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Practice day!

Stormwinds blowing over Europe, the Golden Barley AND our little Forest! 

An we just love Making PaganFolk Musick!

Greenz and Tunez!


Picture by Dorothy from Kansas

JUMP for JOY!!! OMNIA is getting back on STAGE!!!

Aw Fuck! we REALLY need to perform OMNIA shows again!!
(I really don't know why we planned this long vacation from live-shows,it seemed like a good idea at the time... and it was going to be my first long break from performing in euh?... let's see now?... erm... 19 years?... OMG!...I've been doing this so long already?  Anyway... we had our break... it was a nice experiment... we all got cold-turkey ... we're starting to get cranky... so... this "long break thing" will not to be repeated very soon I think.

Now the band and Stenny are all "rearing to go and chomping at the bit" to get back on the stage and fucking play some real musick!!!
We're fixing our prettiest dresses, working out our lazy muscles and making ourselves look presentable to you again... cleaning the gear, tuning the instruments... re-booting the laptop... (laptop?...oh no...waitaminute...we don't have a laptop on stage ;-)  hehehe!
You see? we haven't played for so long now, I hardly even remember who we are anymore!!!   

Two more practice sessions are planned in the coming days to change the festival setlists so that we can put as many of YOUR favourite REQUESTED songs into it! (yes... we do actually listen to what YOU want!... sometimes ;-)
And then it's back to REAL LIFE AGAIN! It all starts on 10 th April in the Altstadt in Eindhoven

See ya here, See ya there, See ya everywhere!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA       pic by Bernd Sonntag

ps: because there were so many soft "old Omnia" songs requested by YOU (which usually don't work so well with big noisy festival crowds) we have decided to put most of YOUR dreamy favourites into a special theatre-tour which we will be doing next winter after the festivals are all done...

Easy Rider

(just some little facts about Stenny and horseridin' ;-)

Stenny only rides on sturdy free-range out-door horses that live in the outdoors for 365 day a  year, staying healthy happy and quite independant for most of their lives. That's because we really cannot cope with the animal cruelty that we associate with most commercial horse stables (where noble and proud horses and ponies are first "broken" and then treated as slaves and abused for the sake of mere human pleasure)***

 Our horsey friends Sugar and Durango are different...

Sugar has been rescued from misuse by ignorant humans and she now happily and quietly shares a field on the edge of the forest with Durango,a feisty creature who has actually grown up with our friends Paul and Lucy (the nature loving good people who take care of these sweet intelligent horses and co-exist with them)
 Sugar and Durango enjoy life and really adore going for walks in the forest together with their human caretakers. They really get exited as little puppies when they are getting their saddles and stuff on! ... and NO they don't have a standard metal "bit" in their mouth, which is obviously torture for a horse.
These horses have been taught to work together with their human riders and have been trained a.o. to herd wild long-horned highland cattle in nature reserves. Working with a free , very loose rein ,lots of subtle verbal commands and especially a lot of empathy and body language between rider and horse.
(to ride like this is to co-operate for mutual benifit, not to FORCE)

And these wonderfull creatures allow us to ride them and tolerate our clumsy bodies on their backs (luckily we're skinny people! Jenny weighs 49kg and I weigh 66kg)

I write all this because I would like YOU to always consider the health, soul and happiness of any living creature you co-exist with, especially if you like horse riding or dog training, chicken farming or whatever...

If you TRULY LOVE ANIMALS and you like being near them and "playing" with them always be sure that you understand the needs and the point of view of your "animal friend" so that the fun YOU have is always fun for BOTH of YOU!

Greenthingz on Easy wingz!
Shaman SicSteve and Jenny-Fairy                      pic by Sic

***I won't go into the abuses and mistreatments done to horses and ponies in detail here , because there is already way too much mud-slinging going on on the internet and nobody likes a smart-arse... just please make sure that YOU don't unknowingly bring any harm to the animal friends you love!  ;-)

Worshipping Epona...

Today Stenny was out riding on the backs of two new friends of ours : Durango and Sugar... It's such a sweet pleasure and honour to be allowed to ride on the backs of such strong and swift creatures... Today we say thank you to Epona*** for letting us play with her children!

Greenthingz from the saddle!

***Celtic goddess of Horses... aswell as an OMNIA song!   ;-)

Every Seed deserves the chance to grow into a tree...

Stenny lives in a forest, where the proud,living trees dominate the landscape (just like they once dominated ALL of Europe). You don't find many people in the forest, and that's good for the trees, because Where you find too many people... the trees die.

we are currently re-reading all the Terry Pratchett books and at the moment I'm deeply immersed in "Good Omens" which Terry wrote together with a young Neil Gaiman about 25 years ago.

I came upon this passage which made me cry, so I wanted to share it with you:

"There was a tree in the shopping-plaza.It wasn't very big and the leaves were yellow and the light it got through the exitingly dramatic smoked glass was the wrong sort of light. And it was on more drugs than an olympic athlete, and loudspeakers nested in the branches. But it was a tree, and if you looked at it over the articial waterfall, you could almost believe that you were looking at a very sick tree through a fog of tears."    

Thank the Gods I live in a forest... returning to the city would surely break my heart.

All Living creatures deserve a true NATURAL life...

The Animals, the Trees , me  and yes ALSO YOU!
Shaman SteveSic        (pic by Sic)

Heaven and Hell...

I believe in Heaven and I believe in Hell...

-Heaven is a beautifull day in which to enjoy yourself, a belly full of wholesome tasty food, the love and affection of good people and a mind filled with peace behind a smiling face...
-Hell is a doomy day full of work you don't like, an empty belly or only crap food, the hatred and disdain of assholes and a mind full of turmoil and stress behind a dark frowning face...

This world holds all the feelings and experiences that you will ever encounter... Yes kids!... THIS is as good as it gets...

 I realise that most humans on this planet see the world as merely a disposable kind of "work experience" program for something called your "immortal soul" as if life on this planet is a kind of virtual-reality point system to determine where you will spend ALL of eternity for ever and ever ad infinitum. because it's all about getting into "Heaven".
ie: If you act like a good monotheist you will ofcourse receive free harp-lessons and get to sit on the (extremely crowded) right-hand side of god or if your a man you could possibly get to hump heaps of Virgins every day or maybe you get to spend eternity in the land of Milk and Money...

BUT as a non-dogmatic Pagan..
I believe in HEAVEN
I believe in HELL

 they are both RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW...
no... not on this computer/smartphone/crystal ball, but outside your house and inside your head

Heaven and Hell...

Experience it ALL ... but be sure to do it BEFORE you Die!
Today we're not working, we're just enjoying ourselves and the options that life has given us... today we're just filling our time with lots of massage, sauna, good herbs and love...

Greenthingz from Heaven
Shaman SteveSic and Jenny

Indian Pumpkin "Heya" Stew

People sometimes wonder why Jenny and myself have so much life-energy, why we look young, fit and healthy despite our age and why we enjoy life so much...
Well...I could say that's because we are actually Dunadain like Aragorn (but that would only confuse everyone who hasn't read the "Lord of the Rings")...
So I will tell you ONE of the reasons why...
It's because as true nature loving Pagans we are obliged by our personal religion to live as "naturally" as possible which means eating only healthy "Heya" food** and NO compromising.
Like this Indian Pumpkin Stew which Jenny is preparing at the momen...

(it's starting to smell delicious as I write this) Normally I would possibly add a picture of the finished dishes of food she is making aswell, but that would mean that I am Blogging instead of enjoying this wonderfull home-cooked food... and that would be a little sad ( in pathetic...) because part of eating healthy food is , taking the time to sit down and enjoy it properly aswell.

I like blogging a little bit of our life on most days for YOU... but I don't like it enough to let my food go cold ;-) (especially not when Jenny cooked!)

Greenthingz with Pumpkin!
pic by sic

** "Heya"-food =  a term invented by us to describe natural edible stuff which we are allowed to eat... basically that would be: nothing that was grown in a concentration camp, nothing that has been genetically modified,  we only buy whole-foods to cook with and in the last years we have even stopped eating wheat and all other forms of grain which all come from seed patented by Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont and other chemical companies.
Food can be a great joy, but ONLY if it's natural and if it has had the chance to lead a natural life (this goes for plants as well as animals)

Ps:'s food is Vegan ;-)

Happy Ostara wishes everyone! (from some Dirty Pagans Stoners!


Today was a day of shifting earth, getting dirty, talking to the robins and the blackbirds (who keep coming by to check for worms in the freshly turned soil), and getting some serious back-ache!...
We made a clearing using traditional tools and elbow-grease for a nice ritual fireplace*** which we will be trying out tonight for the first time on this lovely holy day.
Have a great weekend everyone! do something extra to connect yourself to the living planet and don't forget :

"Nothing is sacred...only Nature!"

Greenthingz, Muddy thingz, Tired thingz!
Shaman Steve Sic , Jenny and Damien

pic by Jenny

*** yes...before you comment IS a very small and safe fireplace in a wide clearing, because you know that fire in a forest can be VERY dangerous kids!)

ps: For Your Information: my son Damien Raven is almost 23 years old and Jenny is his stepmom :-)

Good times... Family times

So now Father and Son can work together on house-repairs!

Stenny and Damien-Raven        pic by Jenny

Painting Pagans ;-)

Q: What does OMNIA do when they are not playing or arranging concerts and musick?
A: Painting the Stenny studio!!

When you live in a forest you have to be prepared to paint the woodwork on your house every once in a while!

Greenz and Brownz!
Stenny the House-Painters                      pic by Sic

ps: Thanx for all those reactions to our "playlist dilemma" Daphyd has been painstakingly counting ALL  your reactions and we will make sure we put all the most popular "favourite songs" of YOURS into our set for this coming season!

Revolution anyone?

"Roses are red
Some blogs are for fun
Like this picture of me
with a fake plastic gun..."

Greenthingz in Black and White
Shaman SteveSic

Ps: don't worry...
although most guns shoot bullets made of lead
this gun shoots only iron(y)   ;-)

Neverending setlist…….

Here you see Steve Sic with our favourite (not….) pastime:
Making a new Omnia setlist for the upcoming season!
There are so many things to think off (what tuning?how do we make a fast transition to the next song? which instruments is steve or jenny holding? what do people like to hear? what is a good tension spread throughout the set with all these different styles we have? how much time do we have? and so on….)

But what we would like to know: Which song would you really want to hear when you come to an OMNIA concert? Let us know and who knows…;-)


Love, songs and spring sun! Jenny

NOT a Dirty Stoner... ;-)

Some time ago I heard somebody refer to me and Jenny as
"a pair of Dirty Pagan Stoners"
I would like to disprove this theory by showing you that even on tour we always keep ourselves nice and clean!

Stenny                                                 pic by Jenny

ps: I would have posted a picture of Jenny in the bath together with me but the risk of  OFN ("Offensive Female Nipples") was just way too high!

First show of 2015!

On the 10th of April (Less then 4 weeks to go!), OMNIA will play their first show of 2015 in Cafe Altstadt (NL). 

This will be the first show of another great year!  

Altstadt is a very intimate, freaky, old school pub in Eindhoven, with a GREAT atmosphere, so make sure YOU don’t miss it.


Get your tickets in time (there going fast ;))…


Tickets and info HERE


DaphydCrow et OMNIA 


What's the point of having a life, if you can't do with it what YOU want?
YOU only have ONE LIFE...

Greenz and fresh air!
Shaman SteveSic                     pic by Eline Spek

DEATH claims Terry Pratchett...

Today one of the greatest writers and (mostly misunderstood) philosophers of our time has been collected by DEATH to journey beyond this world.
Jenny and me are great fans of his work (we own EVERY book he has ever written)
 And we've worshipped Terry ever since he took the literary torch from the hands of Douglas Adams... I have actually based a lot of my life-philosophy on parts of his works (Characters like Granny weatherwax, Sam Vimes and DEATH are just... fucking awesome... and they have guided me through many a moral dilemma)
 I only had the pleasure of meeting Terry in person once (after I threw myself on the floor in front of him and had started kissing his feet as a way of saying "hello") and we had a very enjoyable dinner together that day whereby I was charmed into complete fan-heaven... (the memory still gives me goosebumps)
and now he is gone...BUT his BOOKS LIVE ON!!!

Cross the great sandy plain lightly dear Terry... I hope meeting DEATH was all you came to hope from him... you will be missed on this world, and you will join our personal pantheon as Saint Terry... tonight our altar shines and we sing our songs for you...

Greenthingz and Morphic resonance
Stenny et OMNIA

picture made by the great Paul Kidby

Wake up! the festival season is starting soon!

Today we're practicing , talking, laughing and hanging out in the forest studio to prepare for the new festival season which starts next month!
the first festival will be the MPS Luhmühlen in Germany!!

Have a have a look at what Gisi (the boss of all the MPS festivals) has to say about OMNIA!

"OMNIA beim MPS 2015
Das MPS bucht auch in diesem Jahr die beste Pagan Rock Band der Welt so oft wie irgend möglich
OMNIA spielt in dieser Sommersaison ... 14 ( vierzehn!!!! ) mal beim MPS
Wir lieben OMNIA, Ihr liebt OMNIA, ich liebe OMNIA und OMNIA liebt das MPS,

die einzigartig friedliche, harmonische und außergewöhnliche Atmosphäre auf dem MPS
Wenn OMNIA am Samstag ihren Auftritt hatten, schlendern Jenny, Steve, Daphyd, Rob und Satria immer noch sehr gerne am Sonntag über das MPS Festival Gelände, unterhalten sich mit ihren Fans, plaudern mit den anderen Bands und Künstlern oder genießen gemütlich auf dem Rasen sitzend einen Tee
Diese beliebten und international sehr erfolgreichen Künstler sind immer freundlich und bodenständig geblieben, sie haben keine Starallüren, sie lieben ihre Fans und mischen sich unter ihre Fans und unter das MPS Partyvol
Ein MPS ohne OMNIA ist kaum noch denkbar, OMNIA krönt mit ihrem Auftritt jedes MPS Programm und die Stimmung welche die Band auf dem MPS verbreitet, erzeugt immer Gänsehautfeeling
OMNIA beim MPS 2015, freut Euch auf die beste Pagan Rock Band der Welt
Ich freue mich auf OMNIA!
Ich liebe OMNIA!!
Ihr auch???
Besucht bitte auch die Homepage WORLD OF OMNIA, dort im Shop könnt Ihr Euch die Cd's dieser faszinierenden Band bestellen, dieser Krieger für die Natur und für unseren Planeten, dort im Shop gibt es auch Schmuck und Shirts
OMNIA spielt in diesem Jahr immer auf der MPS FESTIVALBÜHNE , auch diese MPS Bühne wird in diesem Jahr WESENTLICH größer sein, mit den Sidewings doppelt so groß wie die FESTIVALBÜHNE 2014
Viel Platz für OMNIA und ihre phantastische Show!"


warmth on a cold beach...

Greenthingz in PaganCostume ;-)

pic by Eline Spek

Executive Pagans...


This is what the management of OMNIA looks like! ;-)
and the managing directors of PaganScum records
and the CEO's of the entire OMNIA music company!


Greenthingz in fancy dress!


ps: actually we got dressed up like this for a posh dinner party which then turned out to be the surprise wedding of our friends Erwin and Michelle!...
congratulations to mr and mrs van Dijck!

Love Nature More

There is pleasure in the pathless woods...
There is rapture in the lonely shore...
There is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar...
I love not Man the less, but Nature MORE!

Lord Byron (1788-1824)


Green thingz!

Shaman Steve Sic

picture of  skyclad Sic on the cold windy seashore by Eline Spek

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Today we were visiting our friend Geert Vons (Director of Sea Shepherd Netherlands  and Artistic Director of Sea Shepherd Global) on his wonderfull antique house-boat "the seahorse"!
Stenny was there just to chat and brainstorm a bit about how OMNIA can support SEA SHEPHERD some more in the coming years.
(...for those of you who have only just tuned in to OMNIA.. YES! we as "Warriors of the Earth" ofcourse support  the "Shepherds of the Sea"!)

what the results were of this meeting?
wel... you'll just have to wait and see what this coming year brings us!


What YOU can do to support them aswell?

Check them out and click HERE

Forest Greenthingz and Ocean Bluethingz!
Stenny and Geert       

pic by P.O. Seidon


Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the TRUTH, for being CORRECT, for being YOU.
NEVER apologise for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.
If YOU'RE RIGHT and you know it, SPEAK YOUR MIND.
Even if YOU are a minority of ONE, the TRUTH is still the TRUTH.

Mahatma Ghandhi  1869-1948


OMNIA will play their FIRST GIG of the year on APRIL the 10th in the ALTSTADT in Eindhoven.NL  (Daphyd and Rob's hometown!)

This first gig is a tradition of ours which always takes place within the ancient crumbling walls of the ALTSTADT cafe ...a place that is so fecking old-school it pre-dates hipsters!... it has been a breeding ground of grungy music since way back in the punk days...

Every year we like to start off with a show on this (much too) small beer-sticky stage in front of a sweating crowd packed into this tiny venue!
We do this as an offering to the GODS of ROCK and to remind us of where all REAL musick starts... in the "small venues on the street... let's get down and dirty!!"

We would love to see YOU there to celebrate and to open the new international OMNIA concert season together with us!!
and because it's so small you can also meet and greet with the band afterwards!

(get them fast , there's not that many available)


Deadly Dutch TREE DISEASE !!!

We have discovered a terrible and very deadly disease of the trees in our forest!!
(and apparently in forests all over Holland!, possibly all over Europe?!... maybe even...the World!?)
It's a terrible and always FATAL disease which strikes both the young and the very old trees around this time of year (in the months before official spring starts)...
 first the afflicted trees develop strange and very ugly orange spray painted spots, then within a short time the sound of chainsaws is heard and the tree dies completely... even the corpse of the poor patient simply disappears leaving behind deep muddy tracks as if a giant destructive machine just came by and willfully destroyed a part of the forest...ahem...
This disease is unstoppable with any form of medication except ofcourse removal of these "death marks" (although quite often the marks re-appear again within a very short time!) this happens because ofcourse the orange spots are only the outward symptoms of this terrible disease... the ACTUAL disease is ofcourse caused by a deadly bacteria named "Homo Sapiens Sapiens" and their suicidal policy of "Economy über Ecology" **

Sadly no known cure has been found against this particularly vile disease BUT
we are working to find a good remedy!! hopefully a solution will present itself soon ;-)

Greenthingz and the healing power of musick!
Shaman SteveSic                                                         (pic by Sic)

** the tree's corpses will be ground into a pulp , pressed into dry wood-pellets and sold as ecologically friendly "bio-fuel" to fuel powerstations that produce "green" electricity ... this whole process is ofcourse subsidised up the ass by our tax-money as an ecological solution for the energy-industry... so actually these poor trees die funded by tax-money reserved for nature preservation because it is good for the enviroment... don't you just love the way humans think?

How well do YOU know me? (Universal Truths)

Ofcourse OMNIA would NEVER sign a deal with a record company ;-)
 (the very idea! hahahahahahaaa!!!)
Although it's true that we keep getting offers from large record companies who want to make us (more) famous, (which is sometimes quite flattering and sometimes quite tempting) we just cannot do that...
But I do want YOU to THINK about why not ...(that's part of my job, to make you think)
You see I am a Shaman and a  Warrior... a Pagan Warrior if you will... and there actually  is a WAR ON NATURE... every day... and it won't go away...if you like it or not, that's the truth.
And everything is becoming more extreme everyday... (more pollution, bigger eco-disasters, paranoid governments, raging muslim,christian and jewish extremists, climatic change, rising sea levels.... did I forget anything?)

This world will never change by compromising or making deals with the forces behind capitalism and their ideologies which have spawned the suicidal plutocracy in which we now live.(look it up if you don't know what that means ;-)

This world will not get healed if McDonalds suddenly adds a vegetarian burger to their menu or (like Monsanto)  paints their corporate logo green.
This world will start to change if companies like McDonalds and Monsanto are destroyed... completely and utterly destroyed... no compromise... just ashes.

This also goes for the means of mass communication as held by the Murdoch empire and Fox, Universal, Warner, Sony and all those ridiculous moneymaking machines providing "easy" entertainment for the brain dead masses. They only exist purely to blind the population to what is REALLY going on around us and to squeeze even more cash out of the overtaxed consumers (ie: YOU)
and every small independant company in their paths gets swallowed up by them in the process... and we know where that will end up...
(Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Mega corporation)
But not us... not OMNIA!
We just bumble along in our own humble way...
And Yes... sometimes it CAN be hard... Ofcourse being a Free Musician and doing exactly what you like in this ridiculous world is Hard!
 (just like being an independant eco-farmer or being a small shop owner, or starting up your own small earth-friendly business , speaking out for your rights, being an eco-activist . being a single parent, etc.) Nobody ever said life has to be EASY!
That is something a lot of musicians tend to forget because basically at heart, they are all a bunch of egocentrical, narcissistic, lazy motherfuckers  
(me included! haha!)
Anyway, the lesson for today is:
Just Be glad for the conflict you have to face in life to really BE yourself, because it is this conflict and hardship that gives YOU the chance to become a true WARRIOR.

Life isn't easy and never was, it never will be...
Just be yourself, in your own way...
Do not give any money or power or part of yourself  to ANY Multi-national...
Long Live personal FREEDOM!

have a nice day;-)

Greenthingz and Nothing is sacred...only nature

OMNIA SIGNS FOR A RECORD DEAL WITH A MAJOR LABEL!!! Fuck Yeah!! Mainstream Music here we come!!!

Fuck Yeah!! Mainstream Music here we come!!!

Hey!! do I have your attention?... because we just got ANOTHER offer for a major record deal... (sigh!)
We get offered record deals every once in a while (and we always turn them down because we have always wanted to just be free and independant musicians.
BUT in this world of fakers and Music-makers run by the business sharks , somedays it's really hard to survive...
...And sometimes I wonder if it all really matters to YOU at all...

I think that a lot of you also listen to music made by other so called "pagan" bands that have sold themselves to the big labels (to help ressurect their failing careers)... bands that produce pop hits that they have been instructed to make... using ancient holy symbols and timeless nature religions as a form of "decoration" to fluff out the empty non-message of the music they make... turning power runes into marketable merchandising...bands that have no problem with doing what they are told , while still pretending (quite convincingly) that they are strong and free...

On the one hand it IS true that this is the best way to get a:
1:  a steady income (to feed the family),
2: lots of adoring "normal" fans (to feed the ego)
3: plenty of air-time on televison and radio etc. (to feed the marketing machine)
4: plenty of CD sales (to feed the corporate record business)

But to me it just seems wrong...
but maybe that is just because I'm a Pagan Shaman who takes all this shit much too seriously...
sometimes I wonder if I'm being too harsh?

Maybe we can also sell ourselves? and no-one will care?
There are always plenty of offers... apparently we are a "hot undeveloped item with a "very marketable product to sell" (under the right guidance of some professional record-executives ofcourse)

So...My question to YOU is...
 If we would sign a record deal with a big international Record Label that would take our name and make it famous  
(but who would actually OWN that name and most of what we do, thus rendering all our free-Pagan philosophy a lie)

what would YOU think about that?

would we still be the OMNIA you love?

Or not?

Greenz and philosophy
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Bernd Sonntag

We each shall receive our just desserts...

Storm Winds blow on the Golden Barley

some days are light...
some days are dark...
this world of humans is insane
but as long as YOUR heart beats true
it's all life and we will all pull on through!

Shaman SteveSic   (selfiepic)

Earth Warrior Video over 1000000 views in 6 months!!!

Wow!  WTF?!
the Earth Warrior video has already reached over 1million views in 6 months time!!!
How is THAT possible!?... you haven't been brainwashed yet!!
We are surprised and delighted that so many people saw and enjoyed our musical "Call to Battle" statement for nature "EARTH WARRIOR"



 This wasn't supposed to happen to free artists like Jenny and Me,ie:
-inventing our own music-genre (PaganFolk)
-composing, recording and publishing our own songs (is it 13 cd's now?)
- with our own little anarchist "record-label" (PaganScum)
-Touring the world with our own little band (OMNIA)
-under our own management (Stenny and mr.Fluffy)

If you don't play the "record business game" and sell yourself to bigger (commercial) companies , you don't survive... or at least... that WAS the rule...
but apparently magic CAN happen, if the HEART is TRUE.

so...this is pretty fucking awesome!..This is actually a new record for us!!
(and for the amazing camera-artist Erwin van Dijck whom we made the video with)
, Because this normally doesn't happen with musicians that try to live apart from the official RECORD INDUSTRY and who don't sell out to get big budget air-time advertising on RADIO , INTERNET and TEEVEE.
So..thank you for supporting OMNIA your way ,
We will always strive to be your  very own "free band" of Pagan-Celtic-Pirate-Forest-musicians  
We started out to DO this for Nature
but we can KEEP ON DOING this because of YOU...
(yes YOU who is reading this now!)...

and I just want you to know that we are truly gratefull!

Greenthingz on Eco-Anarchist wings!
Shaman Steve Sic

Thank You soooo Much!

Thank you everyone for the enormous amounts of Birthday-greetings that you have sent me! (It was shocking to see so many well wishers, and yes, I saw them all!)

I will do my extra best this coming year of my life to keep on making the pure PaganFolk musick that you love so much!

and... (whispers) ...we are planning some extra-special CD recordings for the coming year ;-)

Thank you for your support! Thank you for you Love! Thank you for being there for us always!


photo by sweet Steve

(who made sure that I had a very nice birthday!)


So here's a picture of Jenny in her "Birthday Suit"  ;-)


ps: If you love our Musick... then please share this message with other OMNIA-musick lovers and send her your congratulations!

the Scream

Stenny and Maral (summing up the state of the modern world)

pic by Edvard Munch

Real Life… Real Musick…Real Blood…

They say "it's in our blood" … this way of Life, this way of Living…
it flows in our veins and our veins run right through us...
It flows through our hearts so that we stay TRUE to our WAY OF LIFE
We will not sell-out to blind commercialism , we will not give in to mindless consumerism while the blood of our ancestors still pumps through us…

Sometimes (when I'm not being carefull with an axe that I have just sharpened) the blood can suddenly flows right out of us…
(dripping onto the leafy forest floor)

this is my blood, the stuff of life…
do YOU hear it calling out?

Greenthingz, Red thingz!
Shaman SteveSic

A day for important things...

Today we are doing very important things...
because we are serious grown up people...
That's what serious grown up people should spend their time with... doing serious grown-up things like:
Hanging out with friends
a bit of wood carving
some light leather working
staring through binoculars at the hundreds of birds outside our window
smoking recreational herbs
shooting some arrows
playing random musick just for fun

you know... IMPORTANT things! ;-)
because we are SUCH serious grown up people!

Greenz and work work work!
Stenny and Satrya                                pic by Sic et Jenny

Friends and Fire

...Today our good friend Kaat (of L.E.A.F.) came to chill out in the forest! Wishing you all a lovely evening after this beautiful Spring day (bit early eh? but it's pretty though)...

Greenthings and Fire

Jenny xxx


Omnia's coolest fastest grooviest super drummer Rob turns 33 today!

"Roses are red
violets are blue
33 years have passed
Happy Birthday to YOU!"

Greenthingz on Birthday wingz!


pic by Bernd

OMNIA is back in the forest! Walking in the woods and Picking up trash...

We have started arranging and practicing our groovy PaganFolk-Musick for the up-coming FESTIVAL SEASON!!
Yeah! we have all really missed each other and now today we have gotten together for the first time since our last concert in 2014 to make musick. The whole band in Stenny's forest home share laughter and stories and ofcourse to have fun! walking through the forest enjoying nature and ofcourse...while we do this we also pick up trash! (to us it's like a little prayer, every tiny little bit of garbage you take out of nature is a confirmation of how you feel dedicated to making this world a better ,cleaner place every day ... try it!)


Greenthingz and Cleaningz!


pic by Sic

Greenthingz from hipster-Berlin!

Pic by Alea (saltatio mortis)

It's Stenny's wedding anniversary!

It's the time of Imbolc, the very first start of spring!
That means it's our wedding anniversary!! as well as the anniversary of this PaganFolk musick you love!

Be it "PaganFolk at the FairyBall" or "Dance untill we Die"...
Be it "the Raven" or "Earth warrior"...
All this musick
All this nature love
It flows from the very first kiss we shared and it continues to flow from the love we share between us until the very last day... when ultimately these lips turn blue and grow cold...

Stenny is going offline for a couple of days to have a little anniversary holiday in Berlin!   (Sorry but this means NO NEW BLOGS from me for a few days)
in the meantime Please amuse yourselves by looking/listening to our videos:

and remember...
only the musick can show you the way...
just as it guides us whenever we play!
Together we'll find all the reasons to say:
"I love you" each and every single day!

Greenest wishes , Greenest Nature and Greenest freshest Love!
Shaman SteveSic and Jenny (aka:Stenny)                               
photo by Samantha Evans

OMNIA Hoodies are back in the WEBSHOP!

We have good news for all the people that have been waiting for the stocks of OMNIA-shirts and OMNIA-hoodies and other OMNIA-goodies in our webshop to be re-printed... FINALLY... IT IS DONE!!  
We are really sorry for all of you who had to wait for their orders to arrive,rest assured, they are on their way! and EVERYTHING (Like the "EARTH WARRIOR HOODIES) is available again! check it out   HERE
the OMNIA webshop team
picture by Sic               photo models: Damien Raven Evans and Myrthe Fortuna Evans


new OMNIA live-video online!!

Edgar Allan Poetry

"...this grim ungainly ghastly gaunt and ominous front-man of yore..."

Greenz and sepia

pic by Bernd Sonntag

Omnia bandmembers on holiday!

part 5: jamming with friends!

roses are red

though summer's still far
I feel the sun shine
with Joe Hennon on guitar!

Xxx and PaganFolk
Stenny jamming and smokin' with with our old friend Joe Hennon (ex-Omnia guitarist) in the livingroom"
pic by sic

Go on... unblock my fucking YOUTUBE channel!!!

Mission accomplished!!
The german GEMA/Youtube conflict is no longer blocking our
how did we do it?.. well... ahem...
We just made them an offer they couldn't refuse  ;-)
Grrrrreenz! and FREEDOM!

bitte teilen Sie diese Nachricht mit all Ihren Deutsche Freunden!
please share this message with all your german friends!



Yes folks! the NEW OMNIA video 
"OMNIA (official) UNPLUGGED 2014"
has just been put online:


check it out!
AND (if you want to support us) please SHARE this post with everyone you know!!


ps. for fans in Germany: 
You should be able to see this video unless the GEMA-mafia are still blocking all our new video uploads. 
then please let us know via this post and we will send someone to the GEMA office with a shotgun tomorrow sort it out ;)



Stenny pic by Sic

Forest Dreaming

XXX Stenny
picture by Samantha Evans
ps: Only 2 more days untill the NEW OMNIA UNPLUGGED-LIVE-VIDEO RELEASE goes online!!!


Greenz and Ice!

XXX Stenny                                                      picture by Samantha Evans



ps: Only 3 more days untill the NEW OMNIA VIDEO RELEASE goes online!!!

OMNIA acoustic-unplugged at DreamHarps!

Would YOU like to see OMNIA play live without any amplification in the intimate setting of DreamHarps? (Jenny's parents house) Would you like to be one of the invited guests in the tiny audience of about 30 people while this Pagan band plays their unique PaganFolk musick  for Hans's 80th birthday?
(Hans is ofcourse Jenny's dad who looks more like a wizard every day ;-)

well... then keep a look out on our YOUTUBE channel for the upcoming release of our new SPECIAL live-video:

"OMNIA-unplugged at Hans's 80th birthday party"

where YOU can be part of this special audience of Omnia's family and friends while YOU are comfortably sitting at home! For FREE!

recorded LIVE, unmixed!, unmastered! just PURE musick!

Real life, Real Musick, Real People
Greenthingz on Musickal wingz
Shaman SteveSic et Omnia

ps: before any of you smart-arses mention it... yes... I can see it too that Satrya has a cable hanging out of the back of his guitar , but that is for his tuner... there are no amps!... ;-)

Omnia bandmembers on holiday!

part 5: Efteling!

roses are red
Violets are blue
Going to themeparks
Is the hipster thing to do!

Xxx and droomvlucht!

Pic of Satrya and Maria by Pardoes 

OMNIA band-members on holiday ;-)

part 4: tabletop Role Playing!!!

"Dragons are red
Computers games are cool
but if you want the hard stuff
Role Playing RULES!!!"

XXX and d20!!

pic of Merch-dude Damien (aka: Merlin Manson) , Myrthe (aka: Lucy Mc Death) and Jenny (aka: BrunHilde of Crow'sTor) by Sic (aka: God)

ps: we're playing a "selfmade by Sic" system of roleplaying based on d20/dungeons and dragons, mixed with warhammer rollplay, call of cthulu, vampire the gathering and the world of terry pratchett.

OMNIA Band-Members on Holiday!

part 3: playing computer-Games!!

Roses are red
Like Mario's hat
You rammed my buggy?
I'll make you pay for that!!!

XXX and pixelated mayhem!

pic of Merchbabe Majo, Roadie Thomas and Jenny  by YoShic

Guess who's back?

New Facebook Banner! 


Picture by Bernd
Banner by Daphyd Crow ૐ

OMNIA band-members on holiday ;-)

part 2: walking in the woods!!

"The trees grow so green
The sun gives us light
and joy from the heart
makes this day shine so bright!"

XXX and peace

pic of Vita and Rob by Sic

OMNIA band-members on holiday :-)

part 1: checking out the 007 museum!!

"Marsha's hair is red
Daphyd's dreads aren't blond
they both went to London
to see mr.James Bond!"

XXX and peace

pic of Mars and Daphyd by the LondonCrow


Live PaganFolkRock on the road!!

Yes folks we have the first new dates of confirmed OMNIA shows for 2015 online in our OMNIA AGENDA!!

more will follow...

Greenz and XXX


pic by Bernd


Cause it's fucking Hot...

;-) & XXX


pic by Bernd Sonntag

EARTH FIRST! (Any Earth Warriors out there?)

Our Earth is being destroyed by unscrupulous people who care only for money and power...
They will NEVER quit... unless WE get our hands dirty and stop them ourselves...
would YOU like to do something about it?

If you live in or close to germany then Here's a suggestion:
The  Hambach forest in Germany is being cut down and ripped up by open cast brown coal (lignite) mining... a process which turns a beautifull living ecosystem of the Earth into a sterile and bare lunar landscape ... really... forget about Avatar and other such fantasy nature destruction... this is REAL and it makes me physically sick to just look at the pictures of this PLANETARY RAPE! All for the sake of low quality fuel for electric-powerstations to give the mutant monkeys even more useless energy to waste on their chinese junk toys...
One of the finest old forests containing rare trees and endangered bat species (as well as a gazillion other beautifull wild plants and creatures) is disappearing at an enormous rate and many rare, brave and beautifull warriors of the earth are trying to stop this day in day out. Fighting against uneven oppostion thrown up by evil megacorporations protected by their paid henchmen and bullyboys of the police and the local government...

They need YOUR help
Nature needs YOUR help
Can YOU help?
then check out this link:
Hambach Forest

or if you don't live in Germany, but you would like to be more active for the Earth,
then just check out this link for some suggestions:

If you like books then try reading :
the Monkeywrench gang by Edward Abbey
(it helped to inspire the Earth Warrior album as well as countless enviromental groups)

Greenthingz and ECO-Anarchy
Shaman SteveSic

ps: thank you to the sweet balaclava wearing treehugger for bringing the Hambach issue to our attention again ;-)

Dogma may be a bitch ... but ritual is important

"Give some to the spirits
of all that you have
for they can give you their blessing
or they can cut you in half..."

excerpt from the book of Chaos
the "ZapCode"
(revised edition)
verse 3

Greenz and Ritualz
Shaman SteveSic

pic of Jenny at Stenny's home Altar taken by the Pope of free non-dogmatic Paganism ;-)

Winter is coming...ummm?... going?...errr?... mud?

One day of winter
is all that we had...
just look at this a picture
when Jenny was glad...

It's pissing down rain now
and gone is the snow
our climate is fucked
the winds of change blow

Our biosphere's sick
there's nowhere to hide
our hearts keep on singing
hope springs from deep inside

Greenz and keep smiling!
Stenny and OMNIA


cmdZ! cmdZ!! cmdZ!!!


the All New "100% home grown" OMNIA VIDEOS
COMING SOON to an internet connection near you!


Yop, Daphyd and Sic are busy editing new OMNIA videos to provide all the real PaganFolkMusick  junkies with a nice fat OMNIA -fix for the coming months to keep YOU amused and happy...
(and so that we can show you all the stuff that we've been filming in the last half a year...including some pretty special stuff!)

But It's all very secret and hush-hush (so NO PEEKING!!!)

Greenz and video-fun
ShamanSteveSicielberg and DaphydCrowPro

***yes... that's irony... you don't know what irony means?... I'll give you a clue...  it doesn't mean "sort of like iron"...

OMNIA...No we're not psychotic at all!!!.. really! ... giggle, twitch...giggle... I'm not mad! I'm your sister!... ahahahaaaaaAAAARGH!

ahem... and now...

some poetry...

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
We love making music

Greenz on Ca-ca-ca-Crazywingzzzzzzzz!!!
dr.Sic(k inda head) and DaphydtheCroww

Check out the new Gallery of awesome pics by:
 Bernd (also not quite right in the head) Sonntag
Yowza Yowza Yowza!

there! ... now I'm gonna go and have a lie down under a rock somewhere...
NURSE!!!where's my godzdamned medication?!


Roses are red
Violets are Blue
Now OMNIA's not playing
We're missing our crew :-(


guess who's back?
Thomas and Sascha!

Books and bugs

don't ya just love 'em?


pic by sic

book by Iain Banks

Ice Cold...

Sleeping Beauty...


pic by sic

Fire and good memories

(hmmm?… there seems to be a pattern forming here)

For those of you who wondered about fire-safety in relation to Stenny… this is what we ALSO used to do up untill about 10 years ago… FIRE SHOWS!…
(big ,hot, psychotic and kindof fucked-up fireshows actually...)

This was the Omnia and Kaos the "Flames of Chaos" team in 2004 (I think ?)
(From left to right "Kleine Ben", Luka, Jenny, "Grote Ben", SteveSic)

Flame ON!

ps: are there any people on this page that remember ever seeing us perform these big fireshows live? there are at least 20.000 people walking around that must have seen at least one of them…

Surfing on the sea of Chaos... the Old and the New

Life is change , life is movement , Life is Chaos...
This is one of the very first OMNIA logo-designs , one that never quite made it, now consigned to the flames of sacrifice and the dreams of the past.
Some ideas make it, some ideas don't...
Life is a constant storm of creation and destruction for the creative artist... we are all but surfers on the sea of chaos.

I liked this design when I made it BUT I liked the OMNIA logo I made afterwards (the one we have used for all these years) much better.
(I only kept this original design along with many other old drawings and designs of mine for many many years for purely sentimental reasons...
but sometimes you just have to learn to let go...

Look to the future, keep the usefull things from your past... burn the rest ;-)
Greenthingz on flaming wingz
Shaman SteveSic

FireStarter... exploding fireworks are for beginners!

Great Party in the forest last night!
(with REAL fireworks for "high-level fire-starterz"!)
Happy newyear everyone!
Fuck conventional thinking and ALWAYS do things YOUR OWN WAY!

Stenny        pic by Anonima Obscura

Old Year/ New Year

Old year / New year ?...
there is only ONE continual year and it's like a circle that goes round and round... It's the wheel of life on this small universally insignificant blue green planet that we live on as it spins around and around the sun.
It's the beauty of creation, which deserves a feast!... We have been given yet another year to play around on this magnificent ball of life! Yeah!

Celebrate it any wich way you like! (and you really don't  need millions of tonnes of cheap chinese explosives to do this)... actually I think that the spirits of life would be very pleased if all people would stop using all forms of destructive fireworks right now... (they don't chase away demons, they only attract them!)

anyway Stenny is at peace in the forest with a bottle of bubbly and a pile of grass while the sounds of explosions and the war on nature ring out all around us in the distance...

I hope that tomorrow morning finds us all happy , hopefull and healthy!
I hope that tomorrow morning the birds and animals have recovered from the shock of all this unneccessary firework violence
I hope that tomorrow morning everyone who loves to throw fireworks around have blown all their fngers and faces off :-)   (except Gandalf and the Hobbits ofcourse!)

Happy newyear everyone!
let's make it a GREEN one!
Eco-Anarchy and Peace to the Peacefull !
Stenny et OMNIA         pic by Sic

Jenny in the snow...

pic by Sic

Geek Out!! (le Geek, c'est chique)

Born to geek... once a geek always a geek

If you don't know what I'm doing on this pic...
then you have obviously never played a tabletop roll playing game before...
I have... many times... I started many many MANY years ago
(way before it was cool)

Then I found I didn't have the time for games anymore (something to do with a pagan-band?)

But now I have Time!... so I dug out my old miniatures collection and am in the process of repairing and re-painting them again...
The dice have been dusted off
The table has been re-decorated
The games are in the process of being written
The snacks are in the cupboard
The weed is the house
Time for some real SUPER GEEK Roll Play Gaming sessionsssszzz!!!!
Fuck Yeah!!

Have a great day,
May the gods of nature smile upon you
and May your dice forever roll 20!

Greenthingz on Geekwingz

pic by Jenny

A good day to Die...

In the winter forest, everything makes more sense
Life becomes uncomplicated away from monkey nonsense
The questions become more ...What? instead of ...Why? friends ... Today is truly a good day to Die!

Winter is here!
Shaman SteveSic                       

ps: Die? ... did I say Die? ... ofcourse I meant Dye!  
because It's henna time!  ;-)


Noses are red
Cheeks all a-glow
it's really midwinter
when you're standing in snow!

Stenny       pic by Sic

 Last night (for the first time since the beginning of 2012) it snowed on our hill!
Yeah!!!   Stenny is happy... happy... happy... happy!
I know that if you're living in the North of our planet like  Canada, Siberia, Alaska etc. that snow can be a real pain in the ass  (I myself lived on the canadian border for a couple of years where Snow can fall over 2 metres (6') high , and not everyone is overcome with joy when it falls over there...)
Here in Cloggy flat Swampland the winter ice is really neccessary for nature, so we are always very pleased when the snow finally falls! Not to mention that It's also breathtakingly beautifull... plus... it keeps most of the monkeys indoors when the wind howls and the temperature plummets, so it's nice and quiet aswell!
Enjoy nature in all her facets whenever and wherever you can!

Christmas, 100 years ago...(food for thought)

Christmas eve 1914
ended conflict and strife
there was peace on this earth
and goodwill to all life...***

Shaman SteveSic          pic by Anonima Obscura

***During the "GreatWar" of 1914-18 (which wasn't very great at all)
German, british and french Soldiers  stationed in the trenches of Flanders, spontaniously decided to stop fighting on Christmas eve to make peace with each other...
All through that night and the following day the murderous guns went silent and the enlisted troops crossed into no-mans land to shake hands, sing songs, share food and play friendly games of football together...
It was a magical moment for all who experienced it...
the war should have ended there...

Sadly for those brave young men, the vile disgusting bureaucratic murderers who were in power then (EXACTLY the same sort of people who rule over us today) forced everyone to start killing again the day after... because WAR makes tonnes of money, and PEACE was getting in the way of commerce. (resulting in the pointless deaths of millions of good people)
Every one who refused to fight or who wanted to make friends with "the enemy" was put infront of a firing squad and shot by their "own side".

We the people want peace...
We the people want a clean healthy planet for us and our kids...
We the people choose LIFE over DEATH...
think about it...
Even today, why doesn't it happen?

If we want change it is up to us... it is up to YOU.

Anúna... Friends and REAL musick!

We had a great time at the BRILLIANT Anúna concert last night! Wow! ...
such pure vocal music,... such inspired arrangements...
Every year we try to get to see at least ONE Anúna show when they visit Holland.
To Stenny they are really one of the best choirs in the world!
...and we don't just say that because Michael McGlynn is a good friend of ours... (with a fully functional sense of very dry humor and a flair for the ironic)

They are really an experience to see and hear!
This award winning international choir is really all about pure singing performance... un amplified, no playback, no fancy backing tracks ... just skill!)
and a feast for the eyes aswell!

Here is us doing the obligatory "fan-picture" shot with them ***
(yep! Stenny can also wait patiently for ages to take a picture with lovely people we admire!)
and maybe some of you can also recognise our sweet friend Sara on the right
 (who also happens to play in the dutch PaganFolk band Seed)

In this cold season of goodwill it's a rare pleasure to spend it in the musical company of our vocally gifted friends

Greenthingz on Yule-tide wingzzz

***: yeah.. you're right... you only see Michael and the beautifull female vocalists of Anúna on this pic with us... there's a whole bunch of male-vocalists aswel... but, come on...

who wants to be on a picture with a bunch of guys?;-)

Midwinter blessing...

through shortest day
and darkest night
the flames of midwinter
burning bright...


through darkest night
and shortest day
the fire of love
will light our way...

peace and pagan ritual...


pic by Anonima Obscura

Dreadlock pussy

Roses are Red
Jenny hurt me again
While she's dreading my Hair
I'm just dreading the pain...

XXX peace and draad-lokken

THIS IS NOT THE OMNIA PAGE (because it's NOT a Verified FB Page)

errrrr... this blog is only funny if you read it on FaceBook , if you are one of those wise people who doesn't feel the need to get mixed up in that scorpion-pit of mis-information and public ridicule disguised as a social network , then just skip this blog ...

Hi there I would just like to say that this FaceBook page is actually NOT officially the OMNIA FaceBook page at all , because as you can see there is NO little blue and white "V" symbol next to our name.
This little blue/white  "V" symbol is what every "OFFICIAL" band/ celebrity page gets whenever a real band uses this medium of communication***.

This page doesn't have one because, like I said this is not the OMNIA page...

I am actually an 11 year old Japanese SchoolGirl named Rukia Kuchiki ,who pretends to be SteveSic of OMNIA by running this totally unofficial and unverified bandpage because ...Hey! this is the internet! What did you expect?
Reality?... hihihihihi! (japanese school girl giggles)

GleenThing!! and Sayonara!!
Rukia Kuchiki

ps: now I'm gonna  go and smoke some more of Daphyd's delicious homegrown grass through a rare and special gift I got from a sweet and concientious nature-loving friend!... in my schoolgirl uniform...
and if any of you have a problem with this you can ofcourse:   
SUCK MY PIPE !!  :-)

***with "real band" I ofcourse mean a band who's record label puts tonnes of money into facebook-marketing to expand their list of "customers"...
we don't have customers... we just have you ;-)

Its good to smoke the green green grass of home...

Grass: homegrown by the Crow
Pipe : handmade by my friend Billy from Oregon
Stoner: homegrown by Gaia

Check out the recipe for making a really cool ritual pipe...

"the bowl is made from Minnesota Pipestone. it is very sacred to the Native Americans the little white spot on the bowl is said to be spirit spot. it is the spirit of a warrior.

the middle piece of course is mammoth ivory 

the Redwood is from South America it's called Vermillion some people call it vanilla hardwood

the purple wood is purple heart wood 

and the mouthpiece is made from Ricolite. it is a relatively rare stone that comes from only one place the Ricolite Valley in Arizona and is very sacred to the Native Americans as well"

Now THAT is what I call a holy smoke! ... Thanx Billy!

Shaman SteveSic
Pic by cool JenJen


Roses are red
Violets are Blue
most poems rhyme
but this one PTHFFFRRRRT!!!

XXX ;-)
Stenny     pic by Anonima

PaganFolk bro's...

Last night we played our LAST SHOW of 2014. And the venue ROCKED to the pure acoustic PaganFolk sounds of not only OMNIA but also from our friends of the Dutch acoustic-PaganFolk band SEED

Here you see Daphyd,Satrya and me looking stoned and happy in the backstage chillin' with our buddy Koen (SEED's frontman)

Great Crowd! Great Night! Great Musick!
What a GREAT YEAR!!  untill the next one!

thank you all...

Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA          photo by Kees Stravers!

A bird in the hand... (yes it's real... like us)

This is a little friend that came to say hi to me this morning (although it sounded more like "peep")  Our forest is full of all sorts of little finches like this one, who sing for us and fill our hearts with joy! (as well as robins, blackbirds ,tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers, jay's, etc etc)

Tonight we play for another sold-out venue for the last time this year! It's the last show of the EARTH WARRIOR TOUR...
 It's what we love to do... It's our ritual...
Where WE will be singing and bringing some forest-joy to YOU!!  

Shaman SteveSic     

Time to Relax! (almost)

No! no relaxing YET.. because Tomorrow we play our LAST show of 2014 in de Meester in Almere!  ( NL )
...there's no link here because the club was already sold out ages ago, so if you dont have a ticket yet... nevermind!


...and THEN ... we relax!***

Stenny et OMNIA                 
cool pic of Crow in the backstage of de Meester by ESPRIT CONFUS

***but we wont relax too long ofcourse!  because we are busy planning all the concerts for 2015, we already have a LOT of bookings confirmed and MANY MORE are being looked at right now!... so keep watching our online agenda!

Jenny in the forest

Roses are red
Violets are blue
even when we're not touring
we're still thinking of YOU

Stenny        pic by anonima

the Boyz in the Gang

The Crow's in his nest
The monkey's in his tree
These are the OMNIA boyz
That Rock with Jenny and me!

Shaman Steve Sic       
drawings by Selene (ofcourse!)


Roses are Red

Misty the wood

to travel is lovely

but coming home is soooooooo Good!

XXX Winter and Peace!
Stenny et OMNIA

pic by Sic

Almost home...

Roses are Pink
Like my little Pony
You may think I'm a tough guy
But I'm really a brony...

Road Zombie

Roses are red
Like the blood in your veins
We're undead-duck zombies
And we're here for your BRAINS!!!

Roses are red

Clover brings luck
We're invisible ninjas
Me and the Duck...

The "Blue Diamond"...

I keep posting pics of the "Black Pearl" on the road.
But this is what the other Omnia-van looks like on the inside!


We're rolling Home!

We gaan op huis aan...

We're going home...

And today it's Austria!!

We're gonna play in St.Polten(austria) ...
Racing over the motorway now to get there in time for soundcheck...
Just one police check for drugs up till now ( those bavarian police just LOVE us 

We're all pretty knackered by now... (I have even turned into a small old women through lack of sleep and tour-stress)


Tonight we PaganRock AGAIN!

Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

All's well, that ends well!

We Rocked!! 

Thank you thank you THANK YOU! 
Sweet people! 

Another full venue of EarthWarriors... YES!!!! 
We are proud to be YOUR Omnia


Jingle bellzzz!!

Ok... So everyone is getting a bit fuzzy now...

Saat and Daphyd are holding up Rob who drank so much brandy last night he has become instantly 50 years older and now looks like SantaClaus??

But the EarthWarrior tour rolls on!!
Tonight we rock "the backstage" in Munchen!!!

Fuzzy's Made by Heike Warnecke

This is the Omnia Earth Warrior tour team!

L to R
Daphyd, Rob, Sascha(sound) , Kelvin(balls) ,SteveSic, Satrya, Jenny, Makke (lights), DamienRaven (merch), Thomas (roadie)

Tonight we Pagan-rocked one of our favourite clubs "the Hirsch" in Nurnberg!!
The place rocked like a big fucking bag full of gigantic fecking rocks rolling down a rocky mountain ( ahem... I'm feeling a little ... Dizzy... Could be the ... Errrr... Yes...)
Tomorrow we rock the "Backstage" in Munchen (Muenchen, Munich) 
I think?
Greeeeeeenzzzz and Xxxx

Destruction is easy... but to Heal takes Love...

