16 Dec 2020

Huge things can seem tiny
Tiny things can seem huge
It’s all a matter of perspective...

This goes for everything in life

Microcosm Macrocosm
your choice

Greenthingz and frosty isolation from TERRA OMNIA

Pic by Sic

Independent Man

13 Dec 2020

It’s hard to remain independent and freespirited while living in a world where it is forbidden to work,
Many of our friends are (were) genuine freebirds, like ourselves, living on festivals and gatherings of freaky people getting together to celebrate life and love and Nature.

Impressions of TERRA OMNIA: Winterscape

10 Dec 2020

Winter is just awesome on this little piece of earth high up on the mountains we call our home…
We could cry with sheer wonder every day, to wake up to the deep magnificent panorama of Nature all around us!

Immersed in it, blessed by it… protected by it, as we protect it.
That’s what OMNIA has always been about eh?

The deep peace in the forest and the mountains has a healing power beyond imagination…

What’s better than a good book? **

30 Nov 2020

We love books… we devour books! We have read thousands of the little buggers and continue to do so whenever and where ever possible.
As the weather gets colder and we spend more time inside, snuggled up close to the fire place … the time is ripe for more gripping stories!

Green Dreamz :-)

29 Nov 2020

Your life’s been polluted by fear it seems,

Forget not ALL life is but made of dreams

When you finally tire of this pointless “seeming”

it’s time to practice lucid dreaming

No matter where YOU are or what THEY do

With faith in Nature, GreenDreamz come true!

Greenthingz from TERRA OMNIA
Where Nature is protected and the wild Stenny run free!

Freedom is...

18 Nov 2020

 What's the spring-breathing jasmine and rose?
   What's the summer, with all its gay train?
 Or the splendour of autumn, to those
   Who've bartered their freedom for gain?
 No sweetness the senses can cheer,
   Which corruption and bribery blind;
 No brightness that gloom can ever clear,
   For honour is the sun of the mind.
 Let virtue distinguish the brave,
   Place riches in lowest degree;
 Think him poorest who can be a slave,

this may be a dumb Question, but:

30 Oct 2020

When did mr.Policeman start looking like a cross between an Imperial starship trooper and the Waffen SS?

and more importantly…


Greenthingz and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!