19 Sep 2016

Together, Forever

I can't rightfully describe the warm and glowing feeling I got inside my heart when I read all YOUR comments on my last "DEATH..." Blog... Thank YOU!

It's good to to realise amid all the death , ignorance and destruction that we don't have to be lonely amongst the billions of monkeys, because there are monkeys like YOU and US who share the dream and the knowledge...

Truly we are in this together, 
Like Jenny and me are a COUPLE /Entity joined for life...

YOU and Us are part of a CLAN/TRIBE joined for life

Together we look to the future with determination in our eyes and a smile on our weary faces!


16 Sep 2016

Sic's incomprehinsible blog no: -27


Yeah I know most of you really want pretty pictures and empty messages of joyfull nature and peace here, but this particular blog is for the handfull of people who actually understand what I'm saying. (and what I have been saying for as long as I can remember)

Home Safe

13 Sep 2016

Everybody in our band(s) and crew(s) who took part in the Amazing OMNIA and IRFAN Balkan experience at the wonderfull Festival mediaval this last weekend in Selb (DE)!is safe back home in Holland, Czech republic, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium...
(Fuck...that was a long sentence!)
Anyway back on subject now... Ahem.. I just write these things randomly you know... Where was I?
Oh yes!

We have all travelled miles and miles of motorway and will continue to do so ... To bring YOU our pagan Musick!

I'm happy you are sharing this journey with us!

Toys in the Attic

11 Sep 2016

Great night At festival Mediaval!
Sunday afternoon an EXTRA special show together with IRFAN!

Sweet dreamz and Fly if you want to!

pic by Erwin van Dijck

Follow the Sun...

10 Sep 2016

I remember my place, near the Lake, 'neath the trees.
Playing native flute for the fish and the breeze.
Art is temporary, it flows like a stream
Nothing is fixed this life is a dream

The rockstar life has nothing of worth
I don't make musick for people, I play for the Earth!

"Nothing is sacred...only Nature"

Catch a glimpse of what I mean on the (really fucking wonderfull) Mainstage at Festival Mediaval Tonight!!

Shaman SteveSic

pic by sic


8 Sep 2016

(Friends sharing joy and musick together!!)

We're chilling and jamming together with our Bulgarian friends of IRFAN before the awesome FESTIVAL MEDIAVAL where we will be playing a VERY SPECIAL SHOW TOGETHER THIS WEEKEND

One way life... Musick, Good Food and Friendship!


Picture by CrowPro

Goodmorning world!

5 Sep 2016

After a lot of work work work and play play play
After many loooong hours traffic jams of death on the motorway
We have started our OMNIA BAND HOLIDAY!

We're gonna chill a few days to rest and practice for the two very special gigs we'll be playing coming weekend at one of our very favourite festivals of the year FESTIVAL MEDIAVAL!!!
(In Selb, Germany)

I hope YOUR day is as good as ours!

Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA

Now I'm gonna go look for some coffee

Goodmorning Ritual...

3 Sep 2016

Sleep peacefully in the quiet of a german "natur freunden" forest hostel

Wake up refreshed and rested

Do some stretches

Eat lovely eco- breakfast

Get dressed and pack stage gear

Drive to a noisey chaotic festival

and there we PLAY FOR YOU!

(While we try to explain through our musick why this life is so wonderfull and wild and free :-)

Greenthingz , Nature and ART!