The Power of Nature, our forest and our friends the birds is really helping us to recover... we will be ready to continue the EARTH WARRIOR world Tour in two days!

XXX Greenthingz on PaganWingz!
Shaman Steve Sic

pic by my favourite Monster ;-)

Time for repairs

Were rolling back to Holland now for a few days of Rest and Recuperation... Time to heal, time to repair...
Like my Stage gilet...Im fixing it now... (I always have a sewing kit in the van to repair our clothes on the road in the loooooong hours of driving.)

Have a good whatever you are having,
Stay in one piece (the eco-revolution needs you),
And remember, the most important energy in the world is Love...
Shaman SteveSic


(As advertised)
Omnia veni vidi paganfolkrocti

Tomorrow morning we get in the vans and drive a whole day on the autobahn back to holland to rest for two days in the forest...
Thank you Ellen for fucking beautifull lights! Respect!
Peace and Greenzzzz
Stenny et Omnia

Good morning Germany!

Tonite we PaganFolkRock the K17 club in BERLIN!

PaganFolk Rock on the Road!

The tour rolls on... We just PaganRocked a completely SOLD OUT Knust in Hamburg! 
The audience was amazing, thank YOU so much! 

Tomorrow we rock the K17 Club in Berlin! 

We're sick, half dead and coughing up blood, but the EarthWarrior tour must go on  

Greeennzzz OMNIA

Picture by Kees Stravers

PaganFolk Rock!...

We PaganFolk Rocked to an ecstatic crowd in a totally packed Matrix Bochum

The German Tour Rocks! Tomorrow we land in the Knust in Hamburg! Fuck YEAH!

XX And lots of greenthingz OMNIA (Really A LOT of Greenthings!)

Picture by Alldark-foto


Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! Share! 


YOUR favourite PaganBand went to play in Mexico ...

But all YOU got was this lousy video ;-)

So YOU might aswell WATCH IT!! 

(and please share it with ALL your friends!)





this beautifull video was made by Daphyd Crow


ps: Yes you can watch it in Germany too!

pps: We are actually on Tour in GERMANY now, check our Agenda!!!

Sick Pagans ... Sill getting better...


pic by the drifter

Sun Hat

Some time ago on the cost of the Pacific ocean
there walked a Dutch girl
on a Mexican beach
in a Spanish shirt
wearing a Korean hat
to protect her from the rays of the Universal sun...

and I took a picture of her ;-)
Shaman SteveSic

Home is where the grass is...

 pic by Tom Riddle

Happy Pagans at Home!!!

You know you've been away from home too long when you find that you REALLY enjoy doing your own washing-up in your own sink!


Ps: Stenny only uses bio-degradable washing products by Ecover

Land Ho!

I see a small flat land ahead of the ship!
After a stormy night of riding the waves we are back in the land of clogs and grass!


on The Long Road Home...

What can I say!?

Picture by.. Rob? ^^

Manchester has been successfully Paganfolked!

Manchester has been successfully Paganfolked!

Manchester has been successfully Paganfolked!

Thankyou for the vibe, for the cheers and for the greenz!
Pic by Thomas de Roadie!

Pagan Woman Power

Look at that! Jenny (still very sick) has to drive the van on the loooong road North to the Sound Control club in Manchester...

When we get there she will get on stage doped on painkillers and ginger-lemon mix and play the most complicated music on her Harp and her Stage piano as well as singing like an Angel and playing the bodhran and jumping around like a Demon with a smile on her face! ( despite the coughing and the nasty illness)

All of this to bring YOU musick and to promote Nature and our Pagan way of life...

Women are so much tougher than men! Especially this one!
(That's why I love her so 

Shaman SteveSic

Mission Accomplished

London has been PaganFolkRocked!!!

Can You feel Alive today?

Very Sick... High Fever... Headache... Couching up flegm... Sore throat...

We gotta drive to the Garageclub in London and get on stage in a few hours...

Time to ring our boss , call in sick and get a replacement to take over...
Oh no, I forgot... We have no boss and there are NO replacements for Omnia 
Ah well! We soldier on! 
And I suppose we will play untill we Die!

Back in Britain

HP sauce?
Malt Vinegar?
Soggy Chips an Mushy Peas?
Pale Ale in Pints?
Left-side o' the road drivin'?
Game o' Darts in the Pub?

Well Bugger me with a Blunt instrument... I seem to be back in Britain!!!

Greenthingz in oceans of nostalgia!
Shaman SteveSic

Pic by Sassafrassszzz

Britain here we come!!!

So my friends… finally we will tour in the land of my fathers… I was born a British subject (and like UB40) NOT proud of it…
and I have been flying my freak-flag as a Dutch national since my 18th year in the land of Oppression free Grass!

BUT…Now I am immensely proud to be able to come and play in the old homeland Albion for all of YOU who are willing to listen!!
We'll be PaganFolkRockin these venues in the coming days!:

 13th November LONDON - in the GARAGE   info here

14th November MANCHESTER - in the SOUND CONTROL  info here

15th November GLASGOW -in the CLASSIC GRAND info here

Most of us are quite sick now with Mexican bowels, American Flue , Planetary Blues and the massive jetlagg is making our brainz bleed… BUT Fuck it!

The EarthWarrior world tour goes on!!

I hope to see as many of you as possible!!
Greenthingz on Worldwide wingzzz
Shaman SteveSic     Pictures by Dunvael Photography /

ps:There are still some tickets available for all three of these shows , but they are going fast!
(although the Show in Glasgow/Scotland still has a lot of tickets left, possibly there are not that many true Pagan Celts living there anymore?  ;-)

pps: if anyone can supply me with some nice greenthingz for my lungs when I'm there I will be MOST gratefull … ahem...

The Road is Long…But we go on

Our bodies have landed back in Europe today (but it feels as if our minds are still floating behind us in between the continents)
Now we have 1 day of rest before we embark upon our tour of England and Scotland to spread the creative chaos…
Being an EARTH WARRIOR and spreading/promoting  BELIEF in the LIVING EARTH is tiring work (which will eventually kill us)but it's oh so neccessary and oh so rewarding!
This planet and all the life upon it is beautifull, sacred and WORTH FIGHTING FOR!
The fight against multinational corporations and mafia-like governmental control carries on!

It warms my heart to hear the tales of civil-disobedience against corrupt and suicidal/genocidal governments, It makes my heart sing to see mass demonstrations against anti-life motherfuckers like Monsanto, worldwide!
Together we carry on!

but not today…
today we rest in each other's arms and dream of palmtrees and fairies and multicoloured flowers and autumn leaves and respect and love…


pic by sic

Bad Faeries Rock!!!

we PaganRocked the venue soo hard that we tore the roof of'f the sucker!!!
(for real)
the crowd was so enthousiastic that entire entire roof tiles came crashing down and cracks appeared!!
what a night!
what a party!

Real life
Real people
Real musick

Now Today we fly to Amsterdam...
and then on to tour Britain!!!


Pic by Kurt Harvilak

Good Faeries...

Last night at Faeriecon (when this pic was taken) was a lovely magical evening as it was the night of the good fairies... 

Tonight we get down to the roots of life with the dark, earthy side of Paganism...

tonight we play the last USA concert of Omnia for this year at the night of the BAD fairies!
Heavens no!
Hell yeah! 
Shaman SteveSic

Pic by the Crow

Neo-Pagan Hotel Altar

We always build a little "traveling Altar" for our weary souls and our personal nature spirits to feel at home wherever we go in our weird lives… It has some things which are constant, but also get added to when we are on a trip (stuff we find or get given by fans and friends) … and on this loooong trip Our hotel altar is getting pretty damn full!
Check it out! ;-)

Greenthingz on non-dogmatic Pagan Wingz!
Stenny       pic by sic

Hello Baltimore Maryland!

Brrrrrr!!! It's cold here!
But we'll soon get the place warmed up at the faerieCon where we play tomorrow! Yeah!

Autumnal thingz on red maple leaf wingzzz!
OMNIA. Pic by Jenny

Good Bye Mazunte!! …

Today we fly back to mexico city to stay one more night in that busy metropolis…
Far away from the awesome beaches and deep jungles of this beautifull continent.
we will miss the cries of the night bugs, the amazing variation of birds, the krokodiles, the lizards..the people… wow!
we will take a small piece of this unique nature with its deep echos of pre-conquistador life in it's bones..

I hear the song of the ancient gods of the sea and the jungle resonate in my heart!
One day it will resonate in a new composition of OMNIA

Mazunte! …Hasda la Proxima!!
XXX Green Jungle thingz on multi-coloured wings!

Shaman SteveSic


(Translate if you don't know Dutch  )

A Pacific Mermaid!!

pic by Sic

The dreadz are Dead!!!

sweeny todd goes tropical!

Mexican nose-burn

pic by sic

Happy Halloween in different time-zones!!

Day of the Dead...
Blackthingz, Mezcal and XXX
Shaman SteveSic

Mexico after sundown

Night of the Days of the Dead...

XX Omnia
Pic by Sic

Can YOU feel Alive today?

Yoga on the Beach at the break of day!

XXX and Beach-thingz!
OMNIA on Holiday

pic by Sic

Shitty life of a musician part 56

Life is hard in Mazunte!

Omnia found Jesus!

So today we flew back to mexico city! we've checked into our hotel (one of the oldest in mexico apparently) and have decided to go for some Italian food , Mexican style! (For a change)
We've just placed our orders with Jesus (our friendly waiter) and happily are awaiting our culinary delights!
Omnia holiday in mexico starts today!!


After Tequila - morning faces

My band seems to be hungover... Hehehe!

Sic et Omnia

Mexico nosotros también te amamos.

Picture by Lorena Yellow Shark Music*art

Ps. We hebben bier met WORM!!! Xxx OMNIA

Time for a new Hat?

whaddaya think?

OMNIA (pic by Jenny)

tonight we play in Torreon!

Gracias Saltillo!!

Tomorrow Torreon, now some rest... Peace!

Pic by Sassefrontofhousesepas

Que pasa?

Gringos in Saltillo!
Tonight we play...
Pic by tonto


Flying in a TINY mexican plane across the vast mexican land to get to Saltillo...
We are NOT worried at all!



Nachos, Salsa, Indio, Corona, a fresh Margherita...

A good end to a hard days work 
Life in Los Mochis is great!
Thank you dear audience for a lovely gig and for sharing the Pagan life with us! 

See that stage?

It's a mexican stage
See those trees?
They are mexican trees
See those beautifull people?
They are Mexican people
See those tiny little pagans?
That us... In Culiacan!
Fuck yeah!
XXX and peace


Pic by Sascha the Pascha

press conference

Now press conference..
Tonight, we Pagan-Rock!! 


Dreadlock Soldiers in Mexico




What can I say?
It fucking kicks ass!
We're having a luvly time
First festival show here in Culiacan tomorrow!
Omnia   pic by Jenny

11 and a half hours flight to mexico city...

Long delays at passport control... Nearly missed connection...
Hasty change over...
In a train in a bus to another airport and another
2 and a half hours flight to culiacan,
A day of 13000 km ,Lots of waiting, lots of forms filled out, lots of serious men and women in uniforms in various places along the way who wanted to see our : luggage, passports, tickets, my head, our instruments... ( I even played a quick fidherahuri on whistles to show that they arent weapons of mass destruction 
Now we are safe in hotel and FINALLY go to sleeeeeeeeeeep!
Hasda manjana!

MEXICO!!! Here we come!

Picture by Radagast the Brown

You can tell me that it's wrong...

Too much whiskey too much song!


Picture by Nouzie - Photography

Another day, another festival!

Yesterday we rocked Zeist,
Today we Rock the Gothic fair in Rijswijk,
Tomorrow we fly to Mexico,
Keep smiling!!!

Gigz in Holland!

Stoner Monkeys!
Stay calm and share your bananas! 

Greenz OMNIA


the Playing Time for OMNIA- EARTH WARRIOR show in "de Peppel" Tomorrow has CHANGED!

(Please share this message with anyone you know who is going there!)

Due to a miscommunication the website of "De Peppel" club in zeist has made a mistake and advertised the WRONG playing-time for the OMNIA show!

the times SHOULD be:

Doors open: 20:00 houres
Start concert: 20:30 houres

So please DONT BE LATE! ;-)
We will try to get their doors open as early as possible to avoid the chaos we had there last year ;-)
 it would be so sad if any of you miss the first part of the show due to bureaucratic mistakes :-(

So... if you're going there...  See you tomorrow!!

Peace and Greenthingz!


That's the energy that binds us together!


picture by Sweet Wisdom

The OMNIA­ Earth Warrior album tour, will YOU be there?

The busy 2014 festival season is almost over, so it's time for the (even busier)

OMNIA EARTH WARRIOR album tour to start!

What can you expect from OMNIA at these shows?

Only what you have always gotten from OMNIA ever since we started...

Pure PaganFolk, Honest Musick, Original Compositions brought to you with life, truth and

enthousiasm... The soundtrack of our life...

The setlist will be made up of songs from the new album EARTH WARRIOR, because

when OMNIA says they will do an "Album tour" ... we actually mean it ! ;­)

And ofcourse we will be including many of the all time favourite OMNIA songs that you

love so much in there aswell... so... it is gonna be a looong set!

HOLLAND (start and finish!)

the first try­out show as well as the very last closing show of the tour will be in Holland...

18.october 2014 try­out set! EARTH WARRIOR TOUR De Peppel, Zeist (NL)


13.december2014 Final Show! EARTH WARRIOR TOUR De Meester, Almere (NL)

MEXICO (new territory!)

Because we will be playing in front of a very new audience In mexico on large festivals we

have chosen to do a special festival set with extra songs from the EarthWarrior album!

22.october.2014 Culiacan Sinaloa, MEXICO 

23.october.2014 Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Concha Acústica "EVA", MEXICO

25.october.2014 Saltillo Coahuila,MEXICO

26.october.2014 Torreon Coahuila “Plaza Principal”, MEXICO

USA (now its the EastCoast's turn!)

And because we will also be playing in front of a very new audience on the EAST COAST

of the US we have chosen to do a special festival set at FaerieCon with extra songs from

the EarthWarrior album thrown in for good measure!


8.november.2014 EARTH WARRIOR festival show FaerieCon, Maryland (USA)

BRITAIN (OMNIA in ALBION!... at last!)

For the first time EVER Omnia will be touring in Great Britain!

I have personally looked forward for a long time to playing infront of an audience who can

actually speak the same language as me in the land of my forefathers, so this will be a


13.november.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Garage, London (UK)

14.november.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Sound Control, Manchester (UK)

15.november.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Classic Grand, Glasgow (UK)

GERMANY (like a home from home! with our friend Kelvin!)

In Germany our dear friend Kelvin Kalvus will be joining us on the tour to amaze the

audience with his magical stage presence on stage (and to help us party like pagans

when we're off stage) to make these shows even more memorable for YOU and for US



27.november.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Matrix, Bochum (DE)

28.november.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Knust, Hamburg (DE)

29.november.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR K17, Berlin (DE)

3.december.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Jokus, Giessen (DE)

4.december.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Hirsch, Nürnberg (DE)

5.december.2014 EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Backstage, München (DE)



AUSTRIA (just because we can!)

we have decided to make a quick trip into Austria (because we are already

close to the border then) to play on a cute little mittelalter festival where our

friends from In Extremo and Corvus Corax are also playing, just to give our

Austrian fans a taste of real PaganFolk aswell!


06.12.2014 EARTH WARRIOR festival show club VAZ, St Pölten (AT)


WE will be doing our very best to get to YOU... so we may celebrate Life and the Living


So this is what our coming months look like... how about yours?

And we hope to see YOU on one or more of these shows!


Greenthingz on PlanetWide Wingz!

Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA

OMNIA's PaganFolk-Rock on tour... Nu Ook in NEDERLAND verkrijgbaar!

Yes folks!
believe it or not we are actually playing some shows in Holland next week!

"Noooo!?" cries the confused populace of the Netherland ... "really!?... surely you must be joking?"

nope... no joke (although we apparently play more festivals in mexico than in cloggyland this year... and we live in cloggyland... what a world!)

starting with the very first try-out show for the "EARTH WARRIOR" tour on:
18th octobre in de Peppel in Zeist NL

followed the day after by an OMNIA festival show on:
19th octobre in Gothic fantasy beurs in Rijswijk NL

So see you there!
Greenthingz, Tulips, Cheese and Grass!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

OMNIA unplugged

This is Omnia playing an acoustic Poetree- set at dreamharps for Jenny's dad Hans's 80th birthday!

Pic by gopro hanging from a lamp :)

Jenny and her Dad...

Jenny's father Hans has now become 80 years old!
So we played musick for him and party at Dreamharps!
Many Cheers and Many years to all!
Stenny and OMNIA
Pic by Sic


We are Getting our work visa's for MEXICO today!!!
Yo! Mariachi's del OMNIA on our way VERY soon!!!
Greenz and Caramba!

Pic by mezcalman

Pagan Rites...

(an explanation)

Q: "What is that strange ritual thingy you do before the show at each concert??

We get a lot of questions about what we do... (I think OMNIA has to be the band with the absolute maximum of questionmarks and WTF? to it's name)
And Although most of what we do and think is really impossible to explain (it's like trying to explain the effect of LSD to somebody who has never tripped before or explaining the feeling of snorkeling with wild fish to someone who has never seen the ocean) BUT some things I can at least try to explain...

You see Jenny and myself are pretty hardcore Pagans, We believe with an unshakable faith in the existence of Nature spirits (in whichever form you find comfortable) that regulate and guide the processes of life on this this beautifull world. Just as much as we believe in the energy, soul and mind that resides inside ourselves and inside all living things (and yes even in some humans! although sadly most of them are ofcourse just pityfull, blind, un-dead zombies)
Because we suffer quite a few limitations in our freedom  and bad consequences to our ideologies due to the fact that we live on a planet full of ignorant monkeys, we are not afraid to show our faith and to make use of it's benefits whenever we can.
(to make a nice balance as it were)

So as a Crazy-Pagan Nature-Shaman I get to play and communicate with loads of nature energies in all sorts of interesting ways. Sometimes to Heal, sometimes to Harm.. Sometimes for serious matters, sometimes for fun.Sometimes to make Chaos, Sometimes to make Unity...

The ritual I do with OMNIA on stage at the end of our soundcheck/line check before the show starts is a prime example of oldschool ChaosMagick fused with ancient PaganRitual.
First a state of light trance is induced in myself by slow drum rythms, monotone sounds and singing the energy points in my body awake, (some would call them chakra's) then a sacred "working space" is made by encompassing the stage in Octagrams drawn in the air all around us... while chanting  a basic music-mantra (and that's "Octa"-grams I use ... not "Penta"-grams)  then... with the final finishing chant the energy of the surrounding place/people/universe is drawn down into the stage and focused forwards onto the place where the crowd (that's YOU) stands.

This ritual preparation is to ensure that:
-The confused energy and warped motivations of all who came on stage before us is gone, leaving it spiritually "clean"
-so that The life energy of the crowd can pass freely onto the stage and be mixed with the living musick energy of OMNIA
-so that The (now mixed) energy of our musick and the crowd can be blasted back into all the people at the ritual/concert ... thus creating that feeling of " YEAH! I'm ALIVE!!" that WE and YOU feel when we share an OMNIA concert together.
(it's a group thing ya know!)

There ... that is my humble explanation to at least ONE of your questions about OMNIA and what we do...

Greenthingz on Ritual wingz
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA    
picture by /

Jenny Lunch!

1 avocado
1/2 a mango
1/2 a banana

and a cup of organic Earl grey tea with almond milk and some raw cane sugar


what did you have?

Stenny        pic by Jamie Sic Oliver

No Blog

Due to distraction by life there will be NO blog today

here's a backstage picture by Jarwinbenadar




Danke MPS!!! 2014 war gans geil! Bis zum naechstes Jahr!!!

the HohenLockstedt MPS festival was GREAT! We were sick and miserable on the long road there, but all the positive energy that surrounded us from our friends and our fans just gave us the energy to do anothermassed Shamanic group musick-ritual together with YOU! (aka an OMNIA concert)
I didn't jump around  on the wonderfull, brand new stage, because I was worried I would faint... we didn't sign cd's at night , because our energy was finished at the end of the night.
But the LOVE was thick in the air and the GOOD VIBE was felt all around.
Thank You so much for your support, for your understanding, for your energy and for the joy of life we share together!  
Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA (safe back in holland... we rest now)

picture by Michael Meister

Enjoying in the sun...

Enjoying the show from our very good Extremely funny friends of Pampatut at the sunny mps Hohenlockstedt ... Just before we go to prepare for our own show on the festival buhne...
Our last MPS show for this year!!!!!


We drove north all day...
Now we relax at our friend cassandra's place...
There's a bath!!!

Check out our new picture galleries from POLAND!

I put on some amazing live pictures online last night, but also some "behind the scenes" pictures made by ourselves... ( made in Warsaw and Krakow )

Check them out here

Hope you like them...;)
Now we're off to MPS HOLO... See you guys there!


Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA

Live picture(s) by Dunvael

Gnarf...Uuurghh...Hatsjieeee...snotter...snif... bweeeeuurgh!

Status report OMNIA after Poland tour:

Satrya= Sick
Rob= Sick
Daphyd= physically broken
Jenny=Sick and physically broken
Sic= Sick and physically broken

eeeeeermmm?... so we are playing on an open-air festival in Northern Germany on Saturday?  (MPS HohenLockstedt !)
err?... so that's another whole day in a car on the motorway tomorrow?

possibly we will NOT do a normal OMNIA "meet and greet" signing session in the cold straight after the concert on Saturday...
Just so you know... forgive us... we love you all, but we don't want to die...yet

Just ask us for autographs and pictures if you see us walking around on the festival during the day-time ok?


pic by that nakedPagan


says it all doesn't it?


pic by Charles Foster Kane

Home is where your razor is

Well... we're back home again
almost 3000 kilometres of roads in 6 days
that was our first (but definately not last) trip to Poland

we're all feeling a little rough
but we is again home

time for a shave...and sleep till friday when we climb back into the vans again!


pic by Sic

Rolling Rolling Rolling

The Black Pearl and the Blue Diamond still on the loooooong way home from Poland to Holland...

Flying Pagans!!!

Yesterday was extremely EPIC for us...

We are apparently much more popular in poland than we realised..
Its really weird! There were 1000 + beautifull people in the club Stodola in Warsaw. And when got on stage and started playing the whole venue went WYLD!!!
During the first song the crowdsurfers started and they didnt stop!? (And most of them were even gorgeous polish babes!)
The crazy people there knew all the words to our songs! they clapped ,sang , danced and screamed like we have never seen before. So ofcourse We went absolutely bananas on stage ! It was surreal!!!
After the show the signing session went on for 1 and a half hours non stop untill the club closed!
The organisers were as sweet as polish candy, the people were as tasty as Zubrovka, I made friends with a beautifull wolf and her amazing family xxx... Its nice to know that after all these years I can still get exited like a little child at a NEW experience like Poland...
Krakov , Warsaw ... Wow!!!
When everything was over we were drained and exhausted...
But together with YOU
Last night we FLEW!!!



pic by Romana Makówka


Vegetarian Breakfast Roomservice brought to our hotel by the organisation!!??

Oskar Kolbergs Folk festival you have earned an OMNIA 5 star seal of approval!
And Pepe Cuisine... You have made an oldschool Pagan very Happy!
Now we are ready for the long drive home
Shaman Steve Sic et Omnia
I'll blog some more later about what happened last night...
We Love Poland!!!!


Long miles over the rough and broken Polish road between Krakov and Warsaw...
Got to get to the club on time to play!

Polish people fucking ROCK!!

This club made more noise and energy then a whole fucking Festival. Wauw!!! 

Tomorrow Warsaw


Picture by Sas


Mr.Fluffy make Art!

Me just drew Stenny sleepingg...
They are underneat these pwetty gurlsz (dats how Stenny always sleeep)
You like my Drawwing?
XXX and squishy hug
Painthing by mr.Fluffy
Photo by G.Klimt

Pffff... How far is it to Poland???

Early Pagans On the road to Poland!

Our two day journey to Krakov and Warsaw starts today!!!
Stenny (yawn!) and (most of) the Omnia gang

Wonderfull OMNIA Fan- ART part2

OMNIA has gotten tonnes of unique presents from friends and fans over the years , a lot of which are self-made Artistic expressions based on OMNIA and her unique form of PaganFolk musick.

The amounts of stunning ART are just piling up here in the stenny studio and I think it would be interesting to share some of these amazing works of ART with YOU...

Like this beautifull drawing/watercolour we got from Emilie

(one of many which she has given us over the years and which now adorn the walls of the stenny studio-office)

As always Brilliant!!!


Greenthingz on Artistic wingzzzz

Shaman SteveSic

One Pagan, Two Wild Pussies!

NEW photogallery online!

Check out Shaman SteveSic with "Tiger und Mauser" as well as other ridiculous backstage pictures from Selb (taken by Sic, Jenny and Daphyd)  on our online Gallery!!




(pic by Jenny)


Wonderfull OMNIA Fan- ART

OMNIA has gotten tonnes of presents from friends and fans over the years , a lot of these things are self-made Artistic expressions about OMNIA and her unique form of PaganFolk musick.
The amounts of stunning ART are just piling up here in the stenny studio and I think it would be interesting to share some of these amazing works of ART with YOU...

Like this beautifull drawing we got yesterday in Borken from a girl called Selene...


Greenthingz on Artistic wingzzzz
Shaman SteveSic

MPS Borken PaganRocked!!





Live Pic on Stage by the GoPro on the end of Satrya's guitar!

The Climate is F*cked beyond repair... (well, almost)


but MAYBE we can still do something about it before it's too late...
and You can start by Signing this petition!




OMNIA and Noodle the Poodle in the USA!!

Because so many of you are very interested in what we do on tour, and because we like to give YOU what you ask for..


Here is a short impression of what we did this july 2014 on our second trip to Faerieworlds festival  in Oregon, USA.


Filmed and edited by Daphyd the Crow...

Assisted by Sic the Raven

Greenthingzzzz and Enjoy!


The Big Black Bird Brothers ;-)



P.s. Our ”I Don’t Speak Human” Music-Video is also available in Germany now, check it out on our Youtube channel! 

Naked Pagans in the Woods

We just put a really cute USA holiday video online on our YOU TUBE channel containing movies of the rest of the band and crew naked, because you usually only get to see me or Jenny in the nudd...
(are you subscribed yet by the way?... no?... SUBSCRIBE HERE! )
BUT sadly one of the more ridiculous internet-police organisations called GEMA
blocked it straight away...   so we will try to post it again tomorrow using our special anti-internet-fascist gun to blast away those pesky censors!

(watch this space tomorrow and keep your finger crossed!)

Greenthingz and Nature Love!
Stenny and the Wyld bunch         

(picture by Ronja Røverdatter)

Holiday is Over!!

We had a great holiday in the beautifull countryside of Selb this year...
And a Brilliant Festival Mediaval experience!! 
Our dear friends Blacky and his entire family and crew have made us feel sooooo welcome and at home again for the seventh year already! 
Each year the bond between us, the festival and YOU the audience becomes stronger and stronger! This is a truly magical gathering once a year...
a true musical and philosophical tradition for us!
OFCOURSE We shared our stageshow with our fellow psychonauts Kelvin Kalvus and the incomparable Yulya... 
Ofcourse Makke did the BEST light show EVER!
Unexpectedly I got to shoot a real flintlock pistol together with "bombadil the mad"on a rum soaked pirate raft!
Happily, We jammed in the backstage with the grandfathers of true Irish Folk... the Dubliners (Dublin Legends) and the wonderfull people of "Irdorath"
Greedily we bought tonnes of handmade mittelalter and fantasy stuff on the great market!
Traditionally We met and chilled with thousands of cool , sweet and wonderfull people...
In one word it was:

And now we drive home again... Brrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm!
Thank you Festival Mediaval!!!
For now and for ever...
We are bound by heart and soul!!
See you all again next year!
Shaman SteveSic and the whole OMNIA family!

Ps: (We'll post a whole gallery of pics for your enjoyment soon!)

Jamming in the backstage with the Dubliners

at Festival-Mediaval

Like a dream come true...    


Picture by CrowPro!


Fuck yeah! 

Today we played, tomorrow we go and meet all the fans!!
Meet and greet 15:00 hours at the OMNIA stand, main stage area. 
Where we will sign your CD's, Bags, Boobs, Shoes, dogs, whatever...

Goodnight, .. now we sleep! 


Pic by, Tom Bombadil


We are HOME again, at one of our favorite festivals ever!! 

Look! We even got personalized mugs!! 
7 years Mediaval, and many many many more to go... 

See ya on stage at 7pm  


What does OMNIA do on holiday?

Part 5

having a nude Stenny photoshoot in the forest ;-)


pic by Pippin Galadriel Moonchild

What does OMNIA do on holiday?

part 4

Practicing ALL the new songs for the EARTHWARRIOR WORLD TOUR!!!
(Which will be awesome!!!)


Pic by Thunderfinger on Crow’sPro

What does OMNIA do on holiday

Part 3 

Hairdressing with the boyzz


What does OMNIA do on holiday?

part 2

Sing songs around the campfire while enjoyng the bounties of nature...


Pic by the eagle

What does OMNIA do on holiday?

part one

Taking pictures of mushrooms in the forest

Grreeenzz and Fungus!

pic by Sic

Holiday! Celebrate!

We're on holiday ... 

So I'm NOT blogging!...

We are NOT here...

You are NOT reading this...

In fact this does not exist...

You are probably just imagining this!

No Greenz No Blog No worries!!!


( for five whole days!!)



MPS Öjendorf and OMNIA!

The tribes of freaks all together... Wow! 
Thanx so much for your energy and your PaganSpirit!
Now we are enjoying the day by crawling through traffic jams on the motorway to Selb...

Greenz From YOUR OMNIA...
(On the road)

Picture by Michael Meister

Last night we Rocked

Today we roll
Tonight we Rock again

Rollin Rollin Rollin' Rawhide!
1000 km counting down...
(The things we do for fans!)

Ps: thank the gods the crew is still fresh and active!

Mr.Happy and mr.Fluffy on stage togetha!!!!!!



Oh Dear... I'm feeling a little hoarse

Bad Puns and Concerts Galore this weekend!
I wonder what kind of fans we'll meet this weekend!?
Today it's Celtic Night Geluwe in Belgium with Joe
Tomorrow it's MPS Öjendorf in Germany
and for us that means about a 1000 kilometres of motorway as well as two full concerts in 2 days...

Greeeeenz and BRRRRMMMMM!

Joe "King" Hennon back on the OMNIA stage!!!

Yes Folks! After many many years finally...
Our good friend,the original OMNIA GUITAR PLAYER JOE HENNON will be joining us as a guest  Tomorrow in Geluwe, Belgium at the Celtic Night festival

After appearing as a guest-musician on OMNIA's latest CD "EARTH WARRIOR" the incomparable DADGAD player Joe will also come and join us on stage again to celebrate PaganLife and the Love of Nature TOGETHER!
... Joe had the opportunity to take some time out from his busy job as Enviromental spokesperson for the E.U. (he's and EXECUTIVE EARTH WARRIOR!) to come jam with us...
SO...for the first time in 4 years the original pagan folk rockers are together again for this VERY SPECIAL occasion!

We are really going to have a great time together with TWO amazing guitar players!!!

Come join us if you're able to ... for this very rare moment indeed!

Greenthingzzz on Guitar stringzzz!!

Happy Face :-)

This is what a good Pagan life looks like
(and you know... it still does)

Pic of Jenny in 2003 by Sic

Greenz , Nature-Love and Flowers

"Please come to Mexico!!" well kids... OMNIA IS GOING TO MEXICO!!!

After sooooo many of you asking us... it makes me very happy to finally be able to say:   YES my dears! ...
we are going to play on 4 festivals IN MEXICO.. THIS YEAR!!

22 October: Culiacan Sinaloa,  Mexico “Concha Acústica”
23 October: Los Mochis Sinaloa, Mexico “Parque Las Riveras”

25 October: Saltillo Coahuila, Mexico “Plaza de Armas”
26 Ocober: Torreon Coahuila “Plaza Principal”

the concerts are all free concerts as part of the “Festival Cultural Sinaloa 2014” and “Festival Internacional de las Artes, Julio Torri, Coahuila 2014”

so it will allso work for CANADA, BRAZIL, FRANCE , AUSTRALIA etc.

We're going to MEXICO! Ayayayayay! Caramba!
bring on the Tequila and the Bonitas!!!


Time rolls on like a river

And all we can do is just...

"go with the flow"

Shaman SteveSic                (picture by Jenny)


Is where the audience is... :-)

Thank YOU MPS Speyer! 


This is us having an AMAZING dinner!!

At the wonderfull restaurant of our old friends Verena ,Markus and Kay ( in wachenheim an der weinstrasse )
We are stuffed with great food, fantastic wine and loads of Pagan Hospitality!  
The good cheer on this birthday of Daphyd will make our gig tomorrow even better!!

Happy Birthday Daphyd!!!

Today is Daphyd's birthday and we are celebrating it because we love him!
The DidgeMan of OMNIA has been blessed with another Year on this beautifull planet and another year of beautifull shows with YOU!

Please send him all your best Birthday wishes on the web...
and if you want to congratulate him personally then you will have the chance tomorrow when we play on the MPS festival in Speyer
So tomorrow we will have a live Daphyd "Happy Birthday party" on the stage (you will be expected to sing)  as well as in the backstage and in the hotel afterwards!  
(and ofcourse all pretty backstage babes are welcome to join us! ;-) )

Greenthingz and PAAARTYYYYYY!!!!

picture by Erwin van Dijck

Backstage babes just wanna have fun!

Any Comments?

Greenthingz on pretty little Butterflywingz!

picture of the very MetroSexual Satryana (guitars) Thomessa (Roadie) and Daphydella (Didge)   
by Bernd Sonntag

Ice Bucket Challenge - Ice Fuckit Challenge...

(making money, maiming animals and media bullshit)

I like Pamela Anderson (and not just because she works hard for PETA and looked awesome as Barb Wire)
BUT because she absolutely REFUSED to join this celebrity ice-bucket nonsense that has vomited its commercial bullshit all over the many tentacled media web.
Don't confuse charity with Narcissism and big business
These pitifully soft-masochistic IceBucket gestures are there to make even more money for some the richest evil EarthMotherFucking companies on the planet...  who use it to torture and maim intelligent creatures in a futile bid to find a cure for a completely obscure and pitifully insignificant disease ...(before you start whining,  Animal testing medicine does NOT work in more than 90% of all known cases)...
and.. raising money for medical research?... as if they didn't have enough cash and fake-cures allready in those companies?, right? GlaxoSmithKlein? Bayer?

and now every fake-assed celebrity and popularity-pole wannabe is doing "the IceBucket challenge"... oooh! ... big fucking deal!
 Prostituted bumboys like Bieber and Mass Murderers like Bush are falling over themselves to get their over-publicised ugly faces in the media in a hopeless attempt to seem real and to gain more popularity...
It makes me SICK!  BWUUEEERGH!!!!

 The world is dying at an incredibly fast rate due to Climatic change brought on by human greed. There are so many worthy causes and issues to fight for and all the media whores do is try to distract us from these important issues.
With mass-campaigns to fund fictional cures for insignificant diseases that kill less people WORLDWIDE per YEAR than Lightning strikes for fuck's sake!
take a look at these figures:

 IceBucket sponsored  "A.L.S disease"  = approx. 14.000 deaths per year worldwide

SO How about?:

Lightning strikes = approx. 24.000 deaths per year
 (Icebuckets against lightning?)

Polluted Drinking Water =  approx. 750.000 deaths per year
(Ice buckets against bad water?)

Traffic accidents =  approx.1.500.000 deaths per year
(Ice buckets against cars?)

Wrong medication = approx. 2.000.000 deaths per year !!!???
(Icebuckets against medical companies?)

Alcohol= approx. 2.500.000 deaths per year!!!
(Icebuckets against alcohol?)

Hypothermia = approx. 500.000 deaths per year
(Ice buckets against Ice?!!)

Fucking media-mad wankers! Just keep on pretending that you are doing something usefull and keep your eyes firmly closed against reality...

my advice to anyone who wants to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge" is this:

Just Freeze the water in the bucket SOLID and then drop the whole fucking bucket on your head! Now THAT will make the world a better place!

Peace Love and sparkly camera-clicky smiles!
Shaman SteveSic    


My beloved Black Bouzouki LUNA is no more...
She was named "Luna" after the MOON and the hauntingly beautifull Harp-tune "Luna" about the transition between life and death written by Jenny in 2002
(which appeared on OMNIA's "crone of war" album).
Luna was built in 2004 by Heiner Dreizehnter and has played on nearly every OMNIA album ever recorded... as well as uncountable OMNIA concerts all over the world.

BUT last weekend, the SchlossHoff festival was her LAST gig...

It was almost as if suddenly she had lost the will to live and tried to end it all...
Even though she played brilliantly as always, Luna ALMOST fell off her stand on stage TWICE during the show (saved once by me, once by Daphyd).
It was a wonderfull gig, but after the show was done, as I carried her off stage down some wet stairs in the rain... she literally jumped out of my rain-slicked hand and went crashing into the heavy steel staircase like a moth diving into a flame.
I screamed "NOOOOoooooooo!!!!" as the sickening crunch of splintered wood signalled the death of 10 years of musickal friendship... I was so shocked that I didn't dare look at her closely untill I had packed all my other instruments ... when I had worked up the courage to check the damage I saw that her beautifull body had split!!
 I was so upset/ fucked up, that for the first time since I can remember I didn't go out to meet fans and sign CD's after the show (sorry for that guys and girls)
Her body still resonating with the accumulated cheers of hundreds of thousands of OMNIA fans will be consigned to the flames and I will ritually saw off her head (which I designed myself) and place it on our house Altar to remind me of
All the good times we had together...
All the songs we wrote together...
All the PaganFolk Musick we made together...

gone forever
and I grieve...

Shaman SteveSic

Yeah baby! Welcome to the Omnian battlefield...

Here's a rapid look through the scope of the Daphyd Didgerizooka! We sure did blow up some minds this weekend. We played two awesome shows at the Schlosshof Festival and, today, the first MPS in Aach (near the beautiful Lake Constanze). Now we are completely exhausted and ready to crash in our rural guesthouse in Tuttlingen. 

Have a good night....

XXX Saat, Jenny, Daphyd and Omnia

pic of Alea der Bescheidene and Rob by DaphydCrowPro

Greenz on the road

To carry on the vegetables-theme..
If anyone happens to have any Swiss or Dutch greenthingz to share at Aach we will be most gratefull! 

And today the OMNIA circus will land on the sunny MPS Aach Festival to bring you Musickal joy, happiness and the end of civilisation as we know it!
Greeeeeeeenzzzzz and Weapons of mass deconstruction!

Apres Show Food!

Thankyou Schlosshof!!! Great Gig AND good Vegan food after the show!! 
We dont get that
...normally I have to starve at festivals or just munch some lettuce because they usually only have Concentration Camp meat (which I cannot eat, because it is anti- life and taboe for my living soul)
But here it is! Good food after a great gig... Me happy!
Schlosshoff ROCKS!
Shaman SteveSic

Schlosshof is great!

All the girls are wet!

Tonite we Rock together with our friends from Saltatio Mortis
( Lasterbalk and the boys say hi!)



Now we eat!!!
Yum yum!....XX Omnia

On the road again!

The Rat-Mobile (previously known as the blackpearl) is packed with all our black packing cases and bags ... we are ready to go go! ( guess who the colourfull bag belongs to)

Schlosshoff festival AND..
MPS-Aach festival get ready for some real PaganFolk, 'cause here we come!!


Now... We RIDE!!!

Goverments just love to kill in the name of Humanity...

Every free-living European bear is a jewel that shines in the crown of nature.
When the creatures of the wild die.. the light of life is extinguished for all...

please help a mother and sign this petition here
Greenz and Live Bears!
Shaman SteveSic

"looks like Merch is back on the menu!"

Check out the OMNIA online WEBSHOP ...
-all the shirts have been updated!
-the Earth warrior hoodies are back in the store!
-all the shirt pictures have been redone by a top Pagan Fashion-photographer ;-)
-with (homegrown) Pagan Photo-models: Myrthe Fortuna and Damien Raven

OMNIA                    (pic by Sic)


Yo Peeps ...'just put a bitchin' new Photo Gallery Online!!
Check out the amazing live-pics of us and our audience at Telgte
all pics are by our old friend with the camera
...the gentleman in the bowlerhat...

... Kees Stravers!  (of the official "OMNIA paparazzi" team)

find them HERE 


Gopro in the Volvo

On the way home...


MPS, Fuck yeah!

I don't know how it's possible, but every mps rocks us and the audience big time! We had a great evening, under the trees... Ok, there was some mud... But NO RAIN! Yeah! We had some great moments with the audience, mps, we love you! 

Greenzz, OMNIA 

Ps, we are all drunk, good night!  

GoPro picture by #GoPro

Rollin' rollin' rollin'CHEESE!!!

See ya at da PaganFolkShow!


PaganFolkRockers on the stage!

Tomorrow we play the MPS festival in Telgte!

Yeah!!! Live PaganFolk music on the road again! we have rested for days and days and we're ready to gogo!
So if you are living anywhere near Telgte or if you live far away but have your own private helicopter or something ("get too daa Choppa!") then please come and join
Rob, Daphyd, Satrya, Jenny and myself ...

and together we can get our freak on and rock out! ... Pagan Style!!

We hope to see many of you lovely people in front of the stage during the concert (showtime is 19:00 houres)  and  we hope to meet many of you beautifull people after the gig!!

Greenthingz and XXX
Shaman SteveSic OMNIA                   (pic by strong Ivy)

Hurdygurdy & flute moments of the past...

XX and Greenz
Stenny                                    (pic by ? taken at ? in the year?)

It's Photoshoot time again!

Today we were shooting pics for the OMNIA webshop...  we had some GREAT models in front of the camera today!  (Although they looked kind of familiar ... being Damien Raven and Myrthe Fortuna ... my own kids!)
You will see the results in our webshop... no not yet!... but very soon... when we are finished selecting them and uploading and stuff and such...)
But it was nice to be a fashion-photographer today!

anyway... have a good whatever you're having!
SteveSic  (aka: Daddy)      ...pic by the wicked stepmother...


Look!  I found another old OMNIA picture!!
This was  taken while we were peforming at a recital-evening of romantic prose at the "let's all be friends" community centre for the "Christian womens poetry and nitting society"'s annual celebration evening...

I think...

though I could be mistaken .... mmm?

Sic                            (pic by mr/mrs M. Manson)


Sometimes it can be hard to be a Pagan "RockStar"... no seriously!... don't laugh!... ;-)  ... actually, you do build up a a lot of stress during touring and that tends to get stuck in your body... So we take as much time to relax as possible :-)
 Sometimes it can be great to have a little help from some friends who have the skills to help you chill out and heal the body...  friends like Kaat (Kati Ran massage) ... whom you may recognise from playing the role of "Gaia" in theOMNIA- "Earth Warrior" video clip!

She's now helping Jenny to get rid of some of that tightness...

Take good care of yourself! (with or without help from others)
take time to ...relax

Stenny and Kaat

TRUE LOVE... a short story...

This weekend I'm hanging around on a festival called FolkWoods... I'm happy on my own... I am soooo sick of relationships! I have heard and done it all and have NO belief left in the honesty of people (Girls AND Boys!) and I do NOT believe in Love anymore ... so I just hang around minding my own business ... just "being"content... but one thing nags me though...

 Yesterday I saw HER... damn! ... a beautifull red-headed woman, who immediately caught my eye ... she even plays the HARP for feck's sake!!... (I love the Harp)... NO! Down Steve!... no more relationships!... you know it never works out!...
I have been avoiding her... I do NOT want to talk to yet another disappointment...

(But SteveSic won't listen will he?)

He will go and talk to that girl eventually... this afternoon (after walking past her 4 or 5 times to gather enough courage to actually say "Hi")
Later he'll explain a bit of acrobatics and poi-use to her while they chat and laugh about life, folk music , nature and ... stuff... (doing the whole "tennis teacher" thing , "yes you hold your hand like so... and turn this shoulder like that... and tilt your head like that" ... etc.)
She is here with her good friend Joe from the traditional folk band Shantalla... they play a great gig... She will ask me to come and watch her other friends of the Folk Band Rapalje play a set...I will do that and there we'll dance.... GODS! she's beautifull!... her voice is like musick!... and I will fall hopelessly , head over heels, totally braindead, "kill me now, my life is over" IN -LOVE with her...

I will tell her she is the most beautifull girl I have ever met in my life (I will actually mean it this time)
She probably thinks that I'm a smooth talker just chatting her up ... but still she smiles back at me (I melt away inside as my legs turn to jelly and the sun shines in my head)
She has to leave the festival though... in an hour or so... to give a lesson to one of her harp students.... (NOOOooooooooo! Feck! Damn! ...the clouds turn black and it starts to rain in my head as I curse my own stupidity)
BUT maaaaybe she can come back later this evening... only... she hasn't got a place to sleep then... (Oh?)
 I will tell her that she is more than welcome to share my tent if she comes back... just to sleep like... (ho hum...) she will think about it... and leaves..

So I will wait... and stare at the entrance of the festival ground... I will wait and curse myself for being so weak and letting my heart out of it's cage... I will wait and die a thousand deaths because she is NOT coming back... I will wait and nervously sip my beer , but not wanting to get drunk, because she will come back and I don't want to act like an idiot... I will wait eventhough she won't come...
I will wait ... untill a small excruciatingly beautifull girl dressed all in Black, flowing skirts and Irish woollen shawl...with long red hair and eyes that sparkle like a lake in a forest glade...comes into the festival tent where I stand debating with myself... and she will come up to me and smile (and the Sun will come out again even though it's night)...
We will talk as if we've always known each other (which is true)... we will kiss, because there really is no power in the universe that can prevent this happening... as we kiss the festival fades away... the people disappear... the starts shine in our heads... the universe collapses and is re-born... we will kiss and become complete...
 We just met (although we have always known each other) and we will be together from that day on... within 5 months we will be married ...

This story takes place exactly 12 years ago...
This is the heart and soul of OMNIA and all that motivates it...

That girl ...the one that I will talk to today (twelve years ago) is Jenny...
and she is the reason that I KNOW that there is such a thing as TRUE LOVE...

and in our case this true LOVE led to the MUSICK that YOU CHOOSE!
OMNIA MUSICK!... made with 100% pure LOVE!

The Folkwoods festival doesn't exist anymore...
But the flame that was lit there still burns brightly!

This is HERE... This is NOW... This is REAL!
Real Musick for Real People!

Greenthingz and XXX


More Polish shows have been added to our tour-schedule!
Next to our Warsaw show we are now also playing in the Kwadrat club in Krakow!
YOU wanted us to come to Poland!
YOU asked festivals and clubs to book us!
Thank YOU Polish fans!!! ... NOW OMNIA can come to YOU!!
And you can even see us TWICE ;-)

THIS is how you do it!, YOU HAVE THE POWER!  If you want OMNIA to come to YOUR country or YOUR favourite festival or club... then simply ask them to book us!
Believe me... If a festival or a club cares about it's customers (and they always care about selling tickets!) and enough people ask for OMNIA ... they will book us.

That's how we roll... we're like vampires!... we only go where we're invited!

***check here for all current tour-dates***


small Jenny... BIG tree...

big or small

it's life, one and all



XXX Stenny                    (pic by Sic)

"EARTH WARRIOR" is breaking all our own records!!

(PaganFolk Rocks!!!)


Yes dear friends, fans and musick freaks! We have broken even more of our own established records with our new OMNIA album and the new video of OMNIA's "Earth Warrior"

The literally hundreds of reviews that have been written since the release date are ALL amazing! (I really haven't seen a single negative one!) and It seems that fans and critics alike have embraced our revolutionary new Album and the PaganFolk EarthMusick it contains!... the praise is really heart warming!


As you know we are (and always have been) a strictly underground movement.. but never forget we are YOUR underground movement. We are now apparently one of the largest 100% self managed and produced underground bands in the world !! (???)  Our popularity and "internet impact" is actually quite a bit larger than many full Universal or Sony label-supported  bands who spend tons of money on marketing and other such rubbish... just because YOU like what we do!

Even though OMNIA isn't a "normal" band and this was never our intention to start with... this is just our way of life.

We make our own soundtrack to live our life to. It's made without compromise, without fear, without big-business interference BUT always with a pure Nature Heart  and Love at it's core!


Our video of the song "Earth Warrior" has had more than 82.000 views in 1 week's time!!! without us having to resort to the usual bullshit television and media advertising... This is just because YOU and YOUR FRIENDS are happily clicking away on something that YOU like!!!

We hope that this musick-video will inspire more of you to take an active part in the conflict that is being played out now between humans and the planet...


KEEP IT UP!  KEEP Sharing our message wherever you can! YOU have much more power than you think!  Tell the festivals in your country that you want OMNIA and they will book us and we will come! You have the Power!


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! For your support, for your love, for your understanding of what we are trying to achieve here... Don't forget this is all basically just the dream of some simple people who do not know the meaning of the word "Impossible"...

You give us the wings, so that WE may fly free... for YOU!!!

(now THAT'S fecking teamwork!)


Greenthingz! and XXX

Stenny and the whole ever growing OMNIA family 

(which now officially includes Mr.Satrya on guitar!)

That's PaganFolk at Castlefest!!

Well... that... was... AWESOME!!! O M F G
the Buzz in our brainz is so big , it's like a a hive full of happy beez on honeyed opium listening to reggae in there!
Thank YOU Castlefest for taking our hearts home again! Wow! what a crowd ... sooooo many familiar faces!  So many familiar hearts!
And although some faces will be missing for evermore from this Earth on which we stand ... I see their places being taken by the next generation... I see the smiles that are lost to this realm, re-appear on the young faces that newly join the family of freaks in front of our stage every day!
Thank You Castlefest for sharing your energy with us during Auta luonto!! For letting the Fire burn inside our hearts! It helped us to stir this great wytches cauldron of feelings into a dish of Pure PaganFolk Musick Pleasure to be consumed at this feast for us all!
 Castlefest was all about the joining of energy this year...
 all About living your dreams!
10 years have made this particular festival (for which I have more feelings than you could possibly imagine) a meeting place of like-minds from all over the globe.
Castlefest has been and allways will be a part of Stenny's life. From it's modest beginnings , all through her moments of triumph and trouble up to this day... and as the wheel keeps turning, we still walk the road hand in hand, sometimes close up, sometimes from afar... but always there.
 OMNIA is proud and thankfull to have been a part of this dream called Castlefest for all these long long years. We love you Castlefest and we look forward to sharing this dream together untill our hearts are stilled forever...
See YOU all in 2015!

After Castlefest we swam naked in the North sea (it's a tradition)

Every day ... we swim naked in life (that's our tradition too!)

swim like the dolphins!, laugh till you cry!

Embrace the inevitable... and above all ... Love Life!

Greenthingz and Freedom to the Earth!
Shaman SteveSic

Picture taken from Castlefest-FOH by OMNIA sound guy Sascha ;-)

10 years Castlefest! What a party!

10 years this beach at the end... 10 years this sunset together with family and friends.


Another Day another Festival!

Earth Warriors on the Roll...
Castlefest here we come!!

