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we're a Paganband... we come from Paganland


XX and Greenzz and Sepia

pic by Sic


(fool moon lunacy ;-)

Yep! it's true! after the intervention of some Nature-loving Necromancers , who have used the energy of the present full moon to empower their Black Arts....
we have all been resurrected back from the dead to carry on our Pagan- fight for the Earth through our (militant yet beautifull) PaganFolk Musick!
It seems that OMNIA's musick is so popular that our webshop is being swamped by orders for our NEW CD "EARTH WARRIOR"!!  
I realise that the waiting times, postage and handling is sometimes more than in "regular" online stores like Amazon and other big retail-outlets... but that's because ithese orders are all done by the OMNIA family personally and especially and specifically by merchbabe "Chloé and the Bakkertjes"...
So Thank you soo much for your EXTRA support of OMNIA by ordering directly from US before the real sales madness starts!!!

 Starting on the 25th of April 2014 OMNIA-"EARTH WARRIOR" will be available at your local recordstore as well as all online sales outlets (including digital sales like i-tunes etc!)

Greenthingz and BRAINZZZZ!!!!
Shaman SteveSic

pic by Sick Z. Ombie


Yep!... we practiced so hard this weekend that we all died of exhaustion... sad but true.. ah well! nevermind!...
it was fun while it lasted eh?

Greenz thingz on spiritwingz!
the ghost of OMNIA

picture by beetlejuice


Just for YOU!

you can get it HERE

and ... as a little special gift .. we have put a "taste" of this revolutionary OMNIA album for you to listen to on our website landing page!!

*only available from our webshop and live merchandise stand at concerts.
(the "official store and mp3-online release" is on the 25th of april)

This is Satrya!

Last night he was Playing PaganMusick on the OMNIA stage, when we were "Home" again at the awesome MPS "Gisi's Happy Birthday" party in Dortmund! Where we (pre-) released our new cd "EARTHWARRIOR"! ..and he ROCKED! OMNIA has found a worthy guitar player and a good friend!  ( reason for a party!)
AND today is Satrya's Birthday!   (more reason for a party!)
So you can congratulate him on his first succesfull show with OMNIA, and you can grant him long life and happiness aswell!!

Our merchstand at the massive westfalen halle  got swamped by hundreds of wonderfull people yesterday who wanted the new CD!!
We are hoping to hear the first reactions from everyone who managed to get hold of one! .....and .... as a present to everybody who could NOT be there we will start selling "EARTH WARRIOR" from our online webshop on starting somewhere Tomorrow!!!

we had a great time at the party ,I danced like crazy to Saltatio Mortis enjoyed the gifts of nature (thanx Knut! ;-) we had an hours-long signing session in the hall , followed by an hours long singing session in the bathroom together while Rob was making sandwiches... life is weird and wonderfull!
we are happy 'cause our Pagan life is good , we hope yours is too!...
Greenthingz on PaganFolk Musick wingzzzz
Shaman SteveSic , Jenny, Daphyd, Rob, Satrya and the gang!
 (picture by Kees Stravers)


This coming saturday will be a double-special day for OMNIA
1st of all: We will sneakily RELEASE the "EARTH WARRIOR" upon the audience!!
2nd : We will proudly release a NEW OMNIA MUSICK WARRIOR upon the stage!!

On the MPS party in Dortmund this weekend we will be joined on stage by our mystery musick friend ... you'll see what he looks like at the gig there... (or more probably on live pictures from that show because lots of YOU reading this post are not even on the same continent as us this weekend!)....
but I can already tell you his name is Satrya  (and no...before you think it.... that is not a made up stage-name... that's his actual name ...)
and we're sure sure you'll like him just as much as we do! if you happen to be in Dortmund on saturday...
...standing infront of the GIGANTIC stage of the WestfalenHalle...
...happily smiling at your newly aquired OMNIA cd "EARTHWARRIOR"   
(which is incidentally the best fecking CD which we have EVER made!)
...well... tear your eyes away from the awesome artwork of the cover and look up... because on the Stage you will see:
Daphyd, Rob, SteveSic, Jenny and Satrya rocking the stage together with the revolutionary sound of the one and only Purest homegrown PaganFolk Musick... ... Earth Musick...
OMNIA Musick!!!

