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Rolling Rolling Rolling

The Black Pearl and the Blue Diamond still on the loooooong way home from Poland to Holland...

Flying Pagans!!!

Yesterday was extremely EPIC for us...

We are apparently much more popular in poland than we realised..
Its really weird! There were 1000 + beautifull people in the club Stodola in Warsaw. And when got on stage and started playing the whole venue went WYLD!!!
During the first song the crowdsurfers started and they didnt stop!? (And most of them were even gorgeous polish babes!)
The crazy people there knew all the words to our songs! they clapped ,sang , danced and screamed like we have never seen before. So ofcourse We went absolutely bananas on stage ! It was surreal!!!
After the show the signing session went on for 1 and a half hours non stop untill the club closed!
The organisers were as sweet as polish candy, the people were as tasty as Zubrovka, I made friends with a beautifull wolf and her amazing family xxx... Its nice to know that after all these years I can still get exited like a little child at a NEW experience like Poland...
Krakov , Warsaw ... Wow!!!
When everything was over we were drained and exhausted...
But together with YOU
Last night we FLEW!!!



pic by Romana Makówka


Vegetarian Breakfast Roomservice brought to our hotel by the organisation!!??

Oskar Kolbergs Folk festival you have earned an OMNIA 5 star seal of approval!
And Pepe Cuisine... You have made an oldschool Pagan very Happy!
Now we are ready for the long drive home
Shaman Steve Sic et Omnia
I'll blog some more later about what happened last night...
We Love Poland!!!!


Long miles over the rough and broken Polish road between Krakov and Warsaw...
Got to get to the club on time to play!

Polish people fucking ROCK!!

This club made more noise and energy then a whole fucking Festival. Wauw!!! 

Tomorrow Warsaw


Picture by Sas


Mr.Fluffy make Art!

Me just drew Stenny sleepingg...
They are underneat these pwetty gurlsz (dats how Stenny always sleeep)
You like my Drawwing?
XXX and squishy hug
Painthing by mr.Fluffy
Photo by G.Klimt

Pffff... How far is it to Poland???

Early Pagans On the road to Poland!

Our two day journey to Krakov and Warsaw starts today!!!
Stenny (yawn!) and (most of) the Omnia gang

Wonderfull OMNIA Fan- ART part2

OMNIA has gotten tonnes of unique presents from friends and fans over the years , a lot of which are self-made Artistic expressions based on OMNIA and her unique form of PaganFolk musick.

The amounts of stunning ART are just piling up here in the stenny studio and I think it would be interesting to share some of these amazing works of ART with YOU...

Like this beautifull drawing/watercolour we got from Emilie

(one of many which she has given us over the years and which now adorn the walls of the stenny studio-office)

As always Brilliant!!!


Greenthingz on Artistic wingzzzz

Shaman SteveSic