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Let's Jam! (Bramble-jam) ;-)

21 Aug 2017


Learning to Gather your own food in the wild is also a step in breaking free :-)
A very TASTY way!

What are you doing with mother nature's abundance?

Greenthingz and Bramblezz

Pic by Sic

Reaching for the Light.

20 Aug 2017


Look at this tiny lizzard... 
I can see that she has thoughts, fears, longing, hope etc...
just like me.
Is my life more important than hers?
Is her life more important than mine?

Or is it that we are all simply creatures of the same creative universe striving to live a good Life?


Pic by Rincewind

Pagan Musick in the USA!

18 Aug 2017


We're going to be instilling some more Sweet Pagan "Love of the Earth" with our PaganFolk Musick in Oregon next week on saturday the 26th of august at the excellent Faerieworlds Festival

See you there?



16 Aug 2017

This is not a rant… just some facts... well... maybe a little "ranty"... enjoy!
Share this message please, not for me, but for the Earth.

The way to fight for Nature is not easy and can be very frustrating, but every good adventure starts with gaining some knowledge... here are some hard facts:


7 Aug 2017


To change this EARTH first change YOURSELF,
The rest will follow with YOUR help

Change YOUR LIFE and make it YOURS
to LIVE IT like your ANCESTORS

It's Time to OPEN UP your eyes
and See the TRUTH beneath the LIES


Nothing is Sacred...  Only NATURE

I'm an EARTH WARRIOR!... How about YOU?

Shaman SteveSic and EarthWarriorJenny

pic by Samantha Evans

Hot like the Sun, wet like the pool at Montelago :-)

7 Aug 2017

WOW!! we REALLY need cooling down after a Hot and Sun-kissed Montelago Celtic Festival !
This was a truly different experience to us!

During the past 12 years we have traditionally celebrated the SUN (Lugh) and the LIGHT of LIFE (Baldr) on one particular festival in Holland on this special weekend. But this year everything changed...and... I must say that, although we did miss all our old friends and family in "the North" , we really enjoyed meeting all our New hot blooded Pagan Friends in the South


Labour of Love

7 Aug 2017

The Concert is done, but the "work" hasn't finished :-) taking time to personally meet the wonderfull people of Montelago!

Greenthingz and Sharing the spirit TOGETHER!

Pic by Spearman Studios

Thankyou MONTELAGO!!!

7 Aug 2017

Thankyou for sharing your true CELTIC SPIRIT and SOUL with us!
You have refilled our Energy and
warmed our Pagan hearts!

Mille Grazie for making us feel at Home in your beautifull land :-)

Picture by Spearman Studios

Ps: my personal compliments to the VERY GOOD organisation (who are all brilliant musicians aswell) for making this magick and musick possible!

Dear audience of Castlefest

3 Aug 2017

I have some wonderfull memories I'd like to share with you:

I remember a magickal time when OMNIA played every year on the PaganNight we had created, as festival programmers, for YOU. The flames of the Wickerman, built with our own tiny hands , filled with offerings to the Gods of Nature... burning brightly as the spiritual centre piece to OMNIA's mass Ritual.