OMNIA... for ever your EARTHWARRIORS...

nothing is sacred... only nature


OMNIA is proud to say:

Captain Paul Watson is a man who has dedicated his life to preserving the diversity of life on this planet , by actually physically preventing industrialised murderers engaged in genocide from committing their heinous crimes against defenseless wild creatures of the earth. He is a man whom I really really respect, as an activist, as a poet/writer, as a philosopher, as a warrior and as a "proud traitor to his own race" (like us).
The organisation(s) that he has helped to build form the only real "international police force" to protect endangered species and the eco-sphere with any amount of success.
The Seashepherd organisation is run and maintained by many volunteers of all ages and races  from all over the world, many of whom risk their lives on a daily basis to "defend the defenseless against those who are unscrupulous" … all for the love of nature, and all with a very "down to earth" no nonsense attitude of "less talk, more action"
Like us they have no huge executive office , no big business support,
no "bean counters" , no commercial infrastucture… they live by their own rules and their own means and the support of sympathisers like YOU.
Our new song "EARTH WARRIOR" and the whole new album "EARTH WARRIOR" was heavily inspired by many brave freedom fighters and monkey-wrenchers through the ages …  but Paul Watson in particular!

we hope that many of you (will) do too…

Greenthingz and EARTHFORCE!
Shaman SteveSic et OMNIA


(EARTH WARRIOR"- part 12)

yep... it's a pagan song we wrote about the horned god...

"Call me Satan call me Satyr
I'm Cernunnos I am Pan
I'm the laughter in the forest
I'm the happy horny one

Dionyssos Kokopelli
Lord of animals Green Man
And though it started long ago
My story's just begun

See the horns upon my head
the hooves on which I dance
Feel the passion rising up
Lose yourself in trance

There are many Gods inside your head
And I am only one
Believe in me I'll set you free
To worship me is fun

Because I stand for freedom
The forest wyld untamed
I'm creative Chaos no I just cannot be chained

You people think you're different but to me you're all the same
So if you feel in need of me well you can call my name

Call me Satan call me Satyr
I'm Cernunnos I am Pan…"

(lyrics by Stenny)
Greenz and Horns!
Shaman SteveSic        

OMNIA teeshirt design by Sic  ... what do you think of it?


After the many hilarious reactions on the web we have decided to start selling a limited amount of our new cd "EARTH WARRIOR" at the OMNIA merchandise stand when we play at:

the MPS party in Dortmund this coming saturday!  
(even though the official store release is the 25th of April)

We do this as a "thank you" for all the loyal support we have received from YOU our fans and from our BIG friend Gisi and his wonderfull MPS festivals!
After our show in the mega-huge WestfalenHalle , we will have an extra long signing session  and then Partyyyyyyy!!! to celebrate our newest baby together with YOU!!!

So if you live in or close to Germany and are planning to go there this weekend, be sure to drop by the OMNIA merch-stand to get your own copy of the newest addition to the REAL sound of Revolutionary neo-Celtic PaganFolk! !


picture of Steve Sic wearing his "Gisi-tribute"  rayban sunglasses and camo-coat taken by Jenny :-)


Look what mr.Fluffy found growing in the forest around the StennyStudio!!!
THOUSANDS of Home-grown EARTH WARRIOR CD's!!!  Yes they are here!

You can't buy them yet ... but the most important part is:

They have arrived safe and sound together with the new blossom and the fresh sprouting seeds!...
Many many months and one long winter of hard work and wonderfull crazy creativity have led to this moment.... and... it was all worth it! they sound (and look) AMAZING! Ofcourse as OMNIA's chief executive and producer, mr.Fluffy is very happy indeed and he hopes that you will all like this new album as much as he does :-)
ofcourse you will still have to wait untill the official shop release on april the 25th to buy them from your local or online record stores etc.

BUT ...  our manager mr.Fluffy has allowed us the possibility to start selling them earlier... at our own merchandise stand and online shop.....when we start to tour and play again!
It really all depends on how badly you want "EARTH WARRIOR"...

 what would you be willing to do to get hold of the newest OMNIA disc,  jam-packed full of the purest homegrown PAGANFOLK EARTH MUSICK?

write, share, photograph, spam and post your reactions here...
 If there are enough reactions to please mr.Fluffy then we will start our own sales on the day that we play the MPS party in Dortmund on april the 5th!!

I will close this message with a word from our only sponsor (which by an amazing coincidence is also mr.Fluffy who says that he has not been mentioned enough in this blog)

"Yo peeples!... me is an ERT WARRIOR! ... HowboutYOU?"

Greenz and Revolutionary Musick!
OMNIA and mr.Fluffy      

pic of mr.Fluffy and the Earth Warriors by a very happy Sic







MPS, Luhmühlen near Salzhausen (DE)