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Easy Rider

(just some little facts about Stenny and horseridin' ;-)

Stenny only rides on sturdy free-range out-door horses that live in the outdoors for 365 day a  year, staying healthy happy and quite independant for most of their lives. That's because we really cannot cope with the animal cruelty that we associate with most commercial horse stables (where noble and proud horses and ponies are first "broken" and then treated as slaves and abused for the sake of mere human pleasure)***

 Our horsey friends Sugar and Durango are different...

Sugar has been rescued from misuse by ignorant humans and she now happily and quietly shares a field on the edge of the forest with Durango,a feisty creature who has actually grown up with our friends Paul and Lucy (the nature loving good people who take care of these sweet intelligent horses and co-exist with them)
 Sugar and Durango enjoy life and really adore going for walks in the forest together with their human caretakers. They really get exited as little puppies when they are getting their saddles and stuff on! ... and NO they don't have a standard metal "bit" in their mouth, which is obviously torture for a horse.
These horses have been taught to work together with their human riders and have been trained a.o. to herd wild long-horned highland cattle in nature reserves. Working with a free , very loose rein ,lots of subtle verbal commands and especially a lot of empathy and body language between rider and horse.
(to ride like this is to co-operate for mutual benifit, not to FORCE)

And these wonderfull creatures allow us to ride them and tolerate our clumsy bodies on their backs (luckily we're skinny people! Jenny weighs 49kg and I weigh 66kg)

I write all this because I would like YOU to always consider the health, soul and happiness of any living creature you co-exist with, especially if you like horse riding or dog training, chicken farming or whatever...

If you TRULY LOVE ANIMALS and you like being near them and "playing" with them always be sure that you understand the needs and the point of view of your "animal friend" so that the fun YOU have is always fun for BOTH of YOU!

Greenthingz on Easy wingz!
Shaman SicSteve and Jenny-Fairy                      pic by Sic

***I won't go into the abuses and mistreatments done to horses and ponies in detail here , because there is already way too much mud-slinging going on on the internet and nobody likes a smart-arse... just please make sure that YOU don't unknowingly bring any harm to the animal friends you love!  ;-)

Worshipping Epona...

Today Stenny was out riding on the backs of two new friends of ours : Durango and Sugar... It's such a sweet pleasure and honour to be allowed to ride on the backs of such strong and swift creatures... Today we say thank you to Epona*** for letting us play with her children!

Greenthingz from the saddle!

***Celtic goddess of Horses... aswell as an OMNIA song!   ;-)

Every Seed deserves the chance to grow into a tree...

Stenny lives in a forest, where the proud,living trees dominate the landscape (just like they once dominated ALL of Europe). You don't find many people in the forest, and that's good for the trees, because Where you find too many people... the trees die.

we are currently re-reading all the Terry Pratchett books and at the moment I'm deeply immersed in "Good Omens" which Terry wrote together with a young Neil Gaiman about 25 years ago.

I came upon this passage which made me cry, so I wanted to share it with you:

"There was a tree in the shopping-plaza.It wasn't very big and the leaves were yellow and the light it got through the exitingly dramatic smoked glass was the wrong sort of light. And it was on more drugs than an olympic athlete, and loudspeakers nested in the branches. But it was a tree, and if you looked at it over the articial waterfall, you could almost believe that you were looking at a very sick tree through a fog of tears."    

Thank the Gods I live in a forest... returning to the city would surely break my heart.

All Living creatures deserve a true NATURAL life...

The Animals, the Trees , me  and yes ALSO YOU!
Shaman SteveSic        (pic by Sic)

Heaven and Hell...

I believe in Heaven and I believe in Hell...

-Heaven is a beautifull day in which to enjoy yourself, a belly full of wholesome tasty food, the love and affection of good people and a mind filled with peace behind a smiling face...
-Hell is a doomy day full of work you don't like, an empty belly or only crap food, the hatred and disdain of assholes and a mind full of turmoil and stress behind a dark frowning face...

This world holds all the feelings and experiences that you will ever encounter... Yes kids!... THIS is as good as it gets...

 I realise that most humans on this planet see the world as merely a disposable kind of "work experience" program for something called your "immortal soul" as if life on this planet is a kind of virtual-reality point system to determine where you will spend ALL of eternity for ever and ever ad infinitum. because it's all about getting into "Heaven".
ie: If you act like a good monotheist you will ofcourse receive free harp-lessons and get to sit on the (extremely crowded) right-hand side of god or if your a man you could possibly get to hump heaps of Virgins every day or maybe you get to spend eternity in the land of Milk and Money...

