Fee Ra Huri has over 60 million views!?

9 Oct 2021

…wow… thank you for watching!

Our song Fee Ra Huri has somehow gotten an enormous amount of views on you-tube…  weird huh?… must be the amazing lyrics!
I never really check
(as you know we are not really a “video-band”…more ‘real life real people’-people)

so, I honestly didn’t think it was possible for non label, non-marketed, non genre, underground artists  to get such an audience…

Fee ra Huri is kinda old though!… We look so young! haha!
It makes me think if I shouldn’t maybe make some new OMNIA videos?

but I really don’t want to leave the peacefull sanctuary of our Nature reservation…


If anybody with a bit of video knowledge and an OMNIA- attitude to life, fancies coming over and helping out  to film and edit some new video material here in the alternate reality that is TERRA OMNIA…

then send me an e-mail via our site contact form, and who knows?

Steve Sic