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See that stage?

It's a mexican stage
See those trees?
They are mexican trees
See those beautifull people?
They are Mexican people
See those tiny little pagans?
That us... In Culiacan!
Fuck yeah!
XXX and peace


Pic by Sascha the Pascha

press conference

Now press conference..
Tonight, we Pagan-Rock!! 


Dreadlock Soldiers in Mexico




What can I say?
It fucking kicks ass!
We're having a luvly time
First festival show here in Culiacan tomorrow!
Omnia   pic by Jenny

11 and a half hours flight to mexico city...

Long delays at passport control... Nearly missed connection...
Hasty change over...
In a train in a bus to another airport and another
2 and a half hours flight to culiacan,
A day of 13000 km ,Lots of waiting, lots of forms filled out, lots of serious men and women in uniforms in various places along the way who wanted to see our : luggage, passports, tickets, my head, our instruments... ( I even played a quick fidherahuri on whistles to show that they arent weapons of mass destruction 
Now we are safe in hotel and FINALLY go to sleeeeeeeeeeep!
Hasda manjana!

MEXICO!!! Here we come!

Picture by Radagast the Brown

You can tell me that it's wrong...

Too much whiskey too much song!


Picture by Nouzie - Photography

Another day, another festival!

Yesterday we rocked Zeist,
Today we Rock the Gothic fair in Rijswijk,
Tomorrow we fly to Mexico,
Keep smiling!!!

Gigz in Holland!

Stoner Monkeys!
Stay calm and share your bananas! 

Greenz OMNIA


the Playing Time for OMNIA- EARTH WARRIOR show in "de Peppel" Tomorrow has CHANGED!

(Please share this message with anyone you know who is going there!)

Due to a miscommunication the website of "De Peppel" club in zeist has made a mistake and advertised the WRONG playing-time for the OMNIA show!

the times SHOULD be:

Doors open: 20:00 houres
Start concert: 20:30 houres

So please DONT BE LATE! ;-)
We will try to get their doors open as early as possible to avoid the chaos we had there last year ;-)
 it would be so sad if any of you miss the first part of the show due to bureaucratic mistakes :-(

So... if you're going there...  See you tomorrow!!

Peace and Greenthingz!







Saltillo Coahuila, “Plaza de Armas”, MEXICO PROG...