12 Feb 2022

For the first time in over two years I have been inspired to write a new song!
ok… a musician writing a new song might not seem like much to you but to me it is a revelation :-)

Because for the last two years as I looked out at this stupid world seeing only fear, cowardice and compliance to increasingly stupid and illogical new laws all my artistic juices dried up… I’m a folk musician and a rebel, that’s why I sing.

But the amazing and spontaneous “FREEDOM CONVOY” movement around the world really gives me goosebumps and gets my juices flowing again.

This enormous world wide movement of ordinary people called “Freedom Convoys” is forming up worldwide NOW! to stop the ongoing covid mandate terror (despite the totalitarian government hindrance and media hate propaganda).

This movement is building in strength and numbers as we speak, the wave is forming so jump on!

If you are not aware of this then you are really getting way to much censored and rewritten mass media propaganda , try looking elsewhere for a more “uncensored and free” news provider, because this looks like your LAST chance to be part of the solution, before the shit gets too deep to breathe.

I just wrote a new song called “The Ballad of FREEDOM CONVOY” (part 1) in the style of the old school country folk protest songs of legends like Woody Guthrie.

We will try to record it today and send it “out there” as soon as possible as a heartwarming “booster” to all the folks battling for liberty out there…
and as a big thank you to all the people who have still NOT forgotten what FREEDOM actually means!

Love, Peace, Hope and…
Keep on trucking!

Steve Sic and Jenny