HONOUR to all the WARRIORS! **

1 Feb 2022

( I bow my head to YOU)

I would like to express my deepest respect and gratitude to the growing army of brave Warriors out there who are fighting for FREEDOM from CORRUPTION!

Despite the casualties, the resistance fighters of the awakened are growing in number to counter the Cabal and their zombie army of sleepwalkers.

Respect and HONOUR to The millions of public demonstrators world wide
ALL demonstrators from the very young up to the very old , who against all odds, continue to fight,

who continue to inspire each other, to resist this evil enslavement.
 Those who call on the voice of reason above this deranged insanity,
who face up to the scary fucking walls of government trained thugs, armed to the teeth with water cannon, riot gear, clubs, rubber bullets, teargas and heavily armoured, close combat fighters of the population control Cabal.

Who still raise their voice despite being mercilessly beaten by the overwhelming force of the police who can easily break the bodies and bones of the children and elderly (and they DO)
Who stay positive even though they know that after all the sacrifices they made for freedom,they will then be accused of reckless violence, rightwing politics and stupidity… (because George Soros’s army of agent provocateurs acting out fake “violent” police confrontations on demand for the Press to spread their lies about “small violent minorities” instead of “Huge peaceful masses”)
So the real WARRIORS end up getting insulted and ridiculed by the main stream press every time they march for freedom…

But still they carry on!

Now THAT is bravery!

Respect and HONOUR to the THOUSANDS OF TRUCKERS and co-activists of the Freedom Convoy in Canada who are now united against government terrorism and who are even supported by a large part of the local police force there!
 (even though every other official CABAL organisation is out to destroy their brave uprising)

Respect and HONOUR to all the Medical personnel out there who risk everything trying to protect their patients from more damage caused by all the government terror weapons.
Many of whom have lost everything in the process, but still they RESIST!

You and all others who FIGHT for FREEDOM for our SOCIETY and for our CHILDREN

Who fight for TRUTH

You are ALL true WARRIORS and HEROES together!

I bow humbly to you all!

Greenthingz and KEEP FIGHTING!

Shaman Steve Sic

**: Ofcourse when I say “Warriors” , I don’t mean any of the fake weekend Vikings, pseudo “Barbarians” and dressed up Medieval knights that infest the pagan, heavy-metal and fantasy scene…
When all the totalitarian shit started, I expected a lot more from all those big strong macho-boys and girls,
with their tough pagan attitude and big brave words…  ha!

But MOST of them were all out-doing each other to kiss corporate ass and be the first to bend over and spread ‘em for all those ridiculous “Covid” rules that have now enslaved and sickened all our children, thus leading them into a downward spiral of fear and man-made diseases… call yourself warriors?… shame!… shame on you)