Bring it on!


Picture of Shaman MadSic in the festival warzone by The Crow

MPS rocked!

That was a GREAT concert in koln MPS tonight! Wow! The rainclouds parted ... the Sun came out... We rocked together
With a beautifull crowd of wonderfull souls... Awesomenesque and bodacious indeed... Now were in the van again for another 3 hours of motorwaymotion to Lisse... Round round get around... We get around!
Its a good job I lhave my refreshing bottle of tea to keep me alert!
See you tomorrow at Castlefest!

On the road again to MPS!!!

I wonder what today will bring us?
Yesterday at noisy dusty Wacken we met OMNIA fans from a.o: Chili, Brazil, portugal, france, scotland and even some from germany!
Today were in green fresh koln MPS...
Who will we meet today?


So THAT was Wacken!!!

Wow… We just had the noisiest, weirdest, chaoticussed concert EVER! I can honestly say that it was quite an experience for all of us!! (band AND crew) …fuck yeah!… now we are all sitting outside in a peacefull field under the stars listening to the crickets in the grass… sigh… the band is annoying me by talking to me constantly while I try to write something sensible to YOU… and sadly failing…
what a lot of impressions you get on the road!! … we have a strange life…… From the green heaven in Oregon to a HUGE metal festival featuring bands I used to listen to when I was like…13 or something!…. tomorrow morning we drive to Koln MPS festival!! where we will play a nice strong Lughnasadh set among the lakes and the trees!… maybe we’ll swim?… !YEAH! … (and the day after that we go to Castlefest!!) … the road goes ever on 
Thank YOU for walking this road with us!
Namasté …

Greenthingz! from the stoned/drunk/happy Earth Warriors „On the Road”

Picture of Rob calling his mum by DaphydCrowPro

W:O:A Here we come!

Fuck yeah! 

WackenOpenAir, here we come! 

See ya tomorrow at WackingerStage for some PaganFolkRock!, showtime: 21:00


Picture by CrowPro


Because of the many many requests for it we have finally re-introduced the 


It's printed on the front, on BOTH sleeves and with a huge

"Omnia EarthWarrior logo" on the back!


Available size S, M, L and XL  for €50,- on Koln MPS, Castlefest and ofcourse in our webshop!!


The OMNIA hoodie guaranteed to keep you warm when the ice-age returns!


Greenz and XXX

the OMNIA merch-team


"There's a WAR on NATURE, and we can all choose what to do... So if YOU feel like I feel the love of the Earth... well YOU can be an EARTH WARRIOR too!"

This video production was made as a 100% non-profit Musick/Artistic and Environmental statement by OMNIA together with their Fans and Enviromental Eco-warriors from all around the globe!

Listen to it, enjoy it and SHARE this musical message with as many human-monkeys as possible! .... and then get Monkey-Wrenching!

Greenzz OMNIA

Fuck yeah!

Our Friday-night show was a real blast at Faerieworlds this weekend! Check out the stage, atmosphere and the audience! 
Tomorrow we will be back for another great PaganFolk Show in Eugene on Mount Pisgah, now time for some sleep.. Believe me, we need it! 

See ya'll tomorrow! 

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA

Waiting... waiting... our brand new video clip "Earth Warrior" online in 4 days!!!

And the countdown has started... our new video clip online in 5 days!!!

The Omnia has landed in USA!

We (and our instruments) have happily survived the flight and we're safely at "home from home" with our American friends here in oregon!
Looking forward to playing Faerieworlds coming weekend!!
Jetlagged happy faces and greeeeeeenz!
OMNIA and friends 

We're through the gate,

the harp is checked in, we are chilling at the terminal, ready to go go, see ya in Oregon. 

We keep you posted! 


Building a temporary Harp-Case

Yep…that is part of the life of a Pagan Musician aswell… we just recently found out that apparently we can't take our normal flight-case on the plane as we were counting on all along… because the person that arranged it made a "little mistake"…
Jenny just checked to be sure and found out…  oh feck !


So now I'm feverishly building a temporary harpCase from cardboard and foam rubber and tape and rope ("feverishly" is meant quite literally because I've gotten a throat infection aswell now, so I'm floating on pain-killers and anti-biotics )… but anyway… hopefully this will keep the harp safe … and hopefully they will let us  take it on the plane to the US tomorrow… it's all been arranged and all will be well!! … at least that's what we've been told (by the same person who "arranged" the flight case, so I'm still a little sceptical) we will find out tomorrow...

Oh yeah…and our van just broke down, so Jenny had to arrange for the emergency service to come and bring her and the van in the pouring rain to the garage, where it will remain for a while  to be fixed in time for us when we come back from the US… We have to borrow another van to take us to the airport…

Ah well …such is life and that's the price of wanting to play real acoustic music without playback…

let's see what the morrow bringz us!
Greenthingz and Dark thoughts on this cold and wet fucking day
Shaman SteveSic

the Wheel of Time Rolls on...

I found an old photo for your amusement...

So... does anyone recognise this 23 year old OMNIA member?


pic by the photobooth on some european train station in the distant past

The OMNIA crew is in the Video Too!!

check out these 3  (l to R)
-Michelle: sometimes merchbabe/camera crew...
-Damien Raven: reformed Roadie turned super-sympa merchdude...
-Chloé: our head-merchbabe for the last 5 years, who will leave OMNIA after the Castlefest 10year anniversary show...

They're Earth Warriors... how about you?

Hey MPS! You are in our video-clip too!

This weekend is an MPS festival.. and we are not there because we are packing to go to America... and we kind of miss it (especially the lovely people there!)...
But no worries we'll be back! (in two weeks time in Köln! ... right between the Wacken gig and the Castlefest gig!)

In the meantime our video is FINISHED!!! (I JUST watched it...and I'm still all goosebumpy!... this is "Sunshine-Earth-Fighting-Musick"...  So you can be a radical EarthWarrior with a big smile on your face!

Of ALL the video's sent to us by fans from every major continent of this planet we have tried to use as much material as possible. All the best ones that passed our (very strict) criteria have been included... It's really cool... you'll see!
sadly a few brilliant ones were not included because they could not be imported into the main editing software due to "technical incompatibility" yours Verena! :-(  ...

Anyway... love life! enjoy the weekend wherever and whenever you are!
We'll be stopping by the states next weekend for all you entousiastic weirdos in Oregon... and the road goes ever on...

Shaman SteveSic                               movie-still by Erwin


Hot Dingedy Danggg my Bow broke!
 Feck! I cain't shoot no mo' arrers no mo'
What are we gonna do if the Orcs ambush us now?'s Lucky I still got ma Knives!*  **  ***
now If could just roll a twenty...

Greenz and heatstroke
Shaman steveSic

*and ma spear...
**and ma throwing axe...
***and ma slingshot...


SooooooooHey! what is it fecking hot... my brain is melting because today I cannot go out and enjoy the gift of beautifull weather because I'm stuck in the (hot) house arranging and packing and re-packing stuff for our trip to the USA... feck... arse... bums... syphillis... snotballs... and many not so nice expletives galore... what a lot of "bother" it is just to get ourselves and our instruments safely into that country! (really... travelling with a band of freaks to America?!...  you have NO idea!)

Anyway... this is sort of bugging me a bit and I'm feeling a little demotivated...
(hence the picture I just took of the other thing that's bugging me , which is this rather pretty fly... although I'm sure that the fly doesn't mean it as a pointless exercise in deploying weird rules and confusing phonecalls with embassy's and airlines and listening to "on hold" machines that play fiendishly bad muzak which most certainly was written by a suicidal Dante fan trapped in the lowest reaches of Hell where they attempt to bore you to death with wall paper coloured excrement or some other such tedious yet disgusting matter...
going to the states is cool... but
sometimes, beautifull things can be annoying aswell... like this fly.

 the Poor organisers in Oregon must be going up the wall aswell by now ......"you allrrrright there Emilio!? ;-)"

Please give us Faerieworlds some motivation to keep us from breaking down and crying in a heap on the floor...

Are YOU going to Faerieworlds in OREGON?
do YOU know somebody who is going there?

How happy are YOU going to be to see us there?
Make us all as enthousiastic as possible and we will see this bureaucratic torture out to the end for YOU!

so that we may still fly to the US and play for YOU there!!

So... DO YOU want to help OMNIA get to the US?

Go then...

 motivate us!

SSS & OMNIA&the Bug   

DEATH SINGS! (on the Earth Warrior video!)

Our friend DEATH was also dancing on our stage last weekend
(during the song "Dance untill we Die" ofcourse!)
Which was a great honour for us and "JOLLY GOOD FUN" for him too!!

As you can see from this movie-still he will also be strutting his bony stuff on our upcoming video clip
 (99% done now!)
release date 29th of July!  

as Jenny just finished reading mr.Pratchett's "Reaper man" for the 3rd time I thought this picture was appropriate for today ;-)

Greenthingz in the SUN
Shaman SteveSic                                  (film-still by Erwin)

ps: because we've been working on it to get the GEMA censorship under control so...

Pale Beauty in the cold summer forest...

Today you just get a pretty picture.. no lecture, no drama,






no "selfrighteousmentallyflagelatedDiemotherfuckinghumanrant"....






just visual poetree amongst the trees...

breathe in... breathe out... look at those eyes ... and smile

Peace and GreenLife!
Shaman SteveSic             


(pic by mr.veryfuckinggrumpy)

Making of the "Earth Warrior" musick video

episode 14 : OMNIA's view on life-destroying multinational corporations

"Go to Hell" 

Click to see the video:

RELEASE DATE "EARTH WARRIOR"-video = 29th of july!

Hammer fun by Shaman SteveSic
filming and evil-chuckles by Saat

We came, we saw , we rocked!

We got wasted...Now we is hung over...
See the little dots on thAt lovely MPS stage among the trees?
Dat's us!
See all those lovely people in front of it?
Dat's you!
Picture by Sas

Aaaargh! (caution! extreme blog!... SteveSic is a bit angry/sad/disgusted about something human... again... do NOT read this if you want to keep your eyes firmly closed against reality)

I spent two hours reviewing film material taken in slaughter houses around the world taken from various documentaries made by animal rights organisations... because I needed some extra footage for our pro-nature propaganda Musick-video

You know the stuff  I'm talking about...
or actually ...
do YOU?...

most people DONT know this stuff very well...or they would prefer NOT to know this stuff.
 They definitely know "about" animal food-industry cruelty... and they know there are videos about this on the internet... but they refuse to watch them... because it might make their dinner taste less good.
And you certainly don't want you or especially your children knowing the truth behind their dinner...

I already know all this stuff, but still I have to look at it... bweeeurgh!...
AW FECK!! I feel really quite sick right now...every time I see the amount of senseless cruelty done in the name of CHEAP MEAT ... just to cut a few costs.. just to make a few extra bucks more for some rich corporate human piece of shit on legs somewhere...
Just to make even more Fast FOOD to feed TOO FAT obese Humans who don't even want to think about where it all comes from...  as long as they can stuff plenty of cheap meat in their faces...


I really believe that anyone who can still eat meat from the mega-industry without any thoughts whatsoever about the sheer indescribable orgy of death, pain and madness that is involved in this disgusting filthy degrading human death machine has no sense of right or wrong ... that's no joke
It's a real dilemma for me, because many of these people are also my friends , co-workers and/or fans...

Really... I know, i sometimes say/write extreme things...
And I know I should respect other humans and their views etc.
but seriously... the Meat industry has gone beyond a joke...
these are crimes against LIFE and against NATURE, serious crimes!
most people just shut their eyes because the reality of their Cheap burger, sausage,chicken or steak would make them throw up or scream... or both at the same time.

I believe that the only people who are allowed to shut their eyes are 100% Vegetarians and ofcourse Vegans (because they don't take part in the circle of cruelty at all)

The rest of the mutant monkeys have to face up to what is going on sometime and say:
 NO! I have seen the reality of this horrible system and I refuse ANY PRODUCT from the BIG FOOD meat industry... I would rather starve than support death-camps.
Eat meat if you must, that is your right... BUT only eat 100% certified ecological free-range meat from small private farms ... and then slowly the system will start to change.
and Yes ... I know...  It costs much much more money... but, don't forget  it is part of a living being that you are buying, not a loaf of bread...
it's MEAT from an animal! so ofcourse it is expensive...
If you cannot afford it, then choose to eat less MEAT!

because if you don't ... you actively support
Yes, I said.. torture... pain... beautifull intelligent sentient creatures....screaming... rolling around in blood and piss... raised in dark boxes as slaves... no life, no sun, no air... mutilated , afraid, in agony... and then murdered in the most depraved and disgusting way...

...just for you...
and your cheap burger

So ...

Go ahead!
eat animals!
it's ok...  (really actually it's quite natural)

but be sure that it IS NATURAL.. and that these creatures have had the chance to BE an ANIMAL during their lifetime and not "just a product"
and at least let them die with some dignity ...

If this blog happens to offend any of you out there who laugh at the idea of animals having feelings or a soul, or who make jokes about modern slaughterhouses and what they do, or who have NO problems at all with eating animals from concentration camps  and who think that I am a disrespectfull bastard who should mind his own business and not put my extreme opinions about life on the internet...

well then... please remember that your are visiting an extreme page, run by an extreme band and I am an extremely "extreme" Shaman...

It's not my job to make you happy... it's my job to tell you the truth...
I work for the Living Earth, not for the humans...

Peace,Greenthingz and set my People FREE!
Shaman SteveSic

ps: you can always choose not to read my works and to only go to nice safe websites and FB or Twitter pages of "commercial feel-good" bands and suchlike who will keep you in your warm little bubble of ignorance for the rest of your selfcentred little human existence...

But just don't say you didn't know... because the truth is right in front of your eyes... you know....

Making of an OMNIA EARTH WARRIOR musick VIDEO part 13b

For today's installment in OMNIA's video funtime an artistic effigy of Monsanto get's the Hammer :)

The long awaited EARTH WARRIOR video will be released this month! 

Shaman SteveSic 

Click to see the video: 

filmed by Satrya on an olympus who is filming Erwin who is filming me on a RED ;)

Please help the Elephants!

Fellow Earth Warriors!!

Here is another cry for help. Please take a moment to read and sign and share as much as you can:
I just took action to save African elephants. They could go extinct by 2030, but if we act now, a body in charge of protecting endangered species could slap sanctions on Thailand, the key blood ivory market. Please join me HERE!!

Peace and Elephants running free...

Underwater Bandpractice

today we practice Musick at dreamharps!
there's a pool
I gotta camera...

Greenz and Summer!
OMNIA                                         (pic by Sic)

It's Hammer Time!

making of the OMNIA Earth warrior video... 
which is coming this month!
Guess what this little bit of violence-art was made for ;-)

Click to see the video: 



I'm looking at version 3.1 right now...
It's awesome...
Oh Fecking Wow!

Soon you can look at it too !!
We will release it before we play the Wacken , Koln MPS and Castlefest weekend... (look on our agenda If you don't know when that is!)

XXX and Greenthingz on Nature's wingz!
Shaman SteveSic

(pic by Erwin and his RED)

Underwater Sunlight

pic by Sic

My body is a temple... dedicated to Life :-)

People often ask me to explain to them what is important in this life...
"How can I be a true Nature loving Pagan like you?"
"Can you tell me something about your religion and your Path?"
"How do you do what you do?"

These are tricky questions , for which my answer is so simple that practically NO-ONE will ever understand it or even believe it, even if I could tell you...

But to please the people I wrote down a "code of life/honour" a long time in the past (aka: "The Zap-Code") , unfortunately it is written in poetic form so not all of the knowledge is clear to those who would seek enlightenment from it.
Still I would like to explain some of the more practical points of the mystery of living in plain language (which I do sporadically in these little blogs of mine)

Take your body for instance... (let's just look at it as a seperate entity for a moment)

 It's important to keep it healthy and functioning to the best of your mind's ability so it will carry you on your journey through life... so:

Don't feed it shit food, only feed it the good stuff that nature intended for you
Only feed it what it NEEDS... NOTHING more , nothing less
Feed it plenty of clean water
Keep it moving about a lot , in an energetic way
keep it's hormonal balance in tiptop shape by making love
Accept the way it looks and love it as you love yourself, then make the best of it.
Get your mind out of it sometimes by meditation, trance etc.

My own body is 1.83metres , 66 kilos. My heart rate is low when I relax and I can pump out a massive amount of energy when I need it (like when running up a hill or doing an OMNIA concert) without passing out from lack of oxygen because I keep it Fit and Lean. (like a paleolithic Homo Sapiens sapiens should)

I work out those muscles which tend to become lazy, I stretch the muscles that tend to get too tight, I keep a tight grip on how i stand and sit and I allow NO chemicals to enter my bloodstream unless absolutely neccessary...
Physical exercise can be a little gruesome and painfull sometimes (you don't see me smiling on this picture ;-) but THAT is part of the bonus! Your body needs to work itself into a sweat for at least 30 minutes of everyday if you want to get the rush of happy hormones that follows! (just the relief of not feeling your belly muscles or back muscles scream with the effort of prolonged work anymore is enough to get you smiling most times!)
And you don't have to be big and tough to be fit... Jenny is a tiny woman who never did sports as a child and she works out exactly the same style as me! (she's actually way tougher than most "big guys" and now she is possibly the fittest harp-player in the world!)

There... that is ONE of the many easy steps on the road to enlightenment, which anyone can make...  and if you want to you can start today!
All you need is a little willpower and a little bit of love for yourself and you can make yourself be more like the person you have inside your head...
(unless ofcourse your Karma has given you a physical handicap which makes this "sport" method impossible, but then handicaps can give you an opportunity to develop other paths of the mind, which I will write about on an other day)

So freaky Guys and Gal's out there!
Stay fit, Stay lean, Stay Primitive and enjoy LIFE!

Greenthingz on Nature's wingz
Shaman SteveSic


pic by Sic

"this is my Home it's where I belong..."

Shaman SteveSic just Relaxing in the forest

pic by Sam

OUCH!! AUAH!! AARGH!! Kiss it better?

I have one of those rare moments that I am really glad that we are NOT playing any OMNIA gigs this weekend... You see, it would be impossible for me to play right now because I had a little accident yesterday involving an argument between a very heavy door and my finger... accompanied by a sort of wet-crunchy squelchy sound... followed by some quite strong language from me (I think the term would rhyme with "Clucking Bell!!")

 So now I have a very bruised and traumatised finger... (it's not broken, but it's swollen and hurts like F*CK!) so I can't play the flutes or my bouzouki right now...
and I'm typing this with one hand...

It seems such a little thing, but it reminds me of just How delicate we FREE Musicians are... how thin the line between "performing Artist" and "broken toy"  , just a little stupid accident can prevent us from "working" and if we can't play anymore, we starve...
because OMNIA has CHOSEN to be one of the last independant self-managed self-produced professional bands in the world who live solely from our own ART without sucking up to the big multinational mega-corporate label-mafia, it means we have NO steady wage packet, NO pension plan, NO job-insurance , NO extra lives ,NO bonus levels and NO back-ups ...
We really are free as the wind, so we can do whatever we want, whenever we want! and we live by what the day brings us (like our friends the wyld birds and animals and our forefathers the hunters and the gatherers)
...we simply "do our thing" while trading Art , Musick and philosophy for food and shelter...
Our Artistick skills feed YOUR mind and the concert tickets, Cd's and Merchandise that YOU buy from us feed our bellies...
but only for as long as we can still play... ummm...

My finger will heal, it's no big deal... it throbs a bit and has funny colours but it is hardly classifiable as a "wound" (I used to be a Sword fighter and Fire-Artist... now THERE are a couple of jobs that can make some icky wounds!!) this is nothing...
It will heal (this time)

But it does remind me of the fact that everything in life has a limit... and OMNIA's limits are dictated solely by the strength in our own bodies and our own minds.
Jenny and I will do our utmost best to avoid having more bodyparts crushed in pointless accidents so that we can enjoy living this life TOGETHER WITH YOU for as long as possible...
"I'll stand strong while YOU stand beside me , take my hand and we'll dance untill we die!!   (just make sure it's not the painfull one! ;-)

Untill we meet again my dearies...  I leave you with yet more of Sic's silly philosophy on this beautifull wet rainy delicious sunday without a concert to play ...

XXX, Greenthingz and Ouch!
Shaman SteveSic                             (picture by Jenny)

ps: Thanks for all your likes and positive comments on the web!  
I don't really like or agree with FaceBook and all this Google-fucked moneymaking internet rubbish...
(That's why I don't have a personal FB page/Twitter account etc.)
BUT I must say that meeting people like YOU on our humble little OMNIA pages here makes it all worthwhile! ... thanx for making this human world less lonely!  :-)

Do you believe your eyes? Always look twice!

Look Stenny and Daphyd chillin' in the Jungle!


Look again... We're chillin' at Daphyd the Crow's place, in the”Sens-Jungle” which was painted on the wall of his appartment by Crow's friend Tycho


So this picture is real and not real at the same time (but without using any photoshop!)

Have a good morning/afternoon/evening/night and remember to be happy whenever and wherever you can! (you've only got one life... this is as good as it is gonna get ya know!)


XXX , Peace and Greenz (vaporised ones)


Food for thought around dinner time

This is a friend of mine.
I shot his portrait quite a while ago.
Look at how he fits inside his enviroment
He belongs here on this planet.
Many monkey-people  would think... "hey! he looks like an Alien!"
But he isn't... this is HIS world
WE are the "Aliens"
What do YOU look like to Him?

enjoy your food!
Greenthingz and other forms of salad!
Shaman SteveSic                                            


...I clean now...

Yep!... PaganRockstars's forest studios also have to be cleaned sometimes!

and because we have no sexy girls in french housemaid costumes to clean it all up for us...

we are our own maid!

Keep it clean Kids!... Frag that dirt!

(pic by Consuela ;-)

Pool Face Jenny!

I could do a whole series of UnderWaterOmnia if you like!

Greenz and XXX

pic by Sic

Double double lots of bubbles!

oeh!... Bubbles!.... my bubbles!

blub, blub blub!        (pic by Sic)

Now where did that whaling ship go?!

Jenny and Sam cruising for nature ;-)

pic by Sic


Ride 'em hell for leather!!

Beauuuuuutifull Jenny!!!

Because you facebook people out there really seem to like pictures of Jenny...
Because we like to make you happy aswell sometimes (note ... "sometimes" ;-)
Another cool portret of Jenny , although... wait a minute!... there seems to be a little clay or something on her face... I tried to photoshop it away, but a little bit still remains... ah well!

Greenthingz and white clay-masks!

ps: tomorrow we play REALLY close to our home for a change! the wonderfull MPS festival which is in Weeze (D) now!
Where we will be sharing the festival-stage with our old friends of the funny mittelalter-duo Pampatut! YEAH!  
Hope to see as many of you there as possible tomorrow! OMNIA plays at 18:30!!

OREGON-USA here we come AGAIN! We love Faerieworlds!!!

Today we entered the big ecological war-zone which the Cloggy natives here call "Amsterdam" (At a time when all selfrespecting musicians should be in bed dreaming of Art) )  to visit the U.S.Embassy for our official work-papers so that we are allowed to play in Oregon next month...

We are REALLY looking forward to visiting the ONLY freakfestival in the world which provides OMNIA with our VERY OWN PRIVATE BACKSTAGE TIPI !!!     
(I mean... how fecking awesome is that!?)
the Faerieworlds festival is run by some dear Pagan friends of ours , who have a very special place in our hearts... (being real treehugging, nature loving, bird-cuddling grown-up children like Stenny...)
And it's because they are sooo  sweet, and because the audience in Oregon (who actually come from all over the states to see OMNIA) are sooo Awesome that we go through the whole expensive yearly ritual of trying to get an official work visum for the states...

Really, you guys in the US have NO idea how hard it is to get all that stuff sorted out just to travel to your country to play some nature-tunes... I have to keep repeating a little mantra in my head
 "I WANT to go to Oregon... just keep breathing and smile... I WANT to go to Oregon... just keep breathing and smile... "I WANT to go to Oregon... just keep breathing and smile... "
to get me through the quite ridiculous circus of pointless debasement , miscomprehension and intellectual torment which is the US Embassy Visa department.   
(although they are all probably really nice people, who might possibly read my blogs aswell, in which case: "hey guys! it was great today!... love the uniform!")

seriously folks... Even just looking at all the forms that have to be filled out (on an online program that seems to run on a  windows version 1 from the 90's ) makes me want to scream , rant and reduces me to a gibbering giggling wreck...
 (as you may have noticed I'm not too good  with dealing with forms and rules of a bureaucratic nature... I'm a nature Shaman, not a Lawyer)
BUT (to make a long story slightly shorter)
we made it! My very polite wife , together with my extremely civil band managed to keep me from running away crying back to the forest... We got the fecking visa... we can go back to the states to play!

XXX be there or be a rectangular thing!

ps: doesn't this poster look AWESOME!?
I look like a fecking Anime-Hero!!

pps: It will be my birthday when we are there...  hint hint ;-)    

the lousy life of a musician part 8

what a Life!
sleeping till late... swimming... reading... toasting our asses in the sun... eating too much luxury food... woooo... life is really fecking hard like this!

we are gonna go and do some more work now to break the monotony!


Stenny in the summer Sun...after a long working-day is done...

You know... It's fun having your own PaganBand and being the :

Record company
lead instrumentalist
merchandise company
merchandise designer
public relations officer

sometimes, your "office days" tend to drag on a bit and you can get a little confused about which hat to wear and which working clothes to put on...
Sometimes We work hard, sometimes we play hard...
But so fecking what!? because we relax hard aswell!!
It's good to be FREE!!!

XXX and Summersun

Another Day... Another photo-shoot in our Phorest!

So ...
today was a hard day, doing more photoshoots in the forest with the whole band...
So much work... getting the photographer and photocrew here, getting the whole band here... doing houres of make-up... fixing the lights ... the extra smoke machines... the catering... the fluffers (for mr.Fluffy's horn) ...

what a day!
But here is the result ... and as you can see we have never looked better than this!!!

Shaman SteveSic
(photo by Miss Mini-Rieffenstahl... costume and make-up by Verena)

ps: my integrity forces me to tell you that this is humor and it's actually not true          

Pimp Yo' OMNIA Shirt!

As you may or may not know, Stenny loves to design and make clothes...
(that's why I wear mostly stuff I've made myself on and off the stage)
And we thought it might also be fun for YOU!... so today we are working on designing some new OMNIA clothing-merchandise and the possibilities of "pimping" the shirts we already have in production, together with our own dear merch-babe Majo (who is also a clothes designer!)...
I'm seriously thinking of starting a pagan clothes-brand called "Sic thingz"
For everyone who would like "extra-special" OMNIA stuff to wear!

Long live the creative energy of ART !... Let's pimp it!... PaganStyle!

Sic         (picture by Jenny)

ps: for all of you who are curious about what we're making...
I have no idea when we will actually have this new stuff to sell to you... it's just an idea still, we're doing it mostly because it's FUN!
you may have noticed that commercially speaking we are kind of... fecking slow and badly organised , because our manager (mr.Fluffy) doesn't care about money , he's more into sweet thingz and ART which are WAY more important anyway!!! ;-)


Go on... Make my day...

OMNIA Loves LIFE....   OMNIA is REAL! .... OMNIA is... EVIL?

This may seem absurd to YOU but not everyone out there is happy about OMNIA
(I'm not talking about the musick... I think everybody probably likes at least SOME of our musick ;-) ...
No I'm talking about my habit of talking to YOU directly... When I tell you exactly what we ARE, it can sometimes make it painfully clear what others ARE NOT.

So not everybody appreciates my little speeches because as an artist I have certain principles which I've always held onto , like :

always tell the truth to your audience, always stay true to what you say...
never compromise your beliefs or your Art...
never ACT like something you're not, never use "Playback", always stay real...
Respect nature in everything you do and say...
boycott big business and support small business...
Always stay Free...
spread positive messages about real life instead of "empty, meaningless commercial mind-fluff"...

these are but a few of them

and These principles may all be very fine for YOU , because as an audience many of you  appreciate my candid no-nonsense attitude...
I feel that this is because YOU have all gotten way too smart to believe the marketing BullShit around most big media-artists and events  (who are often nothing more than slaves to some large corporate prostitution-machine which will fuck your mind for money)

You CAN see through the lies can't you?

Do you really still care about the advertised pulp that dribbles out of your radio/televison/computer/smartphone?
Or do you feel you deserve something that is REAL?

Do you like being treated like a retarded child with an attention span of 5 seconds by the media?
or do you prefer to be treated like a creative and singular mind?

Do you really feel that your vote and your government mean anything at all?
or do you realise that your laws are being made by big corporate lobbyists?

I figured out something...that I will share with you here...
The people that have a problem with OMNIA or my honesty in dealing with YOU
are the people who have something to hide...

So here's a simple rule to hold onto kids
If somebody has a problem with OMNIA or with YOUR ShamanSteveSic
then that somebody fears the TRUTH!!

So go on!...Hate me!... yeah...

Make my Day ;-)

Shaman SteveSic          

ps: but if at all possible ... I much prefer Love XXX

 (creepy pic = selfie by sic)

Tiny Women...

Guess who came to visit us today? Our own dear Maral! (You may remember her as the stunning OMNIA backing-vocalist and super stage dancer a few years ago)

Maral is also of a "perfect size" like Jenny , infact she's only a tiny bit taller than Jenny so it looked like a fairy get-together in the StennyStudio today! ;-)

  She came to cheer us up with a whole basket full of love and good cheer because we were feeling slightly down about  some of the tribulations of life and death... and we needed to replenish our energy for some strong musick-magick...

Maral mission accomplished!
 our happy meters are high, we have energy to spare!
Now bring on the Full Moon!!! we got us some rituals to do!!!

Greenthingz on Pretty Wingz!
Shaman SteveSic                    (pic by Sic the Lucky)

ps: yes it's friday the 13th... but that is really only a bad day if you happen to be a Christian Templar or a Cathar in the days of Pope Innocentus ... inventor of that fun party-institution "the inquisition"
...for all other pagans it's simply the title of a never ending series of horror movies ;-)

Beautifull Forest Nymph...

Today stenny went picnicking with OMNIA drummer Rob and our friend the Muesli guru in a forest near Eindhoven (where he and Daphyd both live) Salads, Seeds and Fruitjuice... mmmmmm!
The weather was hot... too hot NOT to take a dip in this cool forest fenn...
so ... we did!

Have a good summer! (we do!)
Shaman SteveSic          (Pic by Syrinx)

Pure Pagan Musick Magick under the trees!

Thank You HohenWestedt  ... thank you Gisis and the MPS Festival!!
We had a GREAT time! ... my favourite MPS weekend up to now!
The whole band and crew got totally silly and larked about the whole weekend...
we slept in a beautifull house in the green with deer running in the fields...
 it was awesome!   My face still hurts from smiling so much!

This year is turning out to be the BEST OMNIA year EVER!
(and Stenny has seen quite a few OMNIA years go by)
What a great Band is standing beside us now!...
What a great crew is carrying us...
what a great crowd supports us everywhere we go...
What a great planet that we are allowed to live upon!

Greenz and summer Love!
Stenny and the whole OMNIA family

picture by   Michael Meister

We came , we saw , we Rocked!

Now we roll all the way back to cloggyland!

Improvisation on giant didge and guitarra

@ the sternschnuppe in Oldenbuttel!!
Backing vocals and atmospherics by the birds of northern germany assisted by this bunch of stupid happy pagan monkeys!
Life is good...
Live it!!

Hohenwested MPS festival here we come!!!

Today we roll...
Tomorrow we rock...

Sunny European Summer weekend!

So (by popular demand) ...

You get another happy Jenny underwater picture!

Stenny             (picture by aqua-man)

EarthWarrior the VIDEOCLIP!!!

Today Stenny and Daphyd are hanging out with our good friends Erwin and Michelle to edit the upcoming video "EarthWarrior" (which wil be released somewhere during the coming millenium)

It's hard work with a lot of concentration involved… sooo enjoyable!
It is really more of a labour of love, because there is nothing as satisfying as making pure Musick-Art  together with your friends for the good of the living planet and the enjoyment of pagans, weirdos, cool cats, dreadlock warriors and assorted other monkeys worldwide!!!

Smash the corporations and protect the innocent :-)

we are warriors!
how about YOU!?
Shaman SteveSic         (pic by Jenny Fair)

Wet boob with Nipple! ;-)

Check out this "internet censorship friendly" hot babe!  
She was hanging out in our forest garden looking for action (and peanuts!),
when she got caught by a summer rain shower... and I caught her in my lens!
So... for all you sexy fuzzy creature lovers out there,  here you have a rare glimpse of squirrel nipple!  ...     don't you just love these buff, wet redheads?

XX Greenz and Whahahaaaaa! ;-)
Sic (also the pic)

ps: sorry about the short blogs without any (blindingly obvious) deep meanings...

pps: although  ofcourse these little literary pastiches always contain the deeper messages which are always more "zen" in nature ... but which most internet readers probably don't get

ppps: we've been off with the fairies and "down the rabbit hole with Alice" for a couple of days... but now we is back ... an' Stenny is working their tight little asses off in the pagan musick-office...

pppps: I'll write something chronically serious again soon...

Golden Days... in the summer sun!

Stenny is chillin' ...
tomorrow we start work again on the new "Earth Warrior Video!"

pic by sic

MPS Rocks!

MPS Rocks! 

(picture by Michael Feldmann von

Cute Fuzzy Tit!

Our Garden is a veritable kinder-garten of cheepy cheepy, tweety tweety , young fluffy clumsy birds and very tired and completely shagged out looking parents!
And because it's un-seasonably cold and very wet at the moment they need lots of extra energy in the form of food!
The bugs are not flying as they should be ... so we keep piling extra food for them in all our regular feeding spots about three times a day!
The little feckers and peckers and squirrels are costing us a fortune in raisins, peanuts, fat-balls and seeds which we get whole-sale nowadays in 30 kg bags!
(and no... before you ask...  we don't need donations from you , YOU are already donating by simply buying OMNIA merchandise, because a part of all we own is given to Nature... always... we don't advertise that fact, because it's not marketing... that's just how we roll in true-born Pagan land ;-)
 But don't forget that looking close-up at Nature makes us very very happy, which releases endorfins into the Stenny bloodsystem... so basically we are paying to "get High" off wild life!

Anyway.. as I was cleaning and feeding "the hungry masses" some more (just now) I got one of those really intense encounters, when a young blueTit just kept munching away at a fat ball as I was standing right next to it... so I very slowly reached out ... and touched it!
it kept eating...
So I gently sang it a song and stroked it's soft downy feathers and...

(to quote a commercial funny movie I saw recently)

OMG!!! It's soooo Fluffy I could DIE!!!!!

After this ornithological moment of intimacy, the little fuzzball chirruped happily  and flew away, leaving me in a warm satified glow of nature-appreciation...
I had "scored one hell of a Hit" off of a little blue Tit...

I don't have a picture of this, so i will leave you with this photo i shot this morning of a young (equally fluffy) Great tit...

This was my blog for today... today my blog this was
Have a good one! (whatever you're having)
and I hope to see many of YOU tomorrow in Rastede at the MPS festival we'll be playing there... and for the rest of you...
One day we will meet!, no worries!

Shaman SteveSic

Wolf Love

Yesterday  we visited our new aquaintance Jos de Bruin, who has dedicated his life to saving and caring for wolves and mixed race wolves and dingos etc. that have been abused and mistreated by stupid human monkeys...

It was awesome to meet him, his charming family and ofcourse all his canine friends that he keeps at his Wolf refuge close to our Stennystudio in Germany...
When you know how many people love dogs, you would be shocked to find out how hard it is to be ALLOWED to keep and take care of mistreated wolves because they are still being discriminated against so heavily!! It's unbelievable that in the 3rd millenium these beautifull, intelligent and gentle beings are still seen as the "evil monsters" from stupid made-up fairytales ... Our poor brothers and sisters have to live under the demonisation by the christian church and by an ignorant selfish population of naked monkeys who don't realise that the only evil or destructive creature on this planet is HUMANS themselves!... you should hear the horror stories Jos can tell about the hunters, zoo's , private collectors and the corrupt german judges who protect them! ...sigh!...

anyway He cares for them in every way he can! And we enjoyed the charming company of his four footed guests... like the beautifull mixed-race wolf "Shy" , seen here on this picture with Jenny. We went into the enclosures and respectfully met with the European and Timber wolves that Jos has there... wow!  I'm still goosebumpy and have a huge smile on my face, just at the memory of seeing these truly magnificent creatures... That have a special place in my soul...
You know, in my mind they are roaming free by the 100.000's again all through Europe!!! Keeping the land healthy... now THAT would be a great bonus to nature and the natural world!     ...Less monkeys... more wolves!
(wouldn't that be lovely?) mmmm!

Anyway, this is the website of Jos and his wolves,
if you have any spare cash lying around please donate some to help him out..
I know the whole site is in German
(which is no problem if you ARE German or multi-lingual like me) but I'm sure if you click around a bit you can figure out what a bank-account looks like in German ;-)

anyway... I'm gonna cook some food for me and Jenny now
have a good whatever you are having and...

Shaman SteveSic

Earth Warriors UNITED!

Wow! yesterday was the deadline for the "Earth Warrior"video-clip entries...
and Feck! what a lot of BRILLIANT material!!! we could make a friggin movie with all the great entries we have received from YOU from all over the world!  
(more than 50 !)

Our in-box is overflowing with goodness like the metaphorical medieval corset and we are delighted and amazed at the quality of so many of your video entries!

I am so proud to know that we have so many talented and beautifull and groovy and wonderfull fans and sympathisers out there!
(and unknown to us... even our whole crew sneakily worked together  to make an awesome video!!)

Welldone to you all! Now we have the delightfull duty of looking at ALL those vids
and selecting the best bits for the upcoming "Earth Warrior-official video clip"!

We thank everyone who has spent so much time and effort to make something beautifull to express their willingness to fight in their own way for the natural world!
... Earth Warriors all!

YOU are such great people to make musick and philosophy for...
thankyou for being out there... the world of humans is a less lonely place just knowing that we share a piece of mind and soul together!

XXX and Greenthingz!
Shaman SteveSic                                                             (pic by Erwin!)

FreeBirds in WassenBerg!

You made us MORE than welcome yesterday in WassenBerg MPS festival...
It's always such a buzz to be so close to the crowd on the MPS festivals because the stage is so low and it has no crowd barrier ...
It always gives me the feeling of literally  floating in a sea of happy faces and strong freaky minds!
You can see in this picture that we look very elated indeed because we chose yesterday to play "FREE BIRD FLY" for the first time ever Live!  
(you should know that jenny and me used to call this song "the monster" when we recorded it in the studio... because emotionally and musically it is very hard to play properly)

But standing there amongst YOU, it just sort of happened...
I felt the emotion of the piece take shape between us all together ...
"Omnia and the Omniacs" ;-)... It was really an awesome experience for us as a band...
I looked around me and saw tears flowing from so many smiling fascinated faces gazing up at the stage ...  it was mindblowing... very intense... very personal...

It is quite usual that members of our audience start to cry or feel heavy emotion during our gigs because we are not a "normal" band (I have been doing this Pagan/shamanic ritual musick for many many years now and we have experienced a lot of freaky shit on stage before)
But to have SO MUCH reaction to one song (and a NEW one that had never been performed before!) that is very special indeed!

we humbly bow our heads and together we cry for all those feelings that are hard to express but that live within us all...

thank you for that...

now stand up and FLY!

 pic by

Pagan Rockers in the House tonight!

Yep!.. today we are on the MPS festival in Wassenberg!
Time for some proper Earth Warrior soundz again!

No Playback... No multi media marketing... No Bullshit

Just...Real Life... Real Musick... on Real instruments...

for Real People!!


Let's Party with a PURPOSE!

Greenthingz and Fight the good Fight!
Shaman SteveSic

Help these poor baby elephants!!!

Dear animal's time to sign a petition again...I know it's not a big thing to click a few times with your mouse, but it's better than doing nothing...

Sign here:

About this Petition:

The National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) has received horrific footage showing the cruel training methods used at the Elephants of Eden park in South Africa to train baby elephants for the tourism industry.

“The elephants show signs of crippling injuries with severely swollen legs and feet, debilitating abscesses and wounds resulting from the abusive use of ropes, chains, and bull hooks. The calculated and premeditated cruelty of this nature that took place at this facility is a far cry from the loving sanctuary image that Elephants of Eden/Knysna Elephant Park like to portray.

The captive elephant interaction industry is a form of tourism driven by greed and without any conservation benefit. Additionally, no dedicated laws exist in South Africa to govern methods used in handling or training elephants for interaction tourism, and trainers and handlers do not require any formal training or education to be able to work with or handle elephants.

Tell Elephants of Eden to stop using cruel and inhumane training methods on elephants immediately!

Thank you so much
Love, peace and respect for all beings...
Jenny / OMNIA

a Pair of Great Little Tits

We have loads of new little friends!!
(no I'm not talking about all our new social media friends... although apparently we have become very popular lately ;-)
No I'm talking about all the fresh new friends in the Woods around us! There are hundreds of little fuzzy feathered flappy friends fluttering around our house looking for food and excitement because all the birdy chicks are fledging and going out to discover the world! I've seen young greenfinches,blackbirds, woodpeckers and ofcourse as always lots of tits! (like these two young Great Tits who have left their nest for the first time today!)
 It's soooo sweet (and kind of hilarious) to see all those clumsy fluffy little feckers bumbling around the greenery pecking at anything that looks interesting and learning about life!
This is what we are fighting for... ancient planet-new life... the wheel keeps on turning!

Greenthingz on newly grown wingz!
Shaman SteveSic
pic of by Sic

Hoka hey... make my Day!

Nice arty pictures are all very fine...

but you do realise there's a war going on?

Do ONE selfless act, just  for the planet today

and you will have made this SicShaman's day ;-)

pics by Stenny
P-Shop by quasimodo


so that's what an actual Water-Nymph looks like!

pic  by the (slightly bigger) mermaid


Try that with yer smartphone!


Earth Warrior Video!

Well, our new CD "Earth Warrior" is alive and kicking! 
We have gotten 100% positive reviews and reactions to our newest baby, which makes us proud "Musick Parents".
So now we still need a video to spread the important message of the song "Earth Warrior" and we still want some more of you to join us! 

We've already received some BRILLIANT video-contributions from fans around the world but there's still space for more!

Let me explain the rules one more time:
(read them CAREFULLY and follow the instructions if you wanna join us on film!!)

What we want you to do is to film yourself and/or your friends singing along to the chorus of our new Revolutionary song "EARTH WARRIOR"


”the chorus" is this bit:
"I'm a Warrior!, Earth Warrior!, True born Pagan Yeah! I'm a Warrior, Nature soldier, fighting for the Earth. I'm a Warrior!, Earth warrior!, True born Pagan Yeah! I'm a Warrior, Dreadlock soldier, fighting for the Earth!"

You don't have to film the entire song, just the last chorus parts (after the wonderfull didgeridoo part) are enough! (about the last 90 seconds of the song). It should be done as a PLAYBACK to the turn your stereo or boombox volume up and sing-along to the song! Don't worry about what it sounds like... we will only use the video part of what you send us! 


Here's some tips:
You can film yourself any which way you like... but be creative!, for instance:
You can be dressed as Earth Warriors playing around in nature,
or as Eco-activists torching a bulldozer or freeing captive animalsor as Freaky Pagans dancing Naked wearing just leaves and feathersor just be who-ever you are and sing along like you mean it! 
Whatever you fancy...The most expressive, passionate, enthusiastic and original videos will be considered by us and ofcourse...we'll use bits of the VERY BEST ONES 
in the official OMNIA-EARTH WARRIOR VIDEO which will be released in June!!!

Film it in any "natural" or pretty location like:
On a ship, in the Forest, on a mountain, in a park, your backyard... or in a "warzone" where you are at work...Like an animal concentration camp, a forest logging-zone or hanging off the back of a japanese whaler!...Wherever you feel most like an "Earth Warrior" or wherever you feel "connected" to nature.

Film it preferably in HD 1920x1080p (Max file size is 2 Gb.). Use a film camera if you can, but If you do use a smartphone or someting make sure to turn the screen horizontal!). Don’t upload WMV or Flash files.

Filming is usually done best when there is light. So avoid giving your best performance in a dark alley with only the light of a match.

When you are done making something, then Upload your video via WeTransfer: to this e-mail address: 

Where Stenny and the filmcrew will evaluate them and choose the favouritesyou have until the 25th of May 2014 to send us material! Good luck! and Have Fun!

picture by Dr. SS Evans von der Harten

This is here , this is now, take the musick and let it flow!

Stenny is having a "weekend"... just chillin' and enjoying the Sun
so no blog... just this pic I took a few minutes ago


Free Bird Fly...

I have a hobby I like to call "bird holding"... no seriously!
(although it's not so much of a hobby as something that just keeps happening in my life.)

One way or another I always seem to end up holding a distressed or wounded animal ranging from tiny mice to wild dogs to  fully grown deer...but usually it's a bird...
mostly I hold them just to give them the chance to chill for a while and recuperate after a shock or something. Or just to free him/her from some place they have gotten stuck in. Or to stop some dog or cat from killing them.
 I have had the pleasure of thusly aquainting myself with such diverse feathered friends as : Blue Tits, Black Tits, Great Tits (I've actually held an amazing amounts of tits in my lifetime ;-) Falcon, Goldcrest, Robin, Brambling, Crow, Sparrow, Goose, Duck , Finch etc. and it's always so awesome to feel the life and pure energy in such a relatively lightweight compact shape.
A true nature-spirit, a genuine faery creature straight from legend , possessed of a poise and beauty beyond any human comparison ...

Like this Blackbird... the absolute "king of the singers" (long ago, the Blackbirds taught me how to play the flute, so I have always been fascinated by them )...  look at that sleek body!, That bright eye!, such a strong and fierce beak! truly a proud warrior... This fellow was in a short hefty combat with a rival blackbird just outside our house, when he got confused and he flew straight through the open door and into our front room where I was cleaning the altar on Bealtaine. He came in screaming like a banshee and smacked rather ungraciously into the window about half a metre from me and then started thrashing against the window in an effort to get out through the glass...  I quickly caught him and quietly calmed him so that he wouldn't go into a shock or total panic, and held him for a while as I sung a soothing song. Soon he chirped up a bit and calmly perched himself on my hand...  (and before you words like "nevermore" were uttered)  so he simply sat for a spell on my fingers, just getting his head back up to normal "bird-speed". When he felt stronger He skipped onto Jenny for a little while, perched like a pirate's parrot on her shoulder... Untill he simply felt himself ready to go and resume his  life's road and with a small Chrirrup! he spread his wings and flew back into the forest...

"bird holding"... there's really nothing like it! :-)
Don't you just love this life!?

Greenthingz! on black feathered wingz!
Shaman SteveSic and my friend the Blackbird

photo by Jenny

>>NEW Pictures On Our Website<<

I’ve added some really cool new pictures to our online gallery of our theater show last friday..

Click HERE to check them out!


Pictures are taken by our friend, Kees Stravers, thanks again dude! 


Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA




See you all in 2 weeks! @ MPS, Wassenberg (24-05)

Full online Concert agenda HERE

How to spend hours on the motorway: part 1



Jenny just finished another woolly hat!
( this one's for merchbabe Majo!)

What a weekend, what a job!… Fuck Yeah!

We rolled a lot of miles… we played in the luxury of the grand theatre in one country…. then we played in one of the worst fucking hail/rain storms I’ve ever seen ON a stage !
… The whole crummy stage got washed out, our electric wiring was floating in water, the crowd was half drowned , Our merch- tent tore open and nearly flew away… the storm winds really fecking blowed on the golden MPS… 
the crowd stayed and danced and cheered, so WE PLAYED ON! … as the hail smacked into our skulls and our instruments slowly disintegrated on-stage we kept on Rocking and Dancing (Dance until we Die!!) …. and then… of course… the storm abated, the sun came out! … we sang „Old Man Tree” together with the crowd and as a reward from Mother Nature… a huge Rainbow appeared over the stage!!!… it was beautiful… we were moved… Thank you Brave people who sang in the rain and thank You Nature for giving us this life with all its ups and downs…
Hot like the Sun… Wet like the Rain… Green like the leaves… Life is a Game…

Game On!

Picture by Kees Straves ( thanks Kees for the amazing Photo's btw, more pictures HERE )

Pagans on the road!

(driving together apart)

Great theatre gig last night! the Venue was overflowing with goodness like a buxom medieval corset! Now (5 hours of sleep later) we are on the road south to MPS Weil am Rhein on the swiss/ german/ french border ...
We go forth... To Rock!!!
... Paganstyle! 
(somewhere on the autobahn in the BlackPearl and the Blue Diamond)

OMNIA growing like old man Tree

(and apparently it's getting bigger!)

The small seed that was planted way back in 1996 has grown considerably. It actually shouldn't be possible for a completely independant band to survive and grow this long ... while still remaining under the radar of commercial pop and big business music exploitation OMNIA has silently grown into quite a popular band.
(we are sometimes amazed at how far and wide the roots and the twigs of our beloved musick-tree have reached)
 This week we even heard that our new album "EARTH WARRIOR"  seems to have entered into the dutch and the german album top 100 charts ... (something which all the commercial, label-owned bands are very very hungry for)  So that's kind of funny... and actually VERY amazing because we don't have any active fancy "management" (apart from Stenny and mr.Fluffy) to "push our product" so we never pass on the amounts of cd's we sell ourselves through our own merchandise, webshop to be counted (and that is generally the most of what we sell) ... so that means we have entered the charts purely on the relatively few CD's that get sold through regular shops and online stores! Wahahahaaa!!
It was hilarious to see the name of our own little make-believe label "PAGANSCUM" in that line-up of pretentious big business label names like Universal,Sony, Geffen etc.

Anyway.. this is all thanx to YOU and YOUR friends
 (not through Marketing, not through Television advertising, not through bought radio-time, not through influencing and buying favour off the mindless masses, we didn't have to sell our souls , we didn't have to compromise our art or integrity in any way)
This is just YOU and US cooperating and interacting together because we like each other!... cool huh?

This weekend we are playing to diverse audiences in very different places indeed!
Tonight we play our last TheatreGig of this year in Zoetermeer Holland:

and tomorrow we drive all the way to Weil am Rhein on the German/French/Swiss border where we will play infront of a very international crowd at the MPS festival there: 

OMNIA is growing like a Tree in spring
and together , YOU and I we grow with her
Check out our pretty Leaves!!!

XXX and Greenthingz!

pic of Sic inside 350 year old Chestnut tree by Jenny


From the first hit I gave her I fell in love with her 
She is called a Roman wells Oak snare.
In Belgium there was an archeological excavation where they found a 1st century Gallo/Roman well.
The wood inside the well was perfectly preserved so they called in master-builder Gert Breugelmans ( Lignum Drums ) to collect this unique wood. He made this beautifull snare-drum out of that ancient 2000 year old black Oak wood !!!!
He was so kind to give me some extra left-over bits that are lying on my home altar now.
On the left you can see the snare drum, and on the right you can see how the original wood looked when it was found.
If you want to know how it sounds, this is a first testing session:

If you want to hear it live, come see us:
or MPS Weil am Rhein

See you there !
Rob Thunder et OMNIA


Good Pagan/ Bad Pagan...

(the importance of ritual... yep it's a long sicblog again!)

