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Moon Blood... it's only natural (this is real life, because we are real people)

Hmmm? Jenny is lying down on a comfy bed in the livingroom
with a hotwater-bottle on her tummy,  
no work and no stupid distractions,
tucked-in under a soft warm blanket
with a large dish of awesome home-made chocolate,
a fresh pot of herbal tea
a nice vaporiser full of cannabis
a good book to read
and the tender company of mr.Fluffy...
massage oil is on hand for some gentle muscle care later on...

 this can only mean one thing:
 it's the time of Jenny's moonblood, the days in which her body hits the "reset" button to recuperate it's energy and to balance the mind and soul again...
Ofcourse all you women out there will know what I'm talking about, and (hopefully) most of you men out there too ;-)

Luckily we have no OMNIA shows to play this weekend! , so this time Jenny can just chill and sleep and relax and let nature take it's course with her hormones and her whole body.
(This is something every woman should be able to do in this modern life when it is her "time of the month" , we are not machines, we are creatures of nature and should be allowed to act according to what the moon and the seasons tell us)

 I always spend extra time on caring for, and loving Jenny when she's like this.
(this is a good tip for all you guys out there too: When your woman needs you, be there for her! give her the extra tender loving care she wants , understand what she needs and be there for her , if you don't know what works well,  just follow the simple recipe in this blog ;-)

Not every blog has to be about a cool photograph, not every blog has to be angry, not every blog has to be about creativity and the changing earth...
We are all "human", so sometimes there is a blog just about "being" ;-)

Greenthingz and Peace
Shaman SteveSic and Jenny                   pic by sic

Tree Climbing


(selfie) Picture by Stenny


from Hohenwestedt


Pic by Michael Meister

Mps was awesome!

Beautifull people
Beautifull festival
Beautifull TREES!!!


We've arrived!!

Tomorrow we will play at MPS Hohenwestedt!!

But first we enjoy our "green witchy B&B" ;)


Peace and Love in the Forest

It's so green and peacefull in our forest...ah!... to love in nature!
Sometimes I just want to stay here forever between the trees, embraced by life and my soul-mate  and never have to go out into the stoopid world again....

never have to drive our big black-pearl onto the silly highways full of death and danger..
never have to try to co-exist  with "normal" people-monkeys in their (un)Natural enviroment...
never have to look at the billboards advertising fastfood and consumer goods and other worthless shit and poison...the destruction, the waste , the ignorance...

BUT we HAVE to do this...
at least... we HAVE to do this if we want to play for YOU!!

so... we take a piece of PEACE and a portion of LOVE with us from our home , and we bring it to YOU, because that is what we DO.

Tomorrow we drive to the north of Germany to share some love with you on the MPS festival in Hohenwestedt...

See YOU there!

XXX and Greenthingz!
Stenny et OMNIA                  pic by Sic

Pagan Banner Painting...


I've started Painting New OMNIA Stage Banners for the first time in over 10 years!
The old ones we made are in need of some repair after gracing a 1000 stages,
 so I thought now would be a good time to design some more! ;-)
I like having handmade stuff on stage, instruments, decorations and ofcourse THE BANNERS!
a Stage-banner is a holy thing for us ...steeped in ritual and musick-magick... It's the central focus of the stage... That's why they have to be hand-made personally.
And so..there's me with a paintbrush infusing timeless pagan-spellcraft into modern (fire-safe, EU standard) black stage cloth...

It's a lot of extra effort, which most people don't understand AT ALL...
but hey! What the fuck!
That's how we roll in the world of OMNIA ;-)

Greeenz, Blackzzz and Octagrams!###
Shaman Steve Sic
(Inquisitor of Chaos, Pope of Paganism, Saint of Superfluous Titles)

***we tried :
"real musick, real people, but fake plastic banners made by some hired designer on photoshop and printed in an icky factory somewhere"... but it just didn't have the same ring to it ;-)

ps: no...they are not a pentagrams... just count the pointy bits ;-)


and today we're back in the Orchus studio!

Harps Harps Harps... ;-)

pic by Sic

More New OMNIA Merchandise!!

More NEW Omnia "Ivy Leaf" merchandise has been added to the OMNIA-webshop!
(including the €5,- Ivy-keychain this time!!)

Everything in the Ivy-Leaf series is hand-made by local European craftspeople  in very limited amounts so get them before their all sold out!

Greenthingz and Leavezzzz

pic by Sic

Crazy Band...

yup...dat's us!!

Life is good! (I hope yours is too)

Greenz and weirdness!

pic by Ans!







"Cocomedivale" Festival in SCHLOSS BRITZ, Alt - Britz 73, 12...