27 Oct 2016

We're Aliens!!
"Officially recognised Aliens"!!!


OMNIA is a bunch of Aliens! ;-)
"Officially recognised" by the US consulate! :-)

(If you don't what all this means, try getting permission to play in the US sometime... it's a long process!)

But anyway... more importantly, it all worked out, they were very nice and this means we can come and play in the USA!

We will be playing one special show

I'm in a cage!

25 Oct 2016

I-Raccoon (procyon lotor) used to live free in the forests of north america/canada...

I-Raccoon was abducted by mutant monkeys and put into concentration camps in europe because my skin is so pretty...
(The monkeys wanted to cut it off me to hang it on themselves)

I-Raccoon escaped out of prison into the wild to live free in the forests of europe

But Then the forests started to get smaller and more crowded

So the monkeys trapped I-Raccoon "for my own safety"... because I am a pretty wild creature

Wild Musick :-)

25 Oct 2016

The bubbling of the creek, the rustling of the leaves and the sweet tones of my pretty little Dulcister
(Which was given to me by my friend Nicolai from Folkfriends OHG (  who also designed this beautifull instrument!)

Just Hearing the rythm of life and pickin' along on the double stringz! ;-)

Greenz and Autumn Flame colours!
Picture by Jenny

We bear witness untill the end...

19 Oct 2016

What is our purpose now?
What are we to do as human "part of the problem" monkeys?...

Jenny and I have been having many such conversations with each other and with good tree hugging, pro-nature/ anti-human-domination friends of ours and this blog I wrote sort of sums it up...

Because times are changing faster and faster as we get older...
The 40.000 year long war on nature started by homo sapiens sapiens and his stupid senseless greed and ignorance has almost ended... 
Now there are people like you and me all over the world... nature warriors who are tired and depressed, who can't see a solution for the earth and her human infestation problem anymore...

and then you ask yourself this question:
"What can I still do?... 
Is there still a point in trying to fight the inevitable World domination and mass suicide of the zombie-people?...
Is there anything usefull left that I can do for this planet and the spirit of Life that I love so much except simply killing myself? So that the world had one less mutant monkey to deal with?
The answer is YES!!!


17 Oct 2016

Rob Thunder and Daphyd Crow ૐ have asked me to tell you that they have started a crowd-support campaign to help them finance their new "duo" world-beats project called ThunderCrow.

They are making this groovy music project based around Rob's drumming, Daphyd's Didgeridoo and a whole bunch of samples ;-)

If you want to know more about ThunderCrow then "check this out"
and follow this link:

Greenz and Beatz!

Full moon jam :-)

16 Oct 2016

Jamming sweet musick on lots of magic strings with our american friends Aryeh Frankfurter and Lisa Lynne

well met under a full moon!


Fuzzy picture by blurry face :-)

Tiny Jenny!

14 Oct 2016

OMNIA's Jenny playing her very first piano-recital ...aged 6!
A life spent on Art is never wasted :-)
Greenz and Musick

Picture by a 80's newspaper photographer who's name we don't know

Smiling at the sun

9 Oct 2016

Things to do when you suddenly have a weekend full of free time:

1: walk, walk, walking in nature
While Breathing in the air
And Smiling at the sun
Feel the love of life!

2:Customise and sharpen a medieval Falchion into a more practical sword by doing some relaxing metal-work. (Sic)

3:Baking a delicious chestnut/maple syrup/chocolate cake by doing some totally groovy cooking. (Jenny)


7 Oct 2016

New picture gallery of OMNIA at one of our favouite festivals!...
 the amazing Festival Mediaval 2016!
Special show together with our old friend and OMNIA band member Joe Hennon!


pic by Kees Stravers

Nature provides...

5 Oct 2016

Free Food!
Nothing is quite as satisfying as collecting fresh chestnuts and then taking them home and turning them into a delicious all-natural  autumn forest meal!

I like good food

What you eat is very important

"You are what you eat"

ie: Every tiny "bit"of your body was made from bits of the food you have eaten

Think about it...

If you eat strong , wild, Free food...
Your body grows stronger by absorbing bits of these wholesome pieces of nature 

ThunderCrow Hybrid World Beats

4 Oct 2016

Rob Thunder and Daphyd Crow are working on their very first Studio Album with their own musical project, ThunderCrow.

ThunderCrow will make hybrid world beats. (Drums and Didgeridoo) 
They will play modern beats with ancient instruments...

The Indiegogo campaign to fund their first CD started last week. The very first backers already secured their copy of the new CD. To secure your copy of their first cd and support ThunderCrow, go HERE

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