We're non-dogmatic Pagans , which means that we worship the living Planet as our one supply of Life, Love and Reason... but we have no written rules that dictate how we "do it"... So basically Life itself is our whole palette of Gods and Goddesses... it's our one and only religion... it comes straight from the heart...
We don't have very strict dogma's like most regular religions who's doctrines seem to lean more towards rules of "domination and submission" as well as the ever-popular "let's judge the sinners! " . Our faith leans more towards rules of "let's have a nice life and enjoy the good things she has to offer"  as well as "let's get along together without causing too much harm"

But this doesn't mean that we don't have ANY guidelines for our life.
Stenny has some very strict rules about:
what we can and cannot eat
what we can and cannot use/buy
where we can and cannot live
and ofcourse how we interact with nature and other mutant monkeys
(most of these basic rules are actually much stricter than in any other religion...
BUT we haven't written them down and we don't preach them to others ... (yet)... so ...
no dogma there!)

Many many years ago Stenny made OMNIA into a 100% PaganBand NOT
because it would make us famous or because it would give us the chance to feed ourselves and our clan , or that it would give us the opportunity to tour the world while enjoying the company of loads of pretty fans
(although all these reasons are more than enough I suppose ;-)

No... we made OMNIA like it is because we believe that being a "nature loving tree-hugger" with all our heart and soul makes this world a better place... as well as making our life much more enjoyable. It makes us happier, healthier, more balanced, completely guilt-free and it keeps our inner freedom-loving child Alive and Dancing with joy!
(the fame ,the royalties and the groupies are a nice bonus though ;-)

Our Pagan ancestors worshipped the Earth and the natural year in a particular way , celebrating the changing seasons by performing certain rituals.
Rituals help you to connect to the state of mind which you want to achieve, we believe in the power of ritual.
 Now ... next to our "everyday" little rituals involving our home altar, the sharing of our gifts with the wild animals and the nature spirits and (ofcourse) some meditation in the forest etc. we also have our own "special rituals" for the cardinal points of the year and certain "Holy Days".
 Due to our hectic life and the generally fucked up timetable of nature herself lately... we sometimes miss "doing" a ritual on the "historically" correct time...
Like  Bealtaine... but , instead of metaphorically "burning ourselves at the stake" for being "Bad Pagans"  we can simply move the actual celebration to another day... like today!
 Today is Beltaine! (well it is to Stenny)  
Today we clean our altar and our house, we let the fresh air wash away the pollen dust and the cobwebs since the last "cleansing" , and we celebrate the start of summer with Love and the holy Fire of Beltaine! ("Tine Bealtaine")

Have a Good one!
Shamanii Stenny    


pic by selfie the selfish



Beautifull Harp Woman & Gnarly Old ManTree

and the photographer's that makes three!........ now that's poetry! ;-)

Speaking of "OldManTree"  we will play our LAST THEATRE SHOW of this season
coming friday in Stads Theater Zoetermeer  
and OldManTree is on the theatre setlist (ofcourse!)

The big hall is almost sold out... but  there are still some tickets left...

so, I'm sure we can squeeze in a few more freaks!

We hope to see you There!
Shaman SteveSic


ps: I know most of you don't live in Holland , so coming Sunday we will play a full length 90 minute festival show in one of the most beautifull festival locations on the German/Swiss/French border!
check it out HERE

Enjoying the sun ^^

Today we're rehearsing for our upcoming Theater show in Zoetermeer (NL). This will be the only theater gig of this Don't miss it!!!  

(Tickets and info)

Greeeeenz and Peace, OMNIA

Picture by Patricio

5th of May „Liberation Day”!?

Today Holland is celebrating it’s „liberation”… the Dutch are apparently still very happy that their grandparents got rid of „the Germans”

(well.. most of the Germans because they somehow seem to have hung on to the decking Royal family)


We are celebrating our liberation too!  (but not from „being free of Germans”… we don’t believe in passports… and we actually really like loads of people who live in Germany! )

Is that allowed nowadays?

It’s hard NOT to like Germans!…especially if you are playing in OMNIA and you find yourself surrounded by so many sweet, beautiful, creative, free-thinking people! so often! (like here on this wonderful picture taken at MPS Dortmund.  We love all people of good heart! All people with soul for Nature and with respect for (non-destructive) tradition!

So today we are celebrating our Liberation… We are celebrating our freedom from the political Bullshit of the past! 

We are all born FREE inside our heads! that is where true freedom is won or lost… think about it while you celebrate LIFE!




Shaman SteveSic


Picture by Stephie Kirsche 


THANK YOU MPS Dortmund, for another GREAT party!! 

Hope to see you all next week again at MPS Weil am Rhein :)


But first next friday, we play for you in Zoetermeer, (NL) our one and only theater gig this season, don’t miss it! ( Tickets and info )


Greeeenz OMNIA


Picture by Bianca from Fascinating Foto 

Help our brother and sister Ravens!

It has come to our attention that yet another government wants to kill lots of animals for completely the wrong reasons... this time it's Ravens!

Ravens are more intelligent than MOST humans...
Like the wolf, they are sacred to OMNIA and killing them is an unforgivable crime!

Do what you can to make this Earth a better place for the ones who's home we have stolen... and in this case... Use your finger for a better world!
please help out the Ravens in Idaho and sign this petition

you have my gratitude...
Shaman SteveSic

Would you like to join us in the "EARTH WARRIOR" music video?

OMNIA is having a little VIDEO-COMPETITION for YOU!!!
We need video-material of as many Earth warriors as possible to use in our upcoming Music-Video!
 What we want you to do is to film yourself and/or your friends singing along  to the chorus of our new Revolutionary song "EARTH WARRIOR"
"the chorus" is this bit:

" I'm a Warrior!, Earth Warrior!, True born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior, Nature soldier, fighting for the Earth.
I'm a Warrior!, Earth warrior! , True born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior, Dreadlock soldier, fighting for the Earth!"

You don't have to film the entire song, just the last chorus parts (after the wonderfull didgeridoo part) are enough!  (about the last 90 seconds of the song)
It should be done as a PLAYBACK to the turn your stereo or boombox volume up and sing-along to the song! don't worry about what it sounds like... we will only use the video part of what you send us! ;-)

here's some tips:
You can film yourself any which way you like... but be creative!, for instance:
you can be dressed as Earth Warriors playing around in nature
 or as Eco-activists torching a bulldozer or freeing captive animals
or as Freaky Pagans dancing Naked wearing just leaves and feathers
or just be who-ever you are and sing along like you mean it!
 whatever you fancy...
The most expressive, passionate, enthusiastic and original videos will be considered by us
and ofcourse...
we'll use bits of the VERY BEST ONES  in the official OMNIA-EARTH WARRIOR VIDEO which will be released in june!!!

Film it in any "natural" or pretty location like:
On a ship, in the Forest, on a mountain, in a park, your backyard...
or in a "warzone" where you are at
 an animal concentration camp, a forest logging-zone or hanging off the back of a japanese whaler!....
wherever you feel most like an "earth warrior" or wherever you feel "connected" to nature.

film it preferably in HD 1920x1080p (Max file size is 2 Gb.)
Use a film camera if you can, but If you do use a smartphone or someting make sure to turn the screen horizontal!)
Don’t upload WMV or Flash files.

Filming is usually done best when there is light. So avoid giving your best performance in a dark alley with only the light of a match.

When you are done making something, then Upload your video via WeTransfer
sending the link to this e-mail address:
where Stenny and the filmcrew will evaluate them and choose the favourites

you have untill the 25th of may 2014 to send us material!

Good luck! and Have Fun!


(pic by Ned Ludd)

OMNIA NEEDS YOU! Would you like to be in the "EARTH WARRIOR" music video?

OMNIA is having a little VIDEO-COMPETITION for YOU!!!
We need video-material of as many Earth warriors as possible to use in our upcoming Music-Video!
 What we want you to do is to film yourself and/or your friends singing along  to the chorus of our new Revolutionary song "EARTH WARRIOR"
"the chorus" is this bit:

" I'm a Warrior!, Earth Warrior!, True born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior, Nature soldier, fighting for the Earth.
I'm a Warrior!, Earth warrior! , True born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior, Dreadlock soldier, fighting for the Earth!"

You don't have to film the entire song, just the last chorus parts (after the wonderfull didgeridoo part) are enough!  (about the last 90 seconds of the song)
It should be done as a PLAYBACK to the turn your stereo or boombox volume up and sing-along to the song! don't worry about what it sounds like... we will only use the video part of what you send us! ;-)

here's some tips:
You can film yourself any which way you like... but be creative!, for instance:
you can be dressed as Earth Warriors playing around in nature
 or as Eco-activists torching a bulldozer or freeing captive animals
or as Freaky Pagans dancing Naked wearing just leaves and feathers
or just be who-ever you are and sing along like you mean it!
 whatever you fancy...
The most expressive, passionate, enthusiastic and original videos will be considered by us
and ofcourse...
we'll use bits of the VERY BEST ONES  in the official OMNIA-EARTH WARRIOR VIDEO which will be released in june!!!

Film it in any "natural" or pretty location like:
On a ship, in the Forest, on a mountain, in a park, your backyard...
or in a "warzone" where you are at
 an animal concentration camp, a forest logging-zone or hanging off the back of a japanese whaler!....
wherever you feel most like an "earth warrior" or wherever you feel "connected" to nature.

film it preferably in HD 1920x1080p (Max file size is 2 Gb.)
Use a film camera if you can, but If you do use a smartphone or someting make sure to turn the screen horizontal!)
Don’t upload WMV or Flash files.

Filming is usually done best when there is light. So avoid giving your best performance in a dark alley with only the light of a match.

When you are done making something, then Upload your video via WeTransfer
sending the link to this e-mail address:
where Stenny and the filmcrew will evaluate them and choose the favourites

you have untill the 25th of may 2014 to send us material!

Good luck! and Have Fun!


The New "EARTH WARRIOR" shirts that Sic designed are finished!!!
get the robust "Standard Organic cotton Tee-shirt" (€15,-)
or our super sexy  girly "lacy top" (€25,-)

 These lovely rebellious statements of your support for Nature and OMNIA will be sold at our live-merchandise stand at OMNIA concerts and ofcourse also in our online web-shop Starting this weekend!

HokaHey! wear 'em with PRIDE!

New pictures on our website!

I just added some cool new pictures of our gig in Westfalenhalle (April 5, 2014) online, check them out here

JennyFeary picture by Bianca (

Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA


Pictures in album by:
Kees Stravers and


Day 3... the horror continues ;-)

Monkey Monkey Monkey Boyzzzz!!!

Greenz and Hoehahahaaaaaargh!!!!

Pic by Mighty Mies

Filming "Earth Warrior"

"go on.... make my video..."



pic of Jenny seeing Red seeing Jenny  by sic 


day 2... it's raining

We're filming parts of the EarthWarrior video this weekend.
It's been amazingly sunny all week , perfect Movie-weather!
so today we got up terribly early for some full and exciting days of movie-magic!
and as the camera's started rolling... so did the rainclouds!... mother nature decided to bless us with some rain today :-)
 and now we wait... while the rain drip drip drips... and wait... untill the Sun shows her face again so we can carry on making stunning visuals to go with the stunning sounds of our new album "Earth Warrior"!
Are YOU an Earth warrior?
Would YOU like to be in the new OMNIA video aswell?
keep checking out this page and find out how YOU can join us!!

Green and Wet thingz!!!
OMNIA                                        (picture by Michelle the teenager)


Yes free-thinking people of the worldwideweb! Today is the day!
Finally the spring has come in the World of OMNIA!

our NEW CD OMNIA-"EARTH WARRIOR" is officially released TODAY!
Now you can get it not only at our own webstore...

We have also put the whole title track: "EARTH WARRIOR" on our website


BUT ALSO at your local record store!!...
AND ALSO through all sorts of online stores...
AND ALSO as MP3 download at I-tunes  and Amazon ,etc!

This is REAL!, this is Home Made!...this is not some Corporate Bullshit!
Please support us and buy it!,  listen to it! and let OMNIA's Pagan Magick enter your mind and soul... so together we can change this World!!

let's put an end to the War on Nature!!... let's do it NOW!

Greenthingz on EarthWingz!
Shaman SteveSic Jenny D. Ryad  ;-)

OMNIA Rocks all the way to the Top!!


ok... this is Stoner-humor from the Dutch mountains  ;-)
(we may be woolyheaded... be we know how to ROCK! ;-)

mini-Omnia and mr.Fluffy made and donated by  Verena  Vee

picture by the gods of Olympus

really bad overkill punning by Sic

(sorry... but I did warn you ;-)

Legalize it!!! (and I will advertise it!)

Ok people... so let's please stop fucking around with ridiculous and unjust laws that only protect business interests and turn freedom loving freaks into supposed criminals...

Cannabis aka "weed" needs to be legalised NOW! 


Stop the pathetic persecution of one of the most usefull, lovable and divine plants on this planet!
Sign this petition please help to legalise her in EUROPE...


Weed... she is the "mother of inspiration" , she heals the sick and she is one of the main roots to meditation without complication all over the OMNIA nation!!

Join the fight against ignorance, join the fight for FREEDOM!!

Free the Leaves!!!

Shaman SteveSic

OMNIA gains super-powers!

Levitation-Shaman Sic! 

(he's like a fecking Goku SuperSayan!... KameHameHa!)

Greenz by OMNIA!                   (pic by Jarwin Benadar)

Sic lost in the forest of photoshoppe...


The omnia family has grown, Just like our world... Thank you MPS for making us feel so welcome and at home.
And thank you fans and friends all over the world!
We WILL find a way to come and play for EVERY festival that can make us feel as " wanted" as papa Gisi's wonderfull MPS!
ANYWHERE in the world!!
( yes... Also in YOUR country! 

XXX and Hokahey!!

Pic by natur- freund

we're a Paganband... we come from Paganland


XX and Greenzz and Sepia

pic by Sic


(fool moon lunacy ;-)

Yep! it's true! after the intervention of some Nature-loving Necromancers , who have used the energy of the present full moon to empower their Black Arts....
we have all been resurrected back from the dead to carry on our Pagan- fight for the Earth through our (militant yet beautifull) PaganFolk Musick!
It seems that OMNIA's musick is so popular that our webshop is being swamped by orders for our NEW CD "EARTH WARRIOR"!!  
I realise that the waiting times, postage and handling is sometimes more than in "regular" online stores like Amazon and other big retail-outlets... but that's because ithese orders are all done by the OMNIA family personally and especially and specifically by merchbabe "Chloé and the Bakkertjes"...
So Thank you soo much for your EXTRA support of OMNIA by ordering directly from US before the real sales madness starts!!!

 Starting on the 25th of April 2014 OMNIA-"EARTH WARRIOR" will be available at your local recordstore as well as all online sales outlets (including digital sales like i-tunes etc!)

Greenthingz and BRAINZZZZ!!!!
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Sick Z. Ombie


Yep!... we practiced so hard this weekend that we all died of exhaustion... sad but true.. ah well! nevermind!...
it was fun while it lasted eh?

Greenz thingz on spiritwingz!
the ghost of OMNIA

picture by beetlejuice


Just for YOU!

you can get it HERE

and ... as a little special gift .. we have put a "taste" of this revolutionary OMNIA album for you to listen to on our website landing page!!

*only available from our webshop and live merchandise stand at concerts.
(the "official store and mp3-online release" is on the 25th of april)

This is Satrya!

Last night he was Playing PaganMusick on the OMNIA stage, when we were "Home" again at the awesome MPS "Gisi's Happy Birthday" party in Dortmund! Where we (pre-) released our new cd "EARTHWARRIOR"! ..and he ROCKED! OMNIA has found a worthy guitar player and a good friend!  ( reason for a party!)
AND today is Satrya's Birthday!   (more reason for a party!)
So you can congratulate him on his first succesfull show with OMNIA, and you can grant him long life and happiness aswell!!

Our merchstand at the massive westfalen halle  got swamped by hundreds of wonderfull people yesterday who wanted the new CD!!
We are hoping to hear the first reactions from everyone who managed to get hold of one! .....and .... as a present to everybody who could NOT be there we will start selling "EARTH WARRIOR" from our online webshop on starting somewhere Tomorrow!!!

we had a great time at the party ,I danced like crazy to Saltatio Mortis enjoyed the gifts of nature (thanx Knut! ;-) we had an hours-long signing session in the hall , followed by an hours long singing session in the bathroom together while Rob was making sandwiches... life is weird and wonderfull!
we are happy 'cause our Pagan life is good , we hope yours is too!...
Greenthingz on PaganFolk Musick wingzzzz
Shaman SteveSic , Jenny, Daphyd, Rob, Satrya and the gang!
 (picture by Kees Stravers)


This coming saturday will be a double-special day for OMNIA
1st of all: We will sneakily RELEASE the "EARTH WARRIOR" upon the audience!!
2nd : We will proudly release a NEW OMNIA MUSICK WARRIOR upon the stage!!

On the MPS party in Dortmund this weekend we will be joined on stage by our mystery musick friend ... you'll see what he looks like at the gig there... (or more probably on live pictures from that show because lots of YOU reading this post are not even on the same continent as us this weekend!)....
but I can already tell you his name is Satrya  (and no...before you think it.... that is not a made up stage-name... that's his actual name ...)
and we're sure sure you'll like him just as much as we do! if you happen to be in Dortmund on saturday...
...standing infront of the GIGANTIC stage of the WestfalenHalle...
...happily smiling at your newly aquired OMNIA cd "EARTHWARRIOR"   
(which is incidentally the best fecking CD which we have EVER made!)
...well... tear your eyes away from the awesome artwork of the cover and look up... because on the Stage you will see:
Daphyd, Rob, SteveSic, Jenny and Satrya rocking the stage together with the revolutionary sound of the one and only Purest homegrown PaganFolk Musick... ... Earth Musick...
OMNIA Musick!!!

OMNIA... for ever your EARTHWARRIORS...

nothing is sacred... only nature


OMNIA is proud to say:

Captain Paul Watson is a man who has dedicated his life to preserving the diversity of life on this planet , by actually physically preventing industrialised murderers engaged in genocide from committing their heinous crimes against defenseless wild creatures of the earth. He is a man whom I really really respect, as an activist, as a poet/writer, as a philosopher, as a warrior and as a "proud traitor to his own race" (like us).
The organisation(s) that he has helped to build form the only real "international police force" to protect endangered species and the eco-sphere with any amount of success.
The Seashepherd organisation is run and maintained by many volunteers of all ages and races  from all over the world, many of whom risk their lives on a daily basis to "defend the defenseless against those who are unscrupulous" … all for the love of nature, and all with a very "down to earth" no nonsense attitude of "less talk, more action"
Like us they have no huge executive office , no big business support,
no "bean counters" , no commercial infrastucture… they live by their own rules and their own means and the support of sympathisers like YOU.
Our new song "EARTH WARRIOR" and the whole new album "EARTH WARRIOR" was heavily inspired by many brave freedom fighters and monkey-wrenchers through the ages …  but Paul Watson in particular!

we hope that many of you (will) do too…

Greenthingz and EARTHFORCE!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA


(EARTH WARRIOR"- part 12)

yep... it's a pagan song we wrote about the horned god...

"Call me Satan call me Satyr
I'm Cernunnos I am Pan
I'm the laughter in the forest
I'm the happy horny one

Dionyssos Kokopelli
Lord of animals Green Man
And though it started long ago
My story's just begun

See the horns upon my head
the hooves on which I dance
Feel the passion rising up
Lose yourself in trance

There are many Gods inside your head
And I am only one
Believe in me I'll set you free
To worship me is fun

Because I stand for freedom
The forest wyld untamed
I'm creative Chaos no I just cannot be chained

You people think you're different but to me you're all the same
So if you feel in need of me well you can call my name

Call me Satan call me Satyr
I'm Cernunnos I am Pan…"

(lyrics by Stenny)
Greenz and Horns!
Shaman SteveSic        

OMNIA teeshirt design by Sic  ... what do you think of it?


After the many hilarious reactions on the web we have decided to start selling a limited amount of our new cd "EARTH WARRIOR" at the OMNIA merchandise stand when we play at:

the MPS party in Dortmund this coming saturday!  
(even though the official store release is the 25th of April)

We do this as a "thank you" for all the loyal support we have received from YOU our fans and from our BIG friend Gisi and his wonderfull MPS festivals!
After our show in the mega-huge WestfalenHalle , we will have an extra long signing session  and then Partyyyyyyy!!! to celebrate our newest baby together with YOU!!!

So if you live in or close to Germany and are planning to go there this weekend, be sure to drop by the OMNIA merch-stand to get your own copy of the newest addition to the REAL sound of Revolutionary neo-Celtic PaganFolk! !


picture of Steve Sic wearing his "Gisi-tribute"  rayban sunglasses and camo-coat taken by Jenny :-)


Look what mr.Fluffy found growing in the forest around the StennyStudio!!!
THOUSANDS of Home-grown EARTH WARRIOR CD's!!!  Yes they are here!

You can't buy them yet ... but the most important part is:

They have arrived safe and sound together with the new blossom and the fresh sprouting seeds!...
Many many months and one long winter of hard work and wonderfull crazy creativity have led to this moment.... and... it was all worth it! they sound (and look) AMAZING! Ofcourse as OMNIA's chief executive and producer, mr.Fluffy is very happy indeed and he hopes that you will all like this new album as much as he does :-)
ofcourse you will still have to wait untill the official shop release on april the 25th to buy them from your local or online record stores etc.

BUT ...  our manager mr.Fluffy has allowed us the possibility to start selling them earlier... at our own merchandise stand and online shop.....when we start to tour and play again!
It really all depends on how badly you want "EARTH WARRIOR"...

 what would you be willing to do to get hold of the newest OMNIA disc,  jam-packed full of the purest homegrown PAGANFOLK EARTH MUSICK?

write, share, photograph, spam and post your reactions here...
 If there are enough reactions to please mr.Fluffy then we will start our own sales on the day that we play the MPS party in Dortmund on april the 5th!!

I will close this message with a word from our only sponsor (which by an amazing coincidence is also mr.Fluffy who says that he has not been mentioned enough in this blog)

"Yo peeples!... me is an ERT WARRIOR! ... HowboutYOU?"

Greenz and Revolutionary Musick!
OMNIA and mr.Fluffy      

pic of mr.Fluffy and the Earth Warriors by a very happy Sic

EARTH WARRIOR Album Tour 2014

Dear Earth Warriors! 


As you might know, our album is coming soon (25th of April ;-) )

So we want to announce that we are going to play an ”Earth Warrior Album Tour” coming winter. 


Check out the first dates:


18-oct  NL, Zeist, De Peppel

08-nov USA, Maryland, FearieCon East

13-nov UK, London, Garage

14-nov UK, Manchester, Sound Control

15-nov UK, Glasgow, Classic Grand

27-nov DE, Matrix Bochum

28-nov DE, Hamburg, Knust

29-nov DE, Berlin, K17

03-dec DE, Giessen, Jokus

04-dec DE, Nürnberg, Hirsch

05-dec DE, München, Backstage


For info and reservations click here!


More dates will follow, so keep an eye on our Website or Facebook… ( you know the drill :-) )


Greenzz OMNIA

Boyz from the Wood III

Yo Mother fucker, all you rappers from the hood...
You got da "Bling Bling"... But we got da WOOD!!!


picture of Daphyd, SteveSic and ???  by Jenny

groovy celtic and viking Woodcarvings supplied by our friends from Windalf

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"...part 11... Praise the Lord and pass the Ammunition!!

The 11th musical offering on the upcoming album "EARTH WARRIOR" is a very religious  country/bluegrass song... (or As Johnny Cash would say "a fine spiritual piece") ...
It's a song about GOD... no... don't get me wrong.... it's not about that suicidal Palastinian carpenter in a dress or his arab  buddy Mo or  that fat guy Buddha or Che Guevara , Curt Cobain or Gandalf... although they are all quite obviously very popular "Anthropomorphic personifications" ("people-shaped-ideas") who have loads of their own religious followers.

No this song is about another IMAGINARY FRIEND who only lives INSIDE your head .... it's about GOD as a DOG (so that would be a poodle-o'morphic personification!)
Your friend... and my Friend... NOODLE the POODLE!!!
so...OMNIA plays religious Country Bluegrass!! Yeeeeeeeh fuckin' Haaargh!!!


I'm so happy we've got that defined now!

Greenthingz and Iconoclasm for All !!
Shaman SteveSic

Picture of Stenny and Noodle by "the prince of peace" ;-)

Cool Sunday Step Mom and Son

Today we is walkin' in da woods and talkin' bout life and chillin' with our son Damien Raven... just a slow and easy Sunday enjoying Nature, Fresh air and Family!

XXX stay Cool!
Stenny                                    (pic by Daddy Sic)

Demand an EU embargo on China!

Hello fellow animal-lovers and freethinkers,
please take a moment to look at this link and sign this petition !!


 All over the world, animal rights are either non-existent or being ignored, but still I think that the part China plays in it is very important. Creating awareness and possibly an EU-embargo on China could result in a precedent for any other animal and nature-rights problems in the future. Let's at least help the good people trying to stand up for this particular case, thank you so much!
Peace xx Jenny / OMNIA

we make our musick in da Sun!

It's an OMNIA Practice day today! ... jammin' an talkin' and making the sound right for the up-coming festival season! (the first gig will be MPS party in Dortmund on the 5th of April!!!) Rob is having some medical stuff seen to at the moment...( he's having bionic-arms sewn on or something like that ;-) so sadly he couldn't make it for ths session , so it was just the 4 of us practicing today... ?... 4 of us?... Daphyd, Jenny, Me ...and...who is that guy?
 .... mmmm?...
come to the MPS party and you'll find out! :-)

Greenthingz on Musick-Wingz!

What is Heaven?...

Well I know for sure that it's not some eternal pleasure cruise in the sky involving wings, little lyres and heaps of hump-able virgins etc. waiting for you after you die...

I know this will disappoint about 60% of the total human population of this planet.. but there you are... in the words of Robert Crumb "I'm not here to be nice".
there is no pleasure dome on the moon, just rocks... there is no floating Shangri-la in the clouds , just air-planes and satellites... that's just a nice fable, it was made up so that your ancestors, you and your descendants will work themselves to death as a usefull little part of some other persons' big machine without complaining too much...  (just like the concept of "sin" and the threat of "hell" which are just usefull mental sticks to beat you with so you will hopefully be scared of eternal torment and  behave yourself like a usefull little brainwashed robot... )

We're non-dogmatic Pagans... so let me tell you what we believe about the concept of Heaven...

HEAVEN is realising in the HERE and NOW that your life is as GOOD as it's gonna get... and that it's actually very GOOD indeed!...
Realising That you have enough love, health, food and creative expression to make you smile , that you can gaze upon this wonderfull world, sigh happily and feel content that you are ALLOWED to be alive on this beautifull planet, with all these amazing creatures (animals, trees, plants, fungi etc.) and that your eyes are open enough to understand and appreciate that simple fact...

THAT is Heaven...

Greenthingz and Love from the forest!
your friendly internet Shamanana's Stenny  
... who are in Heaven...

Nuthin' like a nice hot fire... this one has a temperature of at least 451 fahrenheit... ;-)

So... the fire-pit is burning nice an' warm an cosy!...  Stenny is still enjoying a hard-earned holiday rest... we're busy with relaxed "homey" thingz... like: making the stenny studio look nice... cleaning, fixing and decorating... meeting up with old friends... Yesterday our extremely talented buddy Kelvin Kalvus "the alchemist" came to visit us in the forest , we walked and talked about music and philosophy... and at night Stenny burned books and mulled some fine red eco-wine on the glowing embers of literary inefficiency... such luxury!...
.. still chillin' today... as we both had an amazing massage from another talented friend of ours (Manja) who is a holistic-masseuse... and now we feel all... mmmmmmmm! and ULTRA relaxed... soon the OMNIA madness will start again... but not today... not today...

I wish YOU all the peace and happiness that we feel inside our hearts and remember people:
"Nothing is sacred... only Nature"

Peace and Greenz!

picture of Jenny an da fire  by R.Bradbury

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"...part 10... (so that means there's at least 10 songs on the new CD!)

Stenny is still on holiday in their own backgarden!... digging stuff , planting trees and bushes... carrying wood and listening to the sounds of spring ...that's on one side: the birds and the insects and the treez waking up... we saw loads of "just arrived" birds an the first bat, bumblebee, butterflies and other B thingz of the year all in the last week or so...
and on the other hand the humans are starting their spring rituals which sound like leaf-blowers, chainsaws, woodgrinders, motorbikes and ofcourse the army testing rifles and machineguns in the forest (doesn't it seem weird that armies around the world still practice killing and stuff in wooded areas?.. like... if their was a war it would be fought in a country's last remaining wilderness areas?...hmmm?... anyway

The 10th musical offering on our upcoming album "EARTH WARRIOR" is actually one of the first ever pieces of music that I wrote back in around '95 (the year before OMNIA officially started)... It's pure Pagan Earth-Deity worship set to musick in a very Gallo/Roman style and it's all about our "main sponsor"... who is ofcourse The Horned God... he who protects the Wyld forests and can keep a hard-on for millenia... Played in the purest oldest form possible... just drumz, double flute and didge... timeless, raw and pure Neo-Celtic PaganFolk!
so... as always... OMNIA plays Neo-Celtic Pagan Folk!

I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz and all Hail the Horny Lord!
Shaman SteveSic

Painting by Renso Tamse (who became a Dad a couple of days ago!)

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"...part 9... the saga continues... Hey?... but Stenny's on holiday FFS**!?

Yep! Stenny is on holiday in their own backgarden!... we were so busy making the new CD that we didn't have time to plan a trip around the world or a tropical cruise... so have holiday at home!... we is taking it easy, enjoying this weird (but nice) early spring... same time last year we were knee-deep in snow, but hey!...that's the way it's gonna be from now on... weird weather ... so we grab the good things from it while we can!... like pottering around in the garden... letting the mind wander as your hands get immersed in fresh soil,plants and seedlings... me like... Jenny too! (look at her happy face as she is doing what she actually enjoys best , just playing around in nature and feeling connected...

but I still wanna tell you some about the new CD (even though I'm not "officially working" at the moment ;-)
So The 8th musical offering on this disc is a song about NOT doing what we are doing right now... it's a song about the insanity of mutant monkeys... called : "Mutant Monkey" (well, no surprise there!) Just a little reminder for the human race that they shouldn't take themselves and their own personal lives so seriously... because (as Tim Minchin would say it) : "you're just fucking monkeys in shoes"! ... did I mention it's a funny song?... (well...part of my "job" is being a Heyoka/Fool :-)
and just to make things really difficult for our audience and to stretch the term "PAGANFOLK" to it's absolute OMNIA limits, we have composed it in a style normally referred to as "Jazz" , very reminiscent of old style Louis Armstrong... I even sang a really freacky Scat in it together with the Rob on his jungledrumzzzzz... oh yeah... and instead of a flute or trumpet I play a Kazoo... hehehe!
OMNIA plays funny-Pagan-Acoustic-Jazz!


I'm so happy we've got that defined now!

Greenthingz and Monkey,Monkey,Monkey,Monkey,Monkey,Monkey,Monkey,YOU!
Shaman SteveSic and Jenny D. Ryad
picture by fungle the gnoll

**"for fuck's sake"

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part 8...well... we make music for drug-addicts!

Question:... "What kind of music do you make?" ...
Answer: Pure unadulterated fucking PaganFolk baby!
next question: "????WTF??? that some kind of new-age therapy music???...

I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...
The 8th musical offering on this disc is a song about addiction... well it's a song about the self-destructive joy of addiction , disguised as a song about drinking Whiskey in a specific Bar... ... but still... it's all a metaphore for addiction... YOU all know what I'm talking about... we ALL do something that is BAD for us... something that is really yummy but still fecking unhealthy ... and which we just know is "wrong"... but we still do it anyway!... 'cause we're monkeys... because it makes us feel good... because we really want to, because selfdestruction through alcohol and other drugs, bad-food, extreme sports, weird sex, religious flagellation, gospel music, etc... at heart we are all junkies... that's what this song is about... written in the tradition of such great "addiction" classics like "Heroin"(the Velvet Underground) "Hurt" (NineInchNails) "Mutiny in Heaven" (BirthdayParty) and practically anything by Tom Waits etc... but then played in the acoustic OMNIA way ofcourse! in more of a more country-style reminiscent of Johnny Cash...
So THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays american, drug addled country music!

I'm so happy we've got that defined now!

Greenthingz and cheers! (smoke 'em, drink 'em, swallow 'em while you still got 'em!)
Shaman SteveSic


New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part's a kind of Iron-Age Celtic-Warrior Sound!

As I'm repeating the first part of this blog every day...  I'll shorten it a bit more now... If you want to read the whole piece again just scroll back... (as if you would!)

Question:... "What kind of music do you make?" ...
Answer: Pure unadulterated fucking PaganFolk baby!
next question: "????WTF??? that some kind of "IrishMist" CelticCover music?...???

... I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...

 The 7th musical offering on this disc is a piece of pure , original, neo-Celtic PaganFolk first recorded for "Sine Missione 1" a long long time ago... it's a style of sound based around reconstructions of the Gallo-Roman music from the start of the first millenium (when the last free Celtic/Germanic tribes still lived in the forests of Europe)... it's the sound that awoke in my soul back in the 90's and it's a large part of all the music OMNIA has been writing and performing ever since... track 7 is recorded with only a HUGE fecking Didge, my own neo-Celtic double flutes, Jenny on da Bodhran and mr.Rob on his war drums... nothing extra added... not even an acoustic this is actually Pure Fucking ORIGINAL PaganFolk... as in:
"PAGAN"= nature religions worshipping the living Earth in the form of the original gods of the land... (NOT Christian, Muslim or Jewish)
"FOLK"= homegrown acoustic music originating from the land and from the indigenous people themselves...

So THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays Neo-Celtic PaganFolk !

 I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz on Iron-age Warrior wingz!
Shaman SteveSic

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part 6... dah?... french music?

So ... this question we get a lot:... "What kind of music do you make?" ...
the answer we give : Pure unadulterated fucking PaganFolk baby!
next question we then get  is: "????WTF??? that some kind of Satanic sex music?...???

(well...actually it could be?...but...noo... I digress again...)

...I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question and answer ballet with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...

 The 6th song on Earth Warrior is actually the only traditional piece on the entire album! Normally we don't play "Trad" (it's more something for cover-bands to do)
We always like to write our own musick.. because we are musicians and we like having our own unique style of handmade PaganFolk songs... but sometimes it's nice to grab something from one of the rich musical traditions of Europe... so track 6 is a collection of Andro's (trad-dancing tunes) all put together in a freaked out OMNIA way... there's a bit of Joe Hennon here and some real grand "powerplaying" on the trusty Harp by Jenny... so...
THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays Traditional Breton Folk!

 I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz on Jelelaloleno-lalojelalalalalalaleno wingz!
Shaman SteveSic
pics by sic, picshop by Fieke


We have been working long and hard on not just the MUSICK but also the ART of EARTH WARRIOR... months of buiding stuff... countless photoshoots... drawing, painting, sewing, leatherworking, weapon making ... all the artistic things that are fun to do and that help to create an image of our world... a visual harmony to accompany the musick of "EARTH WARRIOR"... Now the final phase (putting it all together in photoshop together with
now all that needs doing is formatting and delivering the enormous files of EARTH WARRIOR ART to the CD-printing plant... and then we wait...we just have to exercise a little more patience untill they are all manufactured, packed and shipped back to us...

we have a RELEASE DATE set for APRIL 25th
the official 2014 OMNIA- "EARTH WARRIOR" Album Tour dates will be posted soon
Greenthingz on ART wingz!

drawing by Sic

Practice-Session With OMNIA

Rob is not here.. He's getting pissed, at carnaval. (He is from Brabant you know, but not quite like me ;)

We're making musick, and hey! there is 4 of us!...
Who is that groovy #EarthWarrior with a guitar?

Ooooeehhhhhh, mystery...

Greenzz xx Daphyd et OMNIA

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part 5... yep... this is definately a sneak peak at the artwork aswell !...

I'm repeating the first part of this blog every day... so I'll shorten it a bit now... If you want to read the whole piece again scroll back to last week or so...

So question we get a lot:... "What kind of music do you make?" ...
answer we give : Pure unadulterated fucking PaganFolk baby!
next question we get : "????WTF??? that some kind of modern pop?...???

... I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question and answer ballet with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...

 The fifth song on the upcoming album is written as an old school 70's acoustic HardRock /HeavyMetal song, with deep fecking Pagan lyrics and some awesome DADGAD guitar riffs laid down on it by Stenny's old friend Joe Hennon (who is also an old-school rocker)
THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays Old school Pagan acoustic HardRock !

 I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz on CRAZY wingz!
Shaman SteveSic
pic by Erwin... photoshop by Fieke... text by some fecking wasted drug-addict

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part 4... erm ... is this a sneak peak?

So... "What kind of music do you make?" ...
that's a question we can never really answer properly (because if you say "PaganFolk" most of the monkeys out there in the land of illusion look at you like: ????WTF????
... I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...

 The fourth song on the album is a native-american inspired tribal-dance piece (old school ...not electro) played only on flute, didge and drums with lots of weird Pagan chanting and screaming in it... a song to dance to... and to do... other physical thingz of a joyous nature!... THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays Pagan Native American Tribal music!

 I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz on HOKA HEYYYY Wingz!
Shaman SteveSic
pic by Jenny... photoshop by Fieke

We've Got the EARTH WARRIOR Master CD!

What I'm holding in my hand here (apart from the glass of  very fine Australian wine) is a "MASTER CD"... which means that the entire process of Writing, Arranging, Practicing, Playing,Recording, Mixing, Re-mixing, Re-recording, Final mixing, and Mastering of our new CD EARTH WARRIOR is now at an end!!! and we have a CD soundfile which is 100% finished and which can be sent to a CD Printing factory to be mass-produced!!
 The Mastering which we have been involved in during the last days is a mysterious  fine art/ highly technical process which basically makes the music CD "easier on the ears" for the audience... It's a process which captures and enhances the intrinsinc beauty in any proper recording... Jenny and me have worked with many different "mastering studios" all over Europe during our many years of anarchy in the music industry... but none as renowned and as pleasant to work with as the amazing mrs.Darcy Proper (originally from NewYork but now living in Holland) who is the main mastering engineer at Wisseloord studio Hilversum  (definately the biggest and best equipped sound studio in all the low lands)  
 And I must say that what Darcy did with the sound of EARTH WARRIOR is just brilliant! (no wonder she's won 3 Grammy's for mastering and has been nominated 9 times already!)  It was a pleasure to be back at Wisseloord studios among the trees and on this picture you can see a happy Steve who just enjoyed a very good meal (in the wisseloord restaurant)...
 So DO NOT expect the cd to be printed right away now... (the Art work still has to be finished properly) but the long process of getting sounds from out of our minds and into your heads is really reaching it's end stages now...
(the official release of EARTH WARRIOR will certainly be somewhere in APRIL 2014... more details will follow!)

Greenthingz on MasterWingz!
Happy (though tired) Stenny          (pic by Jenny on the we-phone)

Meet Tha Masterr!

Dis is me in dhe Wisseloord mastering studio-1 in Hilversum. Where the master of da sound is a really nice american woman called Darcy... (see? thatz her there behind me talking to Jenny )...  so dat meansz she isz a mistressmaster of dee sound! Dis is good for us becos the new OMNIA album has got a lotta Gaya-Girl-power in it! Dhats why we choose her to do the mastering of "EARTWORRIOR"... well... dat and because she is simply da best!  she's got a verrry pretty stuuudio room!
 Me is lissening with Stenny now.. to the Album taking final shape... an... It is givving me big time, big boss produuzzer goosy bumps (under my fur)... dis is gonna rock like a really big bag fulla really big rockz!!... so annywey ... me have to get back to wurking now...
Greentingz on EartWarriorwingzzz and stuudiothingz!
mr.Fluffy                      (piktjoor by mr.Sic)

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part 3... the horror continues...

"What kind of music do you make?" ... (I'm getting a deja vu... again :-)
that's a question we can never really answer properly (because if you say "PaganFolk" most of the monkeys out there in the land of illusion look at you like: ????WTF????
... I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...

 The third song on the album is written as a pure Balkan-Beat piece but played on a chinese reed-flute and ofcourse dedicated to the Earth ... the rythms and vocals are very Bulgarian, the melody line is composed around old Macedonian musick and it's typical melodic themes...
 So... THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays Pagan/Chinese Balkan Beats!

 I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz on 7/8... no wait... 5/8... no hang-on Irregular RythmicWingz!
Shaman SteveSic

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part 2... the story continues...

"What kind of music do you make?" ... that's a question we can never really answer properly (because if you say "PaganFolk" most of the monkeys out there in the land of illusion look at you like: ????WTF???? ... ofcourse we compose everything for the EARTH and for the spirits of Life whom we represent... (I'm getting a deja vu?)
but "Earth Musick" is just as vague as PaganFolk... so what kind of musick does OMNIA make?... I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...

 The second song on the new CD is a piece dedicated to the humans who actually fight to save our natural brothers and sisters of the earth , on the land and in the oceans (people like Seashepherd ,whom we support) and it's written in the way of a reggea song (but then played acoustically ofcourse ;-)
 So... THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays Pagan-acoustic-Earth-Reggae!

 I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz on 4/4 Ganga Wingz!
Shaman SteveSic

New CD: OMNIA - "EARTH WARRIOR"... So what kind of music do you make? part 1

"You're in a band?, oh?..What kind of music do you make?" ... that's a question we can never really answer properly (because if you say "PaganFolk" most of the monkeys out there in the land of marketed illusion look at you like: ????WTF???? ... ofcourse we compose everything for the EARTH and for the spirits of Life whom we represent...
but "Earth Musick" is just as vague as PaganFolk... so what kind of musick does OMNIA make?...
 I thought it might be nice to explain this tricky question with the new songs on our upcoming album "Earth Warrior"...
 The opening piece of our new CD is a solo, Grand-Piano piece, composed and played by Jenny (accompanied only by nature sounds)... the style it's written in is deeply reminiscent of the typical fin de siecle,  Parisian avant-gardist/ minimalist music of the great bohemian  genius Éric Alfred Leslie Satie...
 So... THAT's the style of music we make!
OMNIA plays minimalist , fin de siecle, Parisian-avant-garde!

I'm so happy we've got that defined now!
Greenthingz on sexy Bohemian Wingz!
ShamanSteveSic                   (nice Jenny pic by moi)

Time is round ... everything goes in circles

This is Jenny standing in between her Mum (Ans) and her Dad (Hans) infront of the house that used to belong to Hans's parents... it's where he started out life (almost 80 years ago now!) and although Ans and Hans don't live around here anymore, it's actually really close to where Stenny now lives in the forest... which is the same forest which my Dutch great-grandmother used to make paintings of...
everything goes in circles... like the wheel of life...  I like circles... how about you?
Stenny             (pic by Sic)

Hard it is to take picture of own band...

This is a take during the photoshoot for a bandpicture (like the one I posted yesterday)... as  it happens ,I'm the photographer as well as one of the models (we like doing everything ourselves as a band anyway ... so now we even added doing the photoshoots to that :-).......  but sadly my remote-control didn't work..... so that means that working with a massive tele-lens and a selftimer I had to sprint the 20 or so metres between the band and the camera... in between every shot... (we did around 70 in total on 3 different locations).... pfffft! that's a lot of running... and then being  "relaxed" and "not posed" when the camera goes "click!" ... The band in the meantime had to wait while I adjusted shit on the camera and stuff.... like in this picture... Rob's holding my hokahey stick so I know where to stand when I get back to them... that's how we roll in the shire!.... (look at the post from yesterday again , and now check out my face in the picture... does that face seem a little out of breath?... does Sic have his mouth slightly open because his smoke-tortured lungs are sucking air like a pair of leaky bellows to stop him passing out from oxygen starvation?) ... hehehe! That's life on the cutting-edge of REAL PaganFolk musick where everything is genuine and 100% self-made... even the pictures!

XXX Greenthingz and Creativity!
Shaman/Photographer SteveSic

Pagan Band

this is a typical pagan band in their natural enviroment wearing everyday clothes...

...along with some of their  "instruments" for the... more "difficult to please" audiences ;-)


pic by sic

It's Jenny's BIRTHDAY!!!

The harpfairy has survived another year of musickal mayhem... and she remains as lovely as ever!
Sing her a song... she deserves it!

pic by sic

Please help this wolf and her family!

Dear fellow nature lovers...
Our friend Joe Hennon just let us know that we need to take action again, against the killing of Wolves in Sweden:

"The Swedish anti-wolf-hunting lobby needs a boost again, Swedish government trying to get around the Court decision…"

Please help the people who care so much they take action, and sign this petition:

Thank you on behalf of Susi and her family...
Wolf Love,


Well... as we started the search for an extra musician to join our happy little band of Pagans we had no idea how many reactions we would receive!!!
We've had 36 great applicants within one week, all talented and capable musicians from all different levels and disciplines of music-making...
Men and Women, Boys and Girlz from all over the world:
England, Germany, the Isle of skye, Portugal, Spain, Australia, USA, France, Switzerland ... and... even a few cool ones from Holland!  ;-)
We wil NOT take any more applicants now ...(actually we stopped taking new applicants a week ago, but some people still try)... The choice is hard enough already! ...we would love to bring all of these talented people onto a stage together if we could!... but there are too many practical matters to consider as we have to choose...  we have to choose just 1...... and we are taking our time... many of these great musicians are still waiting for an answer... but being a member of the OMNIA band is quite a hard task... and it's risky for us aswell... we are NOT a band... we don't make music... we make MUSICK!.... there's a big difference!... our group energy is all important to us....  and over the years Jenny and me have become very choosy about who we share our stage with ;-)... But the choice will be made... soon... we still need to interview some of the guys/gals and we'll keep you posted about it... So ... as soon as WE know, YOU will be the second to know who the newest member of the OMNIA family will be!!

Greenthingz on PaganStringz!
Shaman SteveSic

picture of Sic playing with "Juanita-Perdita" by Jenny

100.000 ”Likes” !!!

Fuck Yeah! 


We just passed 100.000 ”Likes” on our Facebook page! 

It’s all real, no major label, just you and us. ;)


Thank YOU Earth Warriors, for joining our virtual World of OMNIA…


Greenz Daphyd and the whole OMNIA family. 




We thought that this would be a great moment to share the tracklist of EARTHWARRIOR with you so that you can see the titles of all the songs that are on it!!! and seeing as I was writing them out for the artwork... here they are!


pic by Sic

Q: Q: "What are those weird RUNES all about?!" A: "erm... well...How Pagan do you want it?"

As YOU should know by now, "Pagan" isn't just a cool sounding five letter word to us... It's what we are... nature-religious worshippers of the energies of the living Earth and all the natural creatures that live, breathe and love upon her.
An important part of our Shamanic job-description is rune-singing... Runes are symbols similar to letters of an alphabet, that are a sound, a word, and a deeper meaning all in one... "Rune" originally means "Secret" or "Spell".... and we chant the runes for energy and insights into life ... carving, painting and writing the runes for spellcraft and to influence morphic resonance... (OK... I know this is gonna sound like a bunch of gibberish to most of you... just trust me that the OMNIA Runes are very important symbols to Stenny... they are part of the musick and the nature-magick that we make)
A question I get asked a lot by weirdos like us is :"what "Rune System" do you use SteveSic? because I don't recognise them at all!?"
Well that's because we only use OMNIA-runes on our albums and Artwork , on the OMNIA stage-Banners, on our instruments, clothes and on my skin  ...
They are a 36 rune-system, which I have been developing and using most of my life...
The OMNIA-runes are based around the cool bits of all the known rune-systems of the world... (I have always preferred making up my own religious tools such as these... because I'm not such a believer in any form of "Ancient Wisdom"... (If the ancients were so bloody wise, how come the world made by their descendants is such a fucking mess right now?)
 So, to answer the question for all you Rune-Skaldar and Occultists out there :
These symbols are NOT Futhark ( younger, older or teenaged... they're NOT Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Gothenburg or Medieval... they're NOT Dalecarlian runes, Anglo Saxon Futhorc, Székely-Hungarian Rovás, Turkic -Orkhon or otherwise... they are NOT Irish Ogham, Germanic Armanen , Tolkien Dwarfish, Elven or Masters of the bloody universe)... , they are OMNIA RUNES... They are unique, original and completely one of a kind ... like us ;-)

XXX Greenthingz and Heya heya heya!!!
Shaman SteveSic

Happy Birthday ROB THUNDER!!!

Let the drumsz beat like the Hammer of Thor!
Let the shouts of joy ring out like the howling furies of the wind!

Let the fire shine bright  like Jupiter's spear of lightning
let congratulations rain down like hagalaz hail from the sky!

The master drummer has another year carved onto the tree of life!
Rejoice for It is Rob Thunder's birthday today!!!

Greenz and jubilation!

pic by Sic

Mission accomplished!

Earth Warrior is alive!!!
Øn the røæd båck Höme!!!!!

Steve Sic Studio beard...

We're in the LAST DAY of mixing!!... EARTH WARRIOR is GONNA ROCK!!
... but we're REALLY at the end of our energy now... haven't slept properly for  more than a week... we quit showers and shaving to save time (even Jenny has a beard now)... still mixing ... stll making art... I made a "Nick cave" style picture of my shaggy face... you like?

pic by wanted man

"What is Rob playing?... is that a COWBELL?!"

Mission: Mixing "Earth Warrior"
day: umpteen
Year: stardate 47789 in the year of the lesser spotted buttercow
Season: none
location: Lava studio, København, Danmark

This is Jenny in the Studio Checking for those "weird little sounds" in the background of the recordings... we're Still mixing , mixing, mixing....
(and really it's sounding AWESOME!!... anyway... no time to chat now... working!)


pic by Sic


Here you see Mr. Stress Bunny with Steve Sic and Christopher Juul (Euzen) in the LavaStudio. He's helping them staying relaxed by being very squeezeable while they are working on the "mix" of a very old but newly arranged and recorded Omnia song…I can't tell you which one of course...
We are very happy with all the musick for the new album, we are sure that you will love it too. Last night, Stenny listened to half of the songs before going to bed, and couldn't sleep for another 3 hours afterwards because of the energy it gave us. Yay! I can tell you, it's going to a very interesting album, with many styles (as you are used to by now), some songs you might already know from live concerts last year, some completely never-played-live-before pieces, which we hope you'll come to love just as much as we do, and some "oldschool-Omnia" pieces never released to our satisfaction, re-arranged ad re-recorded. You will find a few traditional melodies in there, but for the rest everything has been written by Steve and Jenny, arranged together with Rob and Daphyd.

I am sorry you still have to wait for a while, but trust me, it's going to be worth it ;-).

Løts of løve from København

pic by Mr Fluffy


"Earth Warrior" will be released this spring! (2014) 

Greenz OMNIA

Have You got what it takes to be an OMNIA-EARTH WARRIOR? 'cause OMNIA is looking for an extra musician!!... Could it be YOU?

OMNIA wants to meet some extra Musicians to join us on tour throughout the stages of the world this coming year... so.... Do YOU Wanna join OMNIA?
OMNIA is a professional band of hard-working weirdos ,we do crazy tours, we're on a mission and we have loads of fun too!...  we  have created our own genre of musick called "PaganFolk" , taking the voice of Mother Earth and playing it pure and sweet for the mutant monkeys everywhere we go ... (and incidentally , because we are a "working-band" ... we can also pay well, and we always take care of our own!)

