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NEW in the WEBSHOP!! the Girlie V-Neck SummerTop!

This beautifull and sexy NEW OMNIA SHIRT is just right for the coming summer!

it's printed with the original OMNIA "Heart of Gold" logo (in Gold... obviously) and is available in the sizes S,M,L en XL!!
For Sexy Girls and... erm?... feminine guys?

Do YOU WANT ONE? they cost €20,- and you can get one HERE

(and ofcourse at the OMNIA merchandise stand at this year's live concerts)

Greenthingz and Goldenheartz!
the OMNIA merchandise team

models: Damien Raven and Myrthe Fortuna

MPS Was fun!

Now we isz hungover ... 

Eurgh... OMNIA

On the road again!

MPS luhmuehlen here we come!

Packing for the road! (how did all this stuff fit in my bag?)

Yes dear friends,  We are packing our bags and and "getting into the travel vibe" again... Because the First festival show of the Year is coming up!! ...
This coming weekend at the MPS Luhmühlen in germany!
 Now I hear many of you say: "What!?... why do you play so much in Germany and not in MY country!?"

well the simple reason is this:
OMNIA are like Vampires... we suck your blood... erm?.. no wait that is not right....
What I meant is... we are a bit like vampires because we can only go into places where we are INVITED...  

and In Germany there are many many great festivals that know how popular OMNIA is with any festival audience ... so they book us a lot to come and play for them... again and again! But you know that We ALWAYS consider any serious offer for any good festival in ANY country in the world!

So... if you want OMNIA to play NEAR YOU... then just convince some festival you know to BOOK US (all bookings can be done via the OMNIA-website) and if they can meet our requirements.. then we will come over and PAGANFOLKROCK the fecking place...for YOU!

Greenthingz and PaganFolk!
Stenny et OMNIA                          fuzzyPic by fuzzySic


merchandise part 2

It looks like OMNIA patches are back on the menu boyz!
after many many months of absense... by popular request!...
they are back in the webshop and in the live-merch stand!
€4,- each
get them HERE

or live in our next gig at Luhmühlen

Greenthingz and OMNIA-Logo's!

Real life, Real Merchandise for Real people!

part 1

We like pretty thingz! And we like sponsoring creative people! so we will be adding more HANDMADE exclusive merchandise to our webshop and live-merchandise stand in the coming weeks.
Like these trés chique leather and metal bracelets from "Made in the Attic" art productions in holland.

 The prices for the more exclusive pieces like these delicate wrist decorations will be very high compared to the "normal" band merchandise that you are used to.
(around €75,-)
 But that is because each one is cut and soldered by hand from sheet metal and then fixed onto hand-stitched leather. (which is all very time consuming work)
and they are all made in limited amounts and numbered by the artists themselves.

we will have just a few of these bracelets as well as two different types of exclusive necklaces also by "made in the Attic" with us at our merchandise stand when we play the MPS in Luhmühlen on the 18th of april

Check it out!

Greenthingz and See you there!

Europe gets AssFucked by the USA! (TTIP)

-The original Europa of Greek legend was raped by Zeus in the form of a Bull...
-Modern Europe is now getting fucked in the ass by corporate BULLSHIT from the USA...
You don't know what I'm talking about?...
Use some moments of your precious time on your smartphone/computer/laptop/crystalball to check out the "Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership"
(aka: TTIP)

You thought global business wasn't big n' bad enough?
You thought we could still stop the complete take-over of our land and our lives by corporations without a conscience?
You though that YOUR government wouldn't sell you and your family into corporate slavery?

well think again...
and then...
YOU can start seriously planning what YOU intend to do about it!...
because... If not YOU, who else?

So even though Spring is here!
even though The Sun may shine!
The "WAR on Nature" is getting dirtier and harder every day...

Stay Strong! Stay focused! This is YOUR land, This is YOUR life so FIGHT for it!!!Greenthingz :-)
Shaman SteveSic                                                  cartoon by Tommes

Fuck Yeah! ...It's great to be back!

Yes OMNIA Blij Yes...

Sold out Altstadt rocked like a Modderfokker!
(sorry for the people that couldn't get in anymore... try to reserve a ticket next time! ;) )

Now we are hung-over and happy Pagans with big smiles 
(the whole band crashed at Daphyd's place and we are now sloooooowly waking up with coffee and crazy conversations)

Have a great weekend! (we will!)


vette backstage pic by Brendz

Happy Face!

Tomorrow we play the FIRST show of the YEAR!
which is always a special moment for us!
So that means lots of final checking the equiptment! like:

Restringing and fine-tuning all the guitars and bouzoukis, putting new skins on the drumkit, polishing and cleaning the harp, checking the stage-piano, fixing new merchandise cases ,checking and re-checking all the mics and technical gear... and, ofcourse...
cleaning and re-tuning all my flutes (some of which have been with me on stage for EVVA!... like "Happy Face" , my trusty old custom low-D whistle)
Look at him!... look at that cute little smile... all polished, clean and ready to Blow forth a Pagan Folk Storm!
He's good to go... I'm good to go ;-)
tomorrow we Rock together! Old Happy face and me... we'll PaganRock for all we're worth! , like we do EVERY Year for YOU!... like we have have done since 1996...

I hope to see as many of YOU as possible this year!

Greenthingz and PaganFolkRock!
Shaman SteveSic,Happy Face and OMNIA

pic by sic

ps:The Agenda will be updated soon, and I'll explain a little to you about when ,where and especially WHY we are booked to play in some countries and not in other countries...

Alte welt, Alte Band, Altstadt here we come!!!

10th of April










MPS  Dortmund, DE