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Now we eat!!!
Yum yum!....XX Omnia

On the road again!

The Rat-Mobile (previously known as the blackpearl) is packed with all our black packing cases and bags ... we are ready to go go! ( guess who the colourfull bag belongs to)

Schlosshoff festival AND..
MPS-Aach festival get ready for some real PaganFolk, 'cause here we come!!


Now... We RIDE!!!

Goverments just love to kill in the name of Humanity...

Every free-living European bear is a jewel that shines in the crown of nature.
When the creatures of the wild die.. the light of life is extinguished for all...

please help a mother and sign this petition here
Greenz and Live Bears!
Shaman SteveSic

"looks like Merch is back on the menu!"

Check out the OMNIA online WEBSHOP ...
-all the shirts have been updated!
-the Earth warrior hoodies are back in the store!
-all the shirt pictures have been redone by a top Pagan Fashion-photographer ;-)
-with (homegrown) Pagan Photo-models: Myrthe Fortuna and Damien Raven

OMNIA                    (pic by Sic)


Yo Peeps ...'just put a bitchin' new Photo Gallery Online!!
Check out the amazing live-pics of us and our audience at Telgte
all pics are by our old friend with the camera
...the gentleman in the bowlerhat...

... Kees Stravers!  (of the official "OMNIA paparazzi" team)

find them HERE 


Gopro in the Volvo

On the way home...


MPS, Fuck yeah!

I don't know how it's possible, but every mps rocks us and the audience big time! We had a great evening, under the trees... Ok, there was some mud... But NO RAIN! Yeah! We had some great moments with the audience, mps, we love you! 

Greenzz, OMNIA 

Ps, we are all drunk, good night!  

GoPro picture by #GoPro

Rollin' rollin' rollin'CHEESE!!!

See ya at da PaganFolkShow!


PaganFolkRockers on the stage!

Tomorrow we play the MPS festival in Telgte!

Yeah!!! Live PaganFolk music on the road again! we have rested for days and days and we're ready to gogo!
So if you are living anywhere near Telgte or if you live far away but have your own private helicopter or something ("get too daa Choppa!") then please come and join
Rob, Daphyd, Satrya, Jenny and myself ...

and together we can get our freak on and rock out! ... Pagan Style!!

We hope to see many of you lovely people in front of the stage during the concert (showtime is 19:00 houres)  and  we hope to meet many of you beautifull people after the gig!!

Greenthingz and XXX
Shaman SteveSic OMNIA                   (pic by strong Ivy)

Hurdygurdy & flute moments of the past...

XX and Greenz
Stenny                                    (pic by ? taken at ? in the year?)







Schlosshof Festival 2014, Höchstadt an der Aisch, (DE)