Dirty Pagans

12 Jul 2020

Shamanic work isn’t all just “sitting around under a tree in the wilderness, banging a drum wearing just feathers and a glazed look given over to animal vegetable sensuality while chanting weird gibberish and inhaling copious amounts of herbal psychic stimulants”

(… ahem… although to be honest, that is the most fun part!)

A large part of so called shamanic work is more like the “fetch water and chop wood” kind of stuff, because living in nature under slightly more “primitive” circumstances than the big city give you a veritable rainbow of different jobs you never thought you would be doing (to put it mildly)

So this is us… dirty pagans… after yet another day of grinding out the damage by woodworm and the remains of their wild rapacious and destructive parties (rather like vikings) in the beams of our old wooden house.
We love all creatures and we believe everyone deserves a good life and I am so glad to see that the woodworm/beetle people have had a long, prosperous and I dare say happy life thanx to our newly aquired old house.
So it is without any hard feelings that we have now reclaimed and repaired our invaded wood cavities so that we could build a floor without fear of it becoming a very fast vertical stairway without a ladder within the foreseeable future…

It’s very spiritual and beneficient to the soul to be involved in all the processes of your daily life

The food you eat
The house you live in
The clothes you wear

Taking control of your life starts by taking control of the basics that make YOUR life possible in the first place

Then you’re a free dirty pagan!

Greenz and dusty coughs!