It was a warm summer's day...

24 Jun 2020 the german headquarters of Terra OMNIA when nothing much happened: The purring personal assistants, who had recently moved in with your well-known merchies, were lying in their favourite spots, catching the warm sun rays with their fluffy bellies while the bees outside were buzzing about. Damien and Spike were still working, each of them honing a peculiar skillset (something about guitar picking, ancient martyrs and icelandic...), when they suddenly got interrupted by the familiar ping of a laptop - they've just received an E-Mail - but what could it be about?

Daim moved towards the device and opened the message, then sat still for a moment, his forehead forming its distinctive frown. For a moment it was really silent and Spike began to worry - had he lost his marbles? - when suddenly he burst out laughing.
He started to jump up and down, exclaiming:


"What's almost here?"

"Our new hoodies!"

"Oh, you mean the ones we've been looking forward to for so long already?"


"Well, Eureka!"

"But of course we can't tell them about it yet, right?"

"Who do you mean?"

They both awkwardly turn around, looking at you just sitting there, reading the latest blog. They quickly turn back.

"No, we shouldn't, not yet"

"Yeah, you're right. They've already noticed that we restocked our T-Shirts anyways, right?"

They both left the scenery and went outside, a cold minty beverage in their hands. The OMNIAns had a little something to look forward to and their cherry trees we're heavily laden with the sweetest fruits - Life was pretty good, wasn't it?

Happy cherry-season & merch-anticipation!

Yours truly
Spike et OMNIA

Pic by Anou, a purrrsonal assistant