Just simple Hillbillies and their simple Folksy ways…

24 Oct 2020

here’s a lil’ old update :-)

We’re living the wild and primitive life deep in the forest on our mountain, our nearest neighbours (who are a great bunch of people!) live 2 kilometers away on a rough 4x4 road through the forest…So we are peacefully isolated , making only rare trips down into the vally and ‘civilisation”  to buy farm supplies and stuff (about 30min drive)

Jenny, Oleg (our strong slavic volunteer) and me spend all our days peacefully surrounded by breath taking views, fully alive forest and lots of woodland and mountain critters… (many of them considered endangered in the “normal” human industrial word)

So naturally we’ve taken on the easy habits of ol’ time simple country folk , livin’ easy day by day and , listening to the rythm of the earth and gratefully receiving all the gifts she provides us with, no clocks , no weekdays, everything comes in the time and season that she decrees ;-)

These last weeks (and in more to come) our entire life at TERRA OMNIA revolves around apples and pears!  (This place used to be a ciderfarm!) so we have an entire century-old apple orchard producing mountains of delicious rare old apple breeds  and cider-pears which we are happily using to make:

our own TERRA OMNIA CIDER! (we have almost 800 litres slowly bubbling in vats right now) and gallons of sweet sweet Apple and sugary Pear juice! enough for the whole year :-)

It sure makes a change from touring!
This is real life, these are real apples! ;-)

It’s a lot of good hard work out in the fresh air and we are learning sooo much more about mother nature and all her divers ways! About her fruits and their sugar levels , tannin levels ,the effect of sunshine, wind,  and all the billions of weird microscopic creatures that fill life , like yeast in all it’s forms, all the countless moulds and other little tiny yet vital creatures that make up this beautifull natural world (yes, even viruses)

THEY are ALL vitally important to the continuation and proper balance of life on this planet. (unlike the human race) and the land teaches us about this.

Some are great for us personally,
Some are bad for us personally,

But they are all part of the wheel of life, and they belong on this planet.
And here on TERRA OMNIA they are helping us to make rivers of booze and juice!

We’re simple folk, we have a simple creed:
Nothing is Sacred… only Nature.

Greenthingz , Live Naturally and Cheers to all the little guys!
Shaman Steve Sic and the TERRA OMNIA Hillbilly clan