...Are YOU a really amazing musician who likes a challenge?    ... Do You like OMNIA musick?... Can you play musick "the old-fashioned hard way" ie: on REAL, ACOUSTIC instruments?  (no extra playback, no flashy effects, just a lot of skill)...
 Are you really groovy?... Do you have stage experience?... do you understand even-rythms aswell as odd-rythms? ... are you available for touring with OMNIA  starting in April 2014?... yes?... OK... what we're looking for is this:

- A very good experienced Guitarplayer   
(either: Country/ Folk DADGAD / Folk-rock steelstring-style or Spanish/ Flamenco/ Classical nylon-string-style)

-A very good experienced Bouzouki/ Mandolin/ Banjo player (Country / Folk)

-A very good experienced Accordeon player  ( gypsy-style)

-A very good experienced fiddle-player      (Gypsy / eastern European or Irish/Scottish Folk)

-A very good experienced Hurdy Gurdy -player  (European folk style)

-A very good experienced hammered Dulcimer player (Eastern European style)

Having a good singing voice to harmonize with us is a definite plus, too.

Can you do just one of the above things AMAZINGLY well?
(or even better)
Can you do two or more of the above thingz really fucking well?
Do you live on (or close to) the Dutch-German or Dutch-Belgian border?

Then the new OMNIA musician could be YOU!  ...

  So If You think you are the one... write us about yourself!
Who are you? : name, age , gender (include a photo or video)
what are your exact skills?
what is your experience on stage up to now?
and don't forget to include a link to video and sound material of you playing your instruments!

write to:  with the header message:
and if your application looks serious, OMNIA will be in touch...

Greenthingz on Musickal wingz!
Shaman SteveSic, Jenny, Daphyd, Rob and the whole OMNIA family

ps: please share this message as much as possible on the internet!
(even if you are not a musician) Thanx groovy guys and girls!

picture by Jenny :-)

The COVER of OMNIA- "EARTH WARRIOR"!! Tadaaaaaaah!! Here it is!!! you like?

Tadaaaaaaah!!   Here it is!!!   you like?

Please share this beautifull image of Jenny as the "Earth Warrior" as much as possible if you think it's cool enough and if you want to help us! ...
Share it, "like" it , post it, re-post it, spam your family and friends... spam your work, spam your enemies aswell!...
Just help us to get this cover-image spread all over the internet! ... now, we need YOUR help...
YOU are our radio...
YOU are our television...
YOU are our Music Media Magazine Madness...
Because... WE are still YOUR band!! ...
OMNIA...  still Free, still un-managable, still un label-fucked...

"There's a War on Nature and we can all choose what to do,
So if YOU feel, like WE feel, the Love of the Earth...
Well... YOU can be an Earth Warrior too!"

XXX and Greenz!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA     
pic by Sic...   Photoshop by Fieke

ps: In case you hadn't heard yet... the Countdown has started...
 the OMNIA CD "EARTH WARRIOR" will be released spring 2014
(the final mixing/recording sessions begin this weekend!)

pps: we had to censor this image for Facebook , because there is a tiny bit of Jenny's boob and nipple showing on the CD cover... we checked... and FB will shut down our page if we show it... because it violates their "decency" policy ....  so if you want to see the un-censored image , please go to our (free-thinking) website:  

OMNIA "Earth Warrior" Art-preview no.13

This young wolf is one of the main reasons why we are making this album...
This young wolf is pissed of...
This young wolf is living in a cage...
This young wolf cannot roam free.

that's what humans have done... for the last 40.000 years mutated feral monkeys have tried to tame the wild biosphere of the EARTH by putting it in cages, surrounding it by fences, tying it down, crippling it , cutting it up, beating it down...
In the futile hope that it will surpress it's natural instincts...

BUT Life cannot be surpressed...there is only ONE natural state... FREEDOM!!
Eco-Anarchy and Nature War for all who need it!

Greenthingz! and Ahoooooooooow!!!
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Erwin van Dijck

tomorrow we post the "EARTH WARRIOR" COVER!! please share it and like it (if you like it) as much as possible... don't forget that we are merely an un-managed , un-labelfucked underground band... which means that YOU are our Radio, our television and our media-support all in one! ;-)

Serious Art and a Cold...

I gotta cold... snif... ah well... shit happens... maybe I shouldn't have done the photoshoot in the cold woods yesterday?  But as the saying goes : "Art über Alles"
So what the heck?... we did it... it was great fun!... we got da pictures to prove it ;-)
afterwards Stenny and the guys worked on our new loincloths for hours... (Here's a pic of the OMNIA Pagan Leather-workshop art class!... and... yes we make loincloths out of leather and bones, not out of teddybears and rubber and plastic... I'm not going to explain a lot of stuff about organic natural materials, respect for nature, diversity of species ,animal welfare and organic farms etc... just trust me that it's all cool and groovy leather and bone) You'll see the results of this serious hard pagan-art work on all the stages we'll be playing this year!... that's my blog for now... I did it!... sorry but Today I'm just bluurgh and hatchooo! and bweeeéé and stuff ... so now I'm going back to bed... bye!
pic by Jenny


And another photoshoot in the forest!!  Today was the first actual day of proper, winter frost on our wooded hill... it was really freezing... icy wind!...brrr!!
So... we decided that it would be a great opportunity to have Daphyd and Rob strip and run semi-naked through the forest in front of a camera!! ...  :-)

Crow-pic by Sic

OMNIA "Earth Warrior" Art-preview no.11

This is a sketch for the OMNIA "Earth Warrior" logo, that I'm designing at this moment... what do YOU think?.... like it?.... my style is getting a bit grim again .... hmmm?
would you dare to wear a Tee-shirt with something like this accompanied by the words

"EARTH WARRIOR" on it?  ...

Greenz and HokaHey!!!
Shaman SteveSic

ps: for those who hadn't realised yet, the "EarthWarrior" has a bow and arrow to shoot mutant-monkeys with... and NOT to shoot the natural wildlife of the Earth... just to clear up that point ;-)

pic by Sic


"Her rivers , my blood, her rock my bone...

Her earth my muscle, her heart my soul...

Her children my children, their freedom my goal...

I'll be fighting , fighting for them all!"

This is another one of the pictures we thought about using as a cover... It made it all the way to the final selection.... but didn't get chosen in the end... we still think it deserves to be seen though!  ;-) ... the REAL cover goes online next saturday...

Greenthingz and Hokahey!!

pic by Sic


This is what an "Earth Warrior" Art-team looks like! Today we're chilling in the Stennystudio with Fieke (who is doing all the graphic design with us on the OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" CD) ... cool!... and if you wanna see what the ACTUAL cover is going to look like keep your eyes on this page... because we will present it HERE THIS WEEK!! **

Greenthingz and Earththingz! (with axes)
Stenny and Fieke

pic by Sic

** ofcourse we can't present the actual cover of EARTH WARRIOR on our facebook page, because it will be blocked within 30 minutes as "pornography"... so we will only put part of it on censor-book and the REAL PICTURE can then be found on our free-thinking website!!!

Last Night was really "old-school"!!

Weyhey! and Hokakey!... last night was really fecking "REAL" again... It was awesome to Play on the stage of the Altstadt in Eindhoven again with YOU!!
"YOU" being all the crazy freaks from ao: Belgium, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, England, etc, etc.... and I think there were even a handfull of people from Eindhoven there! ... (although they were probably lost...
Yeah man! and Fecking "old-School" baby! ... and to me that is not just a cool and trendy terminology to use ... I mean... there were some ancient posters from 80's cow-punk and psychobilly bands still hanging on the graffiti scrawled, sticker-stuck walls of the backstage in the Altstadt... and erm... I actually remember seeing those particular clubtours!!
(well... when I say 'remember', I mean, I can still vaguely pick out the images of the past out from the Korsakov / thc tinted funhouse I laughingly refer to as my "mind")

Anyway... It was hot as Hell... the sweat dripped from the ceiling... the newly upgraded speakers throbbed and howled to the PaganBeat... the jam-packed,
sold-out venue rocked and screamed... the crowd danced and heaved to sound of Omnia's PURE ACOUSTIC PAGANFOLK... You people were lovely!! we wished we could take all of you home with us! (or possibly back to our hotel
... Old friends and New Friends... thanx for sharing the gig, the smoke, the drinks, the talks, the laughter and the hugs!.... with US!
Today we rest... everything's Cool and I feel fine...
XXX and Greenthingz!!!

Shaman SteveSic, Jenny Harp-fairy, Daphyd Crow, Rob Thunder and the whole extended OMNIA-Family

Pic by Sic

Steve.......stiehieffffff...... nevermind

Kiss my Belly ;-) XXX

I noticed that last year we started to get a bit of a "belly"...  Sic and Jenny with a gut? nooooo!! ... that just wasn't possible!!  and It felt completely "wrong" somehow ... because we're nature-monkeys, we don't eat much at all , we move around a lot during the day (and during the night ;-)
and never-ever does Stenny eat any really "bad food" ... with "bad food" I mean anything grown in a Concentration-Camp and any kind of processed or fast-food AND OFCOURSE anything which your government says is healthy and perfectly OK for you to eat... (your governments only concern is to make money for corporate shareholders)...
But... hello? pot-belly Stenny?! aargh! not healthy! I'm a fecking hunter-gatherer! I'm a fucking warrior!  What was happening? I had also noticed that quite a few vegetarian and vegan friends of ours , who live really healthy lives and work out etc. were always fighting to keep their body weight (and especially the flabby belly) away (so it's not a question of just simple gluttony or sugar or  animal fat is it?)
So... what's with all the extra Stenny fat? ... there must be another reason , because me and my healthy friends (who try really hard!) are also gaining too many unhealthy pounds...
And then I found one of the main suspects for modern Obesity!, and it was something I really didn't expect! ... it's a weird tale... it's about easy food, it's about fast-sugars but mostly it's about money... (as always)
A few months ago I read some books about the development of modern grains and especially modern Wheat... (aka "FrankenGrain") ... and it was quite an eye opener... since the 70's monkeys have been fucking around with our staple food types to make bigger profits... (sponsored by our goverments using your tax-money)
So now about 90 % of all the wheat consumed world wide is genetically mutated (corporate owned and patented!!) frankengrain...
I knew it was bad for the enviroment and bad for the small farmers themselves... but now I've read a lot about the ENORMOUS amount of hormonal inbalances, degenerative-disease, skin complaints ,diabetes, heart complaints and sub-cutanous BODYFAT which can be ascribed to consuming modern monsanto-Wheat or products containing it ... nowadays Mutant-Wheat is in everything! It's used in  Beer, Bread, Pasta, Pastries,Pizza ...  it's actually a very, very long list (check some ingredient lists on products you eat) because wheat is a cheap and (proven) addictive food product that can be added to any kind of monkeyfood...
and if you eat it, you want to eat more of it... (ever get those munchies?... where you just crave cookies, brownies an' stuff?)... well...  in the children's playground of Obesia (aka the USA)   nearly all "normal" products on the standard supermarket shelves are just basically Wheat and cornsyrup , cheap, simple  and addictive... White flour, Whole grain, full fibre.. whatever one you use... wheat makes you fat... (Bread makes you fat!?)
 So what we did was... we stopped eating/drinking wheat-products and any and All product containing wheat.. and just as simple as that... we lost the weird belly and that "bloated" feeling that goes with it!...
 I know that recently there have been a lot of "pro and con" arguments about this subject, some monkeys say it's true (healthy people and a few natural-healing doctors etc.)... many monkeys say it's complete bullshit (governments, Monsanto, sceptics etc.)
 I  don't care... i just know what I know, because we tried it out... and now i just wanted to share my own little tale with YOU ... I don't care if you are Fat or Skinny , that's your own choice... but I know that most monkeys could lose a little weight and consume a little less (which is good for YOU) ... and the EARTH would like us to consume A LOT less to make life more sustainable in this biosphere (which would be good for HER)
 ... so... if you like a challenge/experiment... just try it, don't eat ANY wheat or wheat product for two weeks and then tell me you don't notice any change...
So that was my blog for now... and if you think I made it up, then you can kiss my belly! ;-)


(Picture by ChefSic ... sorry about the nipple... but it's male... so that's non -porno)

hidden OMNIA Earth Warriors in da Woods!

Spot the amazingly well-camouflaged Pagans hiding in this picture... Yeah i know it looks like an lonely winter forest picture BUT there are actually 4 Pagan "Earth Warriors" hidden in this picture!!! can you spot them?...

and .... they all have nipples!! (well hidden ofcourse!)


there's a prize for the best answer!




First Show of the Year already SOLD OUT !!! and Facebook?... can kiss my Axe!!!

This friday we will open our new OMNIA PaganFolk /EarthFolk concert season in the very old-school venue "de Altstadt" in Eindhoven , a place we know VERY well!and it's already SOLD OUT!
so... If you don't have tickets but you still would like to go there... well... erm... then that's too bad... better luck next time! (try to reserve your tickets a little sooner!)

Greenthingz! Independance! Freedom of Expression and ART!!!
and remember kiddies: "Nothing is sacred...only the Earth"
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

ps: Next week I will tell YOU when we are playing one or two
 SPECIAL OMNIA- UNPLUGGED FULL-ACOUSTIC gigs at DREAMHARPS... (for old times' sake) and I can assure you that those will probably sell out within record time because there are only VERY limited tickets available for that extremely intimate concert venue...

photo by Jasper van Gheluwe

OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" CD Art-preview no.8

"the EARTH and her CHILDREN no they Cannot hide,
From Pollution, Confusion and Genocide...
"cause I am a Soldier, I fight the good Fight...
... I'm an Earth Warrior"

quote and Pic by Shaman SteveSic

ps: we'll put the actual cover of the upcoming EARTHWARRIOR CD online soon!

OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" CD Art-preview no.7

I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every fucking form of Tyranny!"
-George W Hayduke (1975-?)

"knowing that you have an enemy, gives you the chance to become a warrior..."

JennyPic by SteveSic
well... seeing as I have about 700 nude-photos of a Jenny-EarthWarrior with a bow... I might aswell share the "internet friendly" ones with you... so... you like?

OMNIA Earth Warrior Art-preview no6!

Meet the Special OMNIA "Earth Warrior" choir from Denmark!
(under direction of Harald Juul of Euzen)
These wonderfull young ladies have been recorded by Christopher in the LavaStudio this week for a special track we're putting on the new CD!

these free-spirited viking singers are : Ida, Amanda, Alice, Jenni, Matilda, Daniella, Mille and Latitia
and they have contributed their boundless energy and talent to our new song "Free Bird Fly" which will appear on "Earth Warrior"... when I heard the recording of their voices joining ours on the rough-mix I got goosebumps!... and a tear came to my eye... Thanx Girls!!! OMNIA and the wild birds both agree... you ROCK!!!

Shaman SteveSic

OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" art-preview no.5

This... is a tiny piece of the actual cover of OMNIA's new CD  "Earth Warrior"...
more sneak peeks will follow... if you like them...
within the coming days we will give you the whole finished cover

somewhere next week we'll give you the planned release date
just a little more waiting keep watching! ;-)

Greenthingz and tick...tick...tick...tick...tick...!
Shaman SteveSic


As the light of life wanes with the setting of the sun
So the Moon rises... heralding the night time of sleep in Death,
only to be reborn on some other day...

on the Darkest nights there is always hope


Shaman SteveSic


night-time picture outside the Stennystudio by Sic


Today we were busy outside...  busy in the forest!... dragging dead trees around and such (don't ask)... and you know... it felt like ...spring?
The bulbs are pushing fresh and green through the earth... leaves are awakening... flowers are unfolding... We even heard a Blackbird singing it's spring song!...
Cute isn't it?

erm... well no.. it's not cute... it's dangerous... it means a lot of death, pain, suffering and destruction will happen when the actual winter starts...
There should still be a winter coming... (we haven't really had one yet here in windy/wet northern Europe) It will surprise the feck out of all the creatures that live day by day and who think that the season is getting milder now... (Trees and birds don't own calendars... they just "read" the weather.

But we know!... don't we? This bio-sphere is being raped into extinction ... non-stop... 24/7... year in year out.... all for the sake of a little more profit for a handfull of super-rich share-holders who have way too much already (more than they could ever hope to spend in their lifetime). This will keep on happening... it will keep on getting worse... there is NO escape... there is no place on this planet free from the destructive influence of the mutant monkey collective...

there is NO ESCAPE
You can't run, you can't hide... all you have left is the option to fight.
Think about it...

Greenthingz and Earth Warriors!
Shaman SteveSic

"We are the last, there is nowhere left to run... we fight or we die... "
- Calgacus Celtic chieftan AD 44- 83

pic by Sic

OMNIA "Earth Warrior" Art-preview no.4

"The wilderness once offered a plausible way of life, now it functions as a psychiatric refuge ... Soon there will be no wilderness ... then the madness becomes Universal, and the Universe goes mad"
- Edward Abbey (1927-1987)

quote from "the monkey wrench gang"

"whoever controls the media, controls the mind"
- Jim Morrison (1943- 1971)

So we got to keep on fighting!
Greenthingz from the Pagan-underground!

wonderfull wild Fox painting by Marjolein Kruijt

I Don’t Speak Human…

As you might have noticed, we’ve reached over 500k views on YouTube with our Official ”I Don’t Speak Human” video! 

Thank YOU for sharing this message with the world. 


Unfortunately the weather is still changing, nature is still confused and lots of people still don’t understand a word nature is saying…

That’s why we think NOW is the right time to share this message again, due to the growth of our virtual World of OMNIA on these so called ”Social Media”.


And YOU can help us reach more and more people by sharing this message and spreading the word of Mother Nature:


Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA!



OMNIA "Earth warrior" Art-Preview no.3

"There comes a time when protesting is no longer enough:
Action comes after Philosophy..."

-Victor Hugo

pic by Sic
(photo shopped by Fieke)

First OMNIA live-Show of 2014 coming up!!

Yep! we're going to play the first OMNIA paganrock-show of the year 2014!!
On friday the 24 of januari in the Altstadt in Eindhoven NL ...(close to the Belgian and the German border ;-)
We'll be rocking this great old-school venue with good Earth vibes and lots of PaganFolk musick!! Ofcourse we'll play loads of the new unreleased songs from our upcoming album "Earth Warrior as well as many of our old favourites... for You! ...for Ourselves!...and ofcourse for the Earth!!
We hope to see as many of you as can possibly fit in there! to help us welcome the new musickal year in style!!
The Altstadt is quite small so if you wanna be a part of this special OMNIA musick experience  order your tickets (by phone) as soon as possible!...

OMNIA Pagan Celtic World...Live!
friday the 24th of januari 2014
Altstadt, Stratumseind 71, Eindhoven, NL
door open at 19:00
show starts : 20:00
Tickets (only) €15,- !!!
phone this number to reserve your tickets!: 00-31-(0)40-2432399  from 13:00 till 20:00

See you there!

The band is all together... and you know?... we all have wishes!

I wish we could play some musick!... Today was going to be a practice day for the OMNIA live gigs... but sadly one of us is as sick as a concentration camp pig... erm... snif!... hatchooo!... dat would be me... (sic)
So... no singing... so no practice...and (because I have more snot than inspiration) today we all write the bloggy together and fill it with new-year wishes for 2014!!

 We hope to meet many inspiring people and have loads of amazing Pagan Musickal adventures all over the world together with YOU!
We hope that the coming year will bring some relief from the sickness that is inhabiting this poor abused earth and maybe some more mutant monkeys will help to bring healing to our beloved bio-sphere!

OMNIA wishes YOU all a great new year, and we hope to share the Musick, the laughter, the hugs, and Life with YOU on one or more of our upcoming OMNIA shows!

As always , we're in this together!

Greenthingz , Beezzz, Beer, Blossom,Beeing and ofcourse Boobzzzzzzz!
SteveSic, Jenny, Daphyd, Rob and the whole extended OMNIA family!

Pagan Earth Folk in the New Year!!!

Well... here we are... the Yule/NewYear madness is over...
the Hang is over... (yes it's a pun)
 and I'm blogging again...
I missed a day and I almost felt guilty you know... As if you'd be disappointed after checking our webpages to find ...nothing...
sometimes I wonder if I'm not blogging too much? (do you really want to read my thoughts every fecking day?) anyway... wondering aside...
It's a new Year of GIGS coming up! all over the place! Yeah! and sometime this spring we'll release our new CD "Earth Warrior"! Yo! ...and Hoka Hey!
 There are still loads of festivals and venues being confirmed in the coming months... some new locations like "Wacken" (DE)... and ofcourse many old and trusted freak festivals like the Extremely enjoyable "Festival Mediaval" in Selb (Germany) run by our old and dear friend Blacky!  (september the 13th 2014)
We've been playing the main stage on Mediaval since the very first year they started 6 years ago (going on for year 7 now)!!
GODS!! I'm looking forward to hitting the stages of Europe and the US again! Bringing the Pagan sound of OMNIA's Earth Folk out there to YOU!!
Together... old friends and new friends... we'll fight for our Earth and our Nature!

Greenthingz on Musickal Earth warrior wingz!
Shaman SteveSic

this is an Evil Spirit... and so am I...

Today marks the passing of yet another imaginary "line in time" which exists only in the minds of the mutant monkeys... (aka New Year)
To celebrate the on-going "war on nature" as well as this imaginary time-line, it has become traditional for the destructive little mutant monkeys that infest this planet... to light up billions upon billions of tonnes of coloured toxic explosives... a yearly CO2 nightmare which has been mass produced by slaves in one of the most polluted industrial nightmare countries in the world... a fact which no "green" government or enviromental commitee seems to find "odd" in this time of climatic change...

Apparently the violent little mutant monkeys do this yearly "hell of explosions" to chase away EVIL SPIRITS...  (that's what I was told anyway)
BUT... sadly The only Earth- beings that are chased off by fireworks are... EVERY fucking living THING on the planet!! ...apart from HUMANS and their Demons!!! ...
Fire works ATTRACT evil spirits and Bad vibes for fuck's sake! ... trust me, I'm a Shaman ...I know these things... sigh... anyway...

On the forested hill where we live we can hear the destruction in the lowlands all around us... Holland and Germany sound like a warzone... Explosions and Chaos fill the air... the last living natural creatures shudder in fear from yet another unprovoked attack by the monkeys....
Yet another pre-emptive strike for humanity against the "EVIL" spirits of the Earth...

Ah well... such is life on the monkey-polluted planet... But keep looking on the bright side!!!
who know?... Billions of drunk, fucked-up monkeys... all holding dangerous legal explosives?....  maybe this year some more of the stupid morons will blow themselves up!  (we can but hope ;-)  ... Take care it doesn't happen near you though!

Fictional 2013 is dead, Just as fictional 2014 is now beginning...
I wish you a great new fictional year which will hopefully include many MORE good moments of LIFE for all the children of the earth... and hopefully many LESS mutant monkeys!!

So speaking on behalf of Satan, Cernunnos, Pan, this beautifull Woodpecker and all the other "evil spirits" of mother nature...

XXX Greenthingz! and Have a good one!!
Shaman SteveSic

(Picture by Beelzebub Aarstfuggle DieHumanScum the 3rd)

We'll be Back!!

OMNIA is proud and happy to announce that we will be headlining the Faerieworlds festival on mount Pisgah in Oregon again in july of next year!!!
We can't wait to come back to the land where the people are cool, the nature is stunning and the grass is not merely green ;-)

we look forward to seeing many of you weird and wonderfull free-thinking americans in 2014, and I'll be celebrating my birthday with you again!!!
(so start thinking about presents ;-)

Greenthingz on transatlantic wingz!
Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA

Yule is over…



and so this was Christmas…
and what have we done?
another year over…
but the War on Nature goes on…




"It's sad to think that Nature is talking… and the human race is not listening…"
                                                                                                         -Victor Hugo

"Nothing is Sacred… only Nature"
                                         - Shaman SteveSic




Merry Yule!... because you've been so good, here's your present ;-)

And remember kiddies... Nothing is Sacred... Only the EARTH!!

Greenthingz with little berries! (like Holly , Ivy and plenty of mistletoe!)

Pic by Sic

It's Christmas eve!!! Peace on Earth and good will to all men!

...Yeah right...  ;-)

XXX  and jinglebells!
Shaman Steve Sic


seeing as your staring at the internet now anyway, with your fingers poised over the little buttons...
Why don't you take the time to sign this petition to stop the dreaded Monsanto from raping the biosphere even more...


EarthWarriors! help fight for the earth with your fingers!
natural Greenthingz!


just click this link...

Finding my Religion!! Now the new season can start officially!

Last night we had a beautifull "WickerMan" burning ritual on the rugged outdoor scouting terrain of "Explo's Brandevoort"  (well it was a wickerwoman actually)... We sacrificed many precious thingz together with some of our friends... the devouring flames of the midwinter fire carried our hopes and wishes up to the spirit of life...

for an impression check out the wonderfull pictures on our OMNIA picture- gallery

and this short docu-movie:

the omnia youtube channel

Paganthingz and Heya Heya Heyaaaaa!!
ShamanSteveSic , OMNIA and the whole gang...

Photos by Kees Stravers
video by Erwin van Dijck


Tomorrow it's midwinter... the winter solstice... the shortest day surrounded by the longest nights of the year... it doesn't get any darker than this... everything stops... time to meditate ... let the past year's perceptions of reality find their place in your soul... give thanx for the fact that you are still allowed to live and breathe on this amazing planet!... and who knows? if we are good... maybe we'll live to see the days get longer again! anyway... tomorrow we are off to have a heya heya midwinter Pagan "wickerman" burning with some friends (should be fun!)... and as the flames grow high, we'll think of YOU ... light a fire through the longest night!!
have a great Yule!
Greenthingz on winterwingz

pic by sic

the first dates of the NEW OMNIA tour-AGENDA 2014 is ONLINE!!!

Yes people the OMNIA Earth Warriors are coming your way!
We have put the first festivals and concerts that have been confirmed for 2014 online today...

 these include shows that you have come to expect from us like:
- the first chaotic club-gig party of the year in the Altstadt in Eindhoven
- the awesome MPS festival-shows all over germany...
- the Castlefest 10 year anniversary "special" show...

there are new arrivals like:
- the huge german WACKEN festival!

old friends like:
-the tiny "Celtic Night" festival in Geluwe Belgium

aswell as:
- the first clubdates for the OMNIA "EARTH WARRIOR" Album-tour
and more...    check them out HERE on our AGENDA ...

we are currently still planning and confirming more gigs ... we'll keep you updated...

pic by Jasper van Gheluwe

Shoot the Sunset...

We just did another "EarthWarrior" art-photoshoot in the forest... and Yes...
this time it's Jenny! :-)
Man! it's all so beautifull out there (and with Jenny in my viewer it just became better all the time!... so you can imagine what my day was like ;-)
... when we were finished we walked over the high hill back to our house in the woods... but at the top... the Sunset  called to us for just a few more shots... even though it was fecking cold by then and an icy wind was blowing over the exposed outcrop....Jenny stripped down to her loincloth, took up the EarthWarrior bow ... and we took this final picture you see now...

even the exhaust trails in the sky sort of joined the composition to make it look good...

You know... this is really a world worth fighting for!

Greenthingz and Earth Warriorzzzz!!

pic by Sic ;-)

OMNIA's new CD "EARTH WARRIOR" will be released in spring 2014!!

Last night was Golden...

We had a wonderfull gig in yet another full Theatre yesterday! Wow... what a night!  The OMNIA gang had gathered there to play our songs for a great audience (made up of many fans and friends who had gathered from Holland and Germany , as well as lots of local theatre goers who seemed pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by nature freaks and OMNIA madness... it's not the kind of "Celtic experience" that people have come to expect nowadays... ;-) ... I'm a little knackered now...
Stenny just came back from a walk in the forest to let the thoughts and feelings of another flight into musick settle gently into our hearts... and now I write to YOU...
because: "this is not about us... it's about you..."
Here you see a happy Pagan band satisfied with a good night's "musickal activism" on the OMNIA stage meeting the lovely people of the audience... A signature, a kind word, a handshake, a hug... it's all part of being real... together with YOU!

Greenthingz and... midwinter is coming...
Shaman SteveSic  , Jenny , Daphyd, Rob and the whole OMNIA crew        
cool picture by Kees the ever-present
 (don't you think the light and composition are almost like an old Rembrandt?)

Back in da Wood!

We're back safe in the forest...
tomorrow we play in the Theatre...
Life is good...

Shaman SteveSic             (pic by JennyFaery)

Hung-over Fly-over….

We finished the first editing/mixing sessions… oof...
…  of "Earth Warrior" yesterday… yeeahh (shouted very softly)
So… uhh… we went to Christiania to celebrate with Chris and Maria … there was a Danish Christmas market…
they sold Gløgg… with extra Rum ….uuurgh…… there was weed…eermm… we had a great time… groan… met some…nice people… ouch…. I have a hangover…
Our airplane back to Cloggyland…. leaves in a few.. errr…hours…
groan… it's Norwegian airways again…. I fuckin' hope we don't get dumped in Greenland or something this time…  gotta get back … to play a theatre gig on saturday
Shaman SteveSic                       
pic by the ganesha goblin

The Eye is talking to you!! Go and see OMNIA in the theatre!!!

I just heard from Daphyd that there are still some seats left empty on our upcoming Theatre show   next saturday the 14th in Lochum (Holland)

If you wanna see OMNIA up-close in the artistic atmosphere of the Theatre… be there!!

Greenthingz! Pagan Musick, un-named terror and dark slimey thingz with tentacles!

pic by the fun-guy from Yoggoth ;-)
and dont you just love craft?

More guest musicians! and now it's IRFAN!!

We is still mixxxxxingg ..mixxing..mixing EARTH WARRIOR and adding more and more of our talented musical friends from around the world.
Today we have some Brilliant ethnic percussion tracks made for us in Bulgaria by our friends Peter and Kalin from IRFAN!! (recorded ofcourse by their colleague Ivo... who is also the genius production-brain behind the Irfan CD's).

And our Bulgarian buddies are also finally working a new CD themselves, together with Denitza Seraphimova (IRFAN's original female singer)!! IRFAN's new CD is coming out on 04.04.2014, so be sure to check them out (Irfan's last CD "Seraphim" is actually one of the most played CDs in the Stenny house!)!

Lava Love…

These are our "partners in crime" on the great work of musick called "Earth Warrior"!
Our dear friends Maria Franz (Norway) and Christopher Juul (Denmark)  the musical brains behind the awesome band Euzen
Christopher's virtuoso hands are on the controls and the mics here in LavaStudio, København… and Maria's golden voice blends with ours into a veritable rainbow of Pagan sound… like leaf-strewn dreadlocks entwined in the sunlight!

I know this album is about war … but it's made with pure love…
Earth Warriors fight the good fight!

Greenthingz and warm Hugsz!
XXX Stenny and Mariopher                   

pic by sic

Musical Red Headz with dredz…

Today we are taking a break from mixing "EarthWarrior"... and now we are recording extra vocals with a very special guest musician… none other than the lovely Maria Franz of Euzen!!… she will be adding her amazing vocal harmonies over some of the new songs we are working on right now… Jenny and her are running through the musical structures of BabuBawu right now … oh wow!… goosebumps!!

Greenthingz  and XX from the Red Dreadz!!

pic by the man in the mirror...

We in Lava Studio!!!

Dis is me.. in Lava studio in Dennmark… Stenny an me fiynall…fynelli…fainall… erm.. at last! .. got to here! It took a looooong whyle but now Me is here.. me is tired.. Yawn… but Stenny is working allreddy with mr.Christopher on mixing ERT WORRIOR! .. so no sleep for me now… cos me isz offkourse de prooduzer!…
mus go now… to tell evveriboddy what to do!…

Safe in Lavastudio Greeentingz!
mr.Fluffy… an Stenny sayz Hi!…              pictjoor by mercurius...

Yeah! we're on our way back to LavaStudio!!

Finally after two days of being stuck in StockHolm  we are now on our way back to Denmark again to carry on mixing the new OMNIA CD "EARTH WARRIOR"!!
The unexpected Swedish adventure instigated by Storm Sven and the casual "dump 'em and leave 'em to die" policy of Norwegian Airways will hopefully be over in about 5 hours…

We're sitting here very comfortably in a very clean and friendly train (much better than a plane) speeding through the GORGEOUS Swedish country side to København … Fecking hell what a beautifull wild country this is!!
Wild rolling hills and lakes … white snows.. the sun like a golden promise of life never-ending shining down on giant forests where small amounts of wolves still live
… (apparently the monkeys didn't get them all yet!)
wow… Stenny will definately come back here for a holiday next year!… I can hardly believe this is in Europe…

Anyway… I'm going back to staring out the window now… enjoy your day/night wherever you are!
Greenthingz on white rails XXX

white piano...

There's a white minigrand piano in our hotel lobby!!
Happy Jenny! Tinkely tinkel

the "Stenny flies to Denmark for EARTH WARRIOR" story so far…

So we left Amsterdam… flew to Kopenhagen… but the plane didn't land there because of a storm called Sven… instead of landing in Denmark or turning around back to Amsterdam the nice people of Norwegian airways dumped us in an overcrowded Stockholm airport (which is in fact not in Stockholm) Passengers from practically every international flight  to oa: Italy, Iceland, London etc. were all dumped in Stockholm and left to figure it out by themselves… When we arrived there we were basically told to "fuck off and die" in a nice political way by the norwegian aircompany…
all hotels in the area were fully booked due to this dumping policy (as we found out by checking the net and phoning)… eventually we found a nice hotel , miles away… slept a few hours and started looking for a way out of sweden again…
 The airport is in chaos… the info numbers dont work… the website is nonfunctional or down…but! through perseverence and the help of other stranded passengers we eventually we found out  that:…There are no places on planes to Kopenhagen from here untill somewhere in the weekend.… maybe …
so… how about the trains? we HAVE to get to the studio in time!!
Car rental? … we tried… even the "last minute" car rentals need at least 24hours in advance to book… at least that is what the  telecommunications drone told me (judging by the accent and the bad connection that was probably outsourced from India)
 Stockholm trainstation is also a mess… no places on trains to Denmark at all today… phone down… online ticket service down… website down… eventually after many hours we managed to book a ticket for tomorrow morning early…
Now we are in (another) hotel , closer to the Stockholm trainstation , where we will pass the day in quiet meditation while the snow piles up outside (still snowing… it just started today and apparently it wont stop untill may 2014)
 And hopefully we will be able to travel BACK to denmark then…
Thank you Norwegian airlines!… I really really hope to bump into one of your cheap-assed executives one day… preferably in a dark alley…

 One positive note I can add to this tale of confusion is this:
Sweden is Beautifull and swedish people are really Friendly and very helpfull indeed!

Greenthingz and lost wingz!

Stenny update:

still stuck in stuckholm sweden, and now it has started snowing and storming here...we are trying to get a train to malmo but the train service is overloaded and understaffed... A sweet lady workin here has been waiting on the phone for 40 minutes now to try and get us tickets...will we ever get to the studio??? Whitethings stenny

Stuck in StuckHolm…Sweden?

We flew to Kopenhagen today to carry on Mixing EARTH WARRIOR  and ended up in …Stockholm! The storm blew our plane off course… So this is Stenny… late at night … in a hotel in Sweden… somewhere outside Stockholm about 800 km further than where we were going…
Ah well.. Life is weird… storm winds blow… Climate change is making the weather real fun!! the plane ride felt like a rollercoaster!… and  tomorrow we try to find some way to get to lavastudio in Kopenhagen to finish Earth Warrior in time for YOU…

Green.. tired.. thingz!

*NEW* Omnia Celtic World poster

New Item in our webshop...

Our Celtic world Theater Poster, check it out here! 

Oh, and only 9 days left to buy tickets for our theater show next week in Lochem (NL)!
Our last show of 2013! 

Keep an eye on our website the next few weeks for new 2014 dates ;) 

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA

Lights and Mirrors... YEAH!

Falling into life...
out of the mirror...
falling out of illusion...
into the light...

Shaman SteveSic

pic by Sicphyd

Touch a Tree II...

This be Sic...

he be me...
engulfed in life...
engulfed in tree...

Greenz and sweet dreamz...
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Jenny

more Love in the Forest...

Today we did a really intimate Stenny photoshoot in the forest for Artwork pictures...
OK... It was really fecking cold being completely "skyclad' in the woods in winter...
but really...   (and I know I run the risk of sounding seriously cheesy here)
 our Love keeps us warm...
 always... like... wow...!!!

XXXX and Bohemian Greenthingzz!

picture by the lucky Kobold

Touch a tree...

This be Jenny...
she be free...
She feel happy...
'cause she touch tree...

...pic by Yggdrasil (your home)

Touch Wood...

Life turned out good... like I knew it would
and to make it so... I just touched wood.

Shaman SteveSic
pic by sic

Guitar recordings done!! ... Joe earned the Omnia Dollar!

Gosh... after jammin' and recording with Joe Hennon these last couple of days ... I do realise how much we miss a really good guitar sound sometimes... sweet!
Joe played awesome guitars on some of our new songz and I felt all goosebumpy and warm when I heard that DADGAD sound...Fieke made brilliant recordings of it all and now that old-school OMNIA sound is back on these tracks!
I'm all enthousiastic about guitar now?...
maybe we should start looking for an OMNIA  guitarplayer?...
what do YOU think?...  will it spoil the enormous focused stage-energy we have now as a 4 piece band?
No new guitarplayer has crossed our path as yet... but we weren't looking... yet...
something to think about..  what about a new guitar player in Omnia?
 Joe's back home now (with his OMNIA Dollar as you  can see on this picture) ... mr.Happy and mr.Boar went home with him they's enjoyed their visit to the woods(mr.Parker had sadly chosen to stay behind in Brussels)
but now... whatever happens... we got Joe Hennon and his brilliant guitar sound on "EARTH WARRIOR"!!!
and it sounds awesome!!!

Greenthingz and Musick!
Shaman SteveSic               (crummy pic by Sic)

Recording Joe (another Earth Warrior aboard!)

Today we are recording in the Stenny studio in the forest... And guess who's playing guitar?
It's our old friend Joe Hennon (from the most execellent Irish/Scottish trad-folk band Shantalla  )
Joe played guitar in OMNIA with Jenny and me for quite some years... And now he's back as our honoured guest ... bringing with him the one and only classic DADGAD Guitar sound for some of the new trax on our upcoming album "EARTH WARRIOR"...
 Yesterday we were just jammin' on the songs , smokin' and talking like a bunch of old troopers about life, musick, nature and family... (as one does)
...and now after a refreshing night's sleep in our forest shack... we work!
the breakfast stuff has been cleared away... the recording gear switched on.... and mr.Hennon is gettin' serious  behind the mics (which ofcourse are all set-up and controlled by our sweet multi talented "sister of sound" Fieke (from
while I am tappin' keys and writing to YOU...I'll keep you updated on how thingz go!
Shaman SteveSic        pic by sic

Laughter and sadness...

Life is waves... a beautifull dance of energy.. which lifts you up to the highest clouds... and drops you down into the darkest depths... only to lift you up again...
waves of life rolling like the oceans...
Sometimes I laugh, because I'm happy, Sometimes I laugh because I am angry...
Sometimes I cry because I'm sad... sometimes I cry because life is just sooo fucking wonderfull...
I cry when I see beauty...
because I love life and all her waves...

Greenthingz and warm autumn thoughts...
Shaman SteveSic and pic by Jenny ...we laugh and cry together :-)

OMNIA Dollar?

So...  my webfriends... this is a picture of one virtual online "OMNIA Dollar"...
in my last post Sarah Lyle, Cuchulainn Murphy and especially Sophie Holmes got the right idea..
now it's your turn to make weird pictures... hehehe!

here we are now... entertain us ;-)



What would you do for an OMNIA dollar?... We made up a random chaos-game...
A weird tradition has started amongst ourselves and a few close friends regarding the Omnia Amulets... from now on referred to as "Omnia Dollar" (spoken in a vietnamese accent). We use it as a kind of "I dare you" currency to playfully force our friends to perform entertaining things for us, whereupon they get to keep the OMNIA dollar... But ofcourse this leaves them in possession of such a magical coin, whereupon they only have to speak the dreaded words "OMNIA Dollar?" while pointing out the form of entertainment they have in mind... which then forces us into keeping them amused...
... you can get your friends to do the weirdest things for the price of one OMNIA dollar...
These things that get done for the price of one shiny magical amulet are as diverse as the stuff that lives inside our imagination... It could be the price for making a beautifull meal... or for cleaning could be the price for a song... a dance... or it could be the price for you to get down on your knees and... well... whatever you fancy ;-)
I leave your own overheated, internet fed minds to fill in any details you like (it's a free world)
So... what would you do for an "OMNIA Dollar"?

Greenthingz on Bohemian wingz

ps:If you don't own any of these Magick Mindcontrol coins ,then you can order your own at our webshop HERE

the message of FaceBook: MAKE WAR NOT LOVE!!!

Nipples on Social media ? ... NO!!! (how disgusting!)
Guns and violence?... YES PLEASE!!!


luckily we love life to much to care about this bullshit..

I was thinking about censoring on FB and how to get the cover pictures of our new OMNIA CD "EARTH WARRIOR" onto the social networks... I know a lot of you want to see pics of our work in progress...
and (when the album is finally released in spring 2014) we will promote the fact that it's finished by publishing the AMAZING ARTWORK...
... because we are one of the last 100% independant bands that can produce their own cd's we have full artistic freedom in what we make... (no fecking moneymakers and managers telling us what we CAN and CANNOT do)
We love nature, we love the earth,we love animals, we love artistic beauty and we adore nudity and physical love aswell... so our new album is gonna feature a lot of all of that!!
BUT the (anti)Social-media empires of the web are mostly owned by moneymaking, christian, rightwing motherfuckers who will actually BLOCK a site about breastfeeding (because you can see human nipples of new mothers, which in somebody's really sick and fucked up perception could be interpreted as something to do with carnal pleasure?)
BUT these same (anti) Social -media empires have no problem at all with allowing HUGE pages that sell guns , automatic rifles and ammo (which are only made and used to throw phallic little bullets at high speed at living creatures.... basically lead penis's used to fuck people and animals to DEATH with...

Now I know this is normal in a world of completely out-of-control psychotically deranged mutant Monkeys...  (anally retentive war-mongers condemning beauty, the animal lust and shape of our own bodies and the love we feel for physical freedom)
 I realise I don't understand all this Human-Behaviour stuff  because I am an animal who doesn't speak human...

But still...
"Make War not Love" ?   WHAT THE FUCK!!!??
crazy crazy evil monkeys...  I cry for you and the world you are so scared of...

XXX Greenthingz , Art and Love from the Forest!!
this piece was written by a naked happy Pagan
Shaman SteveSic                    
picture by guessed it!...that amazing Kobold again!

Dark Night, Warm fire

There is peace in the Forest...


picture by the Coco Kobold

EarthWarrior... slowly coming into focus...

The process of finding the "look" of a new Album is always a pretty tricky one...
(Like a song it has to ripen and grow... to get the overall "feel" right, so that it goes with the whole musickal, artistickal, philosophical expression/message of the album... If it's gonna be has to be bloody good!!
"EarthWarrior" is one huge über-OMNIA trip into timeless nature , creative chaos and "OMNIA Pagan" attitude... a sound for the Earth... a pure and simple "Earth Musick" revelling in the beauty of nature, the love for our planet and the will to fight for it!!!... so the look will reflect these emotions...

It's becoming clearer...
Soon it will be here...
Still processing...

Greenthingz ,Art and Magick! !!
Shaman SteveSic                     (picture by the grinning Kobold again!)


ps: it's not Jenny ;-)


This weekend we are working on OMNIA CD Artwork for EarthWarrior...
That's why I aint bloggin much...
sorry for the non-communicado...
here's a small preview to keep you happy and smileyfaced...

Greenz and ART!!!
OMNIA                                     (picture by a random guy in the street)

Another day at the office... erm?

Working at the portable omnia office in a car-showroom?  
Our van is getting winter tires put on today... so we wait in the car showroom till it's done... I feel soooooooooooooo out of place here!!

Greenz and Wheelz
ShamanSteveSic      picture by Mike the Mechanic

the Smell of Sun on morning-keys...

"The smell of sun on autumn leaves said:
take good care of all you see.
praise the earth down on your knees
That's what the old man said to me..."

"Old man Tree"

This is the view from our window this morning, as work on "Earth Warrior" continues...
Shaman Steve Sic

Wet Wet Wet...

Me make a roof to keep off the rain and the snow from our frontdoor...
Me feel real manly and usefull now! build house... woman make a pot of tea!

Constructive and wet Greenthingz!
ShamanSteveSic       (picture by Bob the fucking builder)

...Suck on this...

As I was looking through my camera for a picture for today's blog I came across:
-Some mushrooms         (already used)
-Jenny behind a piano in Denmark (already used)
-Sic's nipple close-up      (already used)
-Stenny together in the sunny forest (already used)
And ...
-some really horney pictures of a naked Jenny , tastefully posed on a pile of sheepskins in front of the fireplace ... (unused!)
I wanted to put one of those here, but I dare not risk offending all those people out there in twofacebook-land who are shocked at the sight of dead sheepskins!!!

so... here's another mushroom!  ;-)
ShamanSteveSic                                    (pic by Amanita muscaria offyourheadda)

Sunday Son-day

Fixing a new wood-shed, Stacking fire-wood, Cooking wholesome food, walking in the forest, smoking and talking about life an stuff... It's sunday... with our son Damien Raven... life is good, life is chillin' :-)

Greenthingz and Evans Family values...

Winter is Coming... and Jenny is handling the wood ;-)

It's getting colder and wetter in the forest so...
 today our OMNIA BlackPearl-van is being pressed into service to drag fire wood to the Stenny studio... it makes a change of dragging instrument wood to the stage!

hmmm?....there's a kind of "wood" theme in my blogs lately...must be the season! ;-)

Greeeenz and warm winterfire!

Gathering Wood...

It's that time again... Here you see Daphyd being gigantically seasonal by gathering wicker wood in a pumpkinpatch for our annual OMNIA wicker-man burning ritual  next month...
Jenny is arranging tonnes of dry wood for our fireplace... And I often have wood for... other reasons...

Have a Woody and Green day!
ShamanSteve Stick                                (picture by ... Wood)

Peace, Love and Nipples...

A new spiritual Celtic year has started... old lives end... new ones begin...
As if by a miracle many "new" young birds chose this weekend to move into the territory of our old friends who had departed...
Even the squirrel was back today!! Shaking her pretty red booty and  taking her share of the yummy food and gifts we lay out for our forest friends... all is love... all is peace in the Stenny Studio...
And for all of you out there who (after my last blog)  really really wanted to see more nipple ... Here it is!!!  ;-)

GreenThingz , Satyr's horns and laughter in the Forest....
Shaman Steve Sic                         

ps: it's still NOT Jenny!

Forest Photoshoot

Today we were in the forest making art-work pictures for the new OMNIA cd "Earth warrior"...  oh the hard life of a musician!...phew! ... Yesterday a great , intimate theatre gig (awesome crowd!) which rolled on into a very late night untill the early morning sun called us into the woods to make ART!
And although we have done many photoshoots before over the years , somehow we especially enjoyed this one!  ;-)
... by the way... the Earth Warrior pictures are AWESOME!... you'll see them when the album comes out next spring... well?...  mayby we'll let you see some pics sooner ;-) ... keep watching!

Greenthingz and Wyldthingz!
Stenny      (picture by the grinning Kobold)

SOLD OUT!! Fuck yeah!

n 10 minutes, we play our first Theater show, SOLD OUT!! Fuck yeah! 



...and the DEAD did fly and the DEAD did sing... SAMHAIN 2013

I hope everyone had / is having / will have a great Samhain Celebration this year...
Stenny celebrated with house cleaning, Pumkin, Love, and remembrance of those who passed before us on this world...
Like my friend the Blackbird... he's dead now, like sooo many of our feathered brothers and sisters ...( uncountable numbers of Bird's were recently killed by this summer's avian-holocaust caused by virulent diseases spread by the infestation of ignorant mutant monkeys) ...
 But his spirit remains... even though his voice is stilled and the forest sounds empty now... and this years' moment of introspection, soul searching and contemplation .. (which always happens around Halloween time for me) has made us even more determined to keep on doing what we do... for those wild ones left...
... every non-human life is sacred...
and remember:
Storm winds blow...
Birds lie dead...
You might feel like just "one powerless nature loving freak" on your own...
but together we stand strong! and we'll keep on Fighting for our family of the EARTH...
for we are EARTH WARRIORS and we do whatever we can!
Live LIFE! Remember the DEAD... and live harder!!! (for them... as well as yourself! )
Shaman SteveSic

Our brothers and sisters are being murdered!

Our world is really dying, the oceans are being emptied of beautiful creatures that will be extinct in a matter of years... without sea creatures, we have no living oceans...and we will have no habitable planet...Please help the people and dolphins of Peru by signing this petition...Avaaz has a good record of succes with their international petitions, let's hope this one will also have an impact.
Thank you so much, love and blessings Jenny & OMNIA

Sign the petition here!


The 2nd  "Earth Warrior" recording-campaign is now officially over!
All the bits and sounds we need to make the best OMNIA studio-album ever!, is now recorded and stored safely on the hard-discs of Lava Studio!
These fresh young songs will be left to mature and ferment a bit (like a fine wine or Good Grass) before taking them out and re-examining them again.
 then , in about a month's time, the difficult and extremely time-consuming blending process starts (aka: Mixing) after which the random crazy nature shaman sounds emitted by OMNIA will be transformed into the brand NEW OMNIA songs!
… which in turn will go out into the world as OMNIA energy to transform Reality and soothe the natural world… real OMNIA Musick...
We make this ourselves
We write this ourselves
We play this ourselves
We have no Label but ourselves
We have no subsidies and grants, we pay for this ourselves
We have no mass media coverage we spread this ourselves
We don't give a flying F*ck about Fame or Cash, we do this for nature and ourselves
and YOU help to make all this possible!
Every one of YOU who has ever bought an OMNIA CD, shirt or other merch. item, Every one of YOU who has ever paid for a ticket for a Theatre or venue or festival Every one of you who has ever given us gifts of Love, Energy or Art
Apart from this living planet, YOU are our only Boss… so only
YOU get to share in our energy of Life!!!

GreenThingz on Rainbow wingz
ShamanSteveSic                                                (picture by Rafna TrøllFøkrr)

OMNIA’s special theater show: Celtic World

The Festival Season is over, but you don’t have to wait until next summer for an OMNIA show. You can now see OMNIA back in the theater. ;) 

Our first Theater show this winter will take place in Ermelo ( NL ) on the second of November.

Tickets and info: HERE

We hope to see a lot of YOU in the audience... ;)

If you can’t make it to the first show, then check out the other dates in our AGENDA

( We will update our agenda with more shows soon! ) 

Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA

One Pagan, one Toilet... two pumkins...

Erm... well...abstract art?
but then again... If you're looking for stuff which makes sense... why are you looking here?
This is OMNIA!!!
whoop! whoop! wa hahahaaaaaargh!!!!!
all Mutant Monkeys are funny and only NATURE is sacred!
and XX

Chillin' out on the Nordic coast…

We took a break from recording "Earth Warrior"  this afternoon today and we let the fresh and strong sea breeze blow some of the cobwebs from our minds…

It does you good sometimes to remember to LIVE... don't get too caught up in your work but let it lie sometimes so you can reflect and remember what you do all this for....
anyway... singing songs and going strong! enjoy the breeze while you can…

Greenthingz on Valkery wingz
Shaman Steve Sic                          (picture by CrazyMan)

Goodmorning World!

