DarkArt Introspection...

4 Jan 2017

Steve and Jenny are in the Lava studio working together with Christopher Juul (the man behind ValravnEuzen and Heilung
building a new OMNIA ReMix CD!!!

We are Combining all the best bits of all the OMNIA albums we have made since our scene and genre-defining album PaganFolk"

OMNIA counter-Terrorist Squad!

29 Dec 2016

(Just Spreading happiness :-)

We, the nature-lovin' "MUSICK makers" strive to fill the hearts of good people like YOU with bravery, mind-peace and humor!

While the international "fear-makers" want everyone to be paranoid, angry and scared during these dark winterdays.

Which makes OMNIA sort of 
"anti-terrorists" :-)

What's the opposite of Terrorist?
Maybe relaxist?

Fan Art!

28 Dec 2016

This gorgeous drawing was made and given to Jenny by the wonderful Katta…



Think Peace...

23 Dec 2016

Feel calm...rest
It's winter, slow down :-)

Greenz and nature's rythm

Merry Midwinterrrrr!!!

21 Dec 2016

Not just the seasons but The world itself is changing now , so what do we do?
we simply change with it! Nature (and us) will find a way to cope with the other monkeys! :-)

And for all you young people out there ,here is an picture of Stenny in the "Snow" (which is water that used to fall out of the sky in little frozen bits ;-)

Blessingz, Peace and Good Humor!
Stenny et OMNIA

pic by Rudolf

Chocolate Chaos Cake!!!

19 Dec 2016

We got cake and backstage eco-food made by Beatrice and Maja!

And Bea will be joining us on stage tonight for the final show of the Prayer tour here in Berlin!

pic by Daphyd


Thankyou Hamburg, Hello Berlin!

19 Dec 2016

Last night we Prayed with the great crowd in Hamburg
Tonight we PaganRock the Bi-Nuu club in Berlin
Last OMNIA show of 2016!

Pic by Marielle'sMan