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My beloved Black Bouzouki LUNA is no more...
She was named "Luna" after the MOON and the hauntingly beautifull Harp-tune "Luna" about the transition between life and death written by Jenny in 2002
(which appeared on OMNIA's "crone of war" album).
Luna was built in 2004 by Heiner Dreizehnter and has played on nearly every OMNIA album ever recorded... as well as uncountable OMNIA concerts all over the world.

BUT last weekend, the SchlossHoff festival was her LAST gig...

It was almost as if suddenly she had lost the will to live and tried to end it all...
Even though she played brilliantly as always, Luna ALMOST fell off her stand on stage TWICE during the show (saved once by me, once by Daphyd).
It was a wonderfull gig, but after the show was done, as I carried her off stage down some wet stairs in the rain... she literally jumped out of my rain-slicked hand and went crashing into the heavy steel staircase like a moth diving into a flame.
I screamed "NOOOOoooooooo!!!!" as the sickening crunch of splintered wood signalled the death of 10 years of musickal friendship... I was so shocked that I didn't dare look at her closely untill I had packed all my other instruments ... when I had worked up the courage to check the damage I saw that her beautifull body had split!!
 I was so upset/ fucked up, that for the first time since I can remember I didn't go out to meet fans and sign CD's after the show (sorry for that guys and girls)
Her body still resonating with the accumulated cheers of hundreds of thousands of OMNIA fans will be consigned to the flames and I will ritually saw off her head (which I designed myself) and place it on our house Altar to remind me of
All the good times we had together...
All the songs we wrote together...
All the PaganFolk Musick we made together...

gone forever
and I grieve...

Shaman SteveSic

Yeah baby! Welcome to the Omnian battlefield...

Here's a rapid look through the scope of the Daphyd Didgerizooka! We sure did blow up some minds this weekend. We played two awesome shows at the Schlosshof Festival and, today, the first MPS in Aach (near the beautiful Lake Constanze). Now we are completely exhausted and ready to crash in our rural guesthouse in Tuttlingen. 

Have a good night....

XXX Saat, Jenny, Daphyd and Omnia

pic of Alea der Bescheidene and Rob by DaphydCrowPro

Greenz on the road

To carry on the vegetables-theme..
If anyone happens to have any Swiss or Dutch greenthingz to share at Aach we will be most gratefull! 

And today the OMNIA circus will land on the sunny MPS Aach Festival to bring you Musickal joy, happiness and the end of civilisation as we know it!
Greeeeeeeenzzzzz and Weapons of mass deconstruction!

Apres Show Food!

Thankyou Schlosshof!!! Great Gig AND good Vegan food after the show!! 
We dont get that
...normally I have to starve at festivals or just munch some lettuce because they usually only have Concentration Camp meat (which I cannot eat, because it is anti- life and taboe for my living soul)
But here it is! Good food after a great gig... Me happy!
Schlosshoff ROCKS!
Shaman SteveSic

Schlosshof is great!

All the girls are wet!

Tonite we Rock together with our friends from Saltatio Mortis
( Lasterbalk and the boys say hi!)



Now we eat!!!
Yum yum!....XX Omnia

On the road again!

The Rat-Mobile (previously known as the blackpearl) is packed with all our black packing cases and bags ... we are ready to go go! ( guess who the colourfull bag belongs to)

Schlosshoff festival AND..
MPS-Aach festival get ready for some real PaganFolk, 'cause here we come!!


Now... We RIDE!!!

Goverments just love to kill in the name of Humanity...

Every free-living European bear is a jewel that shines in the crown of nature.
When the creatures of the wild die.. the light of life is extinguished for all...

please help a mother and sign this petition here
Greenz and Live Bears!
Shaman SteveSic

"looks like Merch is back on the menu!"

Check out the OMNIA online WEBSHOP ...
-all the shirts have been updated!
-the Earth warrior hoodies are back in the store!
-all the shirt pictures have been redone by a top Pagan Fashion-photographer ;-)
-with (homegrown) Pagan Photo-models: Myrthe Fortuna and Damien Raven

OMNIA                    (pic by Sic)







MPS, Speyer (DE)