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Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the TRUTH, for being CORRECT, for being YOU.
NEVER apologise for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.
If YOU'RE RIGHT and you know it, SPEAK YOUR MIND.
Even if YOU are a minority of ONE, the TRUTH is still the TRUTH.

Mahatma Ghandhi  1869-1948


OMNIA will play their FIRST GIG of the year on APRIL the 10th in the ALTSTADT in Eindhoven.NL  (Daphyd and Rob's hometown!)

This first gig is a tradition of ours which always takes place within the ancient crumbling walls of the ALTSTADT cafe ...a place that is so fecking old-school it pre-dates hipsters!... it has been a breeding ground of grungy music since way back in the punk days...

Every year we like to start off with a show on this (much too) small beer-sticky stage in front of a sweating crowd packed into this tiny venue!
We do this as an offering to the GODS of ROCK and to remind us of where all REAL musick starts... in the "small venues on the street... let's get down and dirty!!"

We would love to see YOU there to celebrate and to open the new international OMNIA concert season together with us!!
and because it's so small you can also meet and greet with the band afterwards!

(get them fast , there's not that many available)


Deadly Dutch TREE DISEASE !!!

We have discovered a terrible and very deadly disease of the trees in our forest!!
(and apparently in forests all over Holland!, possibly all over Europe?!... maybe even...the World!?)
It's a terrible and always FATAL disease which strikes both the young and the very old trees around this time of year (in the months before official spring starts)...
 first the afflicted trees develop strange and very ugly orange spray painted spots, then within a short time the sound of chainsaws is heard and the tree dies completely... even the corpse of the poor patient simply disappears leaving behind deep muddy tracks as if a giant destructive machine just came by and willfully destroyed a part of the forest...ahem...
This disease is unstoppable with any form of medication except ofcourse removal of these "death marks" (although quite often the marks re-appear again within a very short time!) this happens because ofcourse the orange spots are only the outward symptoms of this terrible disease... the ACTUAL disease is ofcourse caused by a deadly bacteria named "Homo Sapiens Sapiens" and their suicidal policy of "Economy über Ecology" **

Sadly no known cure has been found against this particularly vile disease BUT
we are working to find a good remedy!! hopefully a solution will present itself soon ;-)

Greenthingz and the healing power of musick!
Shaman SteveSic                                                         (pic by Sic)

** the tree's corpses will be ground into a pulp , pressed into dry wood-pellets and sold as ecologically friendly "bio-fuel" to fuel powerstations that produce "green" electricity ... this whole process is ofcourse subsidised up the ass by our tax-money as an ecological solution for the energy-industry... so actually these poor trees die funded by tax-money reserved for nature preservation because it is good for the enviroment... don't you just love the way humans think?

How well do YOU know me? (Universal Truths)

Ofcourse OMNIA would NEVER sign a deal with a record company ;-)
 (the very idea! hahahahahahaaa!!!)
Although it's true that we keep getting offers from large record companies who want to make us (more) famous, (which is sometimes quite flattering and sometimes quite tempting) we just cannot do that...
But I do want YOU to THINK about why not ...(that's part of my job, to make you think)
You see I am a Shaman and a  Warrior... a Pagan Warrior if you will... and there actually  is a WAR ON NATURE... every day... and it won't go away...if you like it or not, that's the truth.
And everything is becoming more extreme everyday... (more pollution, bigger eco-disasters, paranoid governments, raging muslim,christian and jewish extremists, climatic change, rising sea levels.... did I forget anything?)

This world will never change by compromising or making deals with the forces behind capitalism and their ideologies which have spawned the suicidal plutocracy in which we now live.(look it up if you don't know what that means ;-)

This world will not get healed if McDonalds suddenly adds a vegetarian burger to their menu or (like Monsanto)  paints their corporate logo green.
This world will start to change if companies like McDonalds and Monsanto are destroyed... completely and utterly destroyed... no compromise... just ashes.

This also goes for the means of mass communication as held by the Murdoch empire and Fox, Universal, Warner, Sony and all those ridiculous moneymaking machines providing "easy" entertainment for the brain dead masses. They only exist purely to blind the population to what is REALLY going on around us and to squeeze even more cash out of the overtaxed consumers (ie: YOU)
and every small independant company in their paths gets swallowed up by them in the process... and we know where that will end up...
(Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Mega corporation)
But not us... not OMNIA!
We just bumble along in our own humble way...
And Yes... sometimes it CAN be hard... Ofcourse being a Free Musician and doing exactly what you like in this ridiculous world is Hard!
 (just like being an independant eco-farmer or being a small shop owner, or starting up your own small earth-friendly business , speaking out for your rights, being an eco-activist . being a single parent, etc.) Nobody ever said life has to be EASY!
That is something a lot of musicians tend to forget because basically at heart, they are all a bunch of egocentrical, narcissistic, lazy motherfuckers  
(me included! haha!)
Anyway, the lesson for today is:
Just Be glad for the conflict you have to face in life to really BE yourself, because it is this conflict and hardship that gives YOU the chance to become a true WARRIOR.