BUT as a non-dogmatic Pagan..
I believe in HEAVEN
I believe in HELL

 they are both RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW...
no... not on this computer/smartphone/crystal ball, but outside your house and inside your head

Heaven and Hell...

Experience it ALL ... but be sure to do it BEFORE you Die!
Today we're not working, we're just enjoying ourselves and the options that life has given us... today we're just filling our time with lots of massage, sauna, good herbs and love...

Greenthingz from Heaven
Shaman SteveSic and Jenny

Indian Pumpkin "Heya" Stew

People sometimes wonder why Jenny and myself have so much life-energy, why we look young, fit and healthy despite our age and why we enjoy life so much...
Well...I could say that's because we are actually Dunadain like Aragorn (but that would only confuse everyone who hasn't read the "Lord of the Rings")...
So I will tell you ONE of the reasons why...
It's because as true nature loving Pagans we are obliged by our personal religion to live as "naturally" as possible which means eating only healthy "Heya" food** and NO compromising.
Like this Indian Pumpkin Stew which Jenny is preparing at the momen...

(it's starting to smell delicious as I write this) Normally I would possibly add a picture of the finished dishes of food she is making aswell, but that would mean that I am Blogging instead of enjoying this wonderfull home-cooked food... and that would be a little sad ( in pathetic...) because part of eating healthy food is , taking the time to sit down and enjoy it properly aswell.

I like blogging a little bit of our life on most days for YOU... but I don't like it enough to let my food go cold ;-) (especially not when Jenny cooked!)

Greenthingz with Pumpkin!
pic by sic

** "Heya"-food =  a term invented by us to describe natural edible stuff which we are allowed to eat... basically that would be: nothing that was grown in a concentration camp, nothing that has been genetically modified,  we only buy whole-foods to cook with and in the last years we have even stopped eating wheat and all other forms of grain which all come from seed patented by Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont and other chemical companies.
Food can be a great joy, but ONLY if it's natural and if it has had the chance to lead a natural life (this goes for plants as well as animals)

Ps:'s food is Vegan ;-)

Happy Ostara wishes everyone! (from some Dirty Pagans Stoners!


Today was a day of shifting earth, getting dirty, talking to the robins and the blackbirds (who keep coming by to check for worms in the freshly turned soil), and getting some serious back-ache!...
We made a clearing using traditional tools and elbow-grease for a nice ritual fireplace*** which we will be trying out tonight for the first time on this lovely holy day.
Have a great weekend everyone! do something extra to connect yourself to the living planet and don't forget :

"Nothing is sacred...only Nature!"

Greenthingz, Muddy thingz, Tired thingz!
Shaman Steve Sic , Jenny and Damien

pic by Jenny

*** yes...before you comment IS a very small and safe fireplace in a wide clearing, because you know that fire in a forest can be VERY dangerous kids!)

ps: For Your Information: my son Damien Raven is almost 23 years old and Jenny is his stepmom :-)

Good times... Family times

So now Father and Son can work together on house-repairs!

Stenny and Damien-Raven        pic by Jenny

Painting Pagans ;-)

Q: What does OMNIA do when they are not playing or arranging concerts and musick?
A: Painting the Stenny studio!!

When you live in a forest you have to be prepared to paint the woodwork on your house every once in a while!

Greenz and Brownz!
Stenny the House-Painters                      pic by Sic

ps: Thanx for all those reactions to our "playlist dilemma" Daphyd has been painstakingly counting ALL  your reactions and we will make sure we put all the most popular "favourite songs" of YOURS into our set for this coming season!

Revolution anyone?

"Roses are red
Some blogs are for fun
Like this picture of me
with a fake plastic gun..."

Greenthingz in Black and White
Shaman SteveSic

Ps: don't worry...
although most guns shoot bullets made of lead
this gun shoots only iron(y)   ;-)

Neverending setlist…….

Here you see Steve Sic with our favourite (not….) pastime:
Making a new Omnia setlist for the upcoming season!
There are so many things to think off (what tuning?how do we make a fast transition to the next song? which instruments is steve or jenny holding? what do people like to hear? what is a good tension spread throughout the set with all these different styles we have? how much time do we have? and so on….)

But what we would like to know: Which song would you really want to hear when you come to an OMNIA concert? Let us know and who knows…;-)


Love, songs and spring sun! Jenny







Club show Altstadt, Eindhoven, NL