Jungle love....

8 Feb 2017

We are surrounded by life ,love and a million zillion greenthingz...
And Life is really very good :-)
LOTS of inspiration (hmmm? Pagan Calypso?... more Pagan Reggea?)
We good.. hope you good too!

How are YOU doing?


Pagans of the Carribean pt.2

31 Jan 2017

A short story... "Flying High"

After finding the right departure gate on StMaarten airfield (a small miracle in itself) we were slowly walked across the hot landingstrip to our chariot of the skies!
It was ... smaller than we expected...
After we had all squeezed into the TINY twin engine propellor plane together with just 4 other pasengers
(Two very relaxed dreadlocked natives and a couple of apprehensive looking tourists),
we strapped into the small folding chairs and happily awaited our fate
In the skies!

Pagans of the Carribean part:1

27 Jan 2017

"This morning"we walked through the snow in wintry Holland

Then we got on a plane

Now "this evening" we're in a completely different timezone 
the sun setting on the carribean island of St.Maarten...

Tomorrow we continue our journey on a smaller plane to an even smaller island...

The adventure has started :-)

Peace , Nature and relaxation

Back to the Basic Core...

21 Jan 2017

"Burn-Out" part 3


I just wanted to keep you updated on what's happening with us and with OMNIA at the moment because Jenny and me are dealing with a total burn-out caused by overwork, over-input, stress and sorrow.


(Look up "Burn-out" if you are interested in the symptoms or if you are curious as to what it is)


Apparently this form of mental/physical breakdown happens a lot more in modern society than you would guess, you can find tonnes of information about it on the internet ... especially young people get it nowadays!? And once you have it, it really sux and it can take years to heal again. 

We have simply ignored the signs that our bodies were giving us, because we tried to give too much of ourselves to the world. 

We worked too hard, we tried to do everything perfectly right and correct...We were too truthfull, we were too personal, we were too honourable.

We are just too straight-edge Pagan and too educated for this world...

We can't stand the lies and dishonesty of these times...The world isn't like us...

All our energy reserves were used up in keeping OMNIA on the road... 

...We started going quite insane...

the Last OMNIA-logo Amulets!! Get them before they're gone!

18 Jan 2017

There are only a few of these limited edition OMNIA logo-Amulets left in the shop!
They are collectors items and they will NOT be made again,
so if you want to have one for yourself or as a gift,
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DarkArt Introspection...

4 Jan 2017

Steve and Jenny are in the Lava studio working together with Christopher Juul (the man behind ValravnEuzen and Heilung
building a new OMNIA ReMix CD!!!

We are Combining all the best bits of all the OMNIA albums we have made since our scene and genre-defining album PaganFolk"