Building a better today! (chasin’ them 3rd millenium blues away!)

31 Mar 2021

I like being happy, I’ve always been a positive pagan and most of my life has been one loooong festival of personal freedom , travelling, social gathering and learning… all carried and made possible by the unique and life-giving PaganFolk music gifted to us by the spirits.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find the present narrative of the world with it’s constant lock down (aka: lock up), loss of freedom, no travelling and no festivals confusing, doomy and sometimes quite depressing.
I sort of went spiralling down into a deep panic attack the last 2 weeks, seeing no way out of the selfdestruction loop of this society and it’s war on nature…
I felt the EMF’s invading our space and saw no escape from the madness.

But, we have had our land checked out by top EMF specialists , we made some changes and we have now guaranteed one of the cleanest bits of high frequency free airspace in Europe!

 So we managed to chase away our 3rd millenium blues, self destructive zeitgeist and get stuck in the upkeep and reconstruction of our land and it’s old buildings!
Like here I am pouring concrete at the base to save and support the old (partly) rotten beams of this neglected wooden house from 1941.
we live… we learn…

I’ve been a pagan shaman musick, magick  and art man all my life.
But as the world changes so must we learn to break our patterns and learn new skills! … like house building.

Don’t worry about the future, forget about the past…
Focus on being free and happy today!

Greenthingz and practicality!
Shaman Steve Sic

ps: for John Milton fans
 “Paradise Lost” has a “red right hand”
Paradise found has a left one aswell ;-)

pps: the protective leg plates I am wearing are my old Gladiator fighting Greaves
Talk about “swords to ploughshears” haha