It ain't real untill it hits the internet...

18 Oct 2022

I don't exist unless I take pictures of myself using a smart phone*** and plastering it online for the world to see.

I stop existing in the public mind  if I do not appear on the interNET

Just "being" is not important anymore, you have to "appear to be" on the web o' lies...

So here I am, on caught on the web...  I exist... or at least I appear to. (maybe I'm dead)

sadly for you, I cannot photoshop my pictures anymore, because I cannot be arsed... so you just see my ugly mug, just as I am.

Greenthingz and illusions of modern life!
Shaman Steve Sic

*** we don't have or use a functioning smartphone anymore!
 I just use our old one as a simple camera ...and...  I have to physically upload the pictures to laptop (with cables.. because, NO wifi!!)  , to post them... hehehe 3rd millenium primitive! ;-)