Merry Litha!

21 Jun 2020

Enjoy this beautiful music from our friends Emilio and Anna of EMIAN Paganfolk from Italy...
Check it out HERE.

Greenthings and flowers


Pagan Attic

20 Jun 2020

We're cleaning and fixing up our attic to make more fun space for our weird Pagan life

The dust is flying around, hence the "corona look" in this pic (here these masks are actually useful!)

This will probably be our bed and instrument room...

Normally I prefer playing outside...but... The weather is weird lately (rain/sun/wind) so we opted to do much needed inside work on our farmhouses!

You know... It feels really fecking great to be a part of making our own living space, with our own hands and wits... it feels somehow more... useful?

Let's talk about the weather again

14 Jun 2020


Teeny tiny fledgling birdies are flapping like unguided feathery missiles all around our house, setting out into life's wonderfully rich mysteries... although the weather is kinda confused now, It's a little wet and windy here on Terra OMNIA today...

Despite the fact that globally, May 2020 was the hottest May in human memory since...
May 2019
(Which was the last "record breaker")
This rise will continue.

Trash Folk

11 Jun 2020

Today I'm making heavy drumz from ecologically sourced recycled materials.

(ie: from garbage we find and take out of the forest)

Fresh forest tires!
(First gotta clean the buggers though)

For some inexplicable reason there seem to be dirty old car tires sprouting in the forest...4 so far on our land?..
Where do they come from?
You'd maybe think its a Slovenian national "let'all chuck a used car tire in the forest" day, or something like that, but

Sculpting Nature

2 Jun 2020

I'm building a little river!
Well... more of a babbling brook actually! It's a Living collaborative Artwork I'm making together with my Mother Nature.
I laid a 400 meter pipe (by hand!) to divert part of the water from one of our streams further uphill, so it flows closer to our house.
And now utilising my trusty slovenian Hoe, the Earth's gravity, the steep slopes forming parts of TERRA and some chaotic Artistic insight following the flow of the land I'm sculpting an acoustic stream...

Peacefull Sunday

1 Jun 2020

No need no stress no haste
Life flowing by without want or need
Peacefull Sunday sleeping

Don't you just love to relax?

Do YOU chill enough?

Greenz and lazy dayz

Radical Haiku

24 May 2020

Where the seeds may fall
Let them grow strong, wild and free
Those Radical Roots!

Greenthingz and Perma culture...

Happy Terrarism...

17 May 2020

"Terrarism" which is:
actively liberating and protecting Nature by buying farm/logging land from monkey society and setting it free...
(what Eco-Anarchists do)

Not to be confused with

"Terrorism" which is:
actively imprisoning large amounts of monkeys in society through guilt and fear
(what governments do)

Greenthingz and Freedom for life!
Shaman Sic Steve

A state of Nature...

8 May 2020

Naked under the sun, gentle breeze caressing exposed skin,
Myriad denizens of the wild land joyously call out to life, to Life!
Trees and flowers fill the air with refracted light and fragrance like multicolored mind bombs

Nature is Free
Nature is Real
Nature is Sacred
TERRA OMNIA... a state of Nature

Green and free thingz!

Slovenian Rhapsody

4 May 2020

This is the real life
This is no fantasy
Out of the landslide
We've escaped from reality...

Greenthingz from TERRA OMNIA!

Beltaine Haiku

30 Apr 2020

Fire burn life brightly
Like the Sunwheel in the sky
Beltaine fire burn

Happy Beltaine summer awakening!

Greenz and the power of ritual

Stroking Cat Haiku

28 Apr 2020

Simple purring bliss
Warmth and friendship enfold us
stroking sleepy Cat

Green and warm Fuzzy things!
Stenny et Črt

Walking (Haiku)

24 Apr 2020

Forest awakens
Reborn leaves whisper your name
Walking the woods

Greenz from Terra Omnia

Recital (Haiku)

23 Apr 2020

Wild Orchid singing
woman listens with her heart
Sisters join in song

Greenthingz from TERRA OMNIA

The quarantine SALE continues!

22 Apr 2020

Over the past week you guys managed to buy ALL our textile goods! All of them...? Well, there might still be a few shirts hidden in the store...if you look closely :)
So since most of you are already tastefully dressed, how about completing (or starting!) your OMNIA CD collection?
Everything is still 50% off and your trusty RavenTeam will make sure to get your order on its merry way as fast as possible!