Internet is Everywhere?

16 Jan 2020

One thing about living "off the grid" on TERRA OMNIA that we have to get used to, is NOT having constant and unlimited phone and internet access.
We are now living in a data "dark spot" , which means that all the wireless telecommunications which have become so normal (and addictive) to most people all over the world only flicker on and off sporadically out here... in the wild.
Sometimes we have no access at all for days in a row!

This can be a bit annoying when this high-tech saturated world demands instant action or reaction from us...

It often happens that we are running up and down our mountain , praying to mercury and waving devices in the air like mad people to catch a fleeting signal to send some important "urgent" mail or other!


When you stop to think about it, It's actually quite awesome and peacefull aswell, especially if you suffer from electro magnetic sensitivity ... like me!

Here the air is saturated with birdsong and the life giving breath of trees !
the symphony of Nature instead of jagged 4G jabber...
perfect for a nature Shaman!

Soothing to the soul :)
Do YOU ever go "offline?"

Greenz and inner plus outer Peace!
Sic Steve