Jenny's life has always been defined by music. As far as she can remember, playing, listening and dancing were always her greatest passions. From the age of 5, when she begged her always supportive and harp-playing mum to have piano lessons, to her late teens when she discovered the neo-Celtic Harp a very portable alternative to a piano, and Irish, Scottish and Breton folk music in general, to this day, living for and from the music of Omnia, music is her life and she would die without it.

In 2002, while on a music festival (dancing for her friends of the folkband Shantalla), she met a very interesting man in Iron Age Celtic clothes and woad on his face. This man swept her of her feet and she decided to spend the rest of her life with him. Seeing as he was the leader of a small group of 'Gallo-Roman re-enactors-gone-musicians' named OMNIA, the next obvious step was to join them. She threw a lot of harp, bodhrán and folk influences into their more authentic Gallo-Roman repertoire and the now typical enormously varied sound of OMNIA was born.

Jenny sees every day as a chance to learn or create something new. Her mastered instruments now include the neo-Celtic Harp, Bodhrán, hurdy-gurdy, hammered dulcimer and, since 2009, the piano is back, introducing a new spectre of sound and emotion to the audiences.

Jenny's plans for the future are learning more, creating more, a house in the forest  with Steve Sic and staying a free spirit and out-of-the box-thinking weirdo. And possibly getting a puppy.

Information for (aspiring) musicians: Jenny plays a Neo-Celtic (custom) Triplett Harp and Dusty strings Hammered Dulcimer both from Dreamharps, a Yamaha CP5 Stage Piano, a Helmut Gotschy electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy "Abraxas" and a David Roman Pneumatic Bodhrán.