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Hi Omnia, will there be any concerts nearby the Ruhrgebiet of Germany this year? The current agenda just shows concerts in the south or even more far. Sad enough that we cannot spent the night to the 1st of May with your music, as we did the years before (at MPS). Hoping that the agenda is not complete yet...


I have only found your music recently, but it speaks to me quite clearly... hoping to hear and see you at faieryworld oregon in august


hi guys , first of all thanks for ur music , it helps me to everything ! I love it. second i was writing because im from Argentina ( I think I will spend a lot of time even without seeing you) and my couple and I were planing flying to Netherlands to the Fckn Cstlfst to see you but I just recently read that you are not playing there anymore. is that correct no ? i am shocked cause If I had not read the article you wrote on facebook, we would have spent a lot of money and it would not have been worth it. It is very expensive to go there for us, so thanks for the explanation

Michael McClure

I am a huge fan of your music and poetry. I am especially in love with your I don't speak human, saltatio vita, fee ra huri, wytches brew, earth warrior and so many more. don't stop singing an playing those awesome beats.




Schneider, Marco

Hi Jenny and Steve,
my name is Marco and I'm from Germany. My Wife Christiane is a big big Fan of your Band, your Sound and your Lifestyle. On June, 1th. my wife will get 50 years old. Is it possible to get a Poster with some personal Words for my wife to her birthday.

I hope u will read this and u can help me. If its possible give me an info for the costs.

And believe me, we are very sad that u dont give anymore concerts at the MPS. Gisi is an ass......

Greatings Marco

Anirudhan M.S.

im a guy from india, started listening to omnia a month back and naturally fell in love with the pagan folk , and my library is filled with only omnia.I really wish to attend one of your concerts so wouldnt miss a chance if at all i hear omnia is in india !!!


I stumbled on a video of you on YouTube and spent hours watching everything from you, I love the sound and message in your music, thank you and I hope to see you in America one day.

Nicole Perry

recently discovered your music and i instantly fell inlove <3 hope you eill one day bring your amazing music through to Cape Town South Africa


When you guys doing an show in Holland?


Please Bring your Music and passion for the world to the UK

Peter Rang

great work!

letuchaya mysh


I love your music,mostly the older things.
But I have one Question, i dont know where to ask:

Youre singing : I dont speak human

and tell us about the exploitation of nature, humans do.

Why are you still wearing wool,leather,fur??????

I can understand when indigenous Folks, all over the world, youse them.Because its necessary for their life and because they really know what they are doing when they hunt.

But for you, its not necessary, and without Respect, i think.
Its without respect,because youre not in need to kill animals for their fur.
You wear them (and let them kill) for a good show and to look good.
Or why?

Im very sad about his, perhaps you can answer me?

Greets letuchaya

P.S. I DO RESPECT AND LOVE all the other things you do to save nature.

"Does OMNIA wear FUR which has been ripped off tortured animals?" 

We get this question a lot, 

OMNIA answers: We wear sheepskins from some very rare ancient races of sheep which are slowly being re-introduced into nature areas of Europe (Jenny's is a Norwegian "Spælsau", Daphyd, Rob, Saat and Steve all wear the skins of the Dutch "Drents heideschaap" the oldest breed of domesticated European sheep (+/- 4000 years) which have been saved from extinction by 100% bio-organic farmers. All our sheep skins are of certified origin, and we know the people who bred them personally, our donations help them to continue breeding and protecting these beautiful and special sheep. And when the sheep get old and die, their skins help keep us warm in the snow... The leather of our loin-cloths is made from bio-organic-farmed goatskin, sheep skin and (wild) Boar skin..... The various feathers we wear have all be given to us by fans or gathered in the wild by ourselves... the animal / bird skulls and various bones on my indian head-dress have all been gathered from road-kill corpses and cleaned by Steve personally..


Greenz OMNIA (daphyd)


"To see the world in a grain of sand or heaven in a wild flower to hold eternity in the palm of your hand or heaven in one hour?” :) I might be wrong ;)


Dear Jenny,

Happy Birthday To You!!!
Du siehst schon wieder jünger auf dem Foto aus, als du in Wirklichkeit bist!
So schön! Verry pretty & nice! Erg mooi en aantrekkelijk!
I hope that you enjoy your day in the carribean!!!
Genieße die tolle Zeit, die ihr jetzt ganz für euch sein könnt, solange es für euch möglich ist!
@ Omnia
Take all the time you need for your sabbatical break and enjoy life!
In the end your fans will be there, because they love you.

Greenthings on free wings and stay healthy

Jan, the crazy guy form germany



That's the spirit!

Happy Birthday!


Sharonahhh Velthoen

Hey guys,

How about some baby/kids clothing...??!! :D
New earth warrior will be here veeery soon and she wants to wake up a lot of sleeping wanderers here on this planet and the way to do that is with a few earth warrior shirts or stuffzz.. Think about it ;-)

Greenthingzzz, stay pure and blessed be !!


I have tried many times to figure out what to write in this guestbook. Here it goes:

I guess I'd like to first say that your music is great and I'm happy to have stumbled (almost literally) across it. The song Wolf An Dro reminds me so much of my home in Louisiana it makes me miss the place. Keeping doing what you're doing. I hope the sabbatical is going well, which based on the photos it looks like it is.

I was wondering for awhile, do y'all only perform at Faerieworlds when in the US or have you considered playing at other locations here as well? I was curious.

Anyway take care, good luck with everything and most importantly have a good day.




Great band, great music. I have a photo of Ellinjaa falls (North Queensland) (which I took a couple of years ago) and I find it really healing just to look at it. Was hoping I would be able to post it here and let everyone enjoy it but I am a technological barbarian so cannot achieve. Any ideas any one?

Blessed be........

Donald Cole

Blessed be, Im a Shamanic Pagan father. When your words and prayer fell on my ears, my ears them selve's rejoiced and my soul with them. Im dropping a line in your guest book because i also am the father of a disabled 18 y/o Shamanic Pagan young man named Cole McCarville, bound to a chair by DMD. In your melodies and physical art he is lightened, together we partake of the sacred herb and connect to the divine aided by your blessed harmonic assistance. Thank you for all that you do. May you lives and souls be edifyed with the love you have poored out to flooding proportions. Blessed be.