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Daphyd's Birthday!!!

Tomorrow is Daphyd's birthday!!

and we will be playing on the MPSfestival  in Speyer !

Come on over and  join us to wish him a good one and many more!!



pic by Bernd Sonntag

no blog

were too busy writing musick...
no time to blog today ... sorry!
here's a pretty pic by Erwin van Dijck

Tea and Talks (there's a new CD brewing!)

Making two new OMNIA studio-CD productions takes thought, time and lots tea...
We're making the planning now for all the studio days we will need to finish up The OMNIA "Naked Harp" CD...
(which will be RELEASED this winter!!!)
and to plan all the recording dates for the NEW OMNIA Band CD...
(which will be RECORDED this winter!!!)

So today it's Tea and Talks with Fieke of Orchus studio  to plan all our free time this coming winter full so that YOU can get more of the best quality PaganFolk Musick!!

Greenthingz and fresh infusions!
Stenny and Fieke

pic by Sic


Today is a good day to Dye!


... I'm using black henna!


Green and blackthingz!

Hair Art...

Pic by Sic

Like a bird on a wire

(A day for slacking...)


We have a new toy, it's called a slack-rope!


Stenny is just playing musick and having fun today!


Pic by sic

Birds in bed

baby Blackbird pt.5

This is what getting woken up by a strange bird in bed looks like!
(I mean... we've shared our bed with birds before, but never one like this! ;-)

And... Hasn't this little fellow grown a lot since my last blog about him?!!

the story so far:
we found him as a baby  with a busted leg and no parents to take care of him...
(after a cat-attack)
the bird-doctor we took him to said it was hopeless,his leg wouldn't heal, he wouldn't make it in the wild...
so we nursed him and hand fed him  and he grew...
he has now learned to use his invalided leg...
he lives in our house (and at dreamharps when we are on tour)...
he has learned to fly like a champion...
he is curious about the world...
he is starting to sing!... he talks with us and when we play music together (me on the flutes and him singing... it makes us feel like fucking cinderella!...

AND he is currently flying around through the trees above me...

we are giving him "living in the wild-training" now, he is free to leave the stenny studio any time he likes so, he comes and goes constantly, returning every hour or so for some food and a chat, and then flapping away again.
Every time he flies away could be the last time we see him, (snif) but that's how it goes...
we don't "own" this little soul... we are just taking care of him for as long as he needs us...

that's one of the things you do when you are an EarthWarrior :-)

Greenthingz on growning wingz!
Stenny and Piepje (aka: "Glokta the Wyrmslayer")

fuzzy morning pic by Sic


Sayan Didge energy attack!

pic by Erwin van Dijck Videoproducties​
(and a very happy birthday today Erwin!)

CyberShaman SteveSic

New Picture galleries online!

three beautifull series of live-pics shot by none other than our dear friend Erwin van Dijck!

shots of Castlefest friday with Fieke form Cesair and ex-OMNIA guitarista Joe!
shots of MPS Koln with DEATH on a heatwave stage (and SteveSic without pants)
shots of Castlefest Sunday with Maria Franz from Euzen!

all captured by the masterfull lens of Erwin ... ENJOY!
check it our here

Singing in the rain!

What a wet and wonderfully weird weekend!
Wet like the rain and full of nature spirit!
Respect to all you crazy fans who stood and danced in the mud while the rain poured down relentlessly! What a fun party!
So many smiling faces, so many strong earth warriors ( so many wet teeshirts!) was just heartwarming ans spirit strengthening to be out there playing for YOU!
Thanx to all the fans that put their umbrellas away so everybody could see and feel th vibe!
Thanx to all the brave festival crew who make all this possible for everyone .... In the sunshine AND in the rain!

We are one clan...
Peace and Respect







Festival, 20 Jahre IN EXTREMO, Loreley, DE