Born to be WILD!!

12 Feb 2020

Stenny is happily going home to the mountains, streams and wild woodlands again!

Yeah!! This makes us very happy indeed!! :)

I didn't write any blogs the last few days because

1: We were way too busy arranging emmigration stuff, housing logistics and moving the "omnia office"

2: I was kindof afraid that if I would blog, it would just turn into one of those long nasty rants about the filth of modern Dutch cities, the corrupt madness of goverments, the rather grave future portents of athletic little superstorms like Ciara, and ofcourse the fact that this flat country by the North sea (which used to be a really beautifull healthy place to live in) has now been turned into a very very sick terminal-case waiting to be swept away by the sea...
Most city dwellers who never really experience healthy living nature on a day to day basis have no idea how sick their poor little country and its tortured industrialised biology has become.

But then I think of all our friends and family who still live there and it just makes me very sad... and very angry... and very confused...but mostly depressed... ahem... sound familiar?

Jenny and me (and many of YOU) are really way too nature-sensitive to all these human destructive inputs and all the criminally blind bullshit that get forced into our fuzzy little faces every day we are in 'civilisation'.

We have to close our eyes, ears and intellect to so many evil sights that It ultimately turns us into Unfeeling, Undead, Zombies with a frozen nervous smile in our attempt not to "Care" so much about it all.

But There is no point in living if you cannot feel ALIVE!
That's why we cannot live in a city, why we cannot tour all the time and why we MUST live inside the flow of life , away from the madness of mankind.

We're Nature children and we were:

Take me home, highway road, to the place where I belooong!
North Slovenia, Mountain mama
Take me home highway road!

Ah! Just a a little over 1200 km of motorway and we're back home!
Now THAT's a happy thought!

Sic and the JenJen