Happy Spring Equinox!

21 Mar 2022

The Dark and the Light are equal now… the light is back again!

Don’t you think this life is so beautifully balanced on this little place we call the world?

I love the fact that Nature has built for us this paradise to inhabit with a beautiful Sun and Moon, two similar spheres of energy, floating high above the lands and seas we call home… stretching from horizon to horizon(tal)…

These two floating spheres divide all of life into patterns of darkness and light in perfect harmony.
From the fixed point of the North Star Polaris around which the stars in the firmament circle over our heads in a perpetual dance of life.

Through the countless eons that our different civilisations have risen and fallen for hundreds of thousands of years, they have moved on, steadily dividing our existence into separate days, seasons and ages … swirling patterns… a perfection of solstices and equinoxes that govern and guide us both physically and spiritually.

So Now, on this beautiful spring day in the year of whatever in the time of this moment…

As the un-human and un-natural forces of seriously deranged evil are parading yet another charade of lies and fear to fuck your mind into submission…

We are still FREE …

We can see the political liars and other military/industrial actors strut about and pose their ridiculous virtue signals through the poisoned vomit chute that is “the MASS Media” in their constant bid to kill and enslave all the sad little mutant monkey pigs on the planet …

But as yet another new year’s life dawns on our side of the world (as it has done many many times before), a few of the little hybrid monkey people are slowly awakening from the ignorance and mind control that has clouded the brains of all the enslaved nations.

There is more… MUCH MORE to life than this!

There is JOY in fighting for a just cause!

There is GREAT REWARD in turning away from the common (false) concepts of what used to be called “REALITY” and realising that:

Nothing YOU think you know about this world is true…

It is more TERRIBLE, more WONDROUS, more FRIGHTENING yet more MAGICKAL than you ever could have imagined when you still had an imagination of your own to work with…
(before it got fucked by hollywood and the games industry).

So don’t worry your pretty little head about all the bullshit that you are being told and focus a little more on what you are NOT being told!

I would just like to finish off by saying:
Thank you so much for still reading my little philosophical offerings here on our website (since we stopped with the whole hysterical mindfuck facebook circus, YOU have become a tiny select audience of like-minded thinkers instead of a ravening horde of so called “followers”…ahem).

Life on TERRA OMNIA is fucking great, Nature is strong and Jenny and me have our wedding anniversary today!
(It was just 19 years ago on this day that we got handfasted!!)

Love, Light and Life to all!