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Hard to say anything appropriate here, it's just as a fan of your music I want to let you know my thoughts are with you. Fortunately all I know of burn-outs are people telling me about it. Lots of time is needed and taking simple small steps one at a time ..and maybe crying can be a form of letting go of stuff, it's probably there for a reason..?(maybe people in the know will say this is crap, that's ok I'm only interpretting what I've heard)
I wish you many a good book to draw you in and keep you spellbound to the very last word and leave you happier, sadder, wiser and content.Whatever is needed I hope you find it and then ,when you're all ready, I'd love to see you guys perform again and until then I've got a stack of Omnia cd's to keep me happy! Thank you for the great music, take care!

Dennis Ludvigsen

Dear Omnia.

Sorry to hear that you got burned out, I know it is happening queit often in the modern world, maybe why I am glad that I am a Pagan of the old school, actually. My normally home is out in the middle of nowhere, and I live in on a little Viking farm, where I live in harmony with Nature, that turns everything like stress away. I do hope that you would get better soon and back to what matters, making music that unite people and makes them think about what's really matters in this world, that we protect our nature, we can't live without it.

Prayers be

From an True Pagan.


I am one of your older fans from the deep south, Mississippi. I remember when my uncle took his vacation every year...he would spend the entire time sitting on his carport, reading, and watching the traffic go by! All two cars a day....I used laugh at him, now Im pretty sure he knew more then I did about relaxing. Rest easy! And no matter what you do to get stress free, remember, simple things are good too...

Marcus Hayden Storey

So sorry to hear about your breakdown, I know how hard and scary it is, I've been there and still have to sometimes just live day by day. My heart goes out to you and I hope you find the support and healing that you need. You have given so much and now it is your turn to receive. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you start out on this new journey xxx

Melinda Roberson

I just want to say I am totally in awe of your music my 13yr old daughter introduced me to it and it's all I listen to...I read your News letter and could feel both of your pain and suffering and I send you love and light and healing energy and there are a lot of us that feel as you do love and we fight with you!!!


Hello OMNIA !
I just wanted you to know that your influence has reached so many in such a special way ,you have taught me a deeper sense of protection for the Earth . A friend of mine is an animal freedom fighter and she was struggling to see any goodness in the world . She deals with the human evils all day every day . The message I sent her seemed to speak truly of what I get from your music and message and it dragged her up from the sadness with a new fire . I wanted to share it with you in the hope it will do the same for you should you ever need it . Much love
"The world sometimes can seem cruel and unforgiving to those who deserve every blessing . But even when we feel defeated and beaten , we must remember that it isn't the world that it cruel , it is individuals ,human beings who singly or collectively attract and spawn hatred and malice in this beautiful ,stunning,special and incredible world we call home . From every bird singing , to every animal at play , to the beauty of the stars in the night sky to the first shoots of green from the earth in the waking of Spring .. This world has so many profound miracles that in this universe are so unique .. When I feel the darkness close in I look to the night sky and marvel at the moon and stars , breathing in the cold air and absorbing their distant light . In all things evil there are individuals and their ideas . Minds can be changed ,as can lives , the negatives in their own way bring positives ,even if we don't always see it . Look to the small things they won't steer you wrong xxx"

Paul Schneider

Take the time you need to heal and restore your bodies, minds and spirits. We will be here when you return. I can relate to what you have experienced. At age 56, I find myself growing world weary at times. Return when you're ready. Peace.

Andrew Shamblin

I have now fallen in love with your music! I came across your music on YouTube just roaming around and stumbled on your song WOLF SONG. I was immediately hooked. You make me have very picturesque thoughts with every piece of music. I wish I lived closer to hear your music live.

sarah burch

I enjoy listening to your music in the forested foothillls of Mt. St. Helens. I think the animals and the trees enjoy it too! Blessing and deep appreciation to you from Amboy, WA USA!

Andy Rosell

I thank you for this wonderful music and I thank you for these beautiful feelings!
I wish you luck and peace!

Eric Lee

Thanks for granting my membership, despite the "We must verify that you are human" step in the process. I promise you, I am not a robot, but sorry...I don't speak human.

Steve, Jenny...OMNIA et al, you've reawakened a soul I thought long dead. My granny tried to teach me her Wiccan ways in my childhood but my parents prohibited it. Now, at 60, I've finally found a doorway back in time to those teachings, through your music. When queried "religious preference" I now list myself "Proud Pagan" and I thank you for the light on the path.

Eric Lee...just another old man who now feels much younger. Thank you for that, too.

Mikayla McCarthy

Hi Omnia, so happy today as my copy of Prayer arrived and my gorgeous new Omnia t-shirt, which I adore. Love you guys so much, so inspiring. I recently finished writing a play for my theatre company called The Witches' Market inspired by listening to Wytches' Brew, can't wait for the company to start rehearsing it, you guys always inspire me and fill me with so much hope and laughter. Thank you for all that you do, keep it up ^_^ all the love and blessings, Mikayla xx


Hi Omnia.

I found you by accident and really love your music! Especially the Earth Warrior song. It is amazing. Really sad to see you wear fun and leather in the video :( Seems a bit contradictory. Hope you can look into that <3 Lots of Pagan Love

"Does OMNIA wear FUR which has been ripped off tortured animals?" 


