignorance and destruction that we don't have to be lonely amongst the billions of monkeys, because there are monkeys like YOU and US who share the dream and the knowledge...

Truly we are in this together, 
Like Jenny and me are a COUPLE /Entity joined for life...

YOU and Us are part of a CLAN/TRIBE joined for life

Together we look to the future with determination in our eyes and a smile on our weary faces!


16 Sep 2016

Sic's incomprehinsible blog no: -27


Yeah I know most of you really want pretty pictures and empty messages of joyfull nature and peace here, but this particular blog is for the handfull of people who actually understand what I'm saying. (and what I have been saying for as long as I can remember)

Home Safe

13 Sep 2016

Everybody in our band(s) and crew(s) who took part in the Amazing OMNIA and IRFAN Balkan experience at the wonderfull Festival mediaval this last weekend in Selb (DE)!is safe back home in Holland, Czech republic, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium...
(Fuck...that was a long sentence!)
Anyway back on subject now... Ahem.. I just write these things randomly you know... Where was I?
Oh yes!

We have all travelled miles and miles of motorway and will continue to do so ... To bring YOU our pagan Musick!

I'm happy you are sharing this journey with us!

Toys in the Attic

11 Sep 2016

Great night At festival Mediaval!
Sunday afternoon an EXTRA special show together with IRFAN!

Sweet dreamz and Fly if you want to!

pic by Erwin van Dijck