ART!! What is it's purpose?

19 Feb 2020

What has become of Art in our modern consumer world?

To many modern "Artists" it is merely a way of expressing how totally brilliant they themselves are (most Artists are complete ego-junkies who get way too much praise which is unhealthy for their poor little minds)... hahaha!

To many tricksy-clever business people disguised as "Artists" it is a way to turn something intrinsically worthless into something which is marketable for a lot of money.

To romantic idiots like me, it is simply a way of expressing what I feel, while giving a personal social commentary on to the world around me.

This Artwork (simply called "Henk") represents my disgust at so called "Riot Police" and what they represent (mercenaries bullying the poor to protect their rich and spoiled masters)

I made this work in 1992 after the frustration of having to face yet another unequal battle against these imperial stormtroopers with their Tanks, Tear Gas, Truncheons , Watercannon and War horses (all paid for by our taxes)
We tried to protect what was left of our Nature and our Rights as citizens... they tried to kick seven bells of shite out of us and scare us into submitting to the "ruling classes"
(There were still very many people willing to fight for our social rights back then!)

This little stormtrooper fetish complete with cute little riot shield, armoured helmet and citizen-hitter, I built in the "Chaos in Motion artworkshop"
(Where I used to work)
The three nasty looking voodoo spikes, were rammed into Henk during a public performance of Chaos-Magick before the doors of the central halls of justice in the Hague (holland) in front of demonstrators plus a whole shitload of staring police people.

The Art was received with cheers by our fellow demonstrators...

The Art was received with looks of horror and contempt by the paid bullyboys of the police...

The Art was made to emotionally move the entire audience, which it did...

The Art was free (no money was paid for it)

The Art was ego-less (delivered anonymously in handmade black Chaos monk robes with bleeding skull mask), what do YOU think about Art?

Greenthingz and Chaos voodoo dolls!