We get this question a lot, 


OMNIA answers: We wear sheepskins from some very rare ancient races of sheep which are slowly being re-introduced into nature areas of Europe (Jenny's is a Norwegian "Spælsau", Daphyd, Rob, Saat and Steve all wear the skins of the Dutch "Drents heideschaap" the oldest breed of domesticated European sheep (+/- 4000 years) which have been saved from extinction by 100% bio-organic farmers. All our sheep skins are of certified origin, and we know the people who bred them personally, our donations help them to continue breeding and protecting these beautiful and special sheep. And when the sheep get old and die, their skins help keep us warm in the snow... The leather of our loin-cloths is made from bio-organic-farmed goatskin, sheep skin and (wild) Boar skin..... The various feathers we wear have all be given to us by fans or gathered in the wild by ourselves... the animal / bird skulls and various bones on my indian head-dress have all been gathered from road-kill corpses and cleaned by Steve personally..


Greenz OMNIA

Ian Cain

Love you guys, love your music but.........when, o when (if at all) would you tour to Perth? (Western Australia, not Scotland or Tasmania!)


Hi Omnia!
I found you on youtube by accident just today and immediately fell in love with the drums and rhythm and most importantly, the message! I have a question, though - seeing how you are all for being the Earth warriors - are you vegan too? Also, are you planning on having a concert in the Netherlands?
Thank you for your work and your vibes.


Dear Omnia,
It's been nearly 5 years since the first sounds of Wytches' Brew let me look up.
I had never really liked any music I knew up to then, even though I learned playing different Instruments for as long as can remember. 5 seconds (or less) listening and I knew I had found something I had been missing in my life: REAL Music. And I began discovering that there was more, more music and more people who shared my beliefs, people, whose existence I had doubted before. I suddenly wasn't alone anymore, my whole life changed, I found true friends and true love.
Some of the other entries here are like reading my own story written by other people, and I enjoy reading them from time to time, so I never forget that I'm not alone. But they also made me hesitate to write the story on my own, for I don't want to bore you.
But it is time to take action myself.
It breaks my heart to read that you, who gave me hope again and again and again over the last years, struggle with the same dark thoughts and occasional hopelessness as we do. It bothers me to hear, that you often feel exhausted by playing in front of audience who actually should give you a positive feeling. I don't know at which festivals you felt your music "got lost in the noise", but I can assure you, that at no concert I attended your voice was meaningless. (I'm not the type of "concert collector" though.)
And you are right, all we can do sometimes is to look at the beauty in nature and everywhere around us to not despair an help it grow. That's why I started playing the violin again and started dancing. For my first solo performance last year I chose XTATICA, the reactions from the audience where overwhelming. And I plan to go on spreading the omnian spirit. (If you're interested I'd feel honoured to send you the video.)
Well, all I want to say by writing this novel is:
Please don't give up. I know you wouldn't ever give up on music, but also don't give up on us mutant monkeys, because some of us care for your music, your words, you.
So I wish you to enjoy your sabbatical, regain your power. Not only trees need to be hugged, so feel hugged and loved.
I wish you all the best.

Burkhard Röthig

moin moin
I have you seen in Hamburg at" Gruenspan" on 18 Dec . Thank you for the Greatfull
,powerfull and spititual music.
I cant belive that i never see you for the next time.:-(
But i understand that you have a break and i hope it is not the break with your musik and OMNIA.
nothing is sacred...only OMNIA :-))



A little Midwinter ditty to go with your idyllic forest scene: to the tune of "Y Gelynnen."

"I hear the hap-py red-breast sing 'A sin-gle life i-is fol-ly;
My lit-tle wife and I we nest on the shel-tered bough of the hol-ly.
Fal-dee roo-dee lam-tam. Too-lee rid-dle-ee. Troo-lah lam-tam too-lam tan-nee.
My lit-tle wife and I we nest on the shel-tered bough of the hol- ly'"

With best wishes for the New Year and your sabbatical from Revels, Houston



Stenny et Omnia,

This is partly in response to Heiko's comment, though I have no wish to start a flame war, even on midwinter night.

A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend an Omnia concert at Faeriecon in Baltimore, MD. The show ran well over 3 hours including at least 3 encores. The entire audience of several hundred was SRO and included several generations--from boomers to millennials. The applause, including foot stomping, was deafening and chunks of ceiling began to rain down as the crowd screamed for yet more encores. Both the band and the audience, many of whom had been standing for over 5 hours, we're pretty near exhausted. The band had performed continually without any breaks. But that was then.

Even the mighty Stones are reported to suck on OX bottles during breaks in their gigs. This particular concert series which included Bochum was billed as a PRAYER concert. The entire PRAYER album does not run over an hour. So a 2-hour concert must have included much additional material. Personally, I'd rather have a live Omnia doing 2-hour shows than buy the 4-CD memorial album.

As for FREEDOM SONG, I really love that song. It creates in me a sense of euphoria and, yes, OMNIA-potence. Is that unrealistic? Of course! Is that hypocritical? Of course! But when Steve intones "I need more power," I instinctively turn up the volume on my audio system. While the form is rap, most rap is prose to a beat. What Omnia does that is special is to add a lyrical quality which does indeed give the rendition "more power."

Happy Yule,



Hi Omnia,

last week, I attended the gig in Bochum, and the performance was awesome as always.

Hope you appreciate some crit, too:

It was less than two hours including encores. I don't think that's appropriate for a band with a huge repertoire and range like Omnia. I'm used to base gigs of minimum two hours.

The Freedom Song to me sounds like any song that could be played everyday on the radio. It just reminds me of the commercial, exchangeable music you guys despise.