Impressions of TERRA OMNIA: Winterscape

10 Dec 2020

Winter is just awesome on this little piece of earth high up on the mountains we call our home…
We could cry with sheer wonder every day, to wake up to the deep magnificent panorama of Nature all around us!

Immersed in it, blessed by it… protected by it, as we protect it.
That’s what OMNIA has always been about eh?

The deep peace in the forest and the mountains has a healing power beyond imagination…

no people,
no words,
just YOU and the creatures of the wild being alive!

This is what serenity looks and sounds like :-)
this is the music of nature…erm…and my boots

Do YOU feel the voice of the wild?
Does she answer?

Greenthingz and finally living in a country that has some good fecking crunchy snow!
Stenny, Črt and the wild thingz