Fuck the Profits!... this is ART for the sake of ART!

5 Jun 2013

The new Saltatio Mortis Single...  (Is now also a little OMNIA single!!) Today we are finishing-up the production of our "re-mix" of the new Saltatio Mortis single which will be released on the 12th of July 2013. 

Sa-Mo is a very anarchist german Mittelalter/Metal band of freaks who are fast becoming very dear friends of ours. (we met at the awesome travelling MPS festivals of Gisi and it was like we'd known each other for a long time already... you know the feeling?) 

Their music is different to our own, but it's real and honest (no bullshit, no playback, no fake. etc.)  they have a great respect for their fans , they really make music from the heart and there is a definate "core" which we share... (it so happens that like us, they too have refused a lucrative record deal with a certain evil music multinational because it would have compromised their music and dissappointed their faithfull fans... that is soooo rare! I really thought we were the only ones who preferred ART to MONEY when given the choice, and who could actually sacrifice EASY FAME for HARD PRINCIPLES!... respect!)

So when these groovy guys asked us if we wanted to make an OMNIA re-mix/re-work of their latest single which deals with some controversial issues regarding the evil stupidity of greed and blind-commercialism and which even has a controversial tune!... we ofcourse said YES PLEASE! ... and... BRING IT ON!!! (I love the smell of controversy in the morning... smells like...Anarchy!) This is officially the first OMNIA release EVER to be recorded in the "STENNY STUDIO" and let me tell you it's a real "goosebumps" piece!

This was also the first time that we got to work with our sweet friend Fieke (Orchus.nl) as recording technician. She came to our forest home to be our live-in microphone-mistress for the duration of the recordings, thus giving the whole production a very intimate and warm feel, which you can really hear in the finished song. (I just heard the final mix and I'm still tingly all over).

The original song by Saltatio Mortis is very METAL and ofcourse in German, and we have made an atmospheric OMNIA version out of it with ofcourse english lyrics (so all you non-german speakers can understand it too!)

The original german lyrics by Timo/Lasterbalk really touched my heart and it was sooo easy to rework them into my own language... it all just went by itself :-) Now all we have to do is wait patiently for this cool single project to be released in a couple of months time... 

Greenthingz and ART before MONEY! XXX Stenny et OMNIA