Happiness is...

22 Aug 2016

Reading a good book twice,
at the same time,
While seriously slacking in bed!

It's the little things that make life so good!



Happiness is...

21 Aug 2016

Sharing laughter and Doing the washing up together with your daughter

It's the little things that make life what it is!

Sic and Myrthe Fortuna Evans​

Happiness can be,

20 Aug 2016

Inside a warming cup of tea

Especially in my favourite cup, with my "bunny" spoon!
It's the little things that make life what it is!


Runed Right Hand

19 Aug 2016

"Should intermitted vengeance arm again
His runed right hand to plague us?
What if all her stores were opened, and this firmament
Of Hell should spout her cataracts of fire..."

Milton "Paradise Lost"





12 Aug 2016

We have three new galleries of OMNIA @ Castlefest
(PLUS FREAKY BACKSTAGE PICS of OMNIA in their natural enviroment)


Btw...Sorry I'm not writing so much lately , but there is a lot going on and I actually have so much I would like to say...

Practice at Dreamharpz! (Old school!)

4 Aug 2016

Tomorrow on Castlefest we will play a SPECIAL SHOW on the village stage at 18:30 with added vintage OMNIA songs! And we will do this together with our old friend and (forever) OMNIA bandmember Joe "King" Hennon!!

Even our merchandise stand will be old school this weekend with our former merch babe Kaati Ran as well as our former super merchbabe Chloe Bakker joining the fun as well!!

This will be a Love weekend!!

Greenthingz on summers' wingz!

pic by Spike Dearheart

Can YOU love enough?

3 Aug 2016

The love that Jenny and me have for each other has helped to build many good things, for us and for the world. (things like OMNIA and Castlefest)

And still Our Love endures ... 
(and so does OMNIA ... and apparently so does Castlefest!)

Check out this threesome of LOVE this coming weekend!

LOVE in the form of the NEW OMNIA ALBUM "PRAYER" 
(for SALE for the VERY FIRST TIME in Holland!!)

LOVE in the shape of all the loving people who meet each other each year at this magical place in Lisse


2 Aug 2016

And the climate is breezy...

Do you like rain?
Better get used to it ;-)
Greenthingz and water level rising!
Shaman SteveSic


1 Aug 2016

(just like old times!)

This festival has been an important part of our life for many years since we were a part in originally creating this meeting place of freaks (together with our loyal fans who volunteered, crewed and visited the festival in those first crucial years before it became the big organisation it is now!)