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Sun Hat

Some time ago on the cost of the Pacific ocean
there walked a Dutch girl
on a Mexican beach
in a Spanish shirt
wearing a Korean hat
to protect her from the rays of the Universal sun...

and I took a picture of her ;-)
Shaman SteveSic

Home is where the grass is...

 pic by Tom Riddle

Happy Pagans at Home!!!

You know you've been away from home too long when you find that you REALLY enjoy doing your own washing-up in your own sink!


Ps: Stenny only uses bio-degradable washing products by Ecover

Land Ho!

I see a small flat land ahead of the ship!
After a stormy night of riding the waves we are back in the land of clogs and grass!


on The Long Road Home...

What can I say!?

Picture by.. Rob? ^^

Manchester has been successfully Paganfolked!

Manchester has been successfully Paganfolked!

Manchester has been successfully Paganfolked!

Thankyou for the vibe, for the cheers and for the greenz!
Pic by Thomas de Roadie!

Pagan Woman Power

Look at that! Jenny (still very sick) has to drive the van on the loooong road North to the Sound Control club in Manchester...

When we get there she will get on stage doped on painkillers and ginger-lemon mix and play the most complicated music on her Harp and her Stage piano as well as singing like an Angel and playing the bodhran and jumping around like a Demon with a smile on her face! ( despite the coughing and the nasty illness)

All of this to bring YOU musick and to promote Nature and our Pagan way of life...

Women are so much tougher than men! Especially this one!
(That's why I love her so 

Shaman SteveSic

Mission Accomplished

London has been PaganFolkRocked!!!