Born to be Mild...

8 Feb 2020

We are now just arriving back North in the poisoned flatlands to shovel through some bucketloads of triplicated Dutch bureaucratia and logistics aswell!
Yeah... the land of the Hollanders was BUILT on complicated rules, BUT it's a proud old TRADITION!
the Cloggies love rules ALMOST as much as the Faroe-island Danes love brutally murdering pregnant defenceless whales!) ;)

It was a lovely sunny drive through the (soggy wet) Mountains of Austria , passing through the (soggy wet) hills of Bavaria and ofcourse the (soggy wet) fields of Germany to the (soggy wet AND raining) cities, industrial parks and office blocks of the unspeakable Nether-regions of Holland ;)

Welcome to Holland!
Where traffic jams grow festive miles long, like gaudy birthday decorations for the god of money!
Civilised Christian Holland!
Where Wild nature was told to fuck off centuries ago!
Come to Holland!
And "Take a walk on the Mild side"

... so good to be back...fuck... sigh!

Hugs and HAHAHAAAAaaargh on Tour!
Sic and the Jenny project