A different viewpoint... literally

28 Jun 2021

Stenny looking over at their beloved home :TERRA OMNIA

picture taken by Vedran Vedroman from across the valley... including the famous "photobomb beetle"!

You look at the world from where you live, this is your perspective , by this you judge the world

Now Look back at where you live from the other perspective and judge your own life

a change of perspective lets you appreciate the 'depth' of your own reality

Is it good?

you like what you see?

if yes: keep it up! you're doing great.

if no: change it! now!


You only have one life...live it...today! (enjoy the good things while the Earth is still able to share them with you)


Cyber Hugs and Greenthingz



**(you can actually see the TERRA OMNIA buildings and forest on this picture waaaaaay across the valley and up the other slope... somewhere above and to the right of my hat)