Stay Strong!

10 Jun 2017

It's the Pagan way!
Staying fit,
To work and Play!

Are YOU staying fit?
Show us!


Singing (naked) in the Rain!

9 Jun 2017

This is one way to deal with climate-change ...

while still enjoying yourself ;-)

What do YOU like doing when the rains come pouring down?


Back to the Roots of PaganFolk!

7 Jun 2017

There's a new OMNIA festival tour coming up, and for this year we have chosen to go back to our musical roots to bring you a selection of the purest PaganFolk like we used to play it when we built this style.
Simpler, earthier, more focused, less "main stream" elements... so we have decided to change the basic OMNIA line-up back to how we had it in 2013 with:
Rob Thunder on drums, percussion and backing vocals,
Daphyd Crow on Sliding didgeridoo, mouthharp and ethnic vocals,
Jenny on Harp, Hurdy Gurdy, Piano, Bodhran and vocals and
myself on Irish Bouzoukis , a suitcase full of flutes and vocals.

This means that Satria will not be joining us on stage this season... BUT this means also he has time to work on his own project "Sunfire".

Foxgloves and locks

2 Jun 2017

We're chilling in our garden, Jenny's fixing her dreadlocks and I'm contemplating life while writing my first blog in a long time...

It feels like summer in our forest and The foxgloves are already in bloom :-) (which is odd but also quite cool because we love FoxgLoves)

The new season of Omnia shows will be starting soon for us and we are slowly gearing up into "concert mode" , practicing, playing tunes, 
Arranging stuff and most importantly feeling the vibe of Nature and trying to translate it into a coherent Omnia stage show/ritual.

Where did spring go?

11 May 2017

(Climate Change)

We have been following the crispy green beginning of spring all the way North for more than a month now. We had the honour and priveledge to See the awakening of Life on this beautifull planet.
Starting All the way from our little forest home n Holland , up through Germany to its far north, up through Denmark and Sweden, up to Norway...
It was a beautifull experience of growing leaves and sleepy bugs and molting mammals and indescribable emotion and landscape. Visiting friends along the way, simply awesome!


8 May 2017

We're in Kattegat! ;-)
(Which is actually called "Njardarheimr vikingvillage" in Gudvangen, Norway... ) Viking Valley Gudvangen

These are the real glorious spectacular fjords where a popular fantasy semi-historic viking series was shot.

We've been here enjoying this breathtaking nature and the hospitality of it's chieftan , our friend Georg (the real Ragnar ;-) and his lovely wife Angela in their wonderfull home.

This is my home, it's where I belong...

1 May 2017

Soooo... the festival season has started without us, and here we are, chilling, enjoying and relaxing in beautifull breathtaking Nature (normally we would have already been touring the gigs with our band by now) 

But to tell you the truth I don't miss the festivals yet...
Ofcourse we miss meeting and playing for YOU guys and we miss (most of) our hardworking festival buddies! ;-)

But ,fuck it!... we're Free!

And Our "little" Stenny holiday is going really sweet so far :-)

Into the wild!...What makes you relax?

28 Apr 2017

Seeing new life awakening in Nature works for us :-)
Veeeeeeeery relaxing!
We are now Canoeing in a large nature lake district in the North of Germany... spending peacefull days cruising on the water looking at wildlife and drinking in the Nature...
Our journey takes us ever onwards to the North! 
This is So we get to see the start of spring again and again every week!
Uber-relaxed :-)

So... what makes you relax?


Pic by Sic

Touch a fresh green leaf,

25 Apr 2017

Touch a fresh green leaf,
And make a wish.
For more fresh green leaves :-)

Nothing is Sacred...Only Nature


Feels like Spring!

2 Apr 2017

Life is good :-)

It's important to remember that when life gives you a good day... just like that...
For free!

that you can simply stop and hear the birdsong and enjoy the moment for what it is... Life!

Enjoy the moment ;-)
Greeeeeenest thingz!

Pic by Thoreau