Happy Mabon!

21 Sep 2021

(you reap what you sow)

I love this time of year, when all the seeds you have planted in the past year,
bear fruit in the present moment :-)

Physically as well as spiritually

We have ofcourse sowed many fruits, vegetables ,herbs  and other good things to eat


We have sowed Love, (not Hate)
we have sowed Peace, (not War)
we have sowed Calm (not Panic)
we have sowed Healing (not Disease)
we have sowed Truth (not Lies)
we have sowed Respect (not destruction and greed)

and now… today… we enjoy the Harvest!

We are surrounded by the perfume of Plenty
(Ripe fruits , wines and buds in the fresh clean mountain air!)

as we play our Sacred composition “Mabon”
written many many years ago on this very day…

for the Mother and her eternal Gifts

Greenthingz and Enjoy Life!



ps: the God of tomato says hi!