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Too Hot? ;-)

It's 37 degrees Centigrade ( 99 degrees fahrenheit)
that's kinda Hot Hot Hot for the Neverlands... so... Jenny and me have been chillin' around the house naked for days now (I hardly remember what clothes are for!) , too hot for musick, too hot for work, (too hot for the internet?)
 and the SummerSun Blazes down from on high!

Enjoy it while you can!

Warmest summer Greenthingz!

pic by naked Sic

Naked Harp

Jenny and Tiamat, part II

Today is no day for working in...
so here's a Picture of Jenny and one of her favourite Harps "Tiamat"
(and because the Neverlands are poised on the brink of a heatwave and it's "hot as hell", they are both naked, but artistically so!

Greenz and Sunshine!
Shaman SteveSic (also naked while writing this blog)

pic by Sic (yeah... you guessed right)

"3 Suns"

Have a great Sunday!
Let the Sun shine!

pic by Bernd Sonntag

Thank You MPS Wassenberg!!



pic by Kees Stravers

Look into my Raven's Eye...

And you'll see I'm not Crazy at all!
erm... well... possibly just a tiny teensy weensy little bit!

Holy Hoka-Fecking-Hey!
Shaman SteveSic

pic by bernd Sonntag

NEW photos online !!

Check them out here

Pics by our friend, Bernd Sonntag

how big do you have to be... to be Alive?


this is a picture taken by Jenny of a very small fellow earth-dweller
(to give you an idea of the size I can tell you that it is walking on the end of an ultra thin toothpick...)

Does he think?
Does he feel?
Does he have hopes?
Does he have dreams?
Does he know he's alive?

the only answer is YES!!! OFCOURSE!!!

because Size only matters to humans Wink

Small thingz!
Big thingz!
Green thingz!
Shaman Steve Sic

a "Midsummer message" from the Pope of Paganism ;-)

Yes yes! it's a Sic Blog! ... you've been warned!

so... this weekend was midsummer 2015...
I spent it freezing half to death while PaganFolkRocking for thousands of wonderfull freaks on some great , but ice-cold stages in Germany ...  these great parties were followed by driving for many many hours on wet motorways under dark brooding clouds in the pouring rain.
I write to you now from the forest , where the wild birds are struggling to find the insects and and bugs that are NOT there to feed their starving young as the cold driving rains relentlessly lash down on our soggy little dutch hills...

It's dark... it's cold... it's wet ... and it's all very very wrong...

The climate is changing much faster than you think...
Species are going EXTINCT much faster than you think...
The Human insanity is growing out of control much faster than you think...

I Know that This message may start to become boring to YOU
(because it is not NEW! and HAPPY! all good commercial band blog should be!)
I also know I've been saying this since the late 1980's when I finally became aware of this situation and when I subsequently changed my life-style to that of an an Eco-Anarchist and spokesperson for Nature... (which hasn't really changed much in the monkey world out there...except that it has fed my hatred for most things human untill the point where I almost gag at the sight of their cruel and pointless works)

I must sound like a broken record to you, repeating the same thing over and over again... and you know what?
I will keep on shouting it as loud as I can untill my lungs burst and I spit blood, I will keep on screaming it out at the world untill my heart stops and my blood clogs in my veins... Because I shout so loud for those who do not have a voice anymore!

I shout with the voice of the Dodo
I shout with the voice of the passenger pigeon
I shout with the voice of the tasmanian wolf
I shout with the voice of YOUR great grand children

Our delicate biosphere will simply collapse if WE DON"T DO SOMETING about it!

Most monkey-people doubted this simple message back when I became "aware" and AMAZINGLY still MORE ignorant people stil doubt it now!...  

But that doesn't really matter at all:

 you don't actually have to BELIEVE in the
"disturbance of the delicate balance in Nature by humans"
"ultra fast Climatic change"
"accelerated mass-extinction of species"

for them to actually be true...

They just happen anyway...
It's not some ignorant anthropocentric "one god" religion
It's also not some ignorant monkeymade theory of  "survival of the fittest"
It simply "IS" , The planet does not care if YOU believe in it or not.

YOU do not have to BELIEVE in NATURE
Because NATURE does not BELIEVE in YOU either

All we have to do is at least TRY to CO-EXIST with the other creatures on this planet and accept this simple concept:

"Nothing is Sacred...only Nature"

Life is a Dance of Molecules, a Symphony of energy and atoms, a Ballet of co-existence...
Just listen to the musick  and join the dance!
and together we will smile in wonder and Dance untill we Die!

I wish you peace,
I wish you hope,
I wish you sunshine when you are wet,
I wish you rain when you are dry
I wish you wisdom in your choices always
I wish you respect for the mother that feeds us

Greenthingz and XXX!
Shaman SteveSic                                      pic by Sic

ps: thanx so much for reading this blog all the way down to here!
You're a Darling!


Thanx for the love

(And the presents)


"the Pagan has Rocked"

Sic in the Hotel lobby at night after the MPS LEIPZIG show


Xx and nite nite 

Pic by Samantha Evans







MPS  Bückeburg, DE