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New stage look??

Shitty life of a musician part 73.2

Greenzz Omnia!

Pic by Ralph Lauren

Horny Satyr ;-)

Ah! the festival season and the sunshine somehow always makes me feel so fecking... Horny!!     ....How about YOU?

"See the horns upon my head,
the hooves on which I dance...
feel the passion rising up
lose yourself in trance..."

OMNIA will be playing TWO DAYS at CASTLEFEST in Lisse (NL)
Friday 31st of July on the Village Stage (with guest performers on stage!)
Sunday 2nd of august on the Forest stage (with other guest performers on stage!)


OMNIA will be playing ONE DAY on the MPS festival in Köln (D)
-Saturday 1st of august on the Festivalbühne

So that's a whole lotta showtime to look forward to for us all!
Come join us for some PaganF...?

Greenthingz and Love in the Forest!
Shaman SteveSic the Satyr ;-)                       (pic by Dryad and the Nymphs)

Even more CHAOS in the OMNIA merchandise!

We have finally added the "OMNIA est CHAOS" Hoodie to our collection of shirts in the webshop and live-merchandise!

Chaos is Creativity, Creativity is Everything, Everything is Chaos...

This is the design Shaman SteveSic used to paint (by hand) on his own teeshirts when he was a teenager...
"Everything is Chaos" is one of the basic religious principals of Sic's non-dogmatic paganism.

 NOW he has re-designed it and this Chaos-star has been skillfully printed onto a zipped Hoodie!, so that YOU can wear, feel and spread the CREATIVE CHAOS too!!

Have a Creative Day!
the OMNIA merch-team

picture by Myrthe Fortuna Evans  , model: Damien Raven Evans

Behold! The mighty WYRMSLAYER!!!

Xxx ;-)
Stenny. Pic by Sic

Eye Candy...

"Look up, laugh loud, talk big, keep the color in your cheek and the fire in your eye, adorn your person, maintain your health, your beauty and your animal spirits."

William Hazlitt    (1778-1830)

pic of Jenny's eye by Sic

Storm Winds may Blow, but we'll just blow back harder!!

Today the Neverlands and Germany were hit by MASSIVE Storm Winds... in holland the worst storms in more than a hundred years in the middle of the Summer!
 The festivals playing on this weekend in Germany (like MPS Karlsrühe) were getting a lot of heavy weather and EXTREMELY hard winds! (good luck and gute laune to all our friends there!)

 The festivals building up in holland this weekend, Like our dear old CASTLEFEST  are feeling the hard-edge of climate change right now!
I just got a quick report from Mark at the Castlefest site about trees blown down , Huge Branches ripped off and a lot of weather bother during the build-up today (Keep it up there guys! You're doing a great job!)

But we all keep on going!  As long as we stand together we can keep on making these festivals work , no matter what happens!

The theme of Castlefest this coming weekend (31st of july)  will be LOVE, so we'll be there to PAGANFOLK ROCK for you on the village stage on FRIDAY EVENING (and as a "Love Special" we will be sharing our stage set with some well-loved friends of ours from now, as well as from long ago ;-)

On the saturday (1st of  august) we'll roll over to MPS FESTIVAL in KÖLN  there to bring the feeling of LOVE to the Festival Buhne over there!

Then on SUNDAY AFTERNOON (2nd of  august) we race back to Castlefest to pour all the collected LOVE of this whole weekend onto the ForestStage ...Oh YEAH!

We hope as many as possible of you can join us somewhere in this giant Musickal Orgasm of Pagan-Love!

The StormWinds Blow HARD on the Golden Barley
But we will keep on Dancing till we DIE!

Let's celebrate LIFE and LOVE together!!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA            pic by Kees Stravers

OMFG! ... It's my Birthday AGAIN!?

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
happy birthday dear me-heeeeeeeee!
happy birthday to me!


(to quote one of my favourite literary characters Logen Ninefingers)

"I'm still Alive..."

Peace and Slainte!
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Kees Stravers

Baby BlackBirdy no.3 "Spirit bird"

This bird is a ghost...

BUT...he's still alive and growing fast! 


This little bugger is the reason why we don't sleep so much anymore (baby birds need a LOT of feeding!) and this is also the reason why we have suddenly turned into full time hunter/gatherers to take over the job of the parents in finding the right food for this little hunter/gatherer.

It now seems that this little mite will never be able to have a "normal" life again in the wyld because (as I feared) his leg will never be fixed properly again ... (the animal doctor that examined him gave him no hope at all of regaining the use of his right leg...)
This means that  as a young birdy in the wild he will die, although he is really healthy, he does not have any pain, he's very happy and full of energy and curiousity...

so what to do?

If we take him to the "proper authorities" in holland (the society for the protection of animals) he will die... they will "put him to sleep" (ie: kill him) because they feel that is the only "animal friendly" option.

If we set him down in the forest outside on his own he will die.
(he would be a hopping fluttering little snack for the first preditor that sees him)

So we do the only thing we feel we can do, we look after him ourselves for as long as he needs us... for as long as we can...

Hopefully like this he'll have a "good life" and a "meaningfull existence" for as long as possible... it's strange to think that if we wouldn't have intervened he would have been dead within hours...

So look at this little bird on my hand... he should be dead... but he's not
(oh boy! I can tell you he is NOT dead! ;-)

he is a GHOST...
he is unreal...
actually he shouldn't exist....
Just like us!     

Greenthingz on little flappy wings
Stenny and the spirit bird**       pic by Jenny

**no we haven't given him/her a name yet...he just answers to "peep" at the moment, if he/she ever grows up completely then he/she will be named.

the NEW "OMNIA est CHAOS" Girlie-shirt!!

Because SO MANY of you have asked for a "girl" version of the now famous "OMNIA est CHAOS" tee-shirt...

the beautifull, open-backed V-neck Summer top for those hot summer days!
Available for €20,- from our online webshop

and ofcourse from our merchandise stand at the upcoming OMNIA live-shows on Castlefest, Köln MPS and throughout the rest of this festival season!

Greenthingz and Chaos!

the Omnia-Merchandise team

SteveSic Stabbed himself?!! AGAIN?!!

Yep it's time for some new tattoos... and because we like to do things "old-school" I've decided to make all my new tattoos using the pre-historic "hand-poke" technique. For this ancient style of tattoo-working (as found in old archeological digs) I simply use a nice sharp needle and some black ink and a lot of patience...

more pagan tattoos on my skin!

I have heard some of you ask what Jenny and My tattoos represent, well, it's like this:

they are simply intuitively free-drawn flowing shapes that mimic nature...which I've drawn directly onto our bodies while being in a trance-like state, thus following our energetic and physical lines.
The drawings themselves are intuitively made but lightly based upon ancient Celtic patterns as found on excavated pottery , stone and metalwork (mostly from the LaTéne period, the style which later helped to inspire "art-nouveau" and "jugendstil").
These plant , feather and leaflike patterns signify the ever-present shadows of nature as they fall upon our bodies. To strengthen the bond between us and the living planet for all time.

I also put these designs on everything I make for OMNIA (from CD-artwork to TeeShirts and other merch etc.)

and before you ask:

Yes... you ARE allowed to copy any and all of these sacred-nature tattoo designs onto your own skin***
This is free spiritual ART and I make it for everybody who has a heart for nature to enjoy :-)

GreenThingz, BlackThingz,NatureThingz!
Shaman SteveSic

***Except one: please NEVER copy the tattoo that Jenny and me wear between our shoulderblades because this is our private wedding-tattoo...







Castlefest Lisse NL