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the New OMNIA 2016 Theatre-tour dates are online!!!

check them out HERE

Greenz and PaganFolk!

OMNIA     pic by Bernd Sonntag


there's a NEW Photo Gallery online!

Check out the beautifull new pictures of the OMNIA show in Dortmund
all pics by Kees Stravers!

Greeeeeenzzz and Woolly Hats

Real Life, Real Musick, Real People!

MPS Dortmund rocked!!!
Thank you all for sharing the good vibes with us.

Kisses OMNIA

Pic by Kees Stravers

NEW MERCH!!! The OMNIA "Ivy-Leaf" collection!

(OMNIA... Real Life, Real Merch. part 3)

As you know OMNIA is getting tonnes of NEW MERCHANDISE in the web and live store this year!
 All HANDMADE by local artists here in Holland and Germany!  

Like the OMNIA "Ivy Leaf Collection" of beautiful pouches, wristbands,bracers and keychains!  
These products are very exclusive indeed!  and available in everybody's price-range!
for instance the NEW OMNIA keychain is only €5,- !

We will start selling these beautifull OMNIA goodies at our LIVE-Merch stand at the MPS festival in Dortmund tomorrow!!

And ofcourse they will be put in the online-webshop this weekend!

Greenthingz and Art-thingz with leaves on!!
the OMNIA merchandise team

pic by Luna et Sol ;-)

Cool Day

Today is a day that i have nothing to say except ...Hey!
Have a Cool day!

Stenny           pic by Dirk Jacobs

King's Day!!!

Today is "Kings Day" in holland...(note for all foreigners : this is a day in which most people here celebrate their ongoing slavery to an inbred family of early land-thieves)
We ofcourse are free...
We except no kings!... 
Unless ofcourse they are people like my old friend "King Mark"! ...The lord of Castlefest!

Greenthingz ,

Royalty and Peace!
The Pope and the King

(Pic by the Queen of the fairies)

BOOM! here come da BOOM! ...ready or not...YOU gotta give it your best shot! (subtitle: every day is EARTHDAY...)

Do you hear the explosions? Do you hear the unmistakable sound of a gazillion  seeds, plants and trees sprouting leaves and exploding into new life?
Do you hear the joyous cry of uncountable living creatures re-populating the Earth with new animals, insects and fish?

Last week it was EARTHDAY a sweet little (semi-commercial) though well-meant initiative to repopulate the Earth with trees to make the world a better , greener place.
I applaud the initiative, but sadly I deplore the outcome. The bio-sphere will not be saved by symbolically planting a couple of trees,once a year...
it won't be saved by saying that some old trees may not be cut down, once a year...
it won't be saved by thinking about the earth and her children, once a year...

"But it's a good start!, it helps to make people AWARE!" I hear you say...
What point is there to having a "good start" when the human race has almost reached the finish line?
You're going to have to do a damn sight more than plant a few trees while the wholesale destruction just carries on day by day...
(it's like "trying to dry the floor while the watertap is still running", as they say here in holland)
Don't get me wrong (although I'm sure some of you undoubtedly will, hahaha)
OFCOURSE it's a good thing to plant trees! , (Jenny and me plant loads of trees)
but then don't plant just one... plant a hundred...plant a thousand... plant one and a half million!!
 (thats what the man who originally made the forested hill we live on did... he took an old run down bit of partly deforested nature and planted more than 1.500.000 extra trees to make a beautifull and diverse nature reserve for animals and for the relaxation and health of the people from the city where he lived... he did this because he could... he did this because he was quite rich and because he cared for nature and because he wanted to really give something back to the community ... way back at the start of the last century, when many rich people sometimes did social things aswell...)
Ok.. so nowadays the present local councels and timber-companies disguised as "National wild life conservation organisations" are doing their damned best to destroy it all again... but what the fuck...we just keep planting... (Stenny planted about 200 young trees today)

Go out there and sow seeds, plant trees, spread mosses and lichen, plant ivy, plant and sow as much as you can! , every day that you can!, your whole life long!
When you can help an Animal it!
When you can help a it!

And that way YOU Join in the circle of LIFE and support ECO-ANARCHY**
**= (the right of every seed to grow where it may and to live a rich and full life)

Never give up hope because There is a beautifull future for the EARTH and her children!

In my mind's eye I see old growth forests of trees 600 years old and more,
(if they don't get cut down now)
I see herds of wild bison roaming free,
(if the fences disappear and they don't get shot for fun)
I see seas and rivers bursting with a diversity of fish and marine mammals
(if they don't get massacred by the million by greedy fisheries)
I see the starling flock in hundreds of millions writing messages of joy in the sky
(if their worldwide habitats would be restored again)
I the sun rise over green carpets of natural and varied plantlife
(if all the government sponsored monoculture , pesticidal madness would stop)
I see the full moon shine over a real , cool  (and especially dark) landscape
(if all the electric lights would suddenly go out)

BUT first we have to get used to seeing about 6.9 billion human beings accepting that the EARTH is the boss ...
(the other 0.1 billion is YOU and me)

Let's celebrate it together! NOW...TOMORROW...FOR EVER!!

Shaman SteveSic and Jenny the Harp Fairy

ps: for all you literary minded fans out there... the "BOOM" title is actually quite a witty pune or "play on words" which works really well if you can also read Dutch as well as English, because the word "BOOM" is ofcourse onomatapoeia for the sound that an explosion makes , but it's also the dutch word for "TREE"  although then it's phonetic sound becomes "BOME" to english speakers/readers...thusfar the totally unnecessary literary explanation of this blog title...  

Omnia and In Extremo!

We happy to announce that OMNIA will be joining the  line-up to celebrate the 20th year anniversary festival of our friends and colleagues of IN Extremo this year!


check it out HERE!





Yes it's true... Jenny is recording Harps... lots of Harps!
The actual recording sessions have started today, here in the beautifull new Orchus studio!!
I'm lucky enough to be completely submerged in the mesmerising and soul-cleansing tones of the Queen of all instruments! Because today Jenny is playing what she plays best... The Celtic Harp!
 And they are all recorded as clean and pure and authentic as possible...   

(Just like Jenny herself,... seen here tuning her harp, while her irritating husband is making pictures of her for THIS blog) 

 The crystal notes floating within the walls of Orchus Studio right now just force the stress and worry about this troubled planet away from my mind for a moment... it sounds like a musical breath of fresh air!

 I'm so glad I married a harper!

Eh?... what was that you said?

YOU want to know WHAT we are recording?  
and WHY?...

well if you really want to know which amazing new OMNIA project we have started working on today... WHAT it is going to be and WHEN it will be released,

well, then I'll tell you!


Greenz and Harpz and Suspense!!

feel free to comment and share this blog as much as you like

Jenny and ALL her harps in a recording-studio!!??

What could this mean?








MPS  Rastede, DE