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Nothing is sacred... Only nature.

The new OMNIA Earth Warrior videoclip online in 2 more days.

There is a WAR on NATURE...

and we can all choose what to do... So are you an Earth Warrior? Do you have what it takes? Find out... in 3 more days.

Fuck yeah!

Our Friday-night show was a real blast at Faerieworlds this weekend! Check out the stage, atmosphere and the audience! 
Tomorrow we will be back for another great PaganFolk Show in Eugene on Mount Pisgah, now time for some sleep.. Believe me, we need it! 

See ya'll tomorrow! 

Greenz Daphyd et OMNIA

Waiting... waiting... our brand new video clip "Earth Warrior" online in 4 days!!!

And the countdown has started... our new video clip online in 5 days!!!

The Omnia has landed in USA!

We (and our instruments) have happily survived the flight and we're safely at "home from home" with our American friends here in oregon!
Looking forward to playing Faerieworlds coming weekend!!
Jetlagged happy faces and greeeeeeenz!
OMNIA and friends 

We're through the gate,

the harp is checked in, we are chilling at the terminal, ready to go go, see ya in Oregon. 

We keep you posted! 


Building a temporary Harp-Case

Yep…that is part of the life of a Pagan Musician aswell… we just recently found out that apparently we can't take our normal flight-case on the plane as we were counting on all along… because the person that arranged it made a "little mistake"…
Jenny just checked to be sure and found out…  oh feck !


So now I'm feverishly building a temporary harpCase from cardboard and foam rubber and tape and rope ("feverishly" is meant quite literally because I've gotten a throat infection aswell now, so I'm floating on pain-killers and anti-biotics )… but anyway… hopefully this will keep the harp safe … and hopefully they will let us  take it on the plane to the US tomorrow… it's all been arranged and all will be well!! … at least that's what we've been told (by the same person who "arranged" the flight case, so I'm still a little sceptical) we will find out tomorrow...

Oh yeah…and our van just broke down, so Jenny had to arrange for the emergency service to come and bring her and the van in the pouring rain to the garage, where it will remain for a while  to be fixed in time for us when we come back from the US… We have to borrow another van to take us to the airport…

Ah well …such is life and that's the price of wanting to play real acoustic music without playback…

let's see what the morrow bringz us!
Greenthingz and Dark thoughts on this cold and wet fucking day
Shaman SteveSic

the Wheel of Time Rolls on...

I found an old photo for your amusement...

So... does anyone recognise this 23 year old OMNIA member?


pic by the photobooth on some european train station in the distant past

The OMNIA crew is in the Video Too!!

check out these 3  (l to R)
-Michelle: sometimes merchbabe/camera crew...
-Damien Raven: reformed Roadie turned super-sympa merchdude...
-Chloé: our head-merchbabe for the last 5 years, who will leave OMNIA after the Castlefest 10year anniversary show...

They're Earth Warriors... how about you?







Wacken Open Air, Wacken (DE)