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Picking up monkey garbage (It's like a little prayer)

Whenever we walk in nature, we pick up the trash left there by the other monkeys...
We do this for three reasons:

1: it helps our fuzzy, furry and insectoid friends who live in the forest as well as the trees and plants themselves a tiny little bit...

2: It looks and feels much better to hang around in nature without having to look at pointless human crap like sponsored bicycle-water bottles, "energy-gel" tubes, empty sweet wrappers etc. (even fecking smelly chemical spray-on deodorant for fuck's sake!)

3: It helps US to strengthen the bond between ourselves and the natural planet, by taking the time to CARE for what is around us.
(even if it's just a small gesture like this)

EVERY time you do some small and seemingly pointless action to contribute to your natural enviroment, you re-affirm your part in the greater scheme of things...
When we do this we are actually showing our gratitude to the planet for being alive... like a native offering tobacco to a tree, we are"praying" in our own way to our (natural) Gods...

and just Look at the "harvest of useless filth"  from just one walk in an area where we haven't been in a while!!
The forest (and our own minds) feel MUCH fresher now!

Heya fecking Heya!
Greenthingz and Cleanthingz!
Stenny      picture by Erwin van Dijck

Outside Forest Bed!

It's summer so we've moved our bed outside under the protective cool shade of the oak and the holly and all the other trees and bushes!

last week it was really cold and wet... this week it was hotter than a plate full of chilli-snacks at a fire-demon's convention!

Then it Thundered like Taranis's birthday!

and now it's just kinda relaxed :-)

But that's life in the third millenium!

Climate is what you expect
Weather is what you get...

We don't care, we make do and enjoy every Day that we get in ALL it's glory!
(hot like the Sun Wet like the Rain... Life is a Game!
so just Live it day by day and be FREE!

XXX and greenthingz!
Stenny                               pic by Sic

Stay Cool!

When life get's HOT
Stay COOL!


XXX and Wet Thingz
OMNIA    pic by Sic

Too Hot? ;-)

It's 37 degrees Centigrade ( 99 degrees fahrenheit)
that's kinda Hot Hot Hot for the Neverlands... so... Jenny and me have been chillin' around the house naked for days now (I hardly remember what clothes are for!) , too hot for musick, too hot for work, (too hot for the internet?)
 and the SummerSun Blazes down from on high!

Enjoy it while you can!

Warmest summer Greenthingz!

pic by naked Sic

Naked Harp

Jenny and Tiamat, part II

Today is no day for working in...
so here's a Picture of Jenny and one of her favourite Harps "Tiamat"
(and because the Neverlands are poised on the brink of a heatwave and it's "hot as hell", they are both naked, but artistically so!

Greenz and Sunshine!
Shaman SteveSic (also naked while writing this blog)

pic by Sic (yeah... you guessed right)

"3 Suns"

Have a great Sunday!
Let the Sun shine!

pic by Bernd Sonntag

Thank You MPS Wassenberg!!



pic by Kees Stravers

Look into my Raven's Eye...

And you'll see I'm not Crazy at all!
erm... well... possibly just a tiny teensy weensy little bit!

Holy Hoka-Fecking-Hey!
Shaman SteveSic

pic by bernd Sonntag

NEW photos online !!

Check them out here

Pics by our friend, Bernd Sonntag

how big do you have to be... to be Alive?


this is a picture taken by Jenny of a very small fellow earth-dweller
(to give you an idea of the size I can tell you that it is walking on the end of an ultra thin toothpick...)

Does he think?
Does he feel?
Does he have hopes?
Does he have dreams?
Does he know he's alive?

the only answer is YES!!! OFCOURSE!!!

because Size only matters to humans Wink

Small thingz!
Big thingz!
Green thingz!
Shaman Steve Sic







MPS  Bückeburg, DE