I used to be a blogger... but I really cannot do it anymore

21 Jan 2021

As YOU may know, I have been blogging OMNIA messages for about the last 16 years, it used to be every fecking day!,

I was touring the world, festival to festival, full of hope and the fire to change the world for the better!  To raise awareness about the Natural world and our place as monkeys in it.

I wrote stories about OMNIA and what she stands for,
free-minded Paganism,  
worship of ALL Nature,
acceptance that EVERYTHING is alive and has thoughts and feelings.

I sang and talked and wrote about personal freedom and artistic and religious expression.

I warned in my small pagan way about the destruction of our wild planet by the ongoing World Wide War on Nature,

you know... "Sic stuff"...

That was just me providing a running social commentary filled with Stenny's life and tips about how to lead a more natural life ,padded out with lots of Art, Musick and humor as well as some chronically serious rants about the stupidity of humanity.
 (scroll back and keep on scrolling, for years, if you want to know more.)


Since all my worried predictions have now sadly come to pass ,
(It sux being right all the time)
the Natural world is a hollowed out cancerpatient shaken by violent fevers , colds and tremors
 The human dominated world machine we live in has now been broken by propaganda panic, fear and the needs of big business ...
Human population growth is still expoding while All forms of public and social dialogue have been stopped by brutal censorship, bullying ,ridicule, violence, the scary new information and police laws, BIG Internet media providers, their algorythms and a veritable army of single minded self-righteous Trolls and troll-bots.

OH bugger! it has now become impossible to have any sensible or practical form of debate about the state of the world...
Plus , the level of public ignorance , misinformation and device input-stress has risen DRAMATICALLY  to such extreme hights that no-one will understand anything anymore.

I find I cannot write anything sensible or usefull anymore because I don't really see the point...

Why bother?... it's all broken beyond repair.

There's nothing further I can do here..

Our mission has always been to provide HOPE for the children of the Earth and to fight for the survival of the WILDERNESS  (like poor old misunderstood David Attenborough)

and I have come to the sad conclusion that ALL my work through ALL my life has been ultimately pointless...
My life and OMNIA has failed it's mission,
 I couldn't stop the killing and it has broken my heart ... snif...

Raising awareness about Human Ecological Suicide is what I dedicated my existance to since the 1980's when I became a full time Eco-Anarchist.
When Jenny joined me we were a powerfull team as "Stenny" speaking with one voice for the rights of our brothers and sisters.

It feels kinda hopeless now because we've passed the point of no return on this planet, even if enough monkeys would suddenly be smart enough to understand the implications of their unhealthy and egocentrical lifestyle (hahaha!)

And if by some miracle a majority would suddenly wake up to the reality of a dying ecosphere , then they still wouldn't be able to stop the 1% of insane self aggrandising megalomaniac slaveowners who own all the machines, guns and the power...  This civilisation is going to Hell in a handbasket, full throttle!

Sorry, but You , your family and all your friends are all well and truly Fukt.
(If you are young and feel angry about this , you can blame all the old people who were lazy, greedy and dumb and who let this system get too powerfull before you were born)

The world convulses in sickness
(Massive wildfires, extreme heat, extreme cold, super fast weather fluctuations etc),

electro magnetic and 5G radiation rains down from space like invisible death from above, killing all insects (not just Bees), trees, disrupting micro organisms, making cancerous mutations, cellular chaos, disrupting the subtle natural information flow and morphic electrical fields that govern all life on earth.

While this terrible horror grips all life, the monkey population is too blind to see , being immersed in selfish fears about the annual flu epidemics which have pestered animal life on this planet since the last 150 years...
and so the climate dies...
through apathetic ignorance and blind mass panic.

The world of humans drowns in rules, arguments and opinions

while the world of Nature drowns in humans and their need for more power.

So... I'll  quit this medium... I can't keep up with this bull dung any longer...
I want to help,
that's part of my job as a Nature Shaman, but I'll focus on the more mystical bits now because I now I feel I can only pray and lose myself in meditation deep in the woods and try to protect the land of TERRA OMNIA for as long as possible.

The law doesn't allow us to tour or work anymore, we cannot share with our friends anymore, we live in complete isolation far away from humans, living only off the meagre takings from our online sales.

but that's ok, because everytime I need to go into a city my soul cries in the increasing filth of man, while my nerves fry in the extremely high levels of electro magnetic radiation.

My "electro magnetic sensitivity" which has been building through years of touring on massive electrified wireless stages, has only gotten worse in the last year since the satelite launch rush started and even writing this message on a computer hurts my  body and disturbes my mind and soul.

Do you know these symtoms I talk about?
Maybe YOU are feeling them too?

Are you feeling more tired, depressed, confused?
Do YOU have cold clammy hands and feet a lot?
Do you get weird headaches?, strange heart rythm disturbances?
Strange tingling sensations in your body?
Are YOU sleepless ,tossing and turning at night and without any energy during the day?
Then maybe you should research a little about the effects of the electro magnetic radiation that is blanketing the modern world in an all encompassing cloak now.

Do YOU feel the change in the last year since the atmosphere has been poisoned by masses of new sattelites to make more money for the richest monkeys and more power for the most powerfull?

Anyway, I digress, I've been writing too long on this thing and I'm getting confused again...so I'll finish by asking:

Can YOU see any reason for me to drain more of my life on this medium when it all seems so bloody pointless in the end?
Could you live with the idea that you can talk with me but only in person and if you have that wish that you will have to travel a long road to find me?

With warmest greenthingz and a well meant hug
Shaman Steve Sic