This is our "appartment" in København … made in one of the disused Lava-studio recording spaces converted to bedroom by adding a bed and a cupboard…

(we share it with a 7' vintage plate-reverb)
In the morning we get up... drink coffee… and RECORD!
This fuzzy looking coffee fairy you see waking up here is now in the recording booth singing vocals for one of the new OMNIA songs YOU have never heard before…

Greenthingz, Lavathingz, Reality-thingz…
XXX Shamanica Stenny

et nunc… Jenny solo!

Lava studio, Denmark
day something'orather  ('getting fuzzy in the head… 'just making musick all other thoughts shut down…)
Jenny's banging the temple bells and gettin ready to fill the studio with her beautifull voice!
Greeen pagan thingz and DING!s
Shaman SteveSic

Morning in Lava Studio Copenhagen

 time for some Earth Warrior vocals! Bright sunny greenthings 😎Jenny

Back in Lava Studio!!!

Testing testing testing microphones for the VOCALS of EARTH WARRIOR!!!
We be singing, we be shouting out da words, we be vocalising our rebellion against the invasion of the mutant monkeys!

Check out the AKG, the Neumann and the …Braun?….

Clean shaven Greenthingz! and sound- technician jokes allround!
Shaman Steve Sic   (picture by that selfdeprecating idiot from Omnia with the tattooed head)

We gonna get high!

Departjoe... Depaartuu... deppertur...erm... flying! from Amsterdam to Kobenhavn verry verrry soon noww!
Woohoooo! Mr.Fluffy an Stenny

What is love?

I love this Earth and her biosphere
I love all the natural living creatures on this beautifull planet
I love my Jenny
I love my kids
I love my band
I love certain special intelligent individuals who can make me smile
I love the drop-outs of human society because they are different

I love them all intensely and with a never-ending passion which burns like a raging fire inside my soul... my love is wider than the horizon and brighter than the sun...
My love is constant and will never burn out untill my heart stops and my bones grow cold...

 I am able to love so strongly and unconditionally because I realise deep down inside that I really really really Hate 99% of the entire evil destructive, ignorant, selfcentred and stupidly cruel human-monkey race who are out there destroying and hurting those who are precious to me...

Life is Yin Yang... If you know no hate, you know no love...
Where is the love?... exactly where it should be!
with those who deserve it! ;-)

Greenthingz and lots and lots of EARTH LOVE!
Shaman Steve Sic

Gothic Fantasy, PaganFolk / Earth Folk... Morrigann and eco-anarchy!


We had a great time last weekend at the lovely Gothic and fantasy fair in Rijswijk, an event which has grown a lot in the last years and has been a really fun place for us to play for the last 11 years now!
We met loads of dear friends and fans... we talked much to little with sooo many groovy and lovely people...(there's never enough time eh?)  here's some impressions:
-A tiny beautifull girl , just a few years old, in a black dress with ravens wings on her little shoulders ... took both my hands in hers and thanked me for playing her song staring at me with the most intense , earnest dark eyes imaginable... she's called Morrigan ... I was stunned ... can't really explain why that is important to me on so many levels, just trust me it was...
- I was also reminded by an old friend of mine about a conversation I had years ago with him about putting more of our "message" into the song lyrics themselves... (and not just having me talking for hours on stage to explain what the fuck we mean with our life style and PaganFolk musick) ... well Alex "wyldwood radio"..the new CD "EARTH WARRIOR" will see that suggestion put into action in a big way! ;-)
-and I met a very young ,utterly cool looking activist called Damien (like my son) who had been demonstrating against Monsanto and its evil practices... that's so cool!... that gives me hope!... because... I'm sorry guys but this has to be said...  the last few generations have produced so many spineless consumers that I was getting really worried about the ability of people to actually get out in the streets and do something had been lost to the human race...
Hearing Damien's story reminded me that it's not too late for the human race, there are younger cleverer monkeys on the planet now who are already a lot wiser than us older monkeys... I realise that it's so important to keep on warning people about the fact that there is a WAR on NATURE going on at the moment (cleverly disguised as a war on practically everything ranging from fictional terrorists to drugs ) and we are all free to choose what we do to decide the outcome of this war...

do we stick our head in the sand? , stand on the sidelines and watch as the defenceless biosphere is being stripped to it's bones by insane and powerhungry corporations sponsored by our own governments?...

or do we take action into our own hands?.. do we rebel against those who would sacrifice our world and the future world of our children to appease the hunger of a handfull of too rich shareholders who really do NOT need any more power or money?

OUR decision is clear, I've been an eco-anarchist as long as I can remember,I'm connected to the land, I have no choice...
and as a band , We are OMNIA, we are Earth Warriors, we honour our ancestors, we honour the living earth... we fight for our brothers and sisters in nature... and as we do so, we become free...

Greenthingz and in the future... one day...peace :-)
My respect to you all Shaman SteveSic

ps: I didn't have a picture, so I re-used this one I took last year... tits an' skulls... now that's Gothic art!   

Gothic in the Fantasy market...

Back in holland for a few days... so now:

We're playing inside the huge halls of the Gothic and Fantasy beurs in Rijswijk today!  It's a gig we have done many many times in the past (it's actually the location where Jenny played her very first OMNIA gig waaaaay back in 1802 or something) ... We're looking forward to meeting lots of our friends there and playing a live show together... instead of of studio ..solo...
 One thing though, we usually have problems getting into the parking area there .. often the hired goons will not let us pass without the right offerings to bureaucratia ("bureaucratia" goddess of pointless rules).. and seeing as we didn't get any parking passes on time (again) there is a possibility that some of us won't get in...
So for our crew and fellow band members...
Greenz and see ya there (possibly)

Monkey Steve!!!

(Lava Studio day 10: The last of the first round of recording for our upcoming album "Earth Warrior") ...........
Sometimes creative solutions in a high-tech studio environment turn out very…simple….Here you can see what to do when your built-in bouzouki mic isn't properly grounded (for those non-muso's: meaning there's a loud HUMMMM in the sound). We tried lots of technical stuff, but in the end there was nothing like Steve's foot doing the grounding :o)
Hope to see lots of you this Sunday when we are briefly back in Holland to play the Gothic & Fantasy Beurs in Rijswijk NL!
Lots of happy greenthings…..Jenny

Happy Birthday Maria!

Recording  the new OMNIA CD "EARTH WARRIOR"
Lava studio, Denmark, day 9

We've been working hard in the studio all day long creating more OMNIA musick art for "Earth Warrior" !!  ... the day is done... the instruments are resting...
... now we relax and chill , while we celebrate our supersweet  friend Maria's Birthday!! (and doesn't she look radiant?)
Would you like to join us in our joy? Then wish this beautifull and talented musician of the Danish band Euzen many many more good years of life and music too!

Greenz and Cheerz!  OMNIA      ... picture by (naked) Jenny...

Satyr? Satan? Pan? (Happy? Horney? likes musick?)

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!
Lava studio, Denmark, day 8

today ... the last Didge trax... the first Flute trax...
either way blowjobs all round!

Shaman Steve Sic      (picture by the Horny Lord)

It's mr. DidgeMan!

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!
Captains log
Lava studio, Denmark, day 7

Today is Daphyd the Crow day... We got da BassPipe in da house!  
the sun is shining and so is he ;-)
burtjebaaaahr, wacke! burtjebaaahr, toot!
Greenz in the sunny studio     XXX Shaman SteveSic          (picture by flying mr.Fluffy)

Babes in the wood

Jenny and Maria (from Euzen) checking out the autumn...
Greenz and Goldenz (in Blacks and whites) from København!

You know what else is big?

"last argument of fluteplayers"     (pic by Louis XIV)


Finding inspiration for "EARTH WARRIOR" in a hole in the ground in Denmark.

Picture by Dr. Sens

Why is OMNIA making an album entitled "EARTH WARRIOR"?

Because now it is time that mother nature fights back! And we want to join her!
 Forget about the "war on terror", "war on drugs", "war on common sense" that has taken over the world... how about a "war on mutant monkeys"? ... and remember kiddies!... If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the pollution!
Green Eco-Anarchist Thingz! ¡Viva la revolución  Shaman SteveSic                      
(picture by Jennyphidsic)


ps: day 5 at Lava is being spent on editing and arranging... the piano recordings yesterday were achingly beautifull and all is going very well!

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!

Lava studio, Denmark, day 4

Today is a piano day! in which Jenny's gracefull hands will be picking out the most beautifull melodies on the magical you see her and Christopher checking out the Steinway Concert Piano for the recording-sessions of today...
Classical Greenthingz!
OMNIA                                    (picture by Johann Sebastian Bark)

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!

Lava studio, Denmark,day 3

Dis me an da LavaStudiostressbunny! We hav party now… becos mr Christopher is sellebra…sellibrati…celllibraete…rem…having his birthdsday party now! yippee!

happy biddy greenthingz! mr Fluffy


(piktjoor by Dasic)

NEW pictures added

Check out the new album: OMNIA backstage at "de Meester"  HERE

Pictures by Charlie 

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA

Recording "EARTH WARRIOR"!

Lava studio, Denmark,day 2.

And more DRUMZ! DRUMZ! DRUMZZ!! Rob Thunder is still smacking the Pagan Wardrums today. On this picture you see a listening session of what's been done up to now.

Concentrated faces and the smell of coffee, cigarettes and creativity.


PaganRock on, 



Picture by the phantom of the studio...



Recording "EARTH WARRIOR" has started!!!

Lava studio, Denmark, day 1 

DRUMZ! DRUMZ! DRUMZZ!! Today we've been recording Rob Thunder laying down some amazing drum tracks  for the new CD. Here you see the master of rhythm at work!… look at the concentration on his face!… the sweat flying around! the blurr of speed as his sticks whirr though the air hitting the drumheads like a hammer of the gods!… erm…  well maybe not in this picture ;-) … but you should hear them!


Greenz and butsen on studio tracks!



(picture by Sicphyd)


Through rain and sun-shine, good times and bad times, we stand together…

Thank you MPS, for a fantastic festival year, every single one of them was special. 
This last one in HoLo was a beautiful finish to 16 wonderful medieval nights that we got to share with YOU in 2013 !
See you all next year for MPS 2014 !!!

Greenz and PaganFolk from Denmark, 


Picture by Desideria Rainey

All packed up and ready to gogo...

To the last MPS gig in a place called ho lo...
Then it's on to kopenhagen to work in da studio...
To record EARTH WARRIOR for YOU!.... Yo! Yo!

Greenz an beanz!
Grandmaster Sic and the furious three...

Happy Birthday Hans!

Jenny's Dad Hans is 79 today!! and we're celebrating it by congratulating him and singing "happy birthday Hans" in OMNIA-style!!!
(wanna join us?)… then blog, message or whatever a birthday greeting to the groovy man who gave the world Jenny!

Instruments and feet...

yep... Instruments and feet...  and swirlies!  

(picture by God... or was it Dog?)

Finally! ... A whole Night of Pure PaganFolk!!

We had such a great evening last weekend in "de Meester" in Almere! The venue was completely sold out (filled to the brim with fans, freaks and friends!) the atmosphere was pure love and nature power (and the smoke of te dutch herbs was helping to spread the Shanti!)
OMNIA shared the stage with "SEED" , who are a bunch of really sweet and talented friends of ours who also play in a pure acoustic PaganFolk band!
 Seed-front man Koen (who is definatelyone of my "Pagan Brothers" ) even joined us during Auta Luonto for that extra bit of nature power!

PaganFolk , Peace and Pure Musick!!!
XXX Shaman Steve Sic   

New Live pictures...

I've just added some new live pictures, 
you can check them out here...

Greenzz Daphyd et OMNIA

Picture by Marcel Bakker

OMNIA and Seed!

Setting up the stage, this black colLection of planks is smokin' tonight with pure acoustic PaganFolk by OMNIA and SEED! 

Groetjes kusjes OMNIA


What? OMNIA has sold out!!?...
 Does this mean that they have signed a contract with one of the world's three major labels and our now only going to make mainstream pop songs produced by commercial businessmen? Fuck the Art , Forget the integrity and "just smile and do it" for the EGO and the MONEY?!!...
erm.. no...
It simply means that if you wanted to buy a ticket for our show together with the other PaganFolk band "Seed" in  "de Meester" in Almere are now sadly too late... all the tickets are SOLD OUT!!     ... what did you think?  ;-)
Greenthingz on Pagan wings!!
Shaman SteveSic    (picture by Bombadil)

It's Autumn allright!!

And if you don't believe me...check the mushrooms!... the woods are full of 'em now.. :-)
We saw loads when we went out for a walk in between practice/writing/omniaweirdness sessions today!
The whole band has been holed up in the "Stennystudio" the last few days to work on the new songs for "EARTHWARRIOR" (the new long-awaited OMNIA studio-album which we are recording this winter!)

I hope your autumn days areas fruitfull and enjoyable as ours!
Greenz and Mushroomz!  ShamanSteveSic  et  OMNIA   (picture by Paulus)

OMNIA sheet music...

Lot's of people asked us for sheet musick...

This is it ;)

Greenz OMNIA 


Did you notice the extra thunder sounds coming from my floor tom lately ? 

That’s because my friend Martijn Rooijakkers has burned some amazing symbols on it. You can find more of his work at Hoofdomhoog-art, and please support him by liking his page!
I’m so happy with it , it feels like I have 10 extra arms when I’m playing it 

Greetings Rob et OMNIA

Picture by Erwin van Dijck and Sascha Pil

What a beautifull Mabon!

This last autumnal equinox was really stunning... We played in a castle courtyard (which was built on top of the ruins of an ancient Celtic Hillfort) With a HUGE full moon in the sky smiling down on our stage... We met loads of our Belgian (and even German ;-)  friends there! we listened to the music and good humor of "La Horde" as well as the great little band "Pagan Noz"!  Some of our friends from Rastaban were there with their children to enjoy this magical time together! The festival crew and organisation were great, the Night was mystical and our spirits were HIGH!... we have sooo much to be thankfull for (our "harvest" of love and respect is soo overwhelming this year that we truly feel blessed by mother nature and greatfull to YOU!  (this shouldn't be possible for a self-managed underground band... but apparently it is!) And after such a great evening we retired to our AMAZING hotel in the hills arranged for us by the sweet people of the "Festival international du Jeu de Roles"... check out Jenny in the "back garden" of the hotel!
Stay Green, live like a nature loving Pagan and...Stay Free!!!
XXX Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA      (picture by moi)

Howl at the moon, float on the breeze...

Dinant was beautiful, we had a great time... 
Good night everybody! 

Greenz OMNIA

Photo by Daphyd

Citadel in Dinant

Look at the beautiful view here at the Citadel in Dinant ( BE ) 
the place we're going to play tonight ( at 10 PM ) 

Are you ready for some PaganFolk Rock?! 

Greeenz OMNIA

Picture by Mr. Pil

You might think we're BIG…

 But actually we're just a very small band ;-)


picture by Sicphyd… 


crocheted mini OMNIA & mr.Fluffy by Verena from Auhagen

50.000 people @ the new OMNIA theatre show!!

YEAH!!...  I see that we have more than 50.000 likes on Facebook!
So... if all these people also come to our upcoming theatre shows, we'll have a GIGANTIC audience!! (which will cause amazing logistical challenges due to the fact that the theatre venues themselves are quite small ;-)
Be here, Be there... be round, be square... have dreads or straight hair...
We don't care , we'll always be there!!!
ThankYou for the support... Thanx for being there for us... Because we are free, YOU are our only Boss! XXX OMNIA

order tickets here


Well...that could have been the header for this blog...

but (thank the gods) it's not true!
(and ofcourse Daphyd would have been writing it instead of me obviously)
We are both alive! and happily doing our PaganStuff...
 But it almost happened when we stayed in Koln in the "Viktoria Hotel" on the worringer strasse... which is to our mind definately a very evil place with some serious "bad vibes" in it ... They have this posh "semi-classical/music museum" image... but it's all faded glory and the smell of incontinence there!! ... they even play famous classical hits and popsongs done on synthetic panpipes and saxophone in the breakfast room! ...which is should be a hanging offence nowadays!... ugh!... talk about "the death of music"!
Anyway I digress continue my tale of the (almost) DEATH of STENNY!(no... the breakfast music didn't kill us...although it came close... neither did the very stern German "Matron from One flew over the cuckoos nest" who worked behind the desk...( though she scared the shit out of me!)... No this is what happened:
Take a look at the picture of our "Altar Cloth" which we have used as a portable Pagan Hotel-Altar for the last 10 years... (everytime we stay in a hotelroom we make a little "home from Home" altar for our spirits)... see the scorch mark in the top/middle?'s like this: when we came back to the hotel in the evening we were so tired after that day's shows that we fell asleep with one little wax-candle still burning on our altar .... this candle was faulty and it leaked (we didn't notice 'cause we were asleep!)  and it smouldered away in the dark and would have caught fire!!.. if so, it would have burned us in our beds while we slept! (the safety situation in this hotel was terrible... the smoke alarm didn't even go off! and there was no exit in the bedroom) If that cloth could have caught fire, there would have been a terrible accident... and two more Pagans burned to Death! ... Thankfully we are experienced Pagans who know a lot about fire (even in unsafe situations) So our Altar is made from specially impregnated theatre cloth which cannot burn... it merely smouldered a little and went out... leaving Stenny to sleep in peace till morning! (instead of "resting in peace" for ever)... scary huh!? ... Check out the scorch mark on our Altarcloth!.... I'm so glad we're still alive! Pffhew!
Now all we had left to deal with was the insurance claim from this horrible hotel (They really did not like the way we looked, and made it VERY clear that they don't like Pagans... so those motherf•ck•rs are screwing us for about €1800,- for a 15 cm scorch mark on an old table!?) and our insurance company ofcourse refuses to pay up, because as we all know insurance companies are only good at TAKING YOUR money)...
 But who cares? WE ARE STILL ALIVE! and WE ARE STILL HAPPY!... ok , we have to give too much money too some complete wankers again... but hey! We have experience with that! (I was amazed it hadn't happened in a while actually) ...
So we'll eat a little less this winter, and we'll meditate some more...
Life and Freedom from Stress are worth more than Money!
Greenthingz! Stay Chill! and remember the important things in life!
(like blowing out your candles before you go to sleep!)

XXX Greenz and Sweet Dreamz !  Shaman SteveSic and the Harp Fairy

Humankind has not woven the web of life

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together...all things connect...         

(quote by Chief Seattle)

old words, wise words, new truths... Beware your greed and folly, oh mankind... for pride comes before the fall...
PaganPeace and Greenthingz!
Shaman SteveSic          (picture by a crazy man who likes all creatures)

because Sometimes the sun shines , sometimes it rains...

Being a festival musician in the sunshine is easy...
But when the rains hit...that's when things get real...
We've come prepared for a rainy weekend in Borken...
If today we stand in the least we'll be standing there together!
My respect to all bands and fans who are going to the MPS in BORKEN this weekend!

Greenz ShamanSteveSic   (picture of Sic in OMNIA raincoat by Crowboy)

Jenny in the Dawn Forest

After a long and stormy night of darkness and rain , the forest is peacefull and fresh in this morning's  foggy dew...

Come Rain or Shine, we'll always stay true...
Come Hail or Snow, we're playing for YOU!

See ya Tomorrow at the MPS festival in Borken!
XXX Stenny    (picture by Treebeard)

PaganFolk with OMNIA and SEED!

We' re playing a great pure PaganFolk evening of  acoustic nature-musick together with our sweet friends of SEED as special guest support band (met Kaat!)

Saturday 28 of September at Poppodium De Meester, Almere
In Holland ( ja ja! Eindelijk weer eens In nederland! Dus allemaal komen! ;-) )

Green Musick and PaganPeace!


Broken Machine or Dead Person?

What do you see here?

 Is this the corpse of a living, thinking creature who has lived and loved?... did he know happiness or fear?... Did he feel the passage of the sun before the light in it's eyes went out?... did he have a name and rejoice in this great and wonderfull gift of life? Did he have a soul?... did he possess spirit and personality?

or is this only a small broken machine? Something which was just "made" for you by your god... a preprogrammed dumb lump of matter , capable of only eating and making more little machines? Something which has no soul, so you can basically do with it as you wish (torture it, kill it, take away its habitat, genetically modify it, etc...) because you are much more important?

Well as for me... i came upon a dead person lying on my path, I took his likeness with our "we-phone" so i could show YOU something about OUR life...
Peace and Philosophy
Shaman Steve Sic
(picture by the Pope of non-dogmatic Paganism... still putting the "fun" back into "fundamentalism"!!  ;-)

Ready to go go!

Omnia ready and packed after a great festival mediaval weekend...

Now comes the 8 hour drive back to cloggy land...

More blogs with good news will come when we are home again :-)

XXX Steve Sic et OMNIA
(pic by Daphyd the Crow)

Have Euzen this? ;-)

Have Euzen this? ;-)

Spot the Pun ..

Thank you so much Festival Mediaval!!!

We had a fantastic time on the beautifull stage here in Selb for the 6th Year!! This festival really means a lot to us because YOUR there! The energy was high, the Musick flowed from the brightness of the sunshine into the warm mystery of the night... we'll be enjoying the rest of the weekend here together with you! Let's feel ALIVE!


Crazy band in Selb!!

Today we ROCK the main stage at the excellent, amazing and beautiful Festival Mediaval in Selb!!!

YEAH! We've been hanging out here in the lovely German countryside for the last week …resting, playing, practicing, writing songs getting drunk, sharing Life and Love… you know what I mean.
Today we will share our smiles and our energy with all of YOU who're there in the park in Selb!

Peace and Creative Chaos!

(ps: we'll be filming the show today so make sure you wear your prettiest head! … and so will we ;-) )

Ground beneath my feet…

Ground beneath my feet… Tree in my Hand… Stars surround my Head… 

I'm Alive! , I'm Alive!, I'm Alive!!!

Picture taken at midnight without any form of effects. 30 sec. Shutter speed. F/4 by Mr. Anonimous

Daphyd's morning wood...(a boy and his Didge)

Dr. Steve Sic Birdbrain

Small beautifull Woman...BIG beautifull tree!!

Thank you Fulda!!

We just played a great double bill with FAUN in the Schlosshof of Fulda. 
What a beautiful city, what a beautiful crowd, what a beautiful night...

We raise our glass and drink to ya all, Slanté

Greenzz xxx OMNIA

Happy Birthday Schandmaul!!!

The nice people of the German band Schandmaul are celebrating their 15th anniversary this weekend... And they invited us (and our buddies from SaMo) to come and play!

Well.... We did! ..PaganStyle!... Thanx Schandmaul it was an honour... Thanx audience you we're GREAT!... Now were driving North all evening to rock the stage at the MPS in Hamburg tomorrow!!




It'z mrDaphyd's birthday today! and dat make me verrry happy indeed! Now all you indternet, Twittur an Feesbook peeples can tell my frend mr.Daphyd that YOU arre verry happy too dat he is another Year older and manny much more wiser Today!
XXX mr.Fluffy


Our  Anarchic hard-working buddies of Saltatio Mortis have achieved a no.1 position on the German Album Charts with their new album "Das Schwartze Einmaleins"!!! This is a great achievement indeed for freaks (like us) and we would like to take this opportunity to publicly Congratulate the Guys and their Label on getting the number one spot in their country! as they say in mittelalter-land...
Greenthingz and ROCK ON!


Finally we have found some really nice people who can make leather goods for our merch... and No little children in China or India were exploited in the production because These cool leather OMNIA wristbands are hand-made by independant craftsmen and women in Germany ... 100% fair, 100% Pagan ;-)

and... more leather goods like OMNIA pouches and  hairpins will also be added soon!


An OMNIA wristband will cost YOU €16,- , Check them out in our Live-merchstand at OMNIA concerts and ofcourse also in our OMNIA webshop!

Greenthingz and "large scale world improvement" due to "small-scale creativity"!! 



Guess who had a new instrument… ;-)

Made by Bertrand, one of the best Didgeridoo makers I know…! Thanks dude :)


Soon I will be using this massive beauty live on stage and also on our new album "Earth Warrior" which we are going to record this winter! 


Positive Vibration ( ;) ), 

Greenz and Peace, 

Daphyd Crow! 


Picture by Erik

We got da cool shoe shine!

Rolling back to the forest in the "black pearl" through the rain...listenin to the "19-2000" soulchild remix by the Gorillaz... We got da cool shoe shine!

MPS was great again!

Thank YOU for being there and thank you Gisi (and crew) for MPS! 

Good night to ya all!



Ah! So! Kiai! Hahaaargh!

You fight well Grasshopper! 
game on game game on game on game on……

Through a crack in the software, a flower grows….

OMNIA day two at GamesCom Koln…
Kill! Maim! Fight! Slay! Play!…..


GAME Fever!

Omnia hits the game madness! ( because, when in Rome...) 

Happy Pagans playing in the various worlds of digital art :-)
two more days to go at Gamecom!

XXX Omnia

Raaagh! GLING!! OOooghreuugh! KLANGGG!!! Wooohooo! BOOOM!!!

I'm sitting in the backstage @ Gamescom 2013 now , The sounds around us here are one huge orchestration of Heroic Music, Explosions, Screaming Orcs, Deadpan final speeches, Metal Weapons sounds and other adrenalin pumping stuff… and (about half an hour ago) these  (BIG)  sounds were interrupted for a really cool acoustic OMNIA PaganFolk gig, which we played for the assembled Press and visitors of this gigantic Games Convention here in Köln at the Blizzard stage… Now we are done for today so we are going to lose ourselves in some gaming madness!! … I love Fantasy games… I grew up on Roll playing Games… my brain looks like a D20… so for these three days that we are here we're gonna play PaganFolk and play Cool Games!…


we're always playing with our toys… we're not like other girls and boys… 

XXX Dungeonmaster Sic et OMNIA


Photo by "the Roadie" Thomas

Soundchecking the stage at Gamescom ( Blizzard) ...

Oooooh soooo many games!!! Drool drool drool....


Picture by Dungeonmaster Sic

Wow! GAMES!! (we like games)

We will be playing inside in a gigantic building full of people for the rest of this week! This is the Real PaganFolk breaking like a flower through a crack in the concrete!... "Blizzard" (the groovy games company behind Diablo etc.) has booked OMNIA to play one half-hour set , once per day for the coming three days at the 2013 GAMESCOM in Köln... So... OMNIA will be bringing the "Call of the Wild" to the people who live in the virtual wildernisses... If you're going there come and join the (adventure)Party!  Greenthingz and Game On!

Pictures of Castlefest 2013

(thank you dear audience!!!...we do this for YOU!!)


There are a whole bunch of new pictures in our Gallery of OMNIA and all our loyal Friends and Fans taken at Castlefest 2013!! Because soooo many of you had asked to see more OMNIA shows on Castlefest, they agreed to let OMNIA play two shows instead of 1 this year...BUT... only if we agreed to play the "small" village stage aswell ... ofcourse we said YES!!! (nobody can keep us away from YOU!) ... Well that was interesting and weird! ... after 9 years of playing only the mainstage suddenly having to play the small one... and what we got was the absolute record for "how many people can you sqeeze into one tiny field"!!  which was funny, but also a little Sad because loads of people couldn't see the OMNIA show as there simply wasn't enough room to stand anymore. and quite a few kids got stuck in the crush etc. The whole flow of people came to a standstill around the OMNIA stage  on friday (isolating a part of the festival area, because nobody could move in or out of it anymore! ... SO on behalf of OMNIA...  sorry for all of you who got crushed or who wanted to be there but who couldn't find a spot to see/hear us , better luck next year! 

On the Sunday we had the largest crowd I've ever seen during the last show of Castlefest which was heartwarming to experience! Even though so many of YOU had to leave earlier because of public transport , long journeys home etc.there was still a MASSIVE crowd to hear us play our "PaganFolkMusick ritual" at the finish of this festival!, which was a very special feeling indeed! Thank you Thank you Thank YOU!!! ... I'm really really sorry that not all of you got the chance to get a signature or to have a talk with us after the show, because security started to push people off the festival area while we were still in the middle of our "signing session" ... I hope nobody was too dissappointed and (if so) we will try to make it up to you at one of the many other really cool festivals that we play at this year Or at the theatres we will be playing this winter! (see agenda)  

Anyway... check out the gallery for some impressions of this Years wonderfull gathering of friends,fans and Pagan tribes from Belgium, Spain, Czech, USA, Poland, Hungary, Germany, France, Bretagne, Cornwall, Italy, South America etc etc the OMNIA shows at Castlefest 2013!

We had a GREAT time and we have YOU to thank for it!!


Stay real, stay  true and we'll always love YOU!!





pictures taken by our dear friend Erwin.. (he's the guy who's company makes all our beautifull and very professional video productions).. hey! it's his birthday today!

Happy Faces in Beautifull places…MPS ROCKS!

This is Stenny on our trusty medieval MPS Stage in Telgte … The great organizers of the MPS festival put us on such a wonderful spot (AGAIN) surrounded by Trees and beautiful people… It's special for us to feel so much respect and love from not just the masses of  audience and the other cool bands playing there, but from the MPS organization themselves! … wherever the moving MPS festival put's up it's tents and stages… that's where we feel at home!    Next weekend we play the MPS festival in Speyer !!   Real PaganFolk Musick, Real people, Real bonfires, (and not expensive!) if you can make it be there!  YEAH!!!  

XXX OMNIA   (picture by "the man with the hat" Kees Stravers!)


New Song! here's

(oh feck here we go again!...)

As you may or may not know, we are in the process of writing songs for our new Album "EARTH WARRIOR" which we will be recording this winter in the "LAVA studio" of our dear friend Christopher Juul in Denmark..
 Because OMNIA is a true born Pagan Heart , who wish to make musick straight from this Heart... so we like to try out anythibng new were working on together with YOU our audience... this is the quickest way to get feed back and to feel the audience energy/response to a new tune or a new set of lyrics...
 Today at the amazing MPS festival in Telgte we will be trying out the song
 "BLACK HOUSE" for some friends of ours there! This new OMNIA piece is a song about addiction and the love/hate relationship that any addict has with his/her chosen drug. It's metaphorically camouflaged as a song about a bar where DEATH is the bar tender and he sells  whiskey ... I wrote it in a "Johnny Cash" / country style... and I'm a little nervous about performing it live... ahem... but then so are we all... hihihi

 The Black House

Music and lyrics: SteveSic and Jenny

 There's a place... called the Black house.
It's a place I go when my spirits are low.
I can taste... in the Black House-
Forbidden Fruit, though it's evil I know-

all the people in the Black House.
I can see it in their eyes, there's no need to disguise-
My thirst... in the Black House.
This Whiskey is real and it makes me feel-

like Heaven... in the Black House-
all the women are angels are the guys are swell.
and the music, in the Black House-
oh it soothes my soul like a harp from hell.

oh Black house!
oh Black House!

oh the Boss of the Black House-
he's a tall skinny guy in a long black cape.
and he smiles on the Black House-
with the skeletal grin of his white skull face.

I raise my glass in the Black House!
you can tell me it's wrong, too much whiskey , too much song
Kiss my ass!  bloody Black House!
this is where I belong , give me whiskey, give me whiskey all night long.
this is where I belong , give me streams of whiskey all night long...

quite coincidentally there is a whiskey bar called "the Black House" at every MPS festival this year... where we will certainly be enjoying a quiet whiskey after the show to calm our shaking hands! ;-)   "Get our favourite bottle ready Marcus!!"
 Be Free!, Respect Nature and enjoy our pure organic, homegrown PAGANFOLK!
Greenthingz and Grassroots Shaman SteveSic (Pope of Paganism and Whiskey)

Working on the new website...

we've started work on a new OMNIA website with our buddy Erwin (well actually he's started working on it and we say things like " uhuh.. yes...uhuh... yes that sounds good... erm? what?... oh!...aha...yes..." etc, (because we don't speak computer either) anyway... Our old website system is getting a bit ...well old... actually.It can't keep up with all the traffic (caused by YOU ;-)  ...  And nowadays lots of people want to be able to read it on their smartphones aswell, and it's not that user-friendly anymore... and ofcourse we want our site to be user friendly!..  because we like YOU :-) ... so... have no fear... one day we will have a new and better working site to cope with all your wishes... untill then work continues... (it could take a while though)... Greenthingz!   Stenny and Erwin  (picture by Fuzzy mcDark with a really crappy camera... on a smartphone)

this is a blog... erm

Today we are working on new song material and kind of chilling with here in the woods on the Dutch German border ... the third millenium of monkeykind grinds on while we try to play our new  songs beneath the trees... 'we been workin' on a song about mutant monkeys .. an other stuff... and.. .erm... I'm a little vague right now... uh..  I can't type anything usefull so you are really wasting your time now in reading this... sorry... this text is just a bit of filler I wrote to keep this picture company ...think I'll just stop typing nonsense and just let you get on with your day/night now... sorry for the inconvenience... it's not even a very good picture... and.. HEY!...   WTF? I look really stupid on this! (as always)... why is it they always put the worst pictures of you online eh?... it's always the moment you have one eye closed, or you just moved a little so your face looks smeared or your nose seems enormous or... (as in this case) when you look like a complete twat .... and what has Daphyd done with it? (come to think of it.. he IS looking kind of smug here) ... anyway... as I said before sorry for the crap blog... and the stupid picture... ahem... Greenz! ...dr.Sic   (picture by dr.Senseless)


sic's inconprehensible blogg no: *%&$@!*

Hey hey! How are you doing on this fine day in 2013? I'm doing great! thanx for asking (although my darling Jenny is a little ill at the moment... coughing and sniffing) Anyway, I got a moment to type now and I wanna talk to you about weapons, close combat and "the way of the sword"... You see, Even though  I totally hate violence... I love swordfighting and martial arts! At heart  I am a peace loving individual with a very soft core ( yes really! ) I like nothing better than to laze in the sun with my love , completely "shanti" with no stress and 100% "Equilibrium" all around me...
BUT ...I live in a world of mutant monkeys... and sometimes people can make me really mad... like GRRR! mad!... unfairness and hypocrisy are all around... I get mad When people  hurt or betray my loved ones and close friends... I get mad when the various branches of government and the mass media fuck up and lie to me and YOU ... I get mad when people destroy nature....and even at festivals where we go to have fun and spread our message of change I can sometimes get mad when we have to endure stress caused by things like technological/equiptment problems, too many loud or ugly noises and sometimes we even have to endure small minded, unrealistic people who seem to hate us and our FREE ways... Life involving people and man-made things can make you crazy and without a doubt YOU have to deal with similar stuff like this aswell... Sometimes I feel like a volcano that's going to blow! and at those moments a bit of "sensible violence" can be really helpfull to make a difference for your state of mind!
 That's why we always carry around a couple of swords in our OMNIA vans nowadays... No, not real steel swords... I keep  those at home... No, these are LATEX swords! (appaently there are chicks who like to play with rubber dicks? well... we are gents who like to play with rubber dick replace-ments!)
 With these latex weapons we can whack seven colours of shite out of each other in single combat... (without actually damaging each others and while having a great laugh at the same time!)  On the picture here I've got a high quality Calimacil Katana  supplied to me by my old gamesandchaos buddy Tijn of subcultures  (and Games n stuff )
     ... and this is not just any old piece of therapeutic rubber my friends!... no, this is the veritable "Hatori Hanso" of LARP swords!  (erm.. if you don't know what the words "Katana", "Hatori Hanso" and/or "LARP" mean.. then you've missed out on 1: great Bushido Art , 2: a great movie and 3: a fantastic way to play active games with some friends)
We have two of these babies now... and anytime that it looks as if Steve is going to explode due to the pressure of unfair and stupid humanity around him (when the smoke starts to pour from my ears poor little Steve gets pushed into the background of my psyche, leaving only a bloodthirsty "Sic" behind who then wants to scream a lot and destroy something... a bit like "the Hulk" actually, although less green) those dangerous moments before or after OMNIA shows , Daphyd simply hands me a sword and then starts hitting me real hard with the other one untill we are engaged in full happy melee combat! we keep this up untill we are out of breath , weeping with laughter and (most importantly) relaxed again!... how's that for therapy? ;-)    Peace on earth! Live by the rubber sword!
Greenthingz on rubber wingz!  Shaman SteveSic     (picture by "the Bride")

MPS Dresden was Great!

Gazing down upon the tribal bonfires of the MPS Family. 

Dresden is beautiful, life is good, Peace! OMNIA...

OMNIA and Kelvin Kalvus back together again!!!

This weekend we'll be trucking all the way to the Czech border side of Germany to play at the MPS in DRESDEN!! That whole festival was cancelled earlier this year because all of Dresden was completely flooded then... (naw! there's nothing wrong with the climate at all!) luckily now the water has gone down, the weather looks good and finally the whole MPS family will settle down there for a whole long weekend of fun , spectacle and musick!
And.... (this is especially cool for us)... our old friend Kelvin actually lives there and he will be joining us on stage for as many (improvised) OMNIA/KELVIN pieces as we can work out together! !! fuck yeah!!!
So we are verrrrrry happy indeedy! Not only have we slept and relaxed a couple of days now... not only do we get to play and have fun at one of the coolest festivals we know this coming weekend... not only do we get to meet many more of YOU personally.... BUT we also get to hang out with our favourite superhuman physical artist Kelvin! (if you haven't seen him work before and you have the chance... check out his show in dresden!!)  
Have a good one! XXX Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA
ps: in response to all the messages lately...thanx for all the support that YOU have given us and that you keep on giving us everyday!!!
we stay free and pure for YOU, YOU stay smart and happy for US!
pps: in response to other questions...yes ... we'll be taking the new OMNIA merchandise like the "I don't speak human" teeshirt and the amulet etc. to Dresden aswell.

Hey Audience!!! PLEASED TO MEET YOU!!!

(tag yourself!)

We've been seeing and listening to a lot of YOU these past mad days... we've travelled thousands of miles to bring our acoustic PaganFolk musick to as many of YOU as possible on two different continents on three beautiful festivals! Faerieworlds, Castlefest and MPS... wow!... why do we do this?... because it's just what we do... it's a little tiring (jetlag and such) but OH SO WORTH IT!... And ..really ... We are always AMAZED at the lengths some of you go to , to come and see an OMNIA live-show:
"we came all the way from northern canada to see you"
"we had a four day road-trip to come here!"
"I travelled from southern florida to meet you"
"we come from Spain..ola!"
"we travelled from turkey to see you"
"we travelled from austria to hear omnia"
"WE come over from england to hear you live!"
so many of you... gathered together is a wonderous sight... be it Oregon, Germany, Holland... so many people, but the same faces everywhere... one thought, one feeling of earth-spirit... it's awesome! YOU might not realise it , but there are masses of people just like YOU out there!, it's true , I meet them all the time... somehow, in this world of mad monkeys WE are all TOGETHER...  Focus on the small things, the precious things in life... be free.
Greenthingz Shaman Steve Sic...       (pic by Kees!)

ps: if you want to read a long piece of philosophy about what is sacred to me... then read this OLD blog which I wrote and published right after Castlefest back in 2009... and you know... no matter what happens on our road...  no matter what others may think of me... it will always remain true ;-) because I promised it to YOU...Here we go, exactly as I wrote it 4 years ago:

The Epiphany on the Crossroad, Steve's incomprehensible blog
by Omnia on Monday, August 24, 2009 at 10:14 am

While I was standing on the big stage at Castlefest and playing "Dance until we Die" I had an epiphany (ie: A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something): I realised that there is a special kind of energy. An energy mixed with the group feeling we share together at moments such as these: as the music is pumping and the wickerbeast is burning with all of you guys rocking out, shouting, chanting and getting into the vibe of Life! Those moments are actually the main reason why I want to be a part of OMNIA, and why OMNIA is a part of me. It's this reason that I feel inspires us with need and strength neccessary to keep on writing and performing the music we make and the message we want to spread:


"Love Life, Respect Nature, Live with Honour and Be Free".


Together we have been walking a road which has brought us to the point where we stand today...On that particular day of which I speak (the Castlefest Pagan Night, Aug.1st 2009) I was standing on a crossroad. You might not have noticed it to look at me, it may have looked as if I was just standing on the stage as usual, but still I stood on a crossroad. And in my mind's eye there were three paths leading from it.


The first path was the path I had taken to get there, a long and wandering road leading through forests and festivals, Music and Art ,Tears and Laughter but mainly leading past thousands of people who have given us so much love and respect, so much trust and belief, so much inspiration and positive life-force. A road I love dearly...


The second path was one which had been painstakingly laid out and paved by businessmen over the coarse of 7 long months, a path which supposedly had been primed to lead us to the higher reaches of international fame, TV studios, millions of viewers and listeners, Radio time, record deals etc., something any band would kill for to get, you know, a fast "road to success".


The third path was a path quite similar to the one I came on, just the gently meandering road going ever on...Just us and you and the music and the feeling that binds us. A road leading into a forest of unknown pleasures and dangers, where no path is straight or clear but where the flowers grow and birds sing and where the madness of mass-media does not enter at will.


On that crossroad it became clear to me that we had been "living in a lie" if we thought that we could try to spread our musical message through the machinations of the mass media and still keep this message intact. I sincerely believed that we had found a way to get our music heard by millions so that we could speed up the process of awareness in all the monkey people. I thought we could change the music business without it changing us.


I was wrong.


It wasn't possible. We were slowly being forced to change ourselves to fit into a certain hole, but round pegs don't go into square holes, it wasn't working. 
Our dream of OMNIA was in severe danger because of the stress created by the rough machinations of the business-world. Time and again we had severe doubts as to if we should go on with letting other people take our precious Living "OMNIA" and trying to exploit it on the open market. Time and again we doubted but we tried to go on, for the sake of the music, for the sake of our families who need to be fed, for the sake of the promises we felt obliged to keep with our business managers. We kept hoping that it would work out..basically ...that we would play more gigs , that we would finally get some songs out onto the radio (something every composer/performer has wet dreams about). 
But the feeling didn't go away, something was wrong...We still wanted the media to carry our songs out into the ether and into the heads of loads of people just like YOU; people who don't know us yet, but who might be happy to hear what we have to say and sing. But we knew in our hearts that the fast-track coarse laid out by our well-meaning managers was going to kill our music and our faith if we kept to the present course.


Straight after Castlefest our managers had arranged for us to go on television on a major "A" program (Steve interviewed in front of 1.5 million viewers!). It was all set up but I would have had to make some "concessions" and obey "the media way of working" if I wanted it to happen. Well, I never have and still don't make concessions when it comes to OMNIA. Omnia is my life, it's not a project, I am a real person. Our music is 100% personal emotion, our songs are not covers, they come directly from the heart. When we live and work, we do it as the only true expression of our lives. It's what we were born for. Like bunnies do bunny things, Omnia does Omnia things (and sometimes also bunny things..but I digress).


To make a long story slightly shorter, I said "No,I won't do it..." because I would rather go out and play in the street again with a hat on the floor for coins than lose my dignity. I was being forced by convention to "not be myself" but that's the only thing I can be! (That's just the way I am). And things came to a head. After a long and for all parties emotional talk our managers (Theo and Yigal) Jenny and myself came to the mutual conclusion that they would be better off with a band that can obey the restricting rules of commerce, and we would be better off with a manager who is just as weird as us and who understands us and our Fans.


What we and the Clan have together is too precious to risk destroying it. I'm glad that most of you understood that we would NEVER let anything serious happen to the dream we hold dear, and that I do mean every word I say on and off Stage. 
We really enjoyed trying to make a poppy "radio version" of the song "Alive!" because it's fun to muck around with different styles. And it was great fun to work with a professional studio drummer. It doesn't mean our music would become mainstream-music ....for fuck's sake ;-) 
I mean, we play "Dance until we Die" but it doesn't mean that we are a Rap band now. 
We're OMNIA, that's "everything" we ever want to be...


So "Goodbye" to Cash and World Fame and "Hello" to Freedom! Together with our great band and crew, all our cool and sweet friends, and YOU our loyal fans, we will stay true to the Omnia dream and spread our message as the oak tree grows: Slowly, but beautiful and sustainable with strong roots. Possibly with squirrels in it! :o)


See you at the next gig somewhere somewhen (or possibly on a streetcorner), 
Greenthingz and Stay Free! 
Steve Sic Evans van der Harten


MPS Fuck Yeah!....

What more can we say, apart from, thank you Audience, Thank you Gisi... 
Thanks for being REAL!

Greenzz OMNIA!

P.s. See ya tomorrow at Castlefest, Main Stage, 18:30, PaganFolk ROCK!

( Picture by Kees Stravers )

Castlefest, we LOVE you!

Now we're heading to Germany to play in Köln on the Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum

Tomorrow we're back for the Mainstage at Castlefest to play our PaganFolk Rock show for you! Will you join us?

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA!

Happy Lughnasadh!! another year come and gone and "I (still) Don't Speak Human"!!!

This weekend , as we are playing the one and only pure acoustic OMNIA PaganFolk in Holland and Germany, we will also release our NEW TEESHIRT!!!
It's a special shirt release (printed on 100% black organic cotton) ... and ofcourse like all OMNIA stuff it was designed by a well paid commercial artist working for our record label... ME!! ;-). This one is for all you weirdos out there who communicate better with animals and nature than with humans!... although all the production costs for an organic shirt are higher than for a normal one we have still chosen to keep the price the same as always (€15,-) because we still hate commercialism... We'll be selling the ALL NEW OMNIA "I Don't Speak Human" Tee Shirt and all our other new goodies at the OMNIA merchandise stand at the OMNIA shows here:

Friday: OMNIA plays an intimate set at 16:15 houres, Castlefest!! "Village stage" Lisse (NL),

Saturday: OMNIA and FAUN PAGANFOLK NIGHT at 19:00 houres, MPS Köln (D)!!! "Festival stage"

Sunday:OMNIA PAGANFOLK festival closing act at 18:30 houres  Castlefest!! "Forest Stage" Lisse (NL)

See you somewhere during one of these gigs this weekend... or if you can't make it there, we'll see you somewhen, somewhere else... I hope you feel as good as I do this weekend, and I also pray that your life is filled with as much life, love and light as mine!  Greenthingz and LIFE!!! Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA

Shiney! OOooooh! The OMNIA Pagan Amulet is here!

Finally the long awaited OMNIA AMULET has arrived , just in time for Castlefest tomorrow! These heavy bronze amulets , with the OMNIA logo on one side and the OMNIA "Runic Luna Star" on the other have been designed by SteveSic as an easily available (and affordable) Pagan symbol of Creativity, Nature power and Protection... and because a lot of our fans have a limited budget plus we want all of YOU to be able to afford this amulet we've kept the price really low (€10,-) ... it will be available from our merchandise stand , starting this weekend and ofcourse in our webshop... wear it with pride! around your neck... hang it on your keyring... on your favourite instrument ... on your altar... wherever you decide! for a strong solid bronze OMNIA resonance! ...  Hokahey! Greenthingz! and see you soon!  XXX OMNIA

Pagan Freaks in the Sun!

This is what a Pagan Summer looks like in the USA! this picture was taken on the Sunday of the Faerieworlds festival at the end of our very special OMNIA-Poetree show  TAG YOURSELF!!!…


We already miss all the Friendship and Fun, Musick and Madness, Peace and Politics… BUT The OMNIA world summer-festival tour continues!  Now we have one more day to get rid of our jet-lag and freshen up to Rock the stage at Castlefest coming friday!!… we'll be playing roughly the same (very special) concert  we played on this picture in Oregon , (which includes  some of the softer OMNIA songs that we never play normally at big festivals)… so if you want something special :

come one, come all!… to the teeny tiny village stage at Castlefest and we'll all come together (sic)

Greenthingz on Pagan Faerywingz!!! XXX OMNIA   (picture by Byron)

Guess who's back?

Safely landed in the flatlands, the girl and the boys from the hood are back home. 

Xxx Omnia

Kindred Spirits… goodbye my friends

We Love Oregon! We're truly going to miss this beautifull place and the true friends and kindred Pagan spirits that we have found here… The people that organise and run Faerieworlds are so familiar to us , we are like family!… you can see on this picture left to right: Daphyd, Emilio, Sascha, Jenny, Rob , Robert, Lysee, Steve (disguised as a redneck for some obscure reasons)  River and Kelly…  We had a wonderfull time here in this beautifull country… words fail me .. the land is so raw and big and oh so alive!… we will definately return here one day… now we go to sleep after a most enlightening experience and we'll possibly dream of the wise new monkeys roaming wild and in balance over a happy green planet after all the mad machine monkeys have gone away forgood… sometimes I dream of a world where this is real… they are happy dreams!  Live free! Dream BIG! stay Green!  Goodnight Oregon, good night my friends, tomorrow morning we fly away home! XXX SteveSic et OMNIA        (Pizza by Robert, Picture by PaganPaparazzzi)

American mr.Fluffy

Disz isz mee! … slurp!! ... Yippee!!… burp!… havving a…. slurrrrrp!….Ice koffee..anna buffalo burgerr …chomp!….. wid barby-Q sauze… momp!…an soo manny ..munch munch!… cookies an sweetie tingies… an.. huuurmph!… gnorf!!… naice fooood!… me wanna eat!… munch…an eat! … groomph!! eatt moore!!!.. isz all so good!!… there's sooo manny food here!!! …nosh nosh!… in da suupermarrket!!… 50 types of mayyoné…maajoonee… mayooonii… erm .. salad cream!!… chomp, grunt..  anna  EVERYTING COMES IN BUCKETS!!! … HUUGE cartons of drinks!… urp!… anna isz all sweeeeeet!… YEAH!./. SUGARR!… %$*&… RAAAGH!!!  … (*&%˙©ƒ∂® … SUUUUGARRR!!!!!!…   SLORP! .. †®∂∆˙∆˚**^…  GURP!!! …. !!! … WAAAHAAA!!!!!!!!!! ….ips!….  UUuuuurgh……… plof

 We apologise for this interruption. Mr.Fluffy is currently unable to continue this blog as he has gone into a sugar-coma due to an overdose of American food… the band has intervened and mr.Fluffy has gone into "vegetables and exercise rehab" untill he is back to his normal self again.  we apologise for the inconvenience.
 the OMNIA pr-team

Playing in tha Sun in Oregon... =)

THIS is a REAL Pagan Backstage!!

Woooow! what a night!… This is us hanging out in the most beautifull backstage ever her at Faerieworlds festival in Oregon… I'm glad we have the private OMNIA-tipi to keep our (slightly hungover) pagan heads cool… Today we will play the mainstage again with a set of more the more poetic pieces of our PaganFolk… We're so very happy that the AMAZING audience here has such a strong reaction to our pure PaganFolk musick, seeing as itr's our first time here in the USA..
and for all you people on the festival terrain today… YES!!! there are lots of OMNIA CD's and shirts available at Faeriewolrds, but they're hidden away in the information tent … just keep looking! ;-)
Hokahey and bring on the peace-pipe! XXX big chief sitting-SteveSic , Daphyd-fuzzyCrow , Rob-funderboy and Jenny plays-sweetly-Harp-Faery…
(picture by Sascha-Soundfinger)

Thank you Faeriewolds! Thank you Oregon!

It was a great day today, we had a great show, great audience ( without you, it would be quite boring ;) ) and a great festival!
Glad to be back again tomorrow for our Musick and Poetree show! ( at 7 PM )

We are off to bed now, to shaky and tired ( Because of the party we had ;) ) to write a proper bloggy for you ;-) We're sorry.. hihi


Good night/morning wherever on earth you are right now.


Greenzz OMNIA!

( picture by Crow-Man )

American Fairies come in all sizes! (and they're all sweet!!)


