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NAKED HARP!... OMG!!! Sneak Preview NEW CD!!!

after many long months of work (in between concerts) the soundfiles are being finalised and mastered this week!
Which means that this new, hauntingly beautifull OMNIA album full of Jenny and her Harps will be released this coming November 2015!

Here is a sneak preview of part of the AMAZING cover, which has been made by one of the most talented artists we know (who has kindly offered to collaborate with us on the whole CD!... fuck yeah!)

The Complete Cover of "NAKED HARP" cover (aswell as the name of this internationally renowned Artist) will still remain a secret for a little bit longer though!) ... more news laterrrrr!!

Greenthingz on Harp-stringzzz!

picture by ... (wouldn't you like to know?)

Wake up!

The dreams of night must fade away ... To find a place in the dreams of Day...

Gotta play... Gotta have fun in the Sun!... Gotta bring PaganFolk Musick to the MPS festival in HohenLocksted!

Xxx and goodmorning!
Shaman SteveSic

Magical Mushroom Dreamtime...

Shaman SteveSic

pic by the HarpFairy ;-)

nothing is sacred...only nature


Shaman SteveSic


pic by Erwin the mighty

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Greenthingz and Thanx!

Moustache Moustache!

Stenny are deeply into romancing the songwriting muze in the forest at the moment (recording sessions untill 04:30 am, lots of herb, liters of wine and pure forest love) ... no time to blog... So here's a picture taken on tour by Damien Raven to keep you a-muse-d too!

Timeless Beauty!!

Our dear Bulgarian friends from  Irfan​  have made another album! These wonderfull people make the most beautifull music which has become like a "soundtrack to the life of Stenny" for us ...their previous albums "Irfan" and "Seraphim" are amongst our TOP most played CD's and now their new release "the eternal return" has taken a proud place in our CD collection too... (right next to our "Dead can Dance " collection ofcourse! ;-)

check the wonderfull music of these pure and honest Bulgarian Music-Artists HERE

Greenthingz on Angelwingz!

pic by Sic

Arty pic with sic and a naked bird...

This is "Peep" looking all big and adolescent... His feathers look a bit shabby because he is moulting (he will grow his fine black feathers now)

He has a unique lifestyle as a bird, because he lives in an open cage underneath an open window...
He wakes up in the morning, flies outside and plays around wherever he likes...
He flies back to the house to rest a bit when he wants to...
Then he flies off again to play around... He is comfortable being around and sitting on the humans that care for him... (Jenny, her parents and myself)
He is also comfortable in the wild with other birds...
He fills his days like this...

He has become a sort of "reverse shaman".
Ie: a wild animal who has gained the power to communicate with humans!

That is peeps life so far , he is happy, healthy, naughty, nice and really really amazing!!!

Shaman SteveSic

picture taken this morning by Jenny

The time of Equinox...

Contrast in time
the old and the new
So little time
with so much to do

A life to live
such love to give
some days we cry
some days we fly

XXX and duality
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Jenny

OMNIA Fan Art!!


Look at this fecking Awesome picture drawn by the wonderfully talented Selene Oriel Dobrinski



Deviant art page

It warms my heart that we could inspire such ART!

XXX Greenthingz on Artistic Wingzzzz!

Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

ps: Selene: It was great meeting you and your sister yesterday in the omnia backstage, I thought it was a real shame we didn't have time to talk longer...







Autumn Moon Festival, Rattenfängerhalle, Hameln, DE