The message

This World is DYING... Sorry to be so blunt , but it's true...The billions of mutant monkeys have overpopulated the planet and have all gone completely insane... as a species we need to shut the fuck up and listen to what Nature is telling us... the human race needs to CHANGE

OMNIA tries to add some volume to the voices of the wildcreatures and the land to warn the other monkeys before it is too late...

Shaman Steve Sic and Harp Fairy Jenny (aka Stenny) are free spirits who set themselves apart from the rest of society by being deeply nature-religious people with an encyclopedic knowledge of Human history, the Natural world, Northern European indigenous culture and animistic / shamanic rites and rituals AND traditional and ethnic music and instruments. Their Pagan/Bohemian philosophy is very free and non-dogmatic though heavily based on the coolest bits of most ancient Indigenous Religions, the scientific knowledge about our biosphere and how it functions and (of course) the everpresent search for original ART and BEAUTY.

Because they are appalled by the commercial, mad lifestyle of modern society they live a very simple life in the forest, free from television and the media. They have more connection to the natural animal and spirit world than to "normal" human society (which they view as insane and philosophically diseased).

With OMNIA Steve and Jenny turn any concert into a form of Shamanic ritual, making all willing members of the audience part of it. From hand built gigantic burning Wickermen at rock festivals (which have carried on being built long after OMNIA left)  to tiny delicate rituals ... all is ritual, all is for Nature....Because OMNIA's form of nature religion is purely intuitive and non-dogmatic (there are no as you please), it is for all those who respect life and recognise the duality and balance in all things natural, those who can still see the fairies play amongst the trees and smile.

Through this kind of attitude and depth of conviction on stage, the musical voice of the band "comes alive" for those special members of the audience who can think "outside the box" ... it speaks to those sensitive souls who feel out of place in this world of crazy monkeys, mass media lies and corporate law. Those who realise all is not what it seems and get pissed off by it... inspiring them to be whatever they want to be, to break through the restrictions of this mad modern culture and be free to oppose it.