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One Pagan, Two Wild Pussies!

NEW photogallery online!

Check out Shaman SteveSic with "Tiger und Mauser" as well as other ridiculous backstage pictures from Selb (taken by Sic, Jenny and Daphyd)  on our online Gallery!!




(pic by Jenny)


Wonderfull OMNIA Fan- ART

OMNIA has gotten tonnes of presents from friends and fans over the years , a lot of these things are self-made Artistic expressions about OMNIA and her unique form of PaganFolk musick.
The amounts of stunning ART are just piling up here in the stenny studio and I think it would be interesting to share some of these amazing works of ART with YOU...

Like this beautifull drawing we got yesterday in Borken from a girl called Selene...


Greenthingz on Artistic wingzzzz
Shaman SteveSic

MPS Borken PaganRocked!!





Live Pic on Stage by the GoPro on the end of Satrya's guitar!

The Climate is F*cked beyond repair... (well, almost)


but MAYBE we can still do something about it before it's too late...
and You can start by Signing this petition!




OMNIA and Noodle the Poodle in the USA!!

Because so many of you are very interested in what we do on tour, and because we like to give YOU what you ask for..


Here is a short impression of what we did this july 2014 on our second trip to Faerieworlds festival  in Oregon, USA.


Filmed and edited by Daphyd the Crow...

Assisted by Sic the Raven

Greenthingzzzz and Enjoy!


The Big Black Bird Brothers ;-)



P.s. Our ”I Don’t Speak Human” Music-Video is also available in Germany now, check it out on our Youtube channel! 

Naked Pagans in the Woods

We just put a really cute USA holiday video online on our YOU TUBE channel containing movies of the rest of the band and crew naked, because you usually only get to see me or Jenny in the nudd...
(are you subscribed yet by the way?... no?... SUBSCRIBE HERE! )
BUT sadly one of the more ridiculous internet-police organisations called GEMA
blocked it straight away...   so we will try to post it again tomorrow using our special anti-internet-fascist gun to blast away those pesky censors!

(watch this space tomorrow and keep your finger crossed!)

Greenthingz and Nature Love!
Stenny and the Wyld bunch         

(picture by Ronja Røverdatter)

Holiday is Over!!

We had a great holiday in the beautifull countryside of Selb this year...
And a Brilliant Festival Mediaval experience!! 
Our dear friends Blacky and his entire family and crew have made us feel sooooo welcome and at home again for the seventh year already! 
Each year the bond between us, the festival and YOU the audience becomes stronger and stronger! This is a truly magical gathering once a year...
a true musical and philosophical tradition for us!
OFCOURSE We shared our stageshow with our fellow psychonauts Kelvin Kalvus and the incomparable Yulya... 
Ofcourse Makke did the BEST light show EVER!
Unexpectedly I got to shoot a real flintlock pistol together with "bombadil the mad"on a rum soaked pirate raft!
Happily, We jammed in the backstage with the grandfathers of true Irish Folk... the Dubliners (Dublin Legends) and the wonderfull people of "Irdorath"
Greedily we bought tonnes of handmade mittelalter and fantasy stuff on the great market!
Traditionally We met and chilled with thousands of cool , sweet and wonderfull people...
In one word it was:

And now we drive home again... Brrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm!
Thank you Festival Mediaval!!!
For now and for ever...
We are bound by heart and soul!!
See you all again next year!
Shaman SteveSic and the whole OMNIA family!

Ps: (We'll post a whole gallery of pics for your enjoyment soon!)

Jamming in the backstage with the Dubliners

at Festival-Mediaval

Like a dream come true...    


Picture by CrowPro!


Fuck yeah! 

Today we played, tomorrow we go and meet all the fans!!
Meet and greet 15:00 hours at the OMNIA stand, main stage area. 
Where we will sign your CD's, Bags, Boobs, Shoes, dogs, whatever...

Goodnight, .. now we sleep! 


Pic by, Tom Bombadil


We are HOME again, at one of our favorite festivals ever!! 

Look! We even got personalized mugs!! 
7 years Mediaval, and many many many more to go... 

See ya on stage at 7pm  








EARTH WARRIOR TOUR Kwadrat Club, Krakow, (PL)