26 Apr 2016

Happiness is a hat in the spring rain :)
Pic by sic

Things that make me Happy pt.3

21 Apr 2016

Finishing a NEW OMNIA CD!!

Today we are mastering the new OMNIA CD "PRAYER" in Wisseloord mastering-studio 1 in Hilversum, with the incomparable (grammy award winning) Darcy at the controls!
And ofcourse the wonderfull recording engineer Fieke is joining in the listening process aswell smiley

Yes dear friends, there's another 100% organically home-grown independant OMNIA cd production on it's way to you...

Things that make me happy :)

17 Apr 2016

The feeling you get in the spring...
the day after a fantastic first festival concert ...
Relaxing in the sun enveloped in the aroma of freshly made coffee and peace-herb...
Listening to the awakening life in the forest with young birdies chirping, budding blossom springing from the branches like gifts from the fairies...

and the memories of good times spent with your friends!

That's a thing that makes me happy!

Shaman SteveSic

New Spring, New Merchandise!

14 Apr 2016

YES!!, we finally have tonnes of the new OMNIA merchandise in the OMNIA webshoppe!

Check out all the Keychains, shirts, armbands, amulets etc.
It's all there
It's all for YOU ... and to help you out we've decided that:

ALL orders of €60,- or more in the webshop are delivered for FREE!!
And because YOU live all over the place we deliver it FOR FREE to ANYWHERE in the World!!!

Support OMNIA and help our cause, visit the OMNIA-webshop!


Forest musick

12 Apr 2016

Practicing for the first festival show this coming weekend ...the MPS in Luhmuhlen (D)!

We'll be playing loads of new songs for the FIRST time on a festival!

Greenz and PaganMusick!

Pic by sic