Building a better future, while living a great today...

10 May 2021

The last one and a half years we have been doing whatwe’ve always been doing, namely protecting Nature and living a good life but with a difference..

What seems only a short time (or a lifetime) ago we were working hard at composing , teaching, touring and playing musick to raise awareness about the impending climate disasters, the Sacredness of Nature and the worrying political and financial divide that was growing between the ordinary people and the “world leaders/owners”.

Now of course it has all become rather academic, since the Climate change and it’s cascading consequences are 100% apparent and here to stay while growing more intense and chaotic.
As for the New World Order…it has easily taken absolute power mind-controlling most monkeys out there with an embarrasingly ridiculous ease.

So now we spend all our time with action instead of words and sounds… we are physically protecting and supporting TERRA OMNIA, while building our lives in such a way that we are free to live and breathe as wild spirits, like our ancestors, surrounded by beauty and peace.
We’re building Perma culture gardens with extra hardy plants that can fend for themselves in the new normal, we’re digging waterchannels to counter the extremes in rain that are increasing, terracing and shoring up the weaker slopes, we’re making running waterways and ponds because they are so cool to have around your house (great for the birds and the insects to give them a good place to be!…great for the sound!)

It’s amazing how much we have already achieved for Nature and our part in it here, in such a “short time”

Imagine, If during the last 1.5 years really EVERYONE had done or tried to do what we are doing… just imagine it! Governments, businesses, the police..all working to make the future better by living a peacefull and united Today.
All together for Nature , for the Future, for the Young

(sadly their minds are on other important matters...although what could be more important than All Life on this Planet?)

So anyway, We are building , sculpting, planting and singing every day,
 enjoying this magickal pocket of peace and growing stronger in this time of madness and confusion that has become human society, and do you know what?

 This whole process makes us so happy! This is what OMNIA has always been about.
 It is like writing the greatest song ever!
like a Symphonie!
Like a giant multi dimensional sculpture made of LIFE!

TERRA OMNIA is truly the biggest and most worthwhile piece of Art that we have ever worked on..

Because it’s REAL!
Real Life, Real People, Real World.

We truly hope that one day YOU can come and visit us here too!

Greenthingz and Pockets of Peace

ps: because the NWO has imprisonened all the free people, we haven’t had any volunteers to come and share the gigantic workload which lies before us…
So we’ve recruited our own little OMNIA digger machine instead!
(that sure saves on the backache!)