Life isn't easy and never was, it never will be...
Just be yourself, in your own way...
Do not give any money or power or part of yourself  to ANY Multi-national...
Long Live personal FREEDOM!

have a nice day;-)

Greenthingz and Nothing is sacred...only nature

OMNIA SIGNS FOR A RECORD DEAL WITH A MAJOR LABEL!!! Fuck Yeah!! Mainstream Music here we come!!!

Fuck Yeah!! Mainstream Music here we come!!!

Hey!! do I have your attention?... because we just got ANOTHER offer for a major record deal... (sigh!)
We get offered record deals every once in a while (and we always turn them down because we have always wanted to just be free and independant musicians.
BUT in this world of fakers and Music-makers run by the business sharks , somedays it's really hard to survive...
...And sometimes I wonder if it all really matters to YOU at all...

I think that a lot of you also listen to music made by other so called "pagan" bands that have sold themselves to the big labels (to help ressurect their failing careers)... bands that produce pop hits that they have been instructed to make... using ancient holy symbols and timeless nature religions as a form of "decoration" to fluff out the empty non-message of the music they make... turning power runes into marketable merchandising...bands that have no problem with doing what they are told , while still pretending (quite convincingly) that they are strong and free...

On the one hand it IS true that this is the best way to get a:
1:  a steady income (to feed the family),
2: lots of adoring "normal" fans (to feed the ego)
3: plenty of air-time on televison and radio etc. (to feed the marketing machine)
4: plenty of CD sales (to feed the corporate record business)

But to me it just seems wrong...
but maybe that is just because I'm a Pagan Shaman who takes all this shit much too seriously...
sometimes I wonder if I'm being too harsh?

Maybe we can also sell ourselves? and no-one will care?
There are always plenty of offers... apparently we are a "hot undeveloped item with a "very marketable product to sell" (under the right guidance of some professional record-executives ofcourse)

So...My question to YOU is...
 If we would sign a record deal with a big international Record Label that would take our name and make it famous  
(but who would actually OWN that name and most of what we do, thus rendering all our free-Pagan philosophy a lie)

what would YOU think about that?

would we still be the OMNIA you love?

Or not?

Greenz and philosophy
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Bernd Sonntag

We each shall receive our just desserts...

Storm Winds blow on the Golden Barley

some days are light...
some days are dark...
this world of humans is insane
but as long as YOUR heart beats true
it's all life and we will all pull on through!

Shaman SteveSic   (selfiepic)

Earth Warrior Video over 1000000 views in 6 months!!!

Wow!  WTF?!
the Earth Warrior video has already reached over 1million views in 6 months time!!!
How is THAT possible!?... you haven't been brainwashed yet!!
We are surprised and delighted that so many people saw and enjoyed our musical "Call to Battle" statement for nature "EARTH WARRIOR"



 This wasn't supposed to happen to free artists like Jenny and Me,ie:
-inventing our own music-genre (PaganFolk)
-composing, recording and publishing our own songs (is it 13 cd's now?)
- with our own little anarchist "record-label" (PaganScum)
-Touring the world with our own little band (OMNIA)
-under our own management (Stenny and mr.Fluffy)

If you don't play the "record business game" and sell yourself to bigger (commercial) companies , you don't survive... or at least... that WAS the rule...
but apparently magic CAN happen, if the HEART is TRUE.

so...this is pretty fucking awesome!..This is actually a new record for us!!
(and for the amazing camera-artist Erwin van Dijck whom we made the video with)
, Because this normally doesn't happen with musicians that try to live apart from the official RECORD INDUSTRY and who don't sell out to get big budget air-time advertising on RADIO , INTERNET and TEEVEE.
So..thank you for supporting OMNIA your way ,
We will always strive to be your  very own "free band" of Pagan-Celtic-Pirate-Forest-musicians  
We started out to DO this for Nature
but we can KEEP ON DOING this because of YOU...
(yes YOU who is reading this now!)...

and I just want you to know that we are truly gratefull!

Greenthingz on Eco-Anarchist wings!
Shaman Steve Sic

Thank You soooo Much!

Thank you everyone for the enormous amounts of Birthday-greetings that you have sent me! (It was shocking to see so many well wishers, and yes, I saw them all!)

I will do my extra best this coming year of my life to keep on making the pure PaganFolk musick that you love so much!

and... (whispers) ...we are planning some extra-special CD recordings for the coming year ;-)

Thank you for your support! Thank you for you Love! Thank you for being there for us always!


photo by sweet Steve

(who made sure that I had a very nice birthday!)


So here's a picture of Jenny in her "Birthday Suit"  ;-)


ps: If you love our Musick... then please share this message with other OMNIA-musick lovers and send her your congratulations!







Club show Altstadt, Eindhoven, NL