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Hey guys!

I discovered your band during a concert in south Belgium some years ago. When the hell will you come back south to make us dance again? Or just to have a walk in the Belgian forests to find inspiration for new songs!

Another thing : the dialect of south Belgium is about to disappear... It's a funny dialect mixing element of latin, old french and germanic words. It changes from town to town.
But at last it exists some poems and texts that could be somehow turned into music.

In any case, come back to Belgium!
See you soon!

Dan Goertz

I accidentally discovered your "Pagan Folklore" live video on YouTube a couple weeks ago, Since then, I listened to quite a bit of your music , and am planning on buying your CDs very soon. Thank you so much for the great music! I am an old DeadHead, I am eclectic Celtic Pagan, your beautiful music speaks to me unlike any I've ever heard.

Celeste Lea

I found your music on YouTube and fell in love with it!! You have been an inspiration to me. I was in a very dark place before I heard "I Don't Speak Human" and "Earth Warrior". Those two songs have been my fallback for a while now. Thank you so much for bringing me back to the light. I am glad there are others out there willing to defy the expectations of the modern world, to speak out against those who would destroy the gift we were all given. You have inspired me to be myself instead of conforming to the masses. Thank you.

Mihai Tocitu

Found you music some time ago, loved it, opened my heart and soul and now I enjoy my nature travels more! Thanks to you I've found my place in this weird age filled with everyone's bullshit and decided I will live my life and fight for my/our rights. Do you plan to concert in Romania?
Have a wonderful day.


Hello, I'm really happy to see you in Einhoven. I'm still missing you on MPS.
My first time to hear you is 4 years ago and your music was healing me in a really bad time. Thanks for that.
In love your Zwölfe


Happy Autumn Equinox!

Glad to see Stenny is alive and well!

Harvest time is upon us here in the heartland of America

Much love from the US!



News reports say that your recently visited paradise island and place of renewal, Waitukubuli (aka Dominica), has been devastated by major hurricane Maria. Have you considered accepting donations for hurricane relief to that island nation either on your website or at your concerts--or both? A neat gesture of gratitude to those now in need, I would think.

Be well,


Brandy Jones

My family and myself found your band by accident on youtube and what a happy accident it was! Thank you so much! Signed a very happy American Pagan!


We need more shows in the USA

DonnO Reed

Just discovered ya. You're probably aware that middle-America has a large Celtic population of Irish, Scots, English, Welsh, German & Scandinavian descent. Are you aware of the many festivals fairs and other ethnic events that often have Celtic performers with room for more? I'm a fan of the Elders, to mention one group, but you speak volumes to my more primal, side, my inner heavy-metal punk, if you will.
Here's hoping you make it over to Canada & America and impress the next generation as well as you've kicked my ass.
Don't make me come over there.
Sincerely Rev. DonnO the Sinister Minister specializing in non-traditional, spiritual, non-religious wedding officiating.
Facebk. - Uncommon Occasions wedding Officiates

Ron S.

Found your music and love it!

Astrid løber Petersen

I hope you wonderfull People are coming to denmark, i really wanna experience you live :)

Peter Cunningham

First up, I would like to buy ALL disks created by OMNIA - but how? (and how much?)

Many moons back in Australia I danced with a group SEDENKA (Sydney) that did dance and costumes basically from Greece up through the Balkans to Hungary and further. We had a close liaison with what developed into the now defunkt group - SIROCCO. Thankfully I have in safekeeping all their masters and releases. They made all their own instruments and travelled widely to harvest actual folk music, to use as a benchmark for their altered versions. I suspect OMNIA to be following a similar path.

Bill O'Toole is still around and kicking - so is Sedenka - though with much younger blood! Old farts just can't keep up!



Thank you for the wonderful concert in Selb. I want you to know that your performances there are a source of strength and inspiration to me every single year. I've seen you on other festivals, and I always enjoyed, but I feel that you are truly enjoying yourselves in Selb, and it shows.
Also I teared up and almost cried when you played Bran. That's never happened before, and it caught me completely off guard. It was beautiful.
Anyway, thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.


Great music and very strong live performances!i see some jethro tull influences also...keep up the good work,stay free and happyQ


Stenny and Omnia,

Glad to see you're having such excellent gemuetlichkeit at Festival-Medieval. And yes, Dikanda does have a cool sound combining haunting melodies with Eastern European instrumentation and neat vocalizations.

Meanwhile, back here in the heart of Trumpland, following the great solar eclipse, we've been busy surviving the karmic Wrath of Gaia in the form of two major AGW-fueled hurricanes. Just because our leader tore up the Paris accord...

Anyway, enjoy your cake and safe-home to your little forest. (Is it the last one in the Neverlands?)



So happy about dancing together with you to Dikandas wonderful music and enjoying your fantastic evening gig yesterday at Mediaval. Don't stop sharing your thoughts and music with us. Chris


This is awesome work Omina some times the most attractive stage music we heard ever .grate work and congratulation from sri lanka

Lydia Kloosterman

Because i have no way to reach you except here wanting to let you know my sister Christa must have surgery done (heart) next week.Can i please ask for some good thoughts from you Steve, Jenny? Sending you hugs and hope to see you in future.

Nara NitA

Please come to Brazil we Luv your music and come and eat açaí icecream u Will Luv It guys let's save brasilian Forest !!!!!