Good morning! are YOU awake yet?

30 Jan 2022

Hey guys! how are you doing?
Fine I hope!
As you have undoubtably noticed there is STILL a war going on,

This war is being waged on all the happy free (non-“elite”) people everywhere…
a war against simple “animal” , “Plant” and “human” beings  destroying their peace and their lives.
A war against everything that is natural , true and good in this strange little world of ours.

This universal war was declared on us a long time ago by a few “royal” families of Robber Barons who have built an in-penetrable system of government beneath our “visual governments” and they use it for their complete dominion over us all.

Omnia has been aware of a large part of this “secret war” for a long time.
That is one of the reasons that we enthusiastically make so much freedom and nature musick with OMNIA!


we never realised how big the lie was or just how long this particular war has been going on!

We’ve been slowly digging deeper , floating down, down, down the Rabbit hole and If I was to tell you how far this deep pit of hidden stuff goes, you would probably call me insane…  (well, I am well known for being a crazy man, so that’s alright!)

We have been around a while and we know quite a bit of obscure stuff…
we thought we were awakened people,

ha ha ha! Truly it is written:

“The meaning of true knowledge is to KNOW that you KNOW nothing…”

We knew that the proverbial “shit” was going to hit the fan soon, back in 2019 when we dropped everything , sold up our house and got as far away from all densely populated areas as possible by moving into the mountainous wilderness.
We knew something terrible was going to happen and that we HAD to leave (I was told this by the spirits) But we didn’t know precisely why…

Then when we were settled again, far away from the madness of men, our real re-awakening started…
 2 years ago,

when we dropped our ego’s and dropped out of the rat race, we were able to see clearly through the cabal smokescreen.

It started with all those ridiculous “COVID” blah blah stories about people dropping dead in the streets of wuhan,
and the weird bat dinners leading to viruses etc.
The amazing amounts of truly moronic propaganda,
filled with panic inducing terror and lies surrounding the early days of the so called “COVID-crisis”.
soon the screaming frantic panic mongers joined the clamour of lies.
The yearly influenza (corona) viruses were being blamed for suddenly having super powers and being able to kill off the human population dramatically unless we threw away all our basic rights.
(which is nonsense ofcourse , yes, flu can kill, but only already weak or sick people suffering from 1 or more co-morbitities  that would kill them eventually anyway))
But why were so MANY people actually believing this complete rubbish!?

It was clear to us right from the start that this amount of (paid) MEGA propaganda was leading somewhere else…

we noticed the many mistakes and contradictions in the official stories,

and then when leading viral researchers and medical personnel started asking questions they were ALL told to shut up and follow the propaganda line… hmmm?

something was definitely wrong on a HUGE scale!

so we dug deeper.

we started noticing that entire websites and social media accounts and all sorts of big time scientific material was disappearing from the web, changed and edited or being  attacked , ridiculed and discredited in such a coordinated way by mega corporations, “debunkers” and government agencies alike that it became highly suspicious to us.

(top virologists and DNA/RNA scientists were being silenced on all official media and their careers destroyed)

No open , intelligent discussions about “covid” or “vaccins” were allowed anymore,

Only the one (ever changing) official story was pushed and marketed on every conceivable platform and news network.
(a bit like the book burning and silencing tactics used by the Roman catholic church and the Nazis to achieve absolute domination)

And because the modern Censorship of news was so brutal and complete (through the use of AI) almost none of the sheeple had a clue!

It became painfully clear to us that something very fishy and EXTREMELY big was going on in this world wide web of illusion.
A single message was SCREAMED at everyone from all sides about impending doom through an influenza virus and a nice “final solution” in the form of a never-ending experimental “vaccin” containing weird additives that was prepared , patented and produced years ahead of this actual “crisis”.

SUBMIT to the government!!
OBEY the rules!!
FOLLOW the “science”!! (another word for “the new law”)

An experimental weaponised genetic shot that governments were FORCING every citizen of the world from 0 to 110 years old  to take?   
even children and the other ones who could or would never be seriously affected by the flu?

What the fuck?
It is IMPOSSIBLE to safely vaccinate everyone against the influenza corona viruses.
What’s going on?


If our intuition was right and this was a set-up, then The size of the cooperating organisation behind all this was much MUCH bigger than we ever imagined…

so we tried to find out HOW big it really was.

I mean, the Bill Gates’s and Angela Merkels and Fauci’s of this world are just chickenshit little players and “front” faces in this story

What about the REALLY big guys?

how about the BIS bank ? (the central bank of central banks?)
and BlackRock and Vanguard?  (they own HOW MUCH!!??)
How about the Vatican?  (a Fucking Snake temple? WHAT THE FUCK??!)

