2 Aug 2016

And the climate is breezy...

Do you like rain?
Better get used to it ;-)
Greenthingz and water level rising!
Shaman SteveSic


1 Aug 2016

(just like old times!)

This festival has been an important part of our life for many years since we were a part in originally creating this meeting place of freaks (together with our loyal fans who volunteered, crewed and visited the festival in those first crucial years before it became the big organisation it is now!)

Uncessant Minutes, whil'st you move 

24 Jul 2016

Uncessant Minutes, whil'st you move 
you tell 
The time that tells our life, which 
though it run 
Never so fast or farr, you'r new 
Short steps shall overtake; for though life well 

May scape his own Account, it shall not yours,
You are Death's Auditors, that both divide 
And summ what ere that life inspir'd endures 
Past a beginning, and through you we bide 

The doom of Fate, whose unrecall'd Decree 
You date, bring, execute; making what's new, 

Raven Brothers...

23 Jul 2016

Me and ma buddy Raven :-)


Raven lives with our dear friends of FalknerderHerzen

Fan Art!

23 Jul 2016

Thanx for the wonderfull picture Arwen Langerak (8years old)
From Warns in Friesland!

Ztief and Djeny ;-)

OMNIA On the road again!

22 Jul 2016

See you on the Karlsruhe MPS festival tomorrow!
And YES! We have loads of NEW CD's with us! Let's hope there's enough this time ;-)

Greenz and Paganfolk!

Dust Warrior!

20 Jul 2016

As the sudden summer storm cleans the dust from the air, so she vanquishes the dustbunnies in chez Stenny!

Greenz and Cleanz!

Btw: we have a new cd! ;-)

"I'm late! ... I'm late!"

18 Jul 2016

Wow!! Our webshop is being flooded with orders from all over the world for our new CD "OMNIA-PRAYER"!!!

The OMNIA webshop team is working full time to get all the cd's and extra orders packed and shipped out there as soon as possible... 

Relax , stay calm , keep breathing,
All will be well! You have but one life, and but one way to live it!

As they said in Rome:
"Tempus Fugit"

Or more correctly quoted :
"Sed fugit interea fugit irreparabile tempus"

Or in the words of dr.Sic

So you Like the new cd!?

17 Jul 2016

After a great gig yesterday in Bückeburg we almost immediately sold out ALL the OMNIA-PRAYER cd's we had with us!!!

(And we took HUNDREDS!!!)

Sorry to all the people who were disappointed to find them sold out... 
Next time we'll take more!

Xxx and Greenz!

Picture by Kees Stravers


16 Jul 2016


MPS Bückeburg with the Golden Microphone ;)

Picture by Kees


15 Jul 2016

NEW CD OMNIA "PRAYER" is available NOW!!! Get it HERE!

Or you can come to MPS Buckeburg, MPS Karlsruhe, MPS Köln, Castlefest etc. where you can buy it LIVE at our Merchandise Stand!! OMNIA-"PRAYER"

Greenthingz and ENJOY! OMNIA

ps: Yes it is also available digitally from I-tunes etc. check the link in our webshop

Pagan skull Tattoos!

13 Jul 2016

Dear diary...
Today I got some more Pagan weirdness spiked into my skull...
Check these pics of Me getting stabbed a few thousand times by Rik from Dutch Harbour (
who is fucking great btw! Very steady hand!)