Fresh NEW OMNIA Merchandise!

9 May 2016

We have beautifull new cast-bronze OMNIA logo necklaces in our webshop
suitable for ALL OMNIA FANS!!

-they are elegant and beautifull!
-They are 100% vegan
-They are cheaper than the hand-cut ones we had last year
(only €20,- each instead of €75,- each)
-They are made in Europe
-they are 5cm across and come with a sturdy (woven cotton) chord

Greenthingz and warm bronze on naked skin in the sunshine!
the OMNIA merchandise team

Work in Progress

4 May 2016

Making the CD cover for "PRAYER"...
OMNIA : selfmade musick, selfmade philosophy, selfmade ART!


29 Apr 2016

We have hung up a camouflage net outside our Stenny-house to make it easier to do some really close-up birdwatching of the smaller more shy types of birdies.
(we have 26 different species of feathered friend frollicking around daily within 6 metres of our door!))



26 Apr 2016

Happiness is a hat in the spring rain :)
Pic by sic

Things that make me Happy pt.3

21 Apr 2016

Finishing a NEW OMNIA CD!!

Today we are mastering the new OMNIA CD "PRAYER" in Wisseloord mastering-studio 1 in Hilversum, with the incomparable (grammy award winning) Darcy at the controls!
And ofcourse the wonderfull recording engineer Fieke is joining in the listening process aswell smiley

Yes dear friends, there's another 100% organically home-grown independant OMNIA cd production on it's way to you...

Things that make me happy :)

17 Apr 2016

The feeling you get in the spring...
the day after a fantastic first festival concert ...
Relaxing in the sun enveloped in the aroma of freshly made coffee and peace-herb...
Listening to the awakening life in the forest with young birdies chirping, budding blossom springing from the branches like gifts from the fairies...

and the memories of good times spent with your friends!

That's a thing that makes me happy!

Shaman SteveSic