Happy Days!

7 Feb 2020

The sun shines warm and benevolent on a mild january spring/summer day of flowers and happy birdies...
we have Breakfast coffee outside in the Sun nearly every day here in TERRA OMNIA! (Except ofcourse on the days when there is a blizzard of slushy snow, tempest force wind or yet another sudden rain of penguins) how about that weather!

Wow! It was heart warming (and earthwarming) to read the last blog with all your comments and updates on the weather of this: our new global future :-)
Good luck with that and Thanx for sharing with us!
Only some desert areas on this globe seem to have become colder... the rest is definately hotter... hmmm?

Don't be sad my good friends,
This is actually Great news!

As the laws of Nature change , so too will the life-enslaving laws of mankinds' rulers be revealed for the ridiculously oppressive discriminating load of dingo bollocks that they are :-) haha!

New times, new rules...
Great times for eco-anarchists!

Run to the hills my friends!
That's what we did!

And errrr...before you ask...
YES!!! but no ... we have ALMOST (but not quite) legally bought these beautifull 16.5 hectares of forested mountainside (+/- 40 acres) that we live on,

but it's taking for EVER!!!

because the machinations of European/Slovenian bureaucracy and the sheer amount of rubberstamped forms plus the ubiquitous ineffable waiting times for each precious piece of paper adorned with the holy ink of officiousness would give a Jaded Vogon diplomat a raging hard-on... ahem...

but fuck it! We live here now!
OMNIA lives here now!
and it's here we will stay!

(First comes the will of the people...the fecking law will just have to follow us! ;-)

Greenthingz, Koyaanisqatsi and Hoka Hey!!
Crazyman Steve Sic