Free OMNIA Prayer-Tour Tickets!!! Here are the WINNERS!

27 Nov 2016

We had a long look at all the wonderfull and sweet (and often selfless) messages we received bearing plenty of very good and original reasons to get a free ticket to the upcoming OMNIA Prayer-tour!

So many good reasons, that we really had trouble choosing only 4 winners!
So in the end we just picked out 8 winners instead!!


OMNIA "Prayer" Tour!!

22 Nov 2016


03-12. Purmerend, NL
08-12. Nürnberg, DE
09-12. München, DE 
10-12. Prague, CZ
15-12. Bochum, DE 
18-12. Hamburg, DE 
19-12. Berlin, DE

Do you like this picture??? If not, there is a few more to choose from here ;)


Pics by Sics

Journey by Train

21 Nov 2016

"Public Service?"
A short story...

This weekend I went to visit a good friend of ours who lives about 100 km away (as the crow flies) from our little forest home .
I hadn't travelled by train for many  years (I used to a lot), but it seemed like a fun thing to do!


19 Nov 2016

The Truth Hurts a lot of people

Speaking it does not make you popular

So Should we all stop speaking the truth?

Is life a popularity contest filled with lies?

Or do we ultimately serve truth?

Please have a look at this recent movie-documentary "Before the Flood" made by Leonardo di Caprio and many others who bravely state what they have learned about truth and life and then decide for yourself

watch it here

If you like it (like Stenny did),


17 Nov 2016

Finally The OMNIA webshop is working again!

(yes I know this picture has NOTHING whatsoever to do with our online webshop...I just liked it because I got to wear my old "Fuck" punk t-shirt and Jenny has cute ears on it... it's one of those days ;-)

anyway... our shop is open again... YEAH!
you may order as many OMNIA goodies as you like...


15 Nov 2016

Our OMNIA clubtour is starting on the 3rd of DECEMBER with one show in the
P3 in Purmerend NL  INFO
And apparently It's the ONLY OMNIA show we have planned in Holland for quite some time ;-) !
We would love to see as many of you as possible because it will be the last time for us to see each other "live" before our 6 month sabbatical-break starts... we hope to see you there so we can share the Spirit of Nature together!


14 Nov 2016

because there is some confusion about this festival and OMNIA  I have written this rather long blog to explain a little, I hope it's appreciated :-)   (skip it , if you don't know this festival)

Farewell Leonard Cohen… and thank you so much!

11 Nov 2016

Last night I was listening to my favourite Leonard Cohen songs all night (because it was one of those nights)
I hadn't played his stuff in a few months , but I suddenly had the urge to hear the words of wisdom and madness from the smooth poet… It was great, as always…
he is always a real teacher...


This morning I heard that he had died…
One of my absolute poetic/music/coolness heroes has died today!?
But I felt like I was "with him" last night… Jenny and me talked about him and his life and works for ages!

Oh America! did we let it get this far?

9 Nov 2016

It is with great pain and sorrow that I have to tell you that Today the war on Nature and personal freedom went on to a totally different level...

I really didn't see this coming...

I could never have imagined that a redneck billionaire corporate climatechange-denier would be used as the frontispiece of the most invasive empire in the world

Today is such a Sad Day for our world that  I am at a loss for words, so I will simply quote something I wrote a long time ago, keep it in your heart:


8 Nov 2016

We bought a funny souvenir bottleopener with a really big mouth in America!
They had two types to choose from , but they both looked kinda the we just picked a random one

I mean... it's just humor... right?

This Must be american humor!
('Cause It really can't be serious)



Different lands joined under one sky!

6 Nov 2016

We're now in maryland usa where the leaves , leaving the trees , have turned to golden reds and fly through the sky to rejoin their mother the Earth...

Just as we have flown through the sky to rejoin our friends at FaerieCon in a sold out venue!
To celebrate creativity and the genius of Brian Froud and the Art of the Fae...

Our buddies from Euzen are flying over from Denmark today so tomorrow we will play together!!

Life can be easy, life can be chill...
Let nasty people do what they will

Flying Fluffy!

2 Nov 2016

We is pakking for a loooong trip to fly too Ammerikka to play wid OMNIA :-)

Now me get squished inside a bagge in da plane insted of chill in da OMNIA van :-(

But its wot we do to see the OMNIA fans to party togedder!
Me happy to go see you all dere!!

Greenz on jet wingz

Pic by John Denver