Monkey Steve!!!

17 Oct 2013

(Lava Studio day 10: The last of the first round of recording for our upcoming album "Earth Warrior")
Sometimes creative solutions in a high-tech studio environment turn out very…simple….Here you can see what to do when your built-in bouzouki mic isn't properly grounded (for those non-muso's: meaning there's a loud HUMMMM in the sound). We tried lots of technical stuff, but in the end there was nothing like Steve's foot doing the grounding :o) 

Happy Birthday Maria!

16 Oct 2013

Recording the new OMNIA CD "EARTH WARRIOR"
Lava studio, Denmark, day 9

We've been working hard in the studio all day long creating more OMNIA musick art for "Earth Warrior" !! ... the day is done... the instruments are resting...
... now we relax and chill , while we celebrate our supersweet friend Maria's Birthday!! (and doesn't she look radiant?)

Satyr? Satan? Pan?

15 Oct 2013

(Happy? Horney? likes musick?)

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!
Lava studio, Denmark, day 8

today ... the last Didge trax... the first Flute trax...
either way blowjobs all round!

Shaman Steve Sic (picture by the Beast 666)

It's mr. DidgeMan!

14 Oct 2013
Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!
Captains log
Lava studio, Denmark, day 7

Today is Daphyd the Crow day... We got da BassPipe in da house! 
the sun is shining and so is he 
burtjebaaaahr, wacke! burtjebaaahr, toot!
Greenz in the sunny studio 

XXX Shaman SteveSic 
(picture by flying mr.Fluffy)


Babes in the wood

14 Oct 2013

Jenny and Maria (from euzen) checking out the autumn...

Greenz and Goldenz (in Blacks and whites) from København!


12 Oct 2013

Finding inspiration for "EARTH WARRIOR" in a hole in the ground in Denmark.

Picture by Dr. Sens


12 Oct 2013

Enjoying the party in Copenhagen. Tomorrow we have our day off... Party party party,

Cheers OMNIA

Why is OMNIA making an album entitled "EARTH WARRIOR"?

11 Oct 2013

Because now it is time that mother nature fights back! And we want to join her!
Forget about the "war on terror", "war on drugs", "war on common sense" that has taken over the world... how about a "war on mutant monkeys"? ... and remember kiddies!... If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the pollution!
Green Eco-Anarchist Thingz!

¡Viva la revolución Shaman SteveSic 

(picture by Jennyphidsic)

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!

10 Oct 2013

Lava studio, Denmark, day 4

Today is a piano day! in which Jenny's gracefull hands will be picking out the most beautifull melodies on the magical you see her and Christopher checking out the Steinway Concert Piano for the recording-sessions of today...
Classical Greenthingz!

(picture by Johann Sebastian Bark)

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!

9 Oct 2013

Lava studio, Denmark,day 3

Dis me an da LavaStudiostressbunny! We hav party now… becos mr Christopher is sellebra…sellibrati…celllibraete…rem…having his birthdsday party now! yippee! 

happy biddy greenthingz! mr Fluffy 

(piktjoor by Dasic)

NEW pictures added

9 Oct 2013

Check out the new album: OMNIA backstage at "de Meester" HERE


Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!

8 Oct 2013

Lava studio, Denmark,day 2.
And more DRUMZ! DRUMZ! DRUMZZ!! Rob Thunder is still smacking the Pagan Wardrums today. On this picture you see a listening session of what's been done up to now.
Concentrated faces and the smell of coffee, cigarettes and creativity.

PaganRock on, 


Picture by the phantom of the studio...

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR" has started!!!

7 Oct 2013

Lava studio, Denmark, day 1.
DRUMZ! DRUMZ! DRUMZZ!! Today we've been recording Rob Thunder laying down some amazing drum tracks for the new CD. Here you see the master of rhythm at work!… look at the concentration on his face!… the sweat flying around! the blurr of speed as his sticks whirr though the air hitting the drumheads like a hammer of the gods!… erm… well maybe not in this picture  … but you should hear them!

Greenz and butsen on studio tracks!

(picture by Sicphyd)

All packed up and ready to gogo...

6 Oct 2013

To the last MPS gig in a place called ho lo...
Then it's on to kopenhagen to work in da studio...
To record EARTH WARRIOR for YOU!.... Yo! Yo!
Greenz an beanz!
Grandmaster Sic and the furious three...