Or what about all those “neutral”… “swiss” …world government organisations?

 UN (United Nations)?
 UN security force?
WHO (World Health organisation)?
World bank, WEF (World Economic Forum) ?

or their evil little pet CERN Machine base under the Alps?
(yes, that’s the biggest most expensive machine in the world that is looking for “Dark Matter”  and that happened to build and coordinate the WWW. (World Wide WEB) that YOU are NOW cruising on…
or the st. Gotthard base?

Rockefeller ,Rothschild, the Pope and all the other Royalty still rule everything ,
they are still getting fat off slavery… and YOU are the slave.
much more than you probably realise.

The more we dug, the more We started thinking… errrm?…
we started adding up facts and other “inconveniant cover ups” we know about.


If the 9-11 attack was an inside job
(it was, ask the old newyork firemen and all the leading skyscraper architects)
if the Corona thing is so obviously a huge power/ indoctrination set-up


what else is fake out there?

OK…now THAT is the question we should not have asked straight away…

because, oh boy!

it’s far far worse and much more ridiculous than we could have ever imagined!

When you start researching into all the “established facts” and the birth of most of the important institutions of our society ,
or the chronological details of our written history, geography, Arts and Sciences etc. then it all falls apart.

And We are not just talking fake moon-landings or geo-engineering cover-ups  here!

ALL Our REALITY seems to be falling apart…

The FACTS of life are changing… fucked-up things are going on all around you.

I myself have studied ancient european history for a large part of my life and having worked in Archeology, have often been baffled by the many discrepancies and little “mistakes” or “Mysteries” that I find in the Archeological digs and publications I have been personally involved in aswell as the many I have used as research material through the years.

But we are all taught to accept these little glitches as given…

Laughing remarks like  “the exception that establishes the rule”
and other misquoted historical bullshit like that  kills most curiostity, or simply the statement…

”don’t ask questions, and you will hear no lies”  
“all those other scientists and people cannot be wrong can they?”

Can they?

When you stop just accepting the “common knowledge” stories that we and our parents have been fed all our lives about life the universe and basically …everything…
you start finding huge inexplicable holes in the scientific , political and historical Narrative.

So Jenny and me decided to “get clean” and start again with what we know.

theoretically we wiped our minds of all knowledge (Tabula Rasa)

and then started again from the bottom

by first finding and looking at every mystery, questionmark and odd fact we could find from our own lives…

and searching for the mistakes in the cover-ups.

and boy oh boy… were we surprised!

We found out that almost everything we learned in school is a lie or only part of a whole truth…

 I know I might sound a little cracked by now, you must be thinking that all that fresh mountain air I am breathing has effected my rational mind ,

but no.


This world is NOT what you think it is

and all the “Corona-bullshit” is but the tip of the ENORMOUS iceberg of hidden information that lies beneath.

Fuck… do WE feel awake now!!

And I would really like YOU to wake up too!

 that is one of the main functions of OMNIA…
waking people up to what is REALLY out there in Life…
the fact that it’s a little more than we bargained for does not change the fact that:

“Nothing is Sacred…only NATURE”

Nature is wise and we are all but bugs in her hide

All present man-made things are only temporary and mostly illusions, based on lies.

 Humans are “Story believing Monkeys” (as Terry Pratchett once beautifully wrote)
Nature put us in a beautifull living fairytale dream but have now sadly we have ended up caged in a nightmare of fear and destruction, disguised as “Facts” and “Science”

The stories that teach us and ALL THE CHILDREN about life and living have been hijacked by the Cabal and have been deformed into something grey, diseased nasty and very very terminal.

And because of our human love of weird stories combined with the all-entrapping world wide WEB, there are now all sorts of crackpot theories and weird ‘conspiracy’ tales running free in this world , too many to follow or make sense of…

Reality is BROKEN

The TRUTH is buried beneath and mingled with a huge pile of shit, that can only confuse you now.

 the most ridiculous theories and stories nowadays are actually being spread by things like wikipedia , government websites, Facebook, youtube  , fact checkers and tech-giant companies?  

Fact and Fiction

Reality and Illusion

which is which?

It is up to YOU to decide…

trust your GUT-FEELING

Do NOT trust Google et al…

YOU can believe whatever YOU wish!

So… this blog is already way too, so I will stop writing for now  ;-)

I’m not sure this message makes any sense, I’m not sure if it has a point.

but, who cares?

I am just a crazy old wild man

I talk rubbish

Ignore me if you like,

I don’t mind I just light up another pipe, nip some more of that ol’ moonshine  and keep on singing an’ being free :-)

Shaman Steve Sic