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Forest Dreaming

XXX Stenny
picture by Samantha Evans
ps: Only 2 more days untill the NEW OMNIA UNPLUGGED-LIVE-VIDEO RELEASE goes online!!!


Greenz and Ice!

XXX Stenny                                                      picture by Samantha Evans



ps: Only 3 more days untill the NEW OMNIA VIDEO RELEASE goes online!!!

OMNIA acoustic-unplugged at DreamHarps!

Would YOU like to see OMNIA play live without any amplification in the intimate setting of DreamHarps? (Jenny's parents house) Would you like to be one of the invited guests in the tiny audience of about 30 people while this Pagan band plays their unique PaganFolk musick  for Hans's 80th birthday?
(Hans is ofcourse Jenny's dad who looks more like a wizard every day ;-)

well... then keep a look out on our YOUTUBE channel for the upcoming release of our new SPECIAL live-video:

"OMNIA-unplugged at Hans's 80th birthday party"

where YOU can be part of this special audience of Omnia's family and friends while YOU are comfortably sitting at home! For FREE!

recorded LIVE, unmixed!, unmastered! just PURE musick!

Real life, Real Musick, Real People
Greenthingz on Musickal wingz
Shaman SteveSic et Omnia

ps: before any of you smart-arses mention it... yes... I can see it too that Satrya has a cable hanging out of the back of his guitar , but that is for his tuner... there are no amps!... ;-)

Omnia bandmembers on holiday!

part 5: Efteling!

roses are red
Violets are blue
Going to themeparks
Is the hipster thing to do!

Xxx and droomvlucht!

Pic of Satrya and Maria by Pardoes 

OMNIA band-members on holiday ;-)

part 4: tabletop Role Playing!!!

"Dragons are red
Computers games are cool
but if you want the hard stuff
Role Playing RULES!!!"

XXX and d20!!

pic of Merch-dude Damien (aka: Merlin Manson) , Myrthe (aka: Lucy Mc Death) and Jenny (aka: BrunHilde of Crow'sTor) by Sic (aka: God)

ps: we're playing a "selfmade by Sic" system of roleplaying based on d20/dungeons and dragons, mixed with warhammer rollplay, call of cthulu, vampire the gathering and the world of terry pratchett.

OMNIA Band-Members on Holiday!

part 3: playing computer-Games!!

Roses are red
Like Mario's hat
You rammed my buggy?
I'll make you pay for that!!!

XXX and pixelated mayhem!

pic of Merchbabe Majo, Roadie Thomas and Jenny  by YoShic

Guess who's back?

New Facebook Banner! 


Picture by Bernd
Banner by Daphyd Crow ૐ

OMNIA band-members on holiday ;-)

part 2: walking in the woods!!

"The trees grow so green
The sun gives us light
and joy from the heart
makes this day shine so bright!"

XXX and peace

pic of Vita and Rob by Sic

OMNIA band-members on holiday :-)

part 1: checking out the 007 museum!!

"Marsha's hair is red
Daphyd's dreads aren't blond
they both went to London
to see mr.James Bond!"

XXX and peace

pic of Mars and Daphyd by the LondonCrow


Live PaganFolkRock on the road!!

Yes folks we have the first new dates of confirmed OMNIA shows for 2015 online in our OMNIA AGENDA!!

more will follow...

Greenz and XXX


pic by Bernd







MPS  Luhmühlen, DE