Happy Fan Moment

We're having a great time here at the Faerieworlds… hangin out in the hot sun or the cool of the shade… chilling with all the great people here in sunny Oregon… many faces, many friends, much talk of life and musick … much laughter.. This is me having my picture taken during a happy fan moment… check out my cheesy grin as I am happily embracing one of my favourite singers … the awesome Sonja of Stellamara and the extremely lovely bellydancer  who had joined them on stageduring their wonderfull show… (who's name I forgot to ask because I was struck dumb with admiration for such beauty and skill)… ahem… anyway… Oregon rocks!, we are very happy pagans surrounded by kindred spirits … tomorrow it's our turn to PaganRock the mainstage… can't wait! … Greenthingz on Fairywingz!
ShamanSteveSic    (picture by Jesse's friend)

We're Jammin'

Today we went to the Festival-Site to check out the Stage and the beautiful terrain we are going to play this weekend…

As you can see in the picture we end up making some music for our friends from Faerieworlds

Now we have to get some sleep and get ready for a big party this weekend! 


Greenzz OMNIA!

We laff an playj in da You Ess Ay!

Dis is me at da poool of dee hotel were is OMNIA stayjing heer in Orregonn in dee YOU-ESSAY! Me nevver tink dat me wuld bee here! Is nice an warmm an sunny here, peeeples are verry frendly,  dee Cars all look laik  verry big Toys and all da food is full of Sweet Suugar… is reelly a big happy place for fluffy unicornz here!
But SteveSic say mr.Fluffy talk to much an too fast all da time now becos me have a massiv suugar high from all da rich food an if me don' stop eatin it all me will be fat as a verry fat squishy thing verry soon!.. ah well… dis is da pool… here is me frends mr.Daphyd, mr.Rob an Stenny an me at da pool…see isz a pool…erm… me go look for more suuugar now! byeeeeeeee!  Greensweet thingzz frum amerrika
mr.Fluffy   tonite we start wid de soundcheckking an stuff on da big staidgje at da Fairy festivalll      

Birthday Suit!

Paganism at Sweet Creek.... we LOVE Oregon!
Can't wait for the Faerieworlds Festival to start coming Friday!


Birthday in the Summersun all the way from Oregon ;-)

Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday dear meeeeheeee!!
Happy Birthday to me!
It's my Birthday today!, all though I'm not sure what day it is or "when" I am
(the human timezones when you travel around the world by jet are weird!)
we are off to say hello to the Pacific ocean today and maybe a redwood or two and sooo much of this fecking beautifull country side here on the East coast of the US…..all awesome nature personalities whom I have I have always loved to meet!
Enjoy this new day, this fresh new day… which was gifted to YOU and me…
Greenz and Peace Shaman SteveSic        (picture by the Spirit of Heyoka)

The Pagan have landed...

Here we are,
Save and sound,
With our feet's back on the ground...

Time to play,
Were Fucking hapy, have a nice day!


Picture of OMNIA and Emelio and Kelly of Woodland/Faerieworlds

How much Paganism can you get into 4 suitcases?

This is us packing our bags for the EPIC trip to the USA (west coast) to go forth and show the lovely people at Faerieworlds in Oregon what real European PaganFolk sounds like! BUT… what to take to the land of the free? How much time would we like to spend convincing the US customs that we really are just musicians who just want to play our music of Nature, Paganism and Life? We don't want to make it too difficult for them (they have to deal with my head and ritual tattoos already and that can be quite shocking for the unprepared)…So…What do we leave behind?… Gosh?… We're taking along just the irreplaceable unique instruments to be able to play our Paganfolk… (Daphyd's didge, my flutes and 1 bouzouki, Jenny's special bodhran) we're keeping it to an absolute minimum though because we're traveling without our crew and everything has to be carried on and off the plane  (BUT I hear the weather in Oregon is hot and sunny, so I'm not even taking any clothes with me …and as it is my birthday when we get to America, I'll simply walk around in my "birthday suit" with just a loincloth or something)… We'll be borrowing loads of stuff to put on a proper PAGANFOLKROCK show from the AMAZINGLY SWEET people of Faerieworlds and especially the people from WOODLAND are helping us out with soooo much support and assistance in getting us there! We can even borrow instruments such as a Harp, piano, drum kit etc. from them… we just take ourselves and our banner plus an extra helping of our attitude to celebrate the good life with the audience there!  (we'll keep you updated with the progress of our adventure as we travel to the other side of the globe … no sea too wide, no mountain too high.. we travel where our fans are, because we do this for YOU!! Respect, Pagan Peace and Greenthingz!  

XXX Shaman SteveSic, Jenny, Daphyd and Rob flying out to meet you…

Thank you Bückeburg!

It was a great weekend at MPS Bückeburg! Great weather, great atmosphere and great Audience! 


We always LOVE to play at the Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum…Thanks Gisi ( and his crew ;) ) for another great weekend! 


Our stage was surrounded by tree's again, which is fitting perfect to the OMNIA repertoire, don't you think?   ;-) 


Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA!


(Picture by Bianca)

Damien Raven is flying out of the OMNIA nest... snif!

Yes folks.. Today marks the end of a legend... Damien the OMNIA Roadie is leaving the gang ... He will be working his last gig with OMNIA today and tomorrow at the MPS Bückeburg and then he'll hang up his black OMNIA Crew jacket for the last time so that he can go back to school to study and become even more intelligent and wise than he already is :-) THe whole gang and especially Jenny and me will really miss him, It's strange to have your own son in your band crew for so long , but it's an experience I can heartily recommend to all musicians! Well people...OMNIA wishes Damien all the best and this weekend we'll party together for the last time extra Hard OMNIA style!!  although I do hope that Damien will find the time to drop by at a few gigs in the future for 'ol times sake!... fly Raven dude... Fly!  
If any of you wanna say goodbye to him then drop by at the MPS tomorrow or else just drop your farewell comments on our facebook page or the guestbook !!!   XXX Stenny


Yes Boyz and Girlz we have some NEW Pagan Merchandise from the weird and "not really human" hand/mind of Shaman SteveSic (Pope of non-dogmatic Paganism)...
 This new OMNIA "Runic-Lunastar" incorporates many symbols and runes which are important to the OMNIA philosophy, like the Creative Chaos Star/ world tree, The Moon, Circles within Circles and of course the ever present OMNIA runes... this symbolic pagan Glyph has been designed as a charm for greater  "fortitude, natural living and Art" ...the "Runic Lunastar" is now available in rich Celtic Gold on the back of the new Kick Ass OMNIA HOODIE! ...and It has been stitched into a new black/silver/gold OMNIA PATCH!! ( the OMNIA "Amulet" logo is also available as a patch now!)
check them and the other new OMNIA goodies out in our webshop or at the Merchandise stand @ all upcoming OMNIA concerts this summer!  Art for Musick, Musick for All!
Greenthingz, Gold thingz, Paganthingz...  OMNIA      
ps: it's worth it to check out the webshop , just to see the hilarious pictures of the band as merchandise-models! ;-)

L'ART pour L' ART (not for money)

Yeah! we're Recording again! (but still not for OMNIA ;-)
Yesterday we had another fun recording session in the Stennystudio... we like having these little artistic sessions with our sweet friend Fieke as technician! very cosy... The recordings we made two months ago were for the brand new single of our German friends from Saltatio Mortis called "Wachtum über alles" ... we made an english language cover version as a gift for them called "Profit über alles" (and, as the title suggests we did this for free ;-) AND I hear that the single is OUT NOW! and for sale online etc. so if you're interested , check it out HERE!
  And now yesterday we were recording again , but this time for a CD by another band of some more German friends of ours,this time we were doing "our OMNIA thing" infront of the microphones for the original godfathers of the German "mittelalter scene", none other than CORVUS CORAX! Jenny played a lovely bit of Harp as an intro to one of the new songs that our Raven buddies are working on! ... So you can stay on the look-out for that one too! (and who knows? maybe one day soo we'll make some recordings for a OMNIA album aswell! ;-)   Greenthingz on Raven's wingz! XXX  Stenny      (picture of Corvus Corax by Holger Bücker)

Video SneakPeek at

Check out this little home-recording of Stenny playing a very short rough version of "Earth Warrior" accompanied by three wild orphaned Finches: Errol, Flynn and Pip...
(You'll have to wait for the full length version with the whole band untill April 2014 when this song will be officially released...)  ofcourse you can also check it out anytime at one of our many upcoming live-gigs either in Europe or the west-coast USA... enjoy and keep on fightin the good fight!   XXX Stenny and da birdz

Colour of Life!!! (my Red Right Hand)

Today we picked wild blue berries in the forest to feed to the birdies (and ourselves)... hence the red fingers covered in juice!... so for dinner today we made blueberry pancakes with these teenyweeny tart and fresh tasting dutch forest berries! JUMMM!! Iwas really such a beautifull day today! It feels good to be alive!
Greenthingz! Red thingz! XX Stenny

Speed of Life (goodbye little friend)

We didn't feel like blogging yesterday ... sorry... we were very sad 'cause our little birdy friend aka: "Kleinstein" passed away back into the circle of life... He was always the poorly one of the lot, and after our orphaned finches got ill last week he was in very bad shape... Sadly I have to report that despite all that we (Stenny and Ans & Hans) have tried , he didn't make it... I found him dead in his cage in the early morning... just a sad little bundle of bones and feathers...  we have buried his tiny innocent remains with dignity and ceremony amongst the embracing roots of the giant "singing tree" in the forest. Softly raining flowers, seeds, tears and song over his remains wrapped in his favourite little fuzzy blanket... Today our tears have dried, and we do our best for his three siblings in the hope that they will pull through and become 100% healthy again.   Sometimes it sucks to care so much about all the little critters ... but it's still the only way we can be...  I wish you all health and many bright Greenthingz!  XXX Stenny  (this is the last picture taken of him ,taken on our phone in the OMNIA-van on our way back to the forest, a few short hours before he died...)

Cool new crazy merchandise in our webshop!

Hi there! 


Guess what!? We have a lot of cool new crazy merchandise in our webshop ( incl. new Hoodies! ). 

Check it out HERE

We also have cool new goodies to pimp your environment ;-) 


Greenthingz OMNIA 


Picture by Hans de Badmeester 

So Far so Good!

Well , we made it thru the US consulate! Now we have to wait for a couple of days for our passports to be returned decorated with a " temporary legal Alien" visum!! Yo! Omnia ... Alien baby!  USA here we come!

Fecking hell look at us!!!

 It's 7:24 AM and we're up to try and get us some visa's for our USA concert later this month...fingers crossed, we'll let you know the outcome! Greenthings from the Erwin pimpmobile...

Practise and Photo-Shoot!

This is us trying out our brand new OMNIA raincoats!


Green things and wet things in the sunshine...



Picture by Badmeester Hans

Earth Warriors on Tour! Thank You BELGIUM!!

We brought our musickal "Pagan Guns" to Belgium this weekend and it ROCKED! After a brilliant couple of crowded gigs at "Folk BeLeuvenissen" in the wonderfully hospitable city of Leuven, we went on to show he crowd at the Na Fir Bolg festival what PaganFolk is all about... wow! what a briliant weekend! ..  Suddenly it's summer again..Sun, Heat, Good cheer... our feelings were as high as a helium kite, our smiles were as wide as the cheshire cats' and the Music flowed thick and pure! We even hung out with our old friends Joe and Luka who were playing there aswell with the veteran Irish/Scottish trad-folk band Shantalla... for us all it was really a weekend to remember! ... THANK YOU Belgium!! ...we'll be back ... september 21st in Dinant  
GREENTHANX in PAGANTANKS    Shaman SteveSic and the OMNIA  Earth warriors! (picture by Kees "the driver")

New Shirts in the OMNIA merch-stand!

Today we'll be taking a lot of new merchandise to the concerts in Belgium... they are fresh in from the printers!!... like this organic-cotton black teeshirt with the new-style  Celtic -Gold OMNIA logo which I designed recently....   (aswell as new"tight and sexy" Girly shirts, "sleeveless active" shirts, the "wolf-love" logo is back! (in White and Gold)... we even have an OMNIA RAINCOAT now!!!... check it out at Chloé's merch-stand this weekend!  (and next week on the webshop)


Greeeeeeeenzzzzz!!! OMNIA

Staying over at Grandma's house! ;-)

Tomorrow on Friday OMNIA is off to Belgium to PaganFolkRock the audience at the (FREE) festival "Folk Beleuvenissen" in  Leuven and the day after on saturday at the Na Fir Bolg festival in Vorselaar … but .. what happens to the little orphaned finches now? (they have been flying free a lot this week, but they're still too young to feed themselves all the time, on top of that they are all feeling a little poorly at the moment… the poor little feckers have caught an infection from the wild birds in the forest and now they've become weak and need a lot of attention… ) so we brought them all to Dreamharps to stay with Grandma Ans and Grandad Hans who will take care of them untill we return to Holland from the concerts…  wish them all well this weekend! … We'll be seeing you at the gigs in Belgium this weekend … or on another gig soon…or on the net … Greenthingz on little wings!  Stenny, Ans, Hans and OMNIA

PaganFolk in Belgium...!

Today we are relaxing and rehearsing in the Stenny-Studio for our extra long gig comming friday!
We play a special 2 hour gig for you in Leuven at Beleuvenissen and on saturday we play at NaFirBolg, be there! 

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA!

Belgium, here we come! 

Digging through the old ARTwork files

I am working on art right now and look what I found in "Ye Olde Artworke files" ... (I'm not sure if we ever used this dreamy picture for anything back then... so here it is now)  Greenz and Thingz!  Shaman SteveSic and Jenny the Harp-Fairy

Now we are free...

Today we let our little orphaned finchy-friends fly free outside!! they flew out into the green yonder among the trees!... discovering the rich world which is theirs...
but then they came back again! ... they still seem a little shy of the outside world and like to get comfortable in the stenny studio for a bit longer... tomorrow the taste of freedom training continues... thanx for all the "get-well" messages I feel much better now, my flue seems to be gone today!  Greenthingz and Dreamz of freedom's wingz! Shaman (birdbrain) SteveSic ...  (picture of "big one" by dr. Steve Sic Attenborough)

Making new OMNIA Art...

I'm making ART today, by drawing NEW OMNIA tee-shirt designs... little "KleinStein" is helping me out with some constructive criticism and artistic advice as he is a bird-brain just like me (see him in the pic?)   XXX Greenthingz and Creation  Shaman SteveSic   

"Ich hab ein vogel" ...

Here's the OMNIA-light quintet singing a song about nature on camera... the three strongest birds (Pip 1, Pip 2 and "the big one") wanted to join us during a short acoustic version of "Earth warrior" in front of the camera... this is the first time I ever played a bouzouki with a live bird on the end and one on our heads!!!  if this short video works out allright , then our good friend Erwin will put it online on our youtube channel somewhere in the near future (subscribe now)   XXX Greenthingz on little wings! Shaman Steve(snif) Sic and Jenny  picture by Michelle StrongBow   
ps: little "Kleinstein" is doing fine aswell, he just can't fly very well yet.. but he's making progress!



Feed the birds! let's make it a better place...

Here's Jenny feeding our little orphaned birdies, just after her shower in the mornin'  ...OK ... I realise this would THE fantastic opportunity to make a joke about "Great Tits" and suchlike... but alas .... they are Finches ;-)
Peace! Stenny   ... pic by a happy but still sick SicSteve

666 "the weight of the beast" -Dare to be Different!

Sic's incomprehensibly long blog no. 666

It's great to be different! We are a band made up out of the "losers", the "drop outs" and the "weird kids" at school (you know the ones... usually sitting on their own in a corner of the school yard ...looking out of place amongst all the "normal" kids) ... but you know, weird kids grow up into strong individuals... and here we are!... weird adults!... Life is still tough  and lots of times the "normal" people still wanna pick on us for being different... but it doesn't keep us down! because life is sooo rewarding playing in an "Alternative Indie band" (using the actual meaning of the words and not the mass media- meaning)
I recently heard a comment that "OMNIA is arrogant, they think they are better than the rest"... which is a bold statement to make to a bunch of underdogs and rather a misunderstanding which I will try to clear up here and now... Ofcourse we are not "better"than all the other bands in the world ... we became musicians because we LOVE real music! and worship artists like Xavier Rudd ,Michael Franti, Shane McGowan, Leonard Cohen etc. ... the music business is not a competition you know!  (at least to us) ... ART is expression... we are just artists and have been artists our whole life... and there is no such thing as Good or Bad ART... there is just difference, because BEAUTY lies in the eye of the beholder (or in the ear of the listener in the case of music) so somebody can like a certain sound or a certain instrument or a certain set of words and judge that as "GOOD" or "BAD" but it will still be just  a relative term... I do get frustrated sometimes with the amount of bullshit and "lies to fans" that you find in the music industry when you get to see it all from "the inside"...(what I can see from some other bands BEHIND the stage is soooooo different from what they allow their fans to see ON the stage)  so consequently,  I  tend to talk a lot about the fact that we are TRUTHFULL at all times (on stage and off) and this seems to irritate a few of my readers... (as well as some of the less truthfull festivals and bands!! hihihi!) BUT just remember that with  OMNIA "what you see is what you get" because I know that YOU actually do appreciate the Truth... what this means is:

1: we care about our fans and their opinions, so we listen to what YOU say and try to act on it aswell... we would never ever LIE to you, because it's YOU that keep us alive.
2: we only use the skills we have learned, to play real instruments ,which we hold in our hands without resorting to any form of PLAYBACK  or ARTIFICIAL STAGE EFFECTS to make us sound better than we actually are...
3:we prefer to play Musick on stage which we have written ourselves, without using easy COVER-songs or HITS written by commercial songwriters... thus providing a REAL alternative to the "formatted" pop-culture of today.
4: we are 100% independant, we do all the work of running a band, bookings, production, promotion, artwork, etc, by ourselves , without using any greedy managers, un-ethical records labels, commercial marketing strategies or other such nonsense that has no place in ART.
5: we are true Celtic spirit Pagans, we believe in what we say, whenever we say it, we have a sense of honour, we always keep our word, we always tell the truth.
6: We really care about the EARTH and her children and work EACH DAY on making it a better place for them...

Now I truly believe that there are not very many (professional) bands on this planet that can say the same things and THAT my friends is what we are all about... OMNIA is not Better than the rest, we're just very different that's all... 'cause we are the weird kids ... always...
I wish you a long life on this dying planet of ours... have the guts to be different while you still can and ALWAYS be PROUD of it! (this world needs more honesty)
Greenz and Eco-Anarchy Shaman SteveSic and the drop-outs of society

(picture of REAL feet and REAL kilos by the totally REAL 666 the beast)

When you expect Tits it's Finches!?

(birdy update for ornithological musick lovers)

say hello to our little friends!...  all four are growing with all the energy of Mother Nature... (yep! also little Einstein, who made it despite our worries about his tiny size) .. weird thing though.. Our little Tits seem to be little finches now that their feathers are growing in!...and.. As Finches are much more accomplished singers they will need some exra singing education... here's dr.Sic (who is actually very sick with a cold at the moment) just starting their very first close harmony PaganFolk singing lessons!... peace and Greenzythingz!

(picture by Jenny Doolittle)

Thanks to the Feuertanz Festival...

Thanks to the Feuertanz Festival and all the beautiful people there for sharing with us this magical Midsummer-Night


Peace OMNIA! 


Picture by: The Afro-Sound-Master

Care for Nature...

We care for nature... it's not just something we say.... I know that SOME bands just like to talk a bit about nature and spiritualism during fake interviews and possibly hint at "saving the planet" etc... while they strut about in front of teevee and press cameras ,basically just exercising their tiny little ego's by trying to look "cool" and "alternative" ... "nature love" as a marketing strategy!... bweeeeurgh!!!... But nature love is not something you talk about, it'ssomething you DO...
We don't just pose, (although we are obviously as cool as a fridge stacked with cucumbers and as alternative as a UFO full of Martians) because we're very practical pagans (like Granny Weatherwax***) so we actually get down , roll up our black sleeves and try to do something usefull in this world (even if it seems just a "little" thing like trying to save some teeny tiny birdies) What is the life of one baby-"Tit" worth in the greater scheme of things? what is it worth? who will care if it lives or dies?... is one life more important than another? is it a matter of kilo's?
Well WE CARE!... let me tell you that even the life of the smallest little natural critter is as least as important to us as the lives of a busload of mutant monkeys... (erm... actually MORE important to us... I should say) So we care, when and where we can... a very large part of the money made by OMNIA and her recordlabel "PAGANSCUM"  (100% self-owned and 100% INDEPENDANT)
is spent on animal welfare and educating/changing the world of humans for the better... we don't advertise this fact because it's just something that we do...because it's "right" (as Buffy would say)... So now Stenny (who are two of life's natural "late-risers") get's up at sunrise every morning to feed the babies... by hand... every hour... untill sunset... we'll keep doing this till these four cute little feckers are big enough to fly away... (now I know why parent birds look so shagged out all the time)They are growing like anything! (ze groeien als Kool...meesjes! ;-)
BUT tomorrow we must drive all the way to Abenberg , which is about a 6 hour journey minimum) in the Black pearl! what to do?... we can't take them along!... luckily our really sweet neighbours Ans and Sylvia, here in the forest are also birdlovers who care an enormous amount for the wild birds... they spend so much of their time on bird wellfare...happily they have agreed to baby-sit our little foundlings untill we return from the Feuertanz festival!  So we can go out to Rock you people with 100% pure OMNIA PAGANFOLK at Feuertanz!!
See ya there! Greenthingz on tiny wingz! Stenny     (picture by Jenny birdmum)

***if you don't know who Granny Weatherwax is try reading some Terry Pratchett books!... you'll thank me for it later!

Let's have a big hand for nature!

Summer seems to have arrived in our forest... the air is thick with the squeek, squawk and screech of thousands of little critters that have arrived new on the planet this season. It's like a forest "comedy central" out here when you see all the young birds (great tits, blue tits, woodpeckers, blackbirds etc etc etc.) clumsily exploring their living enviroment and demanding food from their over-worked and completely shagged-out parents! It's soooooooooo cute and endearing to see them all discovering what they can eat and finding out how to fly properly!... gosh!... nature is really beautifull and so fecking ALIVE! wow!  We already had to rescue a young thrush and later a young woodpecker that had wandered into our house by accident!... And now it seems we have a few little lodgers to take care of! We were out for a walk yesterday with our friends/family Renso and Marjolein (the wild-life artists who made all the bird drawings on the OMNIA album "Musick and Poëtree") when we came upon a small group of teeny tiny baby-Tits scattered on the ground below a huge old tree. They had fallen out of their their nestingplace, which must have got damaged by the storm-winds of last weekend. and they were very exposed and in bad shape. It was only a matter of hours before they would all be dead (one had already had it's head bitten clean off by some predator) and there was no way of getting them into their original home anymore.... so we took them home with us. After getting some brilliant advice from the animal rescue centre :" just leave them where you found them" , we decided to try and give them a chance at life instead and that's what we're doing now. feeding them with baby-bird-food every hour from sun-up to sunset, keeping their little surrogate nest clean and warm... they are still so  young that basically all they do is sleep, eat stare around a bit with bleary eyes and ofcourse, poo.... (a bit like most humans actually, but then smaller and without the use of any televisions or computers)... and now three of them are looking very strong and really have a will to live... but sadly one (the smallest), doesn't seem to want to eat at all, he just lies around and sleeps and sleeps , we think that the trauma of falling from the nest, accompanied by the stress of near death etc. has damaged the little fecker on the inside somewhere and I don't think he/she will last untill tomorrow... but such is life (and death) we'll do our best for them and see what the future holds...    Take good care of all you see and praise the earth on bended knee! Greenthingz! Stenny    (picture by dr.Doolittle)

Rock on MPS! First SUNNY festival day of the year! YEAH!!!

Wow! Crazy weekend! It was awesome at Chief Gisi's travelling time-machine fest! The MPS Dortmund Rocked with a record amount of visitors!! WE had a beautifull Medieval stage set up under the protecting arms of the huge, ancient and gnarly trees which surrounded us... we got to share the resonant wooden planks of the festival buhne with our old and dear friends of the Celtic folk band Rapalje and Faun, as well as a fantastic audience of smiles, cheers and energy! It's always wonderfull to meet so many of YOU who tell me that you like to read my blogs because then I can relate more to YOU when I'm typing these words... simply because for every reader that reads these words there is a chance (no matter how small) that YOU are some body I spoke to about THESE BLOGS when we did a signing session after a show somewhere or just walking around on the festival areas... anyway, excuse me I'm rambling a bit (tired)... anywhaywhatsitallaboutagain? ... oh yeah!...
the sun beamed down upon us all from way up high in the sky... The Musick flowed like celticpaganmittelalter honey... the day passed blissfully into a campfire-lit night as hundreds of bonfires and torches were lit to give the whole place a flame enlightened atmosphere of times gone by, times that lives in our dreams, possibly a time that there never was... but still one which we are making real together every day... When I walk around on these summer festivals, then I realise that Together we can keep on fighting for our freedom to live like we want to,fighting for the Earth , her children and for each other!

Greenthingz and PaganPeace XXX OMNIA


(picture by Jasper van Gheluwe)

OMNIA Shirts back in the shop and on the festivals!

Finally the "Heart of Celtic Gold" OMNIA tee-shirts have been reprinted and are now back in the online OMNIA-shop (sizes S, M , XL , XXXL ), as well as the Lacy-girly top , also with "Heart of Celtic Gold" print and available in the sizes (S,M,L)
Ofcourse we'll also be selling them at our Big Black Pagan-Merchandise stand during our live-gigs like at the Amazing MPS Festival in Dortmund tomorrow!
(we're really looking forward to seeing all the beautifull fans, all our music-friends and of course Gisi and his crew again!... and... we'll be trying out yet another NEW SONG called "EARTH WARRIOR" tomorrow!
So ....we'llgonna be there! how about you!? XXX greenz dr.SteveSic
(picture by Marcel Bakker)

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Greenz DaphydCrow

How about a Pagan-Reggae Song?, here's a sneak peek at "EARTH WARRIOR"!!!

We're practicing at Dreamharps again on this beautifull day, it's part of our job you know... working on all our new material for the upcoming OMNIA Album we'll be recording this winter...Today we're finalising the live version of our latest baby called : EARTH WARRIOR... it's a Pagan-Reggae song which The Reggae-police forced us to write,  due to the enormous amount of dreadlocks in our band at the moment...(it's a union thing) .. also we are very much into the music of mr. Marley, mr.Tosh and mr.Ciao (to name but three) and it is amazing fun to play a cheery battle/protest-song like this... it's almost like musical THC!... If all goes well today We will play Earth Warrior LIVE as a special gift to the audience this weekend at the MPS festival in Dortmund!
We realise that most of YOU who read these words will not be there, so to give YOU an idea of the 'feel' and meaning of this new song, so it won't be too weird for you when it is finally released on an album, I'll give you the lyrics here to read:

"EARTH WARRIOR"   (Pagan Reggae song)
lyrics and musick: SteveSic and Jenny Evans van der Harten
arrangement: OMNIA
©2013-Paganscum records

I'm a Warrior! Earth Warrior!
True-born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior , Nature soldier fighting for the Earth

This is my home, it's where I belong
from the clouds in the sky to the roots an' stones
I see the Sun in the sky , make me feel so high
I see the full moon shine, make me feel so fine
Her river my blood, Her rock my bone
Her earth my muscle, her heart my soul
Her children my children, their freedom my goal
I'll be fighting fighting fighting fighting fighting for them all!

I'm a Warrior! Earth Warrior!
True-born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior , Nature soldier fighting for the Earth
I'm a Warrior! Earth Warrior!
True-born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior , Dreadlock soldier fighting for the Earth

People breed disassociation
Industrialisation of elimination
a million mutant monkeys making mutilation
deforestation from nation to nation
the Earth and her children, no they cannot hide
from pollution, confusion and genocide
but I will protect them, yes I got the right
'cause I am a Soldier, I fight the good fight!

I'm a Warrior! Earth Warrior!
True-born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior , Nature soldier fighting for the Earth
I'm a warrior! Earth Warrior!
True-born Pagan Yeah!
I'm a Warrior , Dreadlock soldier fighting for the Earth!

Greenthingz! Folk Musick is also Protest Musickand so VIVA la GREEN REVOLUTION!!   XX Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA

ps: coming saturday should turn out to be quite an old-fashioned party on the "festival buhne" of the MPS Dortmund because apart from OMNIA's PaganFolk you'll be treated to loads of pure Scottish, Dutch and Irish Folk by our old friends of Rapalje as well as the thumping electronic Mittelalter beats of Faun! because they will both be sharing the same stage with us! Rapalje,Faun and OMNIA together on one stage for the first time in like...8 years?Yeah! I'm looking forward to it!! how about you?!    ;-)
(picture by: "the Dread Boys")

less tattoos... more hair ;-)

This is me... quite some years ago...  in this picture I seem to have more hair and a lot less tattoos and other decorations ... I also seem to be wearing only a loin cloth and some leaves, so the summer weather was warm and groovy  ;-)  ... Jenny and me had just started helping a nice young couple to set up their very own little medieval festival in Holland by lending them our fan-club as volunteers and doing their band-bookings and creative management for a while (they wanted a modest medieval event in wijk bij duurstede ,a small town in Holland, but we managed to convince them to think bigger and make it more Fantasy and Pagan on a bigger location with a castle or something ...  "Castlefest", maybe you've heard of it? , of course we'll be playing there again this year :-) ... anyway... this picture was taken at the 2nd Castlefest I think?... Daphyd the Crow (a skinny dreadlocked teen-ager we had met) had tried-out as one of our new merch-babes on that festival ... but sadly I had to ask him to stop within a day because he was such a crap salesperson, he was just playing a didge and mucking around most of the time!... I remember telling him all those years ago that he didn't belong NEXT TO a stage but ON a stage not realising that it would be OUR OMNIA stage he would be standing on some years into the future... wow! Tempus Fugit doesn't it? Times change, people come and go,but the mountains still stand, the earth keeps on turning and I'm still smiling in the sun!

Pagan Peace and Greenthingz! Shaman SteveSic    
(picture by dr.Senseless aka Daphyd the Crow)

testing testing... "Three musicians ,three fingers"

I thought it might be nice to share some of the rough test-photo-shots we made , to scout the locations , before we started on the 'official" photoshoot to make the new OMNIA promo-pictures... (a process which will still take a while yet... no... the last one in which we were "flipping the bird" wasn't a real was a joke...something which we pagan freedom fighters like to call "humor")... anyway...
 I kinda liked this one, which was taken in our "singing tree" (a very friendly tree-friend of ours in which a few of our new songs have been written)...
 To carry on with the "finger-theme" that we set last week... you will see even yet more fingers in this one too (a subject which delights as well as horrifies many readers of these blogs ;-)
Greenthingz on Nature's wings!  XXX OMNIA
(picture and irony by SteveSic :-)


We had a great photoshoot today and we've tried to incorporate as many of the great suggestions we got from all the people on the internet… Well I think we really hit the jackpot with this amazing shot made by our Belgian friend Jasper… it took ages to climb up into this 30 foot tree, and the crane set-up for the photographer was expensive, it took a whole team of photoshop experts to have it ready and online within mere hours  of shooting the pic (but in the end we really think it was worthwhile)… We feel this photograph really expresses all the positive and diverse emotions that OMNIA and THE EARTH feel towards Humankind in general! beautiful isn't it?  


XXX Greenthingz and Peace to the Peacefull! OMNIA

Picture by Jasper von Sarcasm

HURGH! ... Now we SHOOT!

We make great PIC for make fans glad now... go out in wood and shoot with pic box ...urgh... make us look good!... yes! ... onga!   

Green!   US!   (pic by Sic)

The shitty life of a musician Prt. IV.

Go with the flow...

Greenz, water, sun and Peace..OMNIA


We're still trying new poses for the photo shoot on saturday.

Apparentely not everyone like's my finger……..well… about my ass :)   ?


greetings Rob (et OMNIA)


Preparing for the photoshoot… 

So...What do you think of this pose? 


Picture by A.Morricone

MPS Dresden moved to 2nd weekend of August 2013

The MPS show goes on (even if we have to wait for the water to go down)... so the MPS festival in Dresden which was cancelled due to flooding will go on but at a different date later in the year! So OMNIA will happily be able to play a show for all the lovely people there on Saturday 10.08.2013!
In the meantime the waterlevels are still rising all over the place to unprecedented hights ... the normal summer level of the river in Dresden should be around 2 metres but today it has gone over 9 metres!!!  something that's never happened before... this is nature showing us how much "in control" we are... check out this quote I lifted from the internet:
"This is ghostly and frightening," said Falk Herrgott, a Dresden resident. "It's sad what's happening to our town, but this is nature. It shows how unimportant we are."
It shows how unimportant we are!.. now there are some words of truth and wisdom! Remember that Oh Human being, with your arrogance , your ego, your technology and your God... this planet is NOT ours.. we are just unimportant little monkeys who stare in awe and wonderment at the universe that surrounds us... maybe one day humankind will come to understand its place on this world.... in the meantime we wish Falk and all the other people and animals in the flooded areas courage, wisdom and strength to make it through the coming days... Greenthingz! Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA      (cool picture of Sic at Worms by Saskia "")

Stormwinds Blow on the golden Barley... and the Rain will wash away all our sins... (our world is dying... but does anybody out there care?)

So it finally happened!... a whole festival has been cancelled due to CLIMATE CHANGE!  We just heard from our friends at MPS (Gisi, Ede, Igor and the whole MPS Tribe) that The Mps festival in Dresden has been CANCELLED because the festival terrain has been flooded by unseasonally high rivers (just like the rest of Germany, Switzerland, Austria,Czech Republik,Norway, etc. etc.etc.) It's JUNE and rivers are flooding! Does anybody at all find this ODD!? I was just out shopping and I checked the Dutch newspaper headlines in town... nothing... not a fecking thing about the EXTREME changes in our weather... WTF?  When another government-made bomb goes off somewhere in the USA all the media screams "TERRORISTS!! BE AFRAID!!! THEY WILL KILL US ALL!!!"  when another bank collapses due to international corperate fraud the headlines scream "ECONOMIC CRISIS! BE AFRAID!! YOU WILL LOSE YOUR HOUSE AND STARVE TO DEATH!!!" ... when another sad fucked-up loser drinks himself to death while also holding a joint in his hand the media yells "EVIL DRUGS!!! BE AFRAID!! JUNKIES WILL RAPE AND KILL YOU AND TURN YOUR KIDS INTO DRUGFIENDS!!!" ... but when the actual fucking world we live in is in actual fucking serious trouble...  the media is all kind of:  "oh yeah.. dang that weather eh?.. but oh well, what can you do about it?... it'll probably all be fine!... don't you worry about a thing... here is some stuff about royalty and hollywood film stars to distract you with... oooh look at the pretty sparkles!" .... humph!... grrrrrmbl.... bunch of fecking wankers..... sigh!.... sometimes it really sucks to live in this world of mutant monkeys with both eyes wide open... Ah never mind... let them ignore the weather, let them ignore the mass extinction of species, let them ignore  the factory made genetic mutations, let them ignore the destruction of our ONE and ONLY enviroment...
some day soon they won't be able to ignore it all anymore... just be sure that YOU or your kids will not be among the surprised ones wandering around aimlessly through the wreckage of what's left of our society going: "what happened?... I had no idea something was wrong... why didn't our government protect us?"
 I was conversing with the nature spirits around us last night and they told me not to worry about the planet... it's OK... Our beautifull Earth will survive ... It's just that we won't be on it anymore... The earth is sick and humans are the disease... when her fever breaks... so will we...
 Storm winds blow on the Golden Barley... and we will have to take each day as it comes, enjoying the fruits of life as they are given to us... and together we can Dance untill we Die!  I wish you Love, Luck and Sunshine for the future... (you're gonna need it)
XXX Peace to the peacefull...   Shaman SteveSic  

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it...

Wow, what a fun show in Worms! We were a little surprised when we saw the stage ... which was ... how shall we say it? ... a little basic?... but that didn't matter to us! oh no! :-)
with a little creative OMNIA thinking and some help from the very nice local festival crew and organisers we had it set-up in no-time so we could play an OMNIA show on it comfortably.. no problemo! I know that our friends from Saltatio Mortis were playing the same stage there today (chilling in the sun no doubt! ;-) ... so...

big stage or small stage ...
we always make do...
that's because we're musicians...
and we do this for YOU!...

The audience in Worms was awesome! Such enthousiasm! Such energy!  We saw many familiar faces in the crowd as well as loads of YOU whom we had never met before... like the sweet lady who travelled all the way from Malaysia to come and see one of our shows!... Or the great Polish couple who gave us the Polish Chocolates (which were delicious!) ... or the fans from switzerland... It's great to see that many of YOU travel so far to come and see an OMNIA show... but it's also kind of fair because we sometimes travel really far to come and play for YOU!... But it's always worth it! Rain or Shine, Storm or drought... we jump in our trusty vans and drive the long miles, or we jump in a plane and fly the world to come and ROCK for YOU... somedays it's hard, but then we know that there will always be a wonderfull audience waiting to share the energy with us! and at the end of a long night we get to meet so many of YOU , who come by our signing table just to say hello! to give us lovely presents!... or to get a signature on a tee-shirt or a CD... or (as in the case of this picture) we give our signatures on really friendly happy things like Carina's lovely boobs! ;-)   
...ah! life is hard as a pagan-musician...
but somehow we still manage to keep on doing it!....  

Greenz and XXX Shaman SteveSic  
(picture by Carina)

Work-out in the Sun...WORMS here we come!

The sun is shining beautifully's life giving rays warming the very cockles of our little Pagan hearts... we are doing work-outs at the moment (like we do just about every day)... you know: cross country running, dexterity training , bit of weightlifting, weapon training, yoga and stretches  to stay fit and battle-ready for our shows... like the upcoming show tomorrow on the Spectaculum Worms in Worms germany (a festival that we haven't been to before.. so we're very curious to see what it's like!) The reason we have to keep fit and healthy  (apart from the fact that it's part of our personal religion to take good care of our bodies) is this: It's so physically challenging to play a hard-core , OMNIA PaganFolk Rock Show using only acoustic instruments, no play-back, no lap-top nonsense, no tonnes of easy-effects etc. that most other bands would probably give up halfway through the show and run from the stage crying like liddle babies... Yep.. we don't mess around... This is OMNIA where only the tough can play along... that's cause this is the real thing baby! ... Fuck the 3rd millenium, we're OLD SCHOOL!... just 4 hardworking musicians, a stage ,a bunch of instruments, some small amount of skill and a crowd of good people to rock out! Yeah! I love this band!  anyway ... back to the training now... see ya tomorrow in Worms.. or someotherwhere!... we gonna work! 2,3,4,5,6,7,8! and hup 2,3,4,5,6,7,8!
Stay healthy!, stay fit!, enjoy Life!
Greenz... ShamanSic and the Pagan sexy fit-people   (picture by D.Ross)


I promised to tell you about some of the new songs we are working on so.... after "CRAZY MAN" (scroll down to one of the previous blogs if you haven't read the description of the "CrazyMan" song) now it's time for "KOKOPELLI"
 Many of you already know the image of KOKOPELLI , and you might have wondered who that "freggle with the big flute" is supposed to be... well , he's a god! a cool and groovy fluteplaying fertility God of the west coast Natives of the northern americas... (apparently women become pregnant when they see his enormous flute!!) hahaha! well anyhow... He protects the wild animals (like Cernunnos) so he's OK with us! and that's why we made a new song, just for him which I use my newly custom-built giant fecking overtone/fujara hybrid flute (which I have aptly named kokopelli aswell)... this song has a very Native beat / feel to it, using only Drums , FrameDrum, Didge and (giantfucking)-Overtone Flute for the musick.
 The Vocals are a very simple repetetive chant, based upon Native american (plains) indian chants rousing the spirit of the magic flute player, aswell as being a bit of a war-cry aswell so we can fight the good fight for nature to the shout of "HOKA HEY!"...

music/lyrics: Stenny
arrangement: OMNIA

Hey YeYe Kokopelli...
Hey YeYe Ho!
Hey YeYe Kokopelli...
Hey YeYe Ho!
Hoka Hey! Hoka Hey! Hoka Hey hey hey!

We'll be playing this new song on all our upcoming shows, so (if you're there) be sure to sing along as LOUD as you can ... so we can feed the spirits with our energy together!  Hoka Hey!  XX Greenz from your own personal heyoka... Shaman SteveSic

Dinner in the forest...

The Sun was out today! Yeah! so we soaked up a load of rays and even had a lovely dinner outside... (Salad with Goat's cheese, fried Saitan with leek , puree of carrots an' creamcheese... yum!) And to celebrate the beautifull light and warmth that we were given today by the big burning ball of exploding hydrogen up there in space, we had a lovely golden german beer aswell! Cheers! ... and now Stenny carries on with making songs.. we're writing and arranging loads of new stuff for our upcoming new CD so... we hope that wherever you are and whenever you eat next, YOU may enjoy your meal as much as we  did... we wish you a happy tummy, peace of mind and lots of creativity!
XXX Stenny       picture by mr.Canonautoclickything

Depressed....Should I be happy today?

I'm depressed... well, just a little... It's hard to stay happy all the time (and as a "public person" it is kind of expected of me to be positive and constructive in what I say and do on the internet... well not today dear... I just don't feel like it.)
 I was trying to think of something cheerfull to blog because the sun is shining a little tiny bit today, It's almost june and I'm happy that the temperature just rose above 10 degrees centigrade (for those of you unfamiliar with the climate in holland/germany the daily temperature is about 10 to 20 degrees BELOW what it should normally be at this time of year)... so maybe when me and my stupid tree-hugging hippie/punk buddies started shouting about "Global Climate Change" back in the eigthies somebody might have had the decency to take notice instead of just ridiculing us?  But even now, the monkeys still don't seem to care much... it's like the pompeyans living on mount vesuvius saying: " dangerous?!! Naah!..that thing has been smoking for years now!... no problem! it's all perfectly safe!"   yeah, sure pal...
 Politicians and heads of state are too busy corrupting, stealing and backstabbing each other , while grabbing as much loot off the peasants as their scrawny little claws can carry...
(but what do you expect from a world in which a government can simply blow up a couple of buildings full of it's own people, then blaming it on some arabs, to justify a war of conquest while the rest of the so-called civilised world thinks this is "just fine"?... and no, it's not just a fucking theory!)
 The main monotheisitic religions are cashing-in on the whole "apocalypse/end of the world" card to get as many souls with bank-accounts connected to their own particular brand of enlightenment,  not giving a toss about the living planet..
(but what do you expect from Power-Mad Religions ..that forbid the use of contraception on an overcrowded planet full of conflict, disease and famine... That speak of the holyness of it's priests who rape little kids and get away with it....Religions that speak of peace and love while starting wars, imprisoning and persecuting entire populations of "unbelievers"... Religions that see this beautifull world of ours as merely a throw away "testing ground for souls" ... eternal souls who will live the "real thing" in heaven or hell after they have died in this life... yeah right...
 Fuck!... I hate these monkey people... there has never been such a species of selfish , ignorant, blind, destructive, mother-raping ,mutant monkey as ours... and I am deeply ashamed to be a part of this cancerous growth called "humanity"... I love my life, I love my wife, I love my kids and I love my friends... but I really really want this human infestation to end (and so does mother earth). Hopefully, it will all be over soon, because this race does not deserve a future... we have gone to far (physically) as a species... we have learned too little (mentally and spiritually) to be allowed survival... we is going down! and somehow, that thought is comforting to me... moan moan... humbug! and bollocks!... and grr... and ...erm... well... yes...
(Jenny just danced around infront of me, while being only half dressed and looking very pretty and smiling...'s hard to stay depressed like this... and all the birds are singing so beautifully in the trees despite the cold weather... Damn! how am I supposed to be sad like this!?) So er... forget everything I just said, life is wonderfull, the world of humans will end, but so fucking what? who cares? everything has a beginning and an end... let's just enjoy the time that we have been given to the full!
I wish YOU a great day while it lasts... Greenthingz on Demonwings!  XXX Shaman SteveSic  (pope of non-dogmatic Paganism, and official spokesperson for the living Planet)      picture by Sic Vicious)

Fuck the Profits!... this is ART for the sake of ART!

The new Saltatio Mortis Single...  (Is now also a little OMNIA single!!)


Today we are finishing-up the production of our "re-mix" of the new Saltatio Mortis single which will be released on the 12th of July 2013. Sa-Mo is a very anarchist german Mittelalter/Metal band of freaks who are fast becoming very dear friends of ours. (we met at the awesome travelling MPS festivals of Gisi and it was like we'd known each other for a long time already... you know the feeling?) Their music is different to our own, but it's real and honest (no bullshit, no playback, no fake. etc.)  they have a great respect for their fans , they really make music from the heart and there is a definate "core" which we share...
(it so happens that like us, they too have refused a lucrative record deal with a certain evil music multinational because it would have compromised their music and dissappointed their faithfull fans... that is soooo rare! I really thought we were the only ones who preferred ART to MONEY when given the choice, and who could actually sacrifice EASY FAME for HARD PRINCIPLES!... respect!)
 So when these groovy guys asked us if we wanted to make an OMNIA re-mix/re-work of their latest single which deals with some controversial issues regarding the evil stupidity of greed and blind-commercialism and which even has a controversial tune!... we ofcourse said YES PLEASE! ... and... BRING IT ON!!! (I love the smell of controversy in the morning... smells like...Anarchy!)
 This is officially the first OMNIA release EVER to be recorded in the "STENNY STUDIO" and let me tell you it's a real "goosebumps" piece! This was also the first time that we got to work with our sweet friend Fieke ( as recording technician. She came to our forest home to be our live-in microphone-mistress for the duration of the recordings, thus giving the whole production a very intimate and warm feel, which you can really hear in the finished song. (I just heard the final mix and I'm still tingly all over).
 The original song by Saltatio Mortis is very METAL and ofcourse in German, and we have made an atmospheric OMNIA version out of it with ofcourse english lyrics (so all you non-german speakers can understand it too!)
 The original german lyrics by Timo/Lasterbalk really touched my heart and it was sooo easy to rework them into my own language... it all just went by itself :-)
 Now all we have to do is wait patiently for this cool single project to be released in a couple of months time...
Greenthingz and ART before MONEY!
XXX Stenny et OMNIA


Pagans in the forest...

What a weekend... what stages! What a crowd! First we rocked belgium BIGTIME!! and then Last weekend the trees formed our cathedral and together with the wonderfull MPS people we celebrated the Pagan- mass! Love in the Forest and peace among the trees!!! XXX Omnia

Picture by:

Tonight we Rock Belgium!!! (wanna buy a stage Banner?)

We're off to Belgium today to do our first gig there in years! and we're really looking forward to seeing our belgium friends again tonight! (eh Ju?)
We've also decided to sell our new stage banner... so if you're interested in owning a HUGE  watertight , thick vinyl, Omnia poster (3x2 metres) that looks like this picture... which has had us dancing around infront of it on stage.... then you can buy one tonight in the Wieke in Deerlijke ,Belgium, or on Sunday on the MPS at Hohenwestedt, Germany. Were selling it for cost price (€ 200,-)  If we don't sell it this weekend we'll put it online in our webshop next week, so you can buy the OMNIA stage banner wherever you live in the world OK?

Mixing and Editing in bed...

This is Fieke... the first recording engineer ever to start editing and mixing new OMNIA trax in bed!! ... while still wearing her sexy pyamas!  This will surely make the new songs sound extra special!   (doesn't she look absolutely adorable with her Jenny made wooly hat and headphones on?) anyway... we are finished with the recordings of two of our new songs... now the mixing process starts ... But for the moment OMNIA will be busy touring first to Belgium where we play tomorrow in the Wieke... and then on to Germany where we will Rock the MPS festival in Hohenwestedt... Grrreeenz! OMNIA

update from the Stenny Forest studio... with Cloggs on!

So what do you do when the microphone in your forest studio is too high for your beautifull Dutch vocalist?... well that's easy!... she runs off to her windmill in the tulipfields and comes back wearing her cloggs! (handmade in holland)
 Now Jenny has suddenly grown 1 1/2  inches she is just the right hight to reach the sensitive membranes of the Neumann mic for another brilliant set of vocals...  hey @Saltatio Mortis!, we're doing the vocals for your single-remix today! ... and it sounds like: FUCK YEAH!... goosebumps... :-)
more updates will follow soon... Greenz and recording machines XXX Stenny and Fieke
(picture by that Dutch mouse.. you know the one? lives in a windmill , goes clippety clop a lot?)

New Recordings in the Stenny studio!

Today we are recording, recording and recording new OMNIA musick in the Stenny Studio deep in the forest!! yeah! recordings!!... Outside, the trees are green , the birds are busy and the squirrels are doing branch to branch acrobatics... inside, we are laying down tracks of strings and things for a couple of great songs  we have been working on. This is Jenny doing what she does best on the Celtic Harp while sexy soundtechnician Fieke is working the mics and the digital faders . This is gonna be great! It's the first time ever we have recorded in our own home instead of a big professional studio , so it's really relaxed and I get to make salads and spinach "love pie" in between takes! The remake of the new Saltatio Mortis single is going GREAT! (and the other song we're doing is still top secret)... tomorrow the other instruments go on.. Daphyd's didgeszsz... uh... I just sang a whole lead vocal part while drinking lots of whiskey.. (it was part of the song..) ... hips!... an... it was great!.. erm.. I write enough now... my glass is calling! bye bye ... nite nite... (or whatever time it is where YOU are reading this)
but remember, we are creating art for YOU... and it's FUN! (thanx for giving us an excuse to misbehave creatively everyday!... you're a great Boss!)  XX Greenz
Shaman Steve Hic!, Jennennenny and Fieke!   (picture by errr.. well would you believe Johnny Cash's ghost?)

When the going get's Tough... the Tough get going!

