25 Apr 2021

This "RAP" starts right here
'cause all this SHIT's gone far enough
I'm taking time to write defiant rhymes, I find inside my mind

All this CRAP stops right here
While we've still got LOVE enough
The time in NOW, the place is HERE ,Let's break the CHAINS and CLEAR THE AIR


This is our Freedom song
Sing along, sing along
This is our Freedom song

It's a Freedom song

You think Freedom can be BOUGHT?
And this is "just another rap"?
"Yo! yo!, bitches, blunts and plastic Made-in-China corporate Crap"?

Freedom doesn't cost you money
Freedom starts inside your head
It's time to wake and smell the flowers

Don't be like the living dead!

This is our Freedom song
Sing along, sing along
It's a Freedom song...

It's all an illusion, time to escape!
Corporate power
Corporate Rape!

Corporate clocks are corporate ticking

Corporate asshole everyone's licking!

Are You SURE? ... It's REAL?
Is this really what you feel?
DO YOU BELIEVE what you see on TV?
DO YOU BELIEVE What THEY went YOU to see?

FOX news? ... Fuck that!
Propaganda ...Bla Bla Bla!

It's all about POWER
It's all about MONEY
They've  gotta be joking
But this ain't funny!

I'm loose! ... I'm FREE!
I can BE what I wanna BE!

I am YOU and YOU are ME.
So let the music set you FREE!

FREEDOM is such a simple word
You hear it every day

But do you KNOW it?
Do you FEEL it?
Do YOU really have your say?

WE DO what we can
And we'll FIGHT untill the end!
untill the very last Bee...
And the very last Plant...

Once you were Warriors
Now you're sheep!
Led to slaughter,
Life is cheap

But we'll laugh and we'll play
And we'll scream and we'll fight
And we'll NEVER give up
'cause we sing for OUR RIGHTS!

Give me Freedom!
Singing Freedom!
Feel the Freedom!

These are the lyrics of  our "FREEDOM SONG"
published on one of our all time favourite OMNIA albums:

Do YOU know this song?
Do YOU like it?

If you don't know it and  want to HEAR this song
just search for it on the wibbly wobbly web (You'll find it)

I wrote those lyrics as a Pagan Protest... straight from the heart!
To inspire Rebellion and creative Chaos against the "new world order" and rising corporate fascism and totalitarianism.

Sadly we cannot tour or perform this song or any other OMNIA musick anymore because it is "VERBOTEN!!"


if YOU like this song:
put it on...
turn up your stereo...
open your windows...

Greenthingz and Pagan Protest!... Always!
Shaman Steve Sic

we never made a video version of this song, because we're not really commercial or rich enough...(and honestly we just can't be bothered, because we're too busy living the pagan outdoor life and having a good time)
but if anybody ever wants to make a video of this (or any other OMNIA songs)go ahead!...
with our brightest blessings!