Everything seemed ready...

29 Jun 2020

They had counted and sorted the new hoodies, the pictures were taken and even all the necessary technical requirements for the shop had been tended to …so what could it be? They looked at each other:

“Well, you still need to write a blog about it, right?”

“Oh, yeah…that’s right. But what should I say?”

“Just say something nice, I don’t know…you’re always writing these things, you know how to do it!”

“Of course I do, but look!”

Spike pointed at Anou, their feline manager, whose supple body was spilled across the living room floor, arched back and all, presenting the world with the fluffiest belly. She purred.

“I should reaaaally take care of that…” In an attempt to pet the cats goods, Spike moves towards her, but Daim stopped her:

“Come on, just write the blog first” He pushed her into her office, made her sit down at the desk and put her hands on the keyboard.

“Just write what comes to your mind!”

He left the room quickly, an insolent smile on his face when he closed the door behind him. Did he seriously lock her in?! She sighed. No point in postponing then – she started typing:

“Hey guys!

Remember when we told you about our new hoodies? They actually arrived in the meantime and they’re just the right amount of fluff and swagger. They’re the same high quality model as our other hoodies, so if you liked those, you’ll like this one, too!
They’re currently available in sizes S-XL, but if the demand is high enough, we’ll also get some bigger ones!
As you can see in the picture attached, they come with the signature OMNIA swirlies on both sleeves (in white this time!), a big “Nothing Is Sacred Only Nature” print on the bag and a smaller one in front, containing OMNIAs logo and a runic inscription.
If you’re interested, then check them out here

“Well”, she thought, “that really wasn’t so hard, was it now?”

She posted the blog and turned off her PC, finally being able to return to her belly-petting duties – if only the door wasn’t still locked. Well, fuck.

How do you think will Spike regain her freedom?

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Spike, Daim, Anou et OMNIA