We had an absolutely awesome yet scary, sharing and caring gig with a very brave and beautifull audience of (slightly wet) Pirates, Pagans and Mittelalter heros last weekend on the MPS festival in Rastede (Germany)!! I have to admit we were kind of nervous all during the day because it was going to be the very first time that we played with just Jenny, Rob, Daphyd and me on the stage (hence to be known as the "the fab four" ;-)...  And it Rocked! ... Thanx for all the extra help in singing and energy that YOU the audience gave us there!! It was sooo cool to hear all of you singing and screaming along to the new songs (even though none of them are on an album yet!) And the Spirits were as high as a kite , despite the occasional rain and wind  that passed by sporadically. Thankfully the weather gods kept the festival dry for most of the time on saturday... we weren't there for the other days though...
I have so much respect for all our wild and weird friends in the bands that were there... Hammering on! , playing their Mittelalter, their Folk, their Pirate tunes... most of them doing 3 or 4 gigs a day for days on end ... with hardly any sleep in between... It's easy for a band to seem happy and energetic when everything is going well and the sun shines... but when the Stormwinds blow on the golden Barley, and the un-seasonal cold bites you in your playing-fingers THAT is when the true warriors of music show what they are made of! and on Chief Gisi's excellent  MPS last weekend there were only HEROES as far as I'm concerned!
 Like our Scottish buddies from Saor Patrol who showed everybody what REAL "BraveHearts" look and sound like! Or the PaganPirate gang of the Dolmen rocking from the foggy dew all the way to the stormy night... the "German Tenacious D" Das Niveau! many many mittelalter bands great and small and ofcourse our dear anarchic friends of Saltatio Mortis who (despite their high charts ratings and indisputable grand German fame) are there on the MPS like real troopers ... morning, noon and night giving their all for their loyal fans! Rocking like demons on stage and always taking the time to talk to their fans after every show! You might have noticed that I mention the Mittelalter rebels of "Sa-Mo" a lot lately, but that is because we have found some real "blood brothers" in this crazy gang of black-clad outlaw musicians... their music style may differ from ours , but their world view and bushido-ethos is very much the same as OMNIA's... We agree that as real, free musicians , we have the long standing , traditional duty to always speak our minds and to keep on questioning "the authorities", educating people and bringing news as we see it wherever we go ... (when I say "REAL" musicians I obviously do NOT mean the "Justin Biebers of this world" and all other performing monkeys who produce commercial empty crap just for fame and cash). OMNIA (and Sa-Mo) share the opinion that if you have been given the HONOUR to stand upon a stage and talk to a crowd of people who will actually listen to you.. then you are duty-bound to SAY SOMETHING USEFULL!
 That is the reason why we will be joining with Saltatio Mortis on their upcoming music project. It will be an awesome kick -ass METALalter single with some "very interesting" and deeply meaningfull lyrics and music (especially for a band in the jaded mittelalter scene). ...AND...They have given OMNIA the honour to make a reworked "remix" of their great song!! ... but then in 100%  "OMNIA-PaganFolk-style"  ofcourse!  we're working on it this week... (I'll be posting more details soon about this exiting new single)... wow.. long blog... sorry Rob and all my other non-literary, smartphone tapping friends... (are you still reading?)
 anyway... I see more and more musicians nowadays trying to do some GOOD in this crazy and suicidal world of fakers and moneymakers... this warms my cynical old shamanic heart, because let's face it people... the earth is not getting any healthier, governments and businesses are not getting any friendly-er... life is starting to get really tough... but ... We are Warriors .. we are the Crazy ones!   
and when the going get's TOUGH ...the TOUGH GET GOING!!  
Peace to the peacefull , Bloody war to the rest!... HokaHey!!
Shaman SteveSic pope of non-dogmatic Paganism  ('cause DOGMA's a BITCH ;-)
... picture of Daphyd and Alea wielding their weapons of mass-destruction" during MORRIGAN made by home of impression   (or should that be "weapons of mass-instruction!? ;-)

Beer, rubber gloves, washing up and a really ugly picture

This is an ugly picture of OMNIA doing the washing up after a great day of practice on the live-arrangements of our PganFolk musick… well … Jenny and Rob are washing up and I was playing sweeny todd on daphyd's hair… we are not drunk at all…because tomorrow we are playing a really unique fecking set on the MPS in Rastede… so to get in the mood I'm drinking good gewrmann weissen beer (The lads are from Brabant so they have this really weird concept about wanting to drink dutch beer all the time… yeah? weird isn't it?) anyway… Jenny has not been drinking wine in large quantities and as I have mentioned before we are definately not drunk…erm…so we won't have a hang-over on stage tomorrow at all ata all… hihihi… anyway dear friends! Sláinte!! OMNIA
really ugly picture by S.Todd


It's Ans' birthday! Today Jenny's Mum celebrates her 66th birthday! (the number of the feast! ;-)

Ans has always been the one and only “Mother of OMNIA” and her good advice, loving care and great food have sustained us and nurtured us through the long years of our life as a PaganFolkRock band! We're here in her beautifull garden to help her eat the cake and celebrate in style!

Now YOU can wish her a happy birthday too by singing a birthday song in your own style and language in front of your computer/smart phone and thinking of this great and sweet woman who gave life to Jenny.. and who helps to keeps us sane and alive!

XXX Peace and coolness! OMNIA

Life is Change, Change is Life...

After a beautifull and intense period of living and rocking in the OMNIA family, Philip, our guitar player, has decided to enter down a different path in his life...  this is his message to all of you:

Dear friends, fans, and members of the extended OMNIA-family,
I write today to say my goodbyes; I have decided to leave OMNIA. For 3,5 years I've lived and breathed this band. I feel blessed to have shared stage and festival with such free spirits, wise souls and incredibly talented musicians. I fondly remember every second of it.
And I remember you - the audience.
No matter how sick, cold or tired I was, you always managed to make me feel right at home on the stage, sharing our group energy and helping us turn every concert into a powerful ritual, leaving me cleansed, healed and rejuvenated...
But I feel the time has come for me to make my own way through life, to fight my own battles and tell my own story.

I thank you all. You cannot begin to imagine what this dreamlike time with OMNIA has meant to me.
I bid you all a fond farewell, and may we meet once more in brighter days.
Much love,
Phil... "

We'll miss you too Phil... thanx for the beautifull years, thanx for your spirit and your guitar!
In love and friendship we met, in love and friendship we part ... Good luck on your quest...

In the meantime OMNIA has been rehearsing and re-arranging our PaganFolkMusick so that we will be ready to rock the stage at MPS Rastede in Germany this coming Saturday!! It's gonna be a very special gig indeed! (but then again, we love a good challenge ;-) ...So ... if you wanna PaganFolk!?  come to RASTEDE!!!   Greenz, Hugz and Peace... the Show always goes on!  Jenny, Rob, Daphyd, SteveSic and the entire OMNIA Family   

Kill, Maim, Fight, Slay, DIE!!!!

Stenny is out Jogging so I am writing a little bloggie for you while sitting in the forest with a nice cup of coffee. 

Actually we have a new upload on our YouTube channel for you that I want to share with you:


Check out our new video: Morrigan! 

Morrigan Crone of War! 


Share it with as many people as possible and let the world know what PaganFolk Rock stands for!

one of the first quotes on youtube reads: "OMNIA, Folk meets Iron Maiden!"



Greenz DaphydCrow et OMNIA

Pagans in tha sun...

This is OMNIA, a band of Pagan nature warriors, bravely facing the future...
As long as tha sun shines and the grass still grows, we'll keep on rocking!!!

Peace, OMNIA

Picture by Brer' Rabbit

Let's go CRAZY! (but not confused)

We are currently working on lots of new Pagan Musick Material for the upcoming CD... many many many many NEW songs! which we'll be recording this coming winter.... life and Art goes in cycles like the seasons... (and like "bi" ;-) ... anyway We realise that hearing new stuff is always confusing for some people in the audience.. they get disoriented... they are forced to actually  stop what they are doing and listen because they don't know the song yet... most audiences prefer to sing and cheer along to popular coversongs and "easy-hits" that they already know, that's why most bands like to play covers... But we have always been proud to be an original , independant band and I'm really thrilled to see that so many of you can sing along to all of our own songs... Pure PaganFolk OMNIA songs , grown from the nature around us... but ofcourse you can't sing along to the new songs yet ... they haven't been recorded so they are not part of your "reality" yet... So I'm going to introduce them slowly to you... one by one... by telling you some titles and some of the lyrics to these new OMNIA babies that we're working on... This gives you a little insight into the heart and mind of OMNIA and what our future holds in a musickal sense.. the words and the INNER MEANING are important to us and hopefully to YOU too... so... here's a new song that we're playing on the festivals this year...  musically it's kind of an ode to the 70's and 80's heavymetal I grew up with... (but then 100% ACOUSTIC PaganFolk style of course!) Lyrically it's about the historical/spiritual "mad Shaman" figure which I identify with and which you will find in every indigenous culture around the world , but which the native americans call "Heyoka" :



text/music: Stenny
arranged by: OMNIA

I'm a blood and bone , heya heya, primitive caveman
I can talk to the trees but I don't speak human
I got a heart full of Earth and a head full of Sky
I got Spirit drum, Wolf claw, Raven's eye

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

Howlin' at the Moon, float on a leaf
what I respect, you just can't see
I know I know nothing... to be is to be
Shaman or Madman, it's all hey-O.K. to me!

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

Crazy!    Oh I'm walking backwards and talking Coyote!
Crazy!    I bang my drum and scream so loud I can't hear all the other monkeys!
Crazy!   Now society is free of me, there's so much more that I can see!
Crazy!   I got a wholly, Holy, heya heya, Chaos hand and it's pointing right at YOU!

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

I know I know ONE thing... to PLAY is to BE...
Shaman or Madman it's all Hey-O.K. with me!

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

Green thingz , ECO-Anarchy! and Hoka hey! Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA
(photo by Jenny-Fairy)

"No Woman No Cry..." a blog about perception (70% is what you see, 20% is what it sounds like, 10% is what is actually there)

Do you actually understand what an artist or musician is telling you?, or do you merely believe what you want to believe? Do you sometimes quote great art, without actually understanding what is being said? Does it matter?  This is an interesting point I often wonder about.
It seems to me that living in this marketable world of glittery illusion and empty slogans there is hardly any true meaning anymore... it's all: "Yes we Can!"... "Let's make things better!" ... "We Care about YOU" ... etc.
And the "big" audience has lost it's ability to actually understand what is being said, because they always hear what they want to hear... they believe what they want to believe... that's easier... that feels safe... now my question to YOU, Do YOU do this too? No?... are you sure? ...  I'll give you a harmless example :
 Bob Marley's classic song "No woman, no cry" is one of those totally misconstrued songs in which the actual meaning of the lyrics has become replaced by what people want to believe...
The words "no woman, no cry" actually mean (in the Jamaican dialect in which they are spoken) : "oh my darling, do not cry" ... which also becomes obvious when you  listen to the entire lyrics of this beautifully romantic reggea song.
The majority of semi-illiterate (mostly male) braindead masses outside of jamaica have taken the words "no woman, no cry" to mean: "without a woman, I have no need to cry"... turning it into a sort of pathetic sexist anthem against male/female relationships. And because they have attached this alternate meaning to the chorus lyrics , many many other people have also ASSUMED the same... Did you?
answer 1: No? you are a questioner and a listener, very good keep it up!
answer  2: Yes?... maybe you should re-evaluate what you think you know about the art and music you listen to ... is it really what you THINK it is? or are you just projecting? (this trick also works for absolutely anything in life by the way)
The world of mutant monkeys would be better served if all the little monkeys would not just accept what SEEMS to be thappening around them blindly...
But would actually take the time to look further and comprehend the MEANING of what they see and hear. To THINK and then look again at what they thought they saw or heard...
Not all that glitters is gold... "those that feel fairest are often foulest"... not everything is... what you think it is...  and you will never find out unless you ...THINK...
Greenthingz and philosophy... Shaman SteveSic

Poëtic Pagans Pondering Possibilities…

Here you see us three… no four
we seek to find the secret score
that's written for the orchestra
which plays beneath your wonder-bra

just another day in the life of an artist…
(now including free ,bad ,slightly sexist poetry!)

OMNIA during a break in the practice session , may the 2nd,  1913, somewhere in the woods on the dutch-german border … picture by Yotashi Lappitopi

Tine Bealtaine!

Because yesterday was the very holy PAGAN day: Bealtaine.. we wanted to celebrate it in style... so (ofcourse) Jenny and me made love... 'cause that's what ya do on a spring/summer feast... and (obviously) we tended to the plants in our little forest garden (because fertility is also about plants don't ya know ;-) ...then we went to the MPS in Germany to visit our friends from Saltatio Mortis to talk about Life, Musick, Politics and Martial Arts... You know the more we meet with these guys, the more I'm amazed at how similar we are! It's like meeting with people you have known intimately for years, I know we've played in the same music scene for a long time now, but somehow we never got the chance to talk properly and exchange ideologies and the things that "make us want to ROCK"... and I must say I'm very impressed with them , their honesty, their straightforwardness and  the respect and gratitude they show to their fans. It's a rare thing to find courage and honour in the music-business these days... (a lot of bands just see their fans as little money machines) ... But that's not the OMNIA way, and that not the Saltatio Mortis way either... but then, when you know that in their band there's an old-school Anarchist, a real Shaolin Monk, a Kendoka and an (ex-Schelmisch) Chaos-worshipper then it becomes obvious why I really love these guys!  Anyway to make a long story short... our hearts were warmed on this extremely cold Bealtaine (walpurgis) night by Friendship , hot wine and the FUCKING HUGE FIRE that was arranged by the CHIEF of  the MPS: the one and only Gisi!
 I wish you could all come and see OMNIA and our friends of Saltatio Mortis, Das Niveau, the Dolmen etc. etc. etc. at the next MPS festival in Rastede  next week... But I realise that most of you who are reading this don't even live in Europe... let alone close to, or in Germany... So untill we meet, someday some when, I wish you all well , wherever you are!
 Enjoy this new day while it lasts... we are living the last years of our mutant monkey civilisation , so enjoy each moment to full and use it to do some fucking GOOD!
 Greenthingz  Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA    (picture of teeny tiny Stenny fire by Herne the Horney)

ps: for the rest nothing interesting at all happened in Holland yesterday... be there King or be there Queen... I do not believe in their God so Slavery still tastes the same :-(

Double-Didge fun on Stage!

Last Saturday we played our first open air festival gig of 2013 ( MPS Weeze ). 
We had a great time, as always on MPS ;-)
I hope you guys enjoyed the PaganFolk party as much as we did...

As you can see on the picture, our good friend Alea from Saltatio Mortis joined us on stage to rock with his didgeridoo. I really enjoyed playing together with him, he knows how to 'blow' people away! 

Anyway, in 2 weeks we're playing our next open-air PaganFolk Rock show in Rastede ( DE ). Be there! More info HERE

Greenz Daphyd Crow et OMNIA 

Picture by Tamara

Let's go CRAZY!!!

Today we are going to PaganFolk Rock the first outdoor-festival of the season for OMNIA!!! We're off to the MPS festival in Weeze (on the Dutch german border)...
Looking forward to getting CRAZY on the stage toniight , having fun with the crowds and playing around with some of our new OMNIA songs (we are working on lots of new Pagan Musick Material for the upcoming CD... which we'll be recording this coming winter.... life and Art goes in cßycles like the seasons... and "bi" ;-) ... anyway We realise that hearing new stuff is always confusing for some people in the audience.. they get disoriented... they are forced to actually  stop what they are doing and listen because they don't know the song yet... most audiences prefer to sing and cheer along to popular coversongs and "easy-hits" that they already know, that's why most bands like to playing so many covers... But we have always been proud to be an original , independant band and I'm really thrilled to see that so many of you can sing along to all of our songs... Pure PaganFolk OMNIA songs grown from the nature around us... but ofcourse you can't sing along to the new songs... they haven't been recorded so they are not part of your "reality" yet... So I'm going to introduce them slowly to you... one by one... by telling you some titles and some of the lyrics to these new OMNIA babies that we're working on... This gives you a little insight into the heart and mind of OMNIA and what our future holds in a musickal's a new one that we'll be playing today, musically it's an ode to 70's and 80's heavymetal (but then 100% ACOUSTIC PaganFolk style of course!) Lyrically it's about the historical/spiritual "mad Shaman" figure which you will find in every indigenous culture around the world , but which the native americans call "Heyoka" :

text/music: Stenny
arranged by: OMNIA

I'm a blood and bone , heya heya, primitive caveman
I can talk to the trees but I don't speak human
I got a heart full of Earth and a head full of Sky
I got Spirit drum, Wolf claw, Raven's eye

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

Howlin' at the Moon, float on a leaf
what I respect, you just can't see
I know I know nothing... to be is to be
Shaman or Madman, it's all hey-O.K. to me!

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

Crazy!    Oh I'm walking backwards and talking Coyote!
Crazy!    I bang my drum and scream so loud I can't hear all the other monkeys!
Crazy!   Now society is free of me, there's so much more that I can see!
Crazy!   I got a wholly, Holy, heya heya, Chaos hand and it's pointing right at YOU!

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

I know I know ONE thing... to PLAY is to BE...
Shaman or Madman it's all Hey-O.K. with me!

Crazy man!       "Heyoka"    I'm a crazy man

Green thingz , ECO-Anarchy! and Hoka hey! Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA

the Pagan Pimp Pack is on sale!!!

There's a brand new sticker-pack in the OMNIA shop!  We have made a sticker-version of the actual OMNIA Stage banner, which we use live on stage when we play!!
Ofcourse the original is 3m (which is a bit too large for a sticker!) so the version you can get from us is a large size-sticker of 21 cm.
 It is available as a trio called a "Pagan Pimp Pack"  together with two OMNIA "Lunastars"  (which are EXACT copies of the one that is on the front of Rob's drumkit!)  So you can now pimp any item or person you own into a genuine OMNIA Pagan thingie! (like your car, your bike, your bottom, your books , your baby sister, your sheep etc etc...)  alternately you can use these stickers to make a miniature OMNIA stage set-up together with your barbie dolls dressed up like us!
They are now on sale in our Web Shop and starting tomorrow in Weeze on all our live-shows!  Pimp it PaganStyle!  Greenthingz! SteveSic and the Earth warriors  (picture by pope of paganism ;-)

We Gotta Brand New Stage Banner! (and we're not afraid to pose infront of it ;-)

Check out our brand new OMNIA stage-banner!  Designed by darling Fieke and silly Sic... Isn't it pretty? Isn't it absolutely kick-ass Pagan?
We thought that after 10 years it was about time to change our old-fashioned , hand painted , tired old OMNIA stage banner for a new one... sadly it  wasn't "safe" enough for a lot of stages because it can catch fire and burn down a venue or festival full of fans... (of course we have no problems with burning large amounts of human-monkeys, but NEVER our own fans :-) so we changed it for a properly printed one with all the neccessary fire-precaution labels etc like other bands have ... BUT...
 We chose to fill it with the most important of our pagan OMNIA symbols like:
 the Celtic-Triskell, the SIC-Runes , our "shadows of nature" tattoos and ofcourse the OMNIA-"LUNASTAR" (which expresses life by encompassing the Earth, Sun, Moon and Chaos into one big Magick glyph)... How's that for Pagan!? This way it shows our deep feelings for our Musick and the Living planet on which we live during every show we play for YOU... Some people may find this banner scary (but then again , most monkey-people think that we and even the word "Pagan" is cary .. which says a lot more about them , than it does about us ;-) A lot of mutant monkeys may think that we are some sort of occult sect or that we are kneedeep into witchcraft and the worship of strange and ancient Gods...well....that's actually completely true!  so we really don't give a flying fuck on broomstick what people think of us!  We're OMNIA, we're PAGAN, we're FREE and we'll keep on playing PAGANFOLK and dancing naked 'till we die!
See you at the MPS festival in Weeze  this weekend (if you are lucky enough to live on this continent and in the area of the german/dutch border) Otherwise we'll see you some other time, some other when, some other where soon! Think of us, 'cause we are thinking of YOU!
XXX Greenthingz! OMNIA    (crappy picture in da forest by Crazyman)

Operation Merch-Stand...


ready for our first festival show of the year:
MPS in Weeze!!!!! 

Time for a pipe and a beer ;-) 

Greenzz OMNIA!

Real life, Real music, Real paint, Real brushes, Real artists, Real dreadlocks, Real messy.

This is me and the Crow, pimping the merch-stand, ready for our first festival show of the year:

MPS in Weeze!!!!! 


Come check out our Art!!!!!

Greenz OMNIA  

Love and Friendship in the Forest ;-)

What a great weekend for chilling in the forest and talking about life , death and the universe :-)  ...all hail Saint Douglas Adams!
We've been relaxing and chillin' with our home-girl Kaat (Leaf  and Folknoir ) in the stenny studio, among the budding young flowers , fresh green leaves and humping birdies... My head is still a little fuzzy after the deliciously long days and nights of cameraderie, warmth, decadence and friendship ...



The food was jummy...
the wines were fine...
the walks were lovely...  
the forest is divine...  
Peace and Nature to all!
XX Stenny  (picture by "sister Sunshine")

OMNIA... it's Handmade!... it's Unique!... it's non- commercial!...

We know many very talented people who are good at making things. Well a couple of them  (Cees and Bea Versluis) have been making the most beautifull and unique OMNIA necklaces for themselves and for us these last years (you can see one on the cover of the OMNIA cd- "Live on Earth".... and I'm wearing another one in the Video-clip of "I don't speak human") ... Now they have offered to make a limited edition for YOU our fans aswell, if you want... But because these necklaces are completely handmade by free artists, they take a lot of time to construct and hence they will be quite expensive compared to all the mass-produced "made in china" slave labour-shit that most commercial bands sell as merchandise... so .. here's my question to YOU... would you like to have Cees and Bea make you one of these beautifull OMNIA-logo necklaces?... yes?... good, now the next question, would you be willing to pay €50,- for one?    ... If enough of you answer this question in a positive way either on facebook, twitter, or on our website guestbook, then we will arrange a place in our OMNIA webshop for them , so you can order one soon!   ;-)


Realthingz! and Greenthingz! 
ShamanSic and the earth-warriors of OMNIA

Special BELGIAN OMNIA show!

Dear Pagan-family and music-lovers,


Only 4 weeks to go, till the first big Paganfolk Rock show in Belgium in years!
Good news: it’s gonna be a great party and even better: you can win tickets!


How? Just share this flyer with all your friends and family on Facebook, we’ll reward this with 2 times 2 tickets for the great and extra long show.


Shared it, didn’t win but still wanna come? Book your tickets as soon as possible: see you in Belgium!


Tickets and info
Facebook Event

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA 

Great Tits in the OMNIA house!

Spring is all around us and Life is good in the Stenny-Studio... I'm happy to report that a family of Great Tits has moved into the "OMNIA"- BirdHouse which was made for us by our kindly neighbour Ans... and the parents are busy flying to and fro with food for the cheeping youngsters inside! 3 of our other bird houses have nesting Blue tits and Great tits in them now... and this morning a newly arrived Pied FlyCatcher was checking out the last (still empty) bird appartment which I hung in a tree only yesterday!  Nearly all the Bramblings seem to have buggered off back to Poland and Russia where they spend the summer so this means that the warm season is well on the way now! We are mostly spending our time between:
a little OMNIA-"office work", Playing and writing musick and lots and lots of Gardening! 

Life is great , Love is huge, Living is easy!

"We take it easy every day..

We spend our days at work and play...

Don't care what small minds have to say...

'Cause ,Life is great the PAGANWAY!"
XXX Stenny      (picture by the tit-stalker)

PaganFolk - the Seed is Growing like Tree... together we are strong ;-)

We just had a lovely weekend , without internet but with good musick , art, philosophy and friendship ;-)  Our sweet friend Fieke came over to stay a few days to bring some extra creativity into the the stenny home. And we spent our time playing, talking and dreaming... (which are always the best ways to spend your days in my opinion!) If you are well aquainted with OMNIA then you probably already know Fieke as the brilliant graphic designer who helps us to make all the pretty CD covers, and OMNIA merch-stuff... But did you know that she is also a brilliant and gifted musician who plays in the band CESAIR? ...Cesair is one of the "new-generation" PaganFolk bands Seed  , Sowulo  , LEAF   , Rastaban  , Woodland , the Dolmen , etc. etc....I'm not going to list them all because I'll be here all day!
( Fuck! there's many! somebody should really make a proper list some day!? )
 Anyway bands like this have been steadily popping up all over the place in recent years... It seems like centuries ago that I started making (pretty amateuristic) music to honour our Celtic ancestors and their Gods way back in the 90's... I was dreaming a dream of neo-Celtic Pagan musick that later developed into what you now know as OMNIA ... I remember the time in the first years of the 3rd millenium when it was just FAUN and OMNIA playing un-amplified in the streets and later rocking the festival stages of europe with a style of musick that honours nature, the pagan- roots of civilisation and uses mainly ancient and medieval instruments ... a music-style we called "PAGANFOLK" ...  And now years later it warms my heart and puts a smile on my silly looking face to see all these new, acoustic, nature loving Bands being started all over the world (in Europe, as well as South-America and North America etc.)  Music groups and bands containing people like us who try to connect to the original nature-loving roots of our different cultures through the medium of pure musick , played on real, (mostly) acoustic instruments... it doesn't matter if you call yourselves "epic-folk", "tribal-folk","finest-folk", "nature-folk", "fairy-folk" or other variations thereof... To us you are all part of the growing family of PaganFolk!  And it might actually be a good idea if you all start using and promoting that name together to make the scene we play in bigger and stronger...
There is a giant music business out there who will never think outside of the box, and who will never take bands like us seriously because we don't fit "in the format" so all we can do is build our own scene!
The name and genre "PaganFolk" is steadily growing... but it can be much bigger! maybe one day it will grow big enough for even the mass-media-monkeys to take notice  of it ... Together we can change the world... "Blues" and "Punk" also started out as "just words".. but see what they were capable of over time!.  
If we all "band" together , we shall be strong...  United we stand, divided we fall!..Our diverse little scene is too small for us to waste time over ego's , We have to stand as one to make PAGANFOLK a way of expressing nature through music... Some of us like FAUN have taken the road of commercial-thinking and television thus making the PaganFolk scene bigger and substantially increasing the audience (which can be a very good thing!), other nature-bards and singers of songs simply hang an old guitar around their neck and play around the campfire at fantasy and medieval parties (which is also a good thing!)... BUT still there is no real difference between any of us,  if we all keep the same goal in mind.... which is:
a healthy Life for this Planet and Creativity and Pure Musick above all!... This world of human-monkeys needs to change... It is up to us, ( the fans and artists ) to bring about such change... the pulse of life beats on in the rythm of the drum... Keep it coming my dear friends and colleagues and who knows what the future might bring us all?    
Keep it Green, Peace to the peacefull, Power to PAGANFOLK!
XXX ShamanSteveSic   (not preaching, just saying ;-)     picture by wall-fly

Love without end...

I love the spring! Everything is FRESH and full of NEW HOPE and NEW LIFE! :-)Jenny and myself had our wedding tattoos refreshed yesterday by our tattoo-friend Renate (de to keep them strong and well-defined (like our love). It's a little like polishing your wedding ring to keep it shiny, but then involving more needles, ink and permanence!...  I know that with a true and decent heart such as Jenny's connected to mine, I will always stay true and real to nature, to our lives, to our ideals and to our Musick... no matter what the mutant monkeys may sometimes think about me , my appearence and my outspoken funny ways ;-).
 I always feel that OMNIA really started to become what it is today when Jenny and me became Stenny, because it has always been our love and the spirit we share that has been at OMNIA's real core... I only realised what our true mission was when Jenny came along and pointed it out to my blinded eyes... It's very rare for a group of artists to have this pure love at it's heart (and it sometimes makes it hard for people who do not feel this love and open-ness themselves to understand what we are all about)
 BUT Two people who really DO understand this very much are ofcourse our dear talented friends Christopher Juul and the awesomely beautifull Maria Franz. The couple who's epic love burns at the core of the virtuose experimental-scandinavian band Euzen. If you don't know Euzen then check them out at the Festival mediaval in Selb where we'll be playing together ;-) and also check out this live video-clip of Euzen bringing art and sunshine into the rain ;-)
Have a great day, keep it fresh, feel the love
Crispy, juicy Greenthingz!
SteveSic and Jenny

ps: (Yes! you heard me right...we ARE playing at FESTIVAL MEDIAVAL  again this year!  You asked for us there, and they heard you! Sadly the headliner for the Friday night "Gjallarhorn" was unable to come ... they were the first band ever to use a slideridoo and a beautifull singer called Jenny on stage ... so the mediaval- orga has given us the honour of returning to Selb for the 6th year in a row and filling their slot on the main stage!  how cool is that, eh?... see you there!)


(pps: picture of Eddy in our backyard by A.Nut)

Support Renso! support real Art!

Our cousin Renso Tamse is a wild-life artist. (You should know his work from our CD: OMNIA - "Musick and Pöetree" because it's covered in drawings and paintings of wild birds made by Renso and his equally talented wife Marjolein)
As YOU know I'm a big fan of things that are "REAL" and This kind of "Real" art is becoming rare in the modern world of photoshop... (Just like the "Real" musick of OMNIA is very rare in this modern world of autotune, electronics and playback)
OMNIA is going to the US this year (as soon as we have our work-permits from mr. Obama) and our dear Renso also wants to bring his Art to the large audience in the US, but it's a rather tricky endeavour for him... he needs funding...
If you would like to help someone who can actually make REAL living-art by using actual physical skills and training... (without resorting to using a computer and some stock photography)... someone who has studied the greats his life long (like our uncle Alan Lee) then please click on this link and help him!


Greenthingz and fine-art!
Shaman SteveSic

(PAINTING.. not photo... by Renso Tamse)

Travel the good "red road" and enjoy it!

I heard something profound from my belgian running-trainer today, as I was staggering through the forest in my trendy trainers and cool black Pagan sports clothes... well actually to be honest, it's black ex-army clothing and cheap-ass running shoes because I don't really have the money or the dress-sense to wear all that really hideous looking sports-gear... but anyway... I'm running again... I used to do long-distance cross country running when I was  kid in Cornwall.. but that was a very long time ago, when the world was still in black and white ... but in the meantime, I've gotten soft and lazy!... so ... I stopped smoking tobacco and I work-out a lot now to beef up my heart and lungs so that I can play better musick and sing nicely for YOU ... I do interval-training now... (interval training is a form of outdoor masochism which can be done while wearing running shoes) ... so... imagine... there I was, running through the spring forest , sweating like a human, with my lungs on fire and my legs slowly turning to jelly but still with a big fecking smile on my face when my trainer suddenly hit me with this really zen-like comment which I hadn't expected... you see, the trainer I'm talking about is a very nice Belgian lady who lives inside a big stack of MP3 recordings, so all you have to do to train is: get your ass outside,  switch on your  mp3 player and do as the nice lady says... she says "run", you run!.... she says "walk" you walk!
 (I love it when powerfull intelligent women tell me what to do... I suppose that's why I'm Jenny's bitch ;-)
 Anyway, all of this cross country running and walking is done to a selection of the tackyest main-stream pop hits imaginable ... (Joe le taxi, With or without you, dreadlock holiday etc.)  but kind of interesting to me because I only recognise the songs from before the 1990's when I gave up on radios and televisions etc...
(so all the Lady Googoo and brown-eyed peas is kindof shocking)
but anyway as I'm going through the training sessions this woman pops into the headset every now and then to keep you motivated, (or possibly to stop you from commiting suicide because of the bad music) so... she starts talking to me in her delicious Belgian accent ,saying things like "you can do it!" , "keep going",  "well done!",  "only two more minutes to go!" etc.  and these little snippets of encouragement are interspaced with little pieces of running-wisdom. About how good it feels to be fit and strong, how good it is to be working on something positive for yourself, that this road to self-betterment is just for yourself, not for others... and this morning , as I was going up a particularly steep hill, feeling my blood pump and my muscles working like a meaty-monkey-machine she said:
"You have set yourself a goal, which is good...BUT if it starts to hurt anywhere, be sure to stop! Don't push yourself beyond your limits! There's no shame in taking it a little easier sometimes, Because the most important part of this journey to self-betterment is not reaching your end-goal, it all about ENJOYING the road that gets you there!"  And then I smiled... that's one of my own mottos!
 Yes my friends, Keep running the good red road of life people, be as good a person as you can be, for yourself and for the planet... but remember to always enjoy what YOU are doing! , You only have one life , don't waste it!    XXX peace to the peacefull , and Greenthingz for all! Shaman Steve Sic

(picture by the also non-smoking , cross-country running-girl power-woman Jenny)

MPS...what a Party!... what a night! :-)

I'm sitting in the afternoon sun, on the porch, in a lazy chair with my feet up and a cool drink of lemonade next to me ... birds are going bananas all around our little forest house, the music of their songs fills the air like a thousand flowers of sound mixing with the clear tones of the windchime...  Life is good, we are happy... we are all a little "roadwrecked" after a weekend of hardcore partying with all our friends at the MPS jubileum party... Gisi (the Boss) had his birthday and he celebrated it like a Celtic king :-) ... in style! ... Loads of our friends were playing there with their bands aswell, making for a really cozy get together, like a "family gathering of medieval and folk spielmannen"... which gave the whole 14 hour feast a certain drive that feels good...we played a technically disasterous.. completely chaotic .. but very energetic show in front of a great audience of fantasy freaks and crazy weirdos ;-)
afterwards got huge amounts of very good (also vegetarian!) food for us ,our compliments to the cook... and then the drinking started...the vip area with unlimited booze on the house , curtesy of Chief Gisi... wow... and there's me not being able to smoke...(I have just stopped smoking tobacco so I can play my "Kokopelli flute" better (It's fucking huge and takes a lot of air to make it really come alive... so I'm trying to give my lungs a break... but not smoking after a great acoustic PaganFolkRock show is very hard for, after our traditional aftershow signing-session to meet with the audience we returned  to vip-place and drank... I drank... we all drank... a lot... drinking drinking drinking drunk.... and then we drunk some more... And we had an awesome night! we danced and screamed and jumped about, we laughed, we cried ,we felt alive...  we saw and heard many of our friends play on the massive stage and we were filled-up with good sounds and good vibes ........
gosh... I'm a little tired... I'm not sure my writing is so good today...(Yawn! the author stretches and groans a little...)... but then is my writing ever any good? I dunno... I just write to inform... so you know what's going on in OMNIA and in our world... I just try to be real, so you always get the good and the bad, the Yin and the Yang... It's all part of life's rich tapestry... today is a good day!  I feel lucky and blessed that I'm allowed to meet , talk-to and work-together with so many great performers , artists and organisers. Special people who each in their own way try to make this grey and meaningless world of human monkeys more bright... to opens hearts, minds and eyes... Respect to you all my friends... and Respect to YOU dear reader. keep it real... and I mean really real!  (really!)  ;-)  
peace to the peacefull and Greenthingz ! Steve Sic and the whole OMNIA family
ps: picture by  Daphyd uploaded a whole new gallery of MPS


I saw a nature program on video the other day, in which the rare and beautifull Pine-Marten  (see picture) was described by a european "turkey farmer" as "vermin" which should be "destroyed"  because they were threatening his livelyhood... You could take that statement as the dictionary would describe it ...or you can step into my mind and look at it differently... let me explain what these words actually mean to me in this context..
1. "Turkey Farmer" : a dumb-ass human who actively breed and tortures non-indigenous enslaved wild birds in a disgusting little concentration camp with the sole purpose of murdering these animals for the sake of making money by selling their mutilated corpses as food for over-fed, obese and useless monkeys that are overcrowding this planet..
 2. "vermin": a proud and 100% indigenous natural animal,that has lived here for thousands of years,  making use of the opportunity to kill and eat live prey which can't run away... it does this because it has nowhere else to go ... because it's own natural habitat has been over-run by stupid fucking naked monkeys who seem to think that they own the place.
3. "Destroyed": A very hypocritical Human way of avoiding words like : Murdered, Killed, Massacred.. etc... not unlike the german word "Endlösung"... it is used to make mass-murder seem less insanely cruel and brutal in the eyes of the braindead morons collectively called "humanity".

ARGH!! Mindless Motherfucking* Humans make me sick! (sic)... Who the fuck do they think they are?  disrespectfull little mutant monkeys!...
Let me just quote one of my respected colleagues here:
“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”
-chief Seattle  

Here's some more happy thoughts:
In Holland there are now (apparently) too many wild geese for the land (read: the expanding human population) to cope with, so what will happen to them?  Yep!...they will be "cleared" and the population "stabilised"... ie: more than half a million beautifull wild and free geese will get brutally murdered with guns or cruelly caught and put into gas-chambers... right here, right now!

There's too much CO2 in the air... but according to some new scientific research ,apparently it's not caused by 7.000.000 mutant apes who get high on machines... no... it's caused by earthworms, which ofcourse should be "dealt with" (ideas for a worms massacre are being collected now)

Wild predators and opportunistic intelligent hunters that actually BELONG on this planet are being herded into smaller and smaller pockets of land by the expanding population of FERAL mutant monkeys that are spreading like a VIRUS across this world... whenever the monkeys take over some alligator's bit of swamp with their bungalows and clipped green lawns.. they seem surprised when a huge wild creature appears and eats their fucking grandchild... Thus making them a "THREAT" to the human population, and justifying their immediate "destruction" ... murder murder murder allround... and ofcourse the most defiant, proud and fearless wild creatures get killed first.

Now if you take ANY wild creature out of the circle of life, the whole thing get's disrupted... You make any creature extinct and the whole delicately balanced tapestry of life will start to fray... and the quality of nature (animal , plantlife, insectlife etc.) get's drastically less.
If you take away the Mindless Humans, everything in nature suddenly starts improving and the earth turns into the paradise which it should be...
So...I have an idea that will make everybody happy!
Most Human Mutant monkeys seem to believe in some form of Heaven, Eden or other groovy place, where they are allowed to go after they die... a place where everything is great, good food, harps, virgins, milk and honey... whatever...a super-place where they will  finally find the peace and happiness they so richly deserve... for ever!
Well, as a PaganShaman who believes that heaven and hell are here and now, in THIS life and on THIS world I would like to express my heart-felt wish that ALL human monkeys who believe this fairytale should find their ultimate peace and happiness , preferably TODAY!  
(so that the rest of us can enjoy the gift of Life on this beautifull planet in Peace without them)
Now all I have to do is figure out a way to get them all to Heaven as soon as possible!
Have a great day and make someone happy for ever!!  XXX ShamanSteveSic

*MotherFucker= to me this swearword means someone who is soo stupid that he/she would violate and harm the one who gave them life... ie: the earth-mother

Your Attention Please!!! NEW 2013 SHOWS IN THE OMNIA CALENDAR!

Well the OMNIA live-shows for 2013 are still coming in!  We have just updated our

online OMNIA Calendar

so now you can have a look and see if one has been added near YOU! There's finally some more shows in Belgium for instance!  Ofcourse  more dates will follow later! because our PaganScum bookings - "office" is still handeling more shows, which are now still in option... who knows what will become of them? (sadly we've already had to say "no" to a lot of festivals in various countries around the world. because either the logistics or the timing was wrong) but luckily for us there are many great festivals out there in the world who can make us feel at home so we can PaganFolkRock together with YOU!   (now we still need to get a contact in Sao-Paolo /Brazil, and in Paris/France and in Australia and in Canada and.. and.. and.. let's see what happens eh? ;-)  
Have a good one! Greenz OMNIA
(picture of "Eco-warrior Shaman with war-paint"  by Kees Stravers ;-)

Sex with the Audience! Thanx! (we needed that :-)

Wow!... and Yippeee!! ... and maybe just a little side-helping of FUCK YEAH!!!
 That was one awesome, sweet fecking, first gig last weekend in a jam-packed, boiling hot, sold-out venue full of lovely people...  We really really needed to feel that again after such a long pauze in playing live-shows... Gods! We missed the stage after 4 whole months!... You know how it is when you're body and soul are really missing something?, but you don't really know what it is untill you've done it?... well... In theory it's a bit like this:  Imagine not having any sex for a few months and then being locked up in a room full of naked oiled-up horny gogo-dancers on extacy ... (I say "in theory" here, because I have no actual personal experience in either of these two scenarios... ahem... but you know what I mean... )
Well anyway, It's done.. first gig of the year played... new instruments given their songs given life... we Pagan-rocked!, YOU Pagan-rocked! We shared the energy in one big warm happy "witches cauldron" melting pot of Nature Power! ... Thanx so much to all of you for giving us EXACTLY what we need! XXX ShamanSteveSic et OMNIA
ps: Maya, the eco-Food and Beer was wonderfull and made us play better!! 

pps:Grace, the eco-easter bread was amazing! (and at least 10 more years to go!)
ppps:Sweet shy girl, thanx for the limburg's wool and weed!
pppps: Eva... niemand met een goed en eerlijk hart is onbelangrijk in onze ogen...

(picture by Jasper de Belgae)

Spring starts today on the First OMNIA gig of the year! (SOLD OUT)

The sun is up... the sky is blue... it's beautifull... and so are you...
Dear audience... won't you come out to play?
XXX OMNIA        (picture by Rita the meter-maid)

Sold Out!

Hey Paganabananas and Musick-loveranas, tomorrow we will play our first gig of the season in the Peppel in Zeist and I just wanted to mention that if you didn't get a ticket yet , you are now too late... The whole venue is SOLD OUT. There will be NO extra tickets available at the door and we will be PaganFolkRocking for the first time this year without you... But we'll let let you know how it went though ;-) ... better luck next time! there are plenty more shows coming-up!
  For those who did reserve in time, I just wanna let you know that We are ready to go go GO!, the cobwebs have been blown off our instruments, the band and the crew are on full action-pagan-mode (code green). We are very exited indeed about playing for YOU again after our 4 month sabbatical...  This was the longest break we've had in over 10 years and now I really need to feel the musick and the energy flow again... (I'm a gig-junky)  just point me at the stage and dive for cover 'cause I'm locked, cocked and ready to Rock! ... SEE YOU SATURDAY!  
Greenthingz and new songz!  dr.SteveSic        (pic by Marcel Bakker ;-)

New Life! Greenthingz are sprouting out of the Earth!

Today we got really serious about the new OMNIA gig- season (well... as serious as we ever get about anything that is)  So we tried-out the whole Gig onna stage shebang ... amplified and loud , together with the master of the OMNIA live-sound: Sascha, plus some friends... The new PaganFolk festival/club set is so fecking Rock  and so fecking Cool you could make it into a snowy mountain and ski on it!! Ofcourse you'll hear all the new arrangements, new instruments and the new songs  (!!!) when you see us live and we want them to be a surprise for you , I just know you're gonna love em as much as we do! ... but, as a sneak-peak, I can tell you that one of them involves the awesome new flute I'm holding in this picture and it's called "Kokopelli"  (which is also the name of this flute)  ... check it out at one of our upcoming live shows as we enter the touring season again!!!  The First show starts THIS WEEKEND!  COMING SATURDAY  we play an extra long musick night in "de PEPPEL" in ZEIST , together with our charming friends of "Kelten zonder Grenzen" (I heard there are only very few tickets left so if you don't have one yet RESERVE YOUR TICKETS HERE!   (before they're all gone)... ... I hope you all had as much fun as we did today and I hope that you can feel the happy vibes coming through your screen from us..  to YOU :-)Peace to the peacefull, Love to the Lovable, Greenz to the Earth! 

SteveSic and OMNIA

PaganClan "Rebels with a cause" (legal, illegal, scheiss-egal?)

A lot of people have asked me over the years to give them some kind of suggestions or guidance on how to rebel... because I have always been a Rebel, eco-anarchist and Iconoclast ...   I'm perfectly qualified to speak for the living planet as Nature-Shaman and self professed "Pope of Paganism" , so I do... often and loudly... ahem... Now ofcourse I would love to invite YOU to join OMNIA in the ongoing battle and raising awareness against evil corporate regimes (like Shell, Exxon, Unilever, Bayer, Monsanto, McDonalds ,Murdoch. etc. etc.) which have declared a total all-out WAR ON NATURE and TRUTH to increase the wealth and power of a handfull of ultra rich share-holders (like certain members of the European "royal" houses of Orange-Nassau,Hannover etc and the Banking families like Rothchild's)  But what can we do without getting crushed between the wheels of this demon-machine that we are trying to change? It's hard to fight a war against such large opponents, when most people don't even realise there is a conflict in the first place... How to begin?

It would be cool If I could just invite YOU to  REBEL in your own way... to bring about change in a real and physical sense to this ugly human world... To go out into the streets and show those bastards that you don't agree! ... that our planet is sick of being fucked around by the Rich-Man's Laws!  That we are born free and that their false governments and propaganda stop HERE!... BUT ... Alas... If I would actually ASK YOU to do the things I can think up in my head , if I would hand you the various recipes of dismanteling this destructive system, straight from the Anarchist's cookbook as it were, then I would be accused of "inciting rebellion and public disorder"  (which would result in OMNIA being dragged off to court and then probably prison before you could say the words "Eco-Anarchy and flowers!") ... so..  ofcourse I WILL NOT ask you to do all these things. This Blog is purely a form of mental exercise and "artistic expression" who's only function is  to incite thought and creativity...  I wrote a whole bunch of interesting ways in which you can help the planet and it's creatures in a real sense (like the amazing yet often "illegal" things that organisations like the awesome "SeaShepherd" does ) ... but I was advisewd against publishing them here, because , again... that is also illegal... grmmmbl... BUT!.... I WILL happily recommend that you join us in (legally) picking-up garbage when you are walking in your city, in a park, or especially in nature... and NEVER EVER buying or supporting ANYTHING  that has been mass-produced by the largest multinational corporations ... ofcourse I have heard tell that stealing from these super-thieves  is considered socially acceptable by many people nowadays , although ofcourse ,  I won't tell you so... because that would also be illegal ! ;-)    
Peace to the peacefull, Law to the Lawfull, and screaming fucking death to all power-crazy life and planet Fuckers! :-) XXX
ShamanSteveSic    and the Heya Heya Pagan Gang! 

Fuck Yeah!

This is our happy little band of Pagans after another whole day of practice… wow! have we got a set waiting for you!  This is the most powerful OMNIA PaganFolkRock set ever!  It's hard to believe that we still do this acoustic and "unplugged" when you hear the amount of noise and energy we produce … phew! I have no idea if we can actually play it live in one go..during practice we had to keep stopping every 15 minutes to get our breath back and to ease the ache in our overworked muscles…  We're all working-out a lot to get our lazy winter bodies back into "hardrocking" mode ;-) (fitness, weightlifting, cross-country running etc.)We are very exited about the NEW material we will be playing and the fecked-up versions of older songs that we will be hitting YOU with from the stage! There's also some NEW instruments which are just aching to meet YOU!!! Were ready for our FIRST GIG of 2013 


See ya there, here , there or somefecking where!  XXX OMNIA

Life and Death go hand in hand...

Today it's Ostara! the "official" middle of the Celtic spring!... but... it's snowing?... the forest is being treated to yet another heavy blanket of white stuff, making all the spring-minded creatures (such as us and our feathered and fuzzy friends) a little confused and quite a lot colder... brrr! The unpredictability of our climate is becoming more and more pronounced each year (even I find it very hard to know what weather is coming nowadays...  I was more than a little shocked at seeing snow.. again..) But still... this is the spring we get, this is the life we are given and all we can do is to be grateful for the chance to live yet another year on this beautiful planet. ..we live life to the full and make musick about it as we go...
 We have been creating our Pagan-dream for many years now and I have heard many many stories about what our musick does to the people who are able to understand it's deeper meaning (people like YOU?).
This "PaganFolk" is no joke ... that's why I take what we do so seriously... I'm more "Shaman" than "Frontman"... OMNIA's PaganFolk is much more than a fancy sounding name to make us look cool and alternative... I get reactions from all over the world from those of you who feel they have to let us know what they feel...
Young mothers have chosen to let their children be born to the sound of our music... Pagans worldwide use our songs during their deepest rituals....Omnia lovers who are suffering use our Paganfolk to try and get better. It's used to ease pain, to stop self-mutilation, to stop suicides. Omnia's Paganfolk is used in cancer-therapy, psycho therapy, during surgery and even during the hardest passage of all namely: the gate between life and death...There are those who have chosen to die while listening to the sound of the sacred Musick that was given to us by nature... Musick to live by, Musick to die by...
My heart cries a little everytime I hear of a pagan-life that burned brightly which has been snuffed out in the wind. But I do not mourn a life well spent, I do not mourn the closing of eyes that have actually been "opened" to the wonder of life... I mourn only for all the insane mutant monkeys who are living with their minds and hearts closed, blinded by greed and human insanity...
Storm winds blow on the golden barley and the " wee birds" lie dead on the fields of Athenry, but I'll stand strong while you stand beside me, take my hand and we'll dance until we die! ;-) Happy Ostara! Enjoy this life to the full, it's the only one YOU have! Greenz XX Shaman SteveSic   

(Picture of Skullpecker by Mort Lezekson)
ps: have some great sex if you can!... today you may fuck like bunnies, 'cause it's a fertility feast!     ;-)
pps: the OMNIA video hits are still rising!

Wow! Real PaganFolk is more popular than we thought!

We are absolutely AMAZED and DELIGHTED with the enormous amount of positive comments, true nature spirit, good feeling and video-sharing that is going on as a reaction to the release of our first ever OMNIA music-video "I don't speak Human"


At the moment that I write this (exactly one week after the "uploading"), our video has been viewed more than 122.000 on YOUtube!!! Something which I didn't expect because a large part of our fanbase lives in Germany where the GEMA is actively blocking all independant non-profit music videos on youtube. So most of our German fans couldn't see it at all because they are only allowed to watch very commercial cheesy big-label bands ...and sadly no PaganFolk bands like OMNIA ...
BUT thankfully for our German fans we have a very nice VIMEO channel, which is not being blocked!... (yet!)
So again for our German Fans, HERE IS THE VIMEO LINK to our video:


Here are some updates about last week:
-Just on Facebook this video got over 1800 shares and almost 2000 "likes"!
(which is bloody good for a non-profit, indie band without expensive teevee and magazine  promotion!)
-I'm very happy to report that out of the literally thousands of comments spread around FaceBook, twitter, Youtube, Vimeo etc. the amount of negative/stupid remarks was as tiny and insignificant as the penises of the people who place them ;-) (which is quite refreshing in this age of keyboard heroes and other such cyber cowards!). Me be a very happy paganshaman indeed!
- I did see one interesting question that I would like to answer right here and now which is this: "Does OMNIA wear FUR which has been ripped off tortured animals in this video-clip?... because fur is bad"….Which is a very strange question to those of you who know us. I mean, YOU realise what kind of people we are and why we make our PAGANFOLK musick... But to a lot of the "newbies" this is a fair question because they think that we are like the other bands out there (ie: unprincipled idiots who just want to be famous and rich). But please people, when I say that we are truly PAGAN! We play PAGANFOLK musick because we love this LIVING PLANET! Now let me answer the question:
We wear sheepskins from some very rare ancient races of sheep which are slowly being re-introduced into nature areas of Europe (Jenny's is a Norwegian "Spælsau", Daphyd, Rob, Phil and myself all wear the skins of the Dutch "Drents heideschaap" the oldest breed of domesticated European sheep (+/- 4000 years) which have been saved from extinction by 100% bio-organic farmers. All our sheep skins are of certified origin, and we know the people who bred them personally, our donations help them to continue breeding and protecting these beautiful and special sheep. And when the sheep get old and die, their skins help keep us warm in the snow... The leather of our loin-cloths is made from bio-organic-farmed goatskin, sheep skin and (wild) Boar skin..... The various feathers we wear have all be given to us by fans or gathered in the wild by ourselves... the animal / bird skulls and various bones on my indian head-dress have all been gathered from road-kill corpses and cleaned by me personally...

Please don't judge us as you would judge others... we're not the same at all :-)
Greenthingz! Peace to the peacefull, death to the despoilers of Nature!
XXX Shaman Steve Sic


Yes it's real! and your long hours of waiting are rewarded because IT's HERE!!!

This is real life... this is real Pagan Folk musick...  on real instruments... 

in the first ever official OMNIA VIDEO CLIP!!! 

Watch the Videoclip

For our German visitors:
The video is blocked by GEMA, please use one of the following "unblock" tools: 


100% pure, 100% non-commercial, 100% non-profit... this whole production was made as a Musick/Artistic and Environmental statement, we're not trying to SELL you something, we're just trying to TELL you something...


Enjoy the ART... Enjoy the one and only original PaganFolk MUSICK ...

And don't forget to listen to the message from Mother Earth and her children that this song contains...  then (if you like the clip or if you agree with the message)... SHARE IT! SHARE IT!! SHARE IT!!! with as many mutant monkeys as possible!   


Enjoy life and Keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT! (because if you're not part of the Solution then you are part of the Pollution... one day you'll have to make a choice...)

Greenthingz!  XXX   Shaman SteveSic and OMNIA


(Filmed on location in the forest where Stenny lives, by Erwin van Dijck)

One day left for our very first OMNIA Videoclip

New video clip online in 2 days...

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The countdown starts today....