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Waitukubuli dreaming...

15 Feb 2017

The Force is strong here! There's really Nothing better than hiking through oodles of pure,vibrant life to charge up your Nature batteries!

Great for the legs and the cardio too ;-)

Tomorrow we leave the highland Rainforests where we're staying to experience the Atlantic coastregions of this magical 

Pagans of the Carribean!
Stenny on adventure


13 Feb 2017

New friends :-)

No matter where we go , it's always 
Easy to make new friends!
If you have Melon


Pic by Gandalf

Cheers from the Cannibal Islands!***

11 Feb 2017

One love!
Shaman SteveSic

***the word "Carribean" derives from the word Carib (a version of the word "cannibal") which is the name that Columbus used to describe all the people on these islands...
He did this because he was a dumb ,evil and ignorant Dickhead who brought death and destruction in the name of profits wherever he went.
History is seldom what you think it is. ;-)
It's about time the history books get changed to a more realistic point of view...

I met a man who was a tree...

9 Feb 2017

And OMFG how different he looked !!

He still had plenty to tell me though! ;-)

Nothing is sacred... only Nature

Shaman SteveSic

Jungle love....

8 Feb 2017

We are surrounded by life ,love and a million zillion greenthingz...
And Life is really very good :-)
LOTS of inspiration (hmmm? Pagan Calypso?... more Pagan Reggea?)
We good.. hope you good